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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Good work for if he can just avoid getting into bar fights, we'll be set.

Myers dealing in Clearwater.

I wonder how well he'll be able to do when he can see out of his other eye!

Living in Denver, I'm hoping that the Phillies play the Rockies again this year (with better results than last time they met in the playoffs). I even have the sign for my (least) favorite Phillie ready to go:

btw, I am still not over the Cliff Lee acquisition. He rocks!

Gary Sheffield? Thanks, but no thanks. Unless he comes with a new attitude and has suddenly learned how to play SS and 2B.

Blanton on his game.

The greatest part of having Cliff Lee on our pitching staff is that it forces our other pitchers to elevate their game.

whats our magic number?

Nice play by Howard there. That's a play he's struggled with.

nice play for ryno. kept his cool and just threw to second. easy peasy

Thus far, other players not named Cole Hamels. I found Werth's line about Lee being a "real ace" interesting - I wonder if the team is trying to light a fire under young Colbert.

Shane Victorino is actively hurting this team.

(That's in the Beerleaguer Hall of Fame, right?)

Oh man, nothing good comes of that walk Chase.

Ryan Howard can't hit lefties.

Ben Francisco isn't better than John Mayberry Jr.

If Howard is starting to hit mediocre lefties like Davis, then this ride is going to get really fun.

Benny Franks!!


Spitz: Doug Davis has a 127 ERA+ this season. I'm not sure I'd call him mediocre. He's have a pretty good season!

how much do you all think Francisco's (or any other bench player for that matter) approach at the plate changes knowing they are likely to have multiple at bats in a given game vs. the 'one and done' approach as a pinch hitter?

Cut Francisco, Bring back Mayberry!!!

Wow, thanks for educating me CJ. Doug Davis is actually a lot better than I would have expected...~35 starts greater than 100 ERA+ since 2004.

Apparently, Brad Lidge just posted this on Craigslist.

W / RP looking for a save to blow. I want to blow you in a stadium full of people so they can watch. I like when people watch. I will be at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia on the pitcher’s mound this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night. When it is the ninth inning, I will blow you. I could blow you fast. Or I could draw it out and really make it sloppy. But I will definitely finish blowing you by the end of the inning. Note: this is not just a one time thing. I want to blow you every time I can get on the field as long as my employer still let’s me go out there. Hurry! Their patience for my actions is waning and I want to blow you!

Not a big fan of pitchers that give up earned runs. Can't Lee pitch every night?

Earned? Perhaps. Fluky? Definitely.

In reading the Dbacks blog today, apparently they really struggle against even mediocre LHP, so it would stand to reason they will be ready to jump on anything Blanton has to offer.

Is anyone listening to mitch williams doing color commentary of this game on MLB network? If so, how is he? If he is an upgrade over sarge I may switch over.

Werth finally got to gun down someone at first. Not the way he usually seems so eager to try, but nice play nonetheless!

Don't fvck with Jayson Werth.

What? Brett punched out the side? Why am I not surprised?

Brett and punching just go together.

Mitch > Sarge content wise


Good lord, I can't stand these in-game interviews.

That's it; bring back Mayberry.

Joe : Yea. I am watching both. Mitch for content and Sarge for comedy.

wtf is going on?!?!?

Watchin' MLB for the game (DVR buffered to match Franzke & LA off the internet) and those horrible in-game interviews matter not.

Yeah, bloops and broken bats...a pitcher's best friend. /sarcasm

Looks like the Bullpen will be working tonight.

What's more depressing to watch: bad D, bad O, or bad pitching

tim, all three!

Tim, bad D is like nails on a chalkboard to me

Interesting side aspect of having 6 starters is that, theoretically, they could have pinch hit for Blanton and then had Moyer pitch the rest of the game. Of course, Moyer's recent extended appearance and the lack of RH bat would prevent this, but still.

Boom. Dead "central".

Its official: Jayson Werth is en fuego.



Nice inning by Big Joe

Blanton is slogging his way through this one...

Big Joe looks like he might get the CG...69 pitches through 6 IP. BP would get 4 nights off.

If the score stays the same, we'd give Lidge the work in the 9th wouldn't we?

ho hum, 53rd sell of the season

****If the score stays the same, we'd give Lidge the work in the 9th wouldn't we?****

I don't know...I kinda like when they win games. I'm weird that way.




Now its not a Save situation...WOOHOO!!!

How does Blanton have only 69 pitches. 0 walks for one. Even still, did he get a lot of first pitch hits and outs?

Nice one Chooch, planting another in the greenery!

That swing was definitely not short and compact, Sarge.

Blanton hits!

I meant "we" as in the people who determine these things. Nevermind, score didn't stay the same!

Joe the Lumber

nepp, you LIKE winning?

btw, is anyone listening to the radio enjoying this guy yelling MVP everytime Jimmy is up?

Game. Set. Match.

Uh oh...someone is starting to hit out

Scariest team in baseball.

The big man delivers!

Howard making up for that home run drought. You know, the one that you've probably forgotten about by now.

i guess howard is hitting lefties again. i guess.

That was not a home run. It was an act of violence.


good night nurse...

Give us a break Jayson, you can't handle a ball near your legs?

Ryan Howard: you're already up 8-3 and you stand for five seconds to watch your homerun?

Win with some class. It's awesome having a team that can knock bad teams into oblivion. It's fun to watch. The '86 Mets crap is not.

I mean I know it's hitting season and all but how does Howard manage to turn it on like this down the stretch every year. He could get 45-50 this year and just a week ago I looked at his numbers and thought "wow he is really having a down year.

he watched it for a second and a half. i stopwatched it. I love that they win with personality. boy scouts are for boys.

98 RBI on 8/20... seems like par for the course to me.

The Diamondbacks would have to have some signs of life to care about something like that. For a young team they sure are miserable to watch. All experts were WAY off on how this team would take off.

Some guy named Billy Wagner pitching for the 4th place Mets...

I have no problem with what Howard did, but I can't help feel bad for that pitcher. He shouldn't be playing baseball right now considering his family situation, let alone trying to keep Howard inside the yard.

Is Schlereth's old man on ESPN radio tomorrow?

What you get from having Mitchy-poo on color...a national broadcaster saying that CBP hasn't really helped anyone on the Phils hit a HR tonight except for Ruiz.

Matt - are you referring to Scott Schoenweis? He's away from the team right now trying to recover from his wife's death. Feel terrible for the guy. 4 kids too. Tragic.

Chooch hitting homeruns, howard hitting lefties, Blanton eating innings. Looks like every BLer complaint is happening.

I hear the police are on their way to CBP to investigate a seems an entire team was slaughtered there tonight.

Up is Down, Left is Right, Dogs and Cats are getting along....THE END IS COMING!!!

yea, Schlereth would seem to have a fine family situation.

pimping a homer like that is permitted.

he can even take a second to put the top down if he wants.

Ha, wow I've been feeling bad for the wrong guy. Well, now I feel bad because Schlereth is not very good at his job. Thanks BENTZ

So anyone else think its actually a good idea to call it a night for Blanton? Give him a break, and its not like the bullpen couldn't actually use some work. The competition this weekend does not seem very scary anyway.

Howard's a beast among children. Jesus.

Though, Schlereth's grandparents probably felt that HR considering how hard it was hit.

I'd let Blanton go at least 8. He's barely warmed up at 85 pitches.

Howard I can live hit a ball that far and that perfect, I guess that's almost instinctive to feel like time just stopped.

Werth was just being a punk, though. You hit four homers in a series, your team is on the verge of a blowout sweep, and he pulls that how-dare-you act? What are they supposed to do, just stand out there like the Washington Generals and contently get pounded to smithereens?

Is it me or is Vasquez the spitting image of Obama.

NEPP, is that Bill Murray? That quote sounds familiar.

Ryan Howard sees the light at the end of the tunnel. He's getting hot. I love when Ryan Howard gets hot. It actually makes me hot.

Not that there's anything wrong with that...

Its a very loose reference to Bill Murray in Ghostbusters...I don't recall the exact words.

RSB, I don't think they have a choice. They'll get pounded into submission no matter what they do. They've been outscored 24 - 5 so far this series.

Cliff Lee with two hits yesterday. Blanton with two hits today. Everyone hits.

Joe the Lumber...

everybody hits, wohoo.

except for pete

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