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Saturday, August 22, 2009


Picked up some tickets for tomorrow's game $20 below face. Tickets upstairs offered for $5 or so on the internet, they must be giving them away if you actually head out to Queens.

Franzke said last nite that game time would be about 7:30 due to 69 mets ceremonies.

2 1/2 men is not the philies.

What channel is the game on I can't find it?

Channel 17. But it doesn't start until 7:30 due to some `69 Mets par-tay.

i guess they needed something to celebrate this year... let's get this thing going already!

I really though Sheen was gonna do it with his brother's ex. They surprised me there, but that hooker date thing was so obvious.

Hard to believe Geezer was pitching for the Cubs during that Mets '69 season.

$1,000 bucks a night better get me more than some chicken parm and a goodnight kiss. Ice cream at least right?

I need Ryan Howard to continue his tear, the Nittany Flygles (my fantasy baseball team) are charging!!

So far I like what I see from the offense. Victorino crushed a ball, Utley got a walk, Howard's working the count. This is good.

where is everyone? am i the only loser watching this at home tonight?

haap is very due for a beating. Mets r a good matchup for him though.

Ja happ hyper focus time... I don't remember who made that up but I was just thinking about it..

Nice defensive half-inning for Rollins

Man Happ is battling. Meanwhile, I think a contender should consider snagging Redding from the Mets just to throw him against us in the playoffs.

Werth was flailing like he had a MetLife windbreaker on over his jersey.

I think the Phils look tired. Dog days of August, coming off a series where they scored a ton of runs. THey just look tired.

I know I'm like a broken record on here with the Tim Redding stuff, but it is just an effing joke that we can't hit this stiff. HE IS A BUM, and we can't touch him.

Yeah, but maybe our lack of success made the Mets waste a roster spot and salary on Redding.

I think Redding's new nickname should be Faust, because he clearly needed to make a deal with the Devil for this level of effectiveness against the Phils. He's guaranteed work in the NL East.

This is ridiculous. Dude comes into the game with an ERA between Moyer and Lidges, which means he sucks, and here it is 5 innings later and the Phils have 1 hit and no f'n runs. Thank goodness it appears he's coming out of the game. The Phils should be killing the Mets, they're pathetic right now, but it's the Phils have appear pathetic for the first 1.5 games of this series.

Why did Redding come out? I must have missed the reason. Hopefully we can start hitting the ball now...

I think if a team had a choice of any pitcher to start game 1 in the WS against the phillies they might actually have Redding on their list to choose from lol!

warning: above post contained exaggeration

Is Redding hurt? THANK YOU JERRY MANUEL for taking him out of the game.


redding vs the phils is ridiculous.

let's go phillies sounds good in the bailout.

utley's corner!!

He had been in the BP and needs to be stretched out.

The Mets broadcast said Redding was on a 60-70 pitch count because he's been in the bullpen for a while.

I'm shocked that they showed that fan fight. That was crazy.

Wow, they just showed a Phils fan going crazy on a Mets fan. Dude almost took on security too.

How great was it seeing that Phillies fan dump a beer on the Mets fan head, punch him, and then grab the security guy by the throat!

HOLY MEECROB!! Is anyone watching the broadcat right now? they just showed a phillies fan beat the piss out of a mets fan on TV, i cant believe they just showed that, on purpose.

I actually hate all this violence between Mets and Phils fans, it's so outta hand. However, that was awesome!

i think we just found the hockey fans on beerleaguer...

Sarge had the best reaction.

Damn glad Happ isn't in the 'pen, like many people thought he should have gone a couple weeks ago. It's okay "many people", we all make mistakes.

Sarge may have just won me over with the following line: "He's small when it comes to running into Ryan Howard." That'll allow me excuse the next couple "Cadillac" home run calls no problem, but I still don't fully understand what a Cadillac has to do with anything?

Happ's had to work his butt off with pretty much only the fastball.

1 run over 6, is 1 run over 6. Struggle or no struggle, all the same in the end. Happ is awesome!

Good outing for Happ, considering he's struggled all night. The only run was due to getting sloppy with the eight guy, which was a bit careless on his part.

LA said the guy was waving a WFC banner and expected trouble.

Seems like Rollins has been stuck in the .240s for weeks, and I'm seeing too many of bad old 1 pitch ABs.

"Cadillacs are down at the end of the bat," was a Kiner quote, wasn't it?

i cant believe they showed that on TV. What was the point of showcasing that?! hah, aw man i am still in shock that made the broadcast. The Phils fan dumped the beer on the guy's head, then after the met fan tried to confront him, he knocked him on his ass in two punches.

1 run over 6 is 1 run over 6, unless it's Jamie Moyer, and then luck had to be at work, or it's because it's a young lineup etc.

Moyer puts this performance in and everyone would be moaning and crying about how the Mets lineup is terrible and he was lucky to get out of it with 1 run. But it's Happ, so he's 'awesome.'

nice seeing a philly starting pitcher start the 7th and not be surprised.

Looks like Happ's out of gas. Just needs one more out...

Moyer has sucked this year he had a 5.5+ era for a reason... why do people have a hard time seeing that

Iceman: Just to show you my consistency . . . I think Happ has pitched very poorly tonight and would be getting killed if he were facing a halfway decent lineup. In fact, I think his command has been pretty poor in each of his last 3 outings. It's to his credit that he has consistently managed to pitch his way out of trouble, but it's not a recipe for sustained success. Fortunately, Happ has also shown that he's capable of doing much better.

Not sure why they let him go up to 118 pitches.

Half the hits off Happ were bleeders or broken-bat dinks. He pitched well, and once again, kept his composure.

It's a Lidge opportunity coming up tonight. Start your Tums intake right now to get ready.

BAP: and to show my consistency, I love the way Happ pitched tonight. He had little to nothing and still battled his way through. Getting through 7 was very impressive considering what he had tonight. But there's a double-standard regarding the quality of outings from Moyer vs. other people (when there are equal results) here from most posters that's impossible to deny.

Iceman, it's obviously ageism.

Ageism, possibly coupled with grumpyism. Jamie's Eeyore routine hasn't helped his cause lately.

There is still a chance that the Phils score some runs to put this out of Lidge range...


2% chance they score a run.

EastFallowfield - Here's hoping, but with guys on 2nd and 3rd with no outs, there's no reason to be optimistic.

Happ's gone 7+ innings 8 times this year.

Moyer's done it twice.

As much as anything, that's reason enough to keep Happ in the starting rotation and send Moyer to the 'pen.

Marlins lose (Braves win) so the Phils will be up 6.5 on both again if they can hold on to this one.

Braves won.

DP time

I've never heard a play by play guy update the count on a IBB. I don't really know what to say to that T-MAC.

Wow, did that really happen?

Love it Chooch! Small ball!

The only question is how many pitches it takes Jimmy to popup. I give it 2.

What an incredible improvement. 6 pitches to popup

Nice call, Joe. The sad thing is, I think we all expected Rollins' delusions of Grand Slam to lead to a popup.

Another strong performance from "The Fringe Major Leaguer" tonight.


I've already had 3 Tums in preparation for the 9th. I'm gonna take 3 more right before the bottom of the 9th starts.

Gonna bypass the Tums and go straight for the heroin.


I really like this Madson, the one who just gets ahead with the 96 mph fastball, and then finishes them off w/ the change.

I'm eating a late dinner right now. Please no El Lidgo tonight. I want to keep my supper down.

Since some posters get all emotional about it, I won't mention what Tommy "Not as good as Bastardo" Hanson did tonight.

Good margin of error for Lidge here - up by 3 against bottom of Met order.

Figgy gettin' jiggy. Wasn't he one of the guys the Phils got in the Schilling trade?

curt: Good point. And at least 2 of the 3 shouldn't be in the bigleagues and maybe all 3 depending on who they PH.

Today at Trader Joe's, I picked up a coupla 6-packs of a beer that goes for $3 per sixer. My reason for doing so had entirely to do with the fact that it's packaged very much like Ortlieb's was and the nostalgia factor hooked me. Plus, I'll drink just about any beer that's put in front of me. Anyway, I have no idea how that stuff tastes. The upcoming bottom of the 9th looks like a great time to do some very intense taste testing, definitely making sure to not base my opinion on too small a sample.

Phils busy making this a "Lidge Safe" margin.

As if...

cjp: sixers for $3? Normally you like to be smashed before tasting 50 cent cans of beer..

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear that they teach the bases loaded pop-up in spring training.

I missed the first part of the game. Any idea why Redding was lifted?

he can do it!

Get out the barf bags!

Clout: He ran up against his designated pitch count.

Iceman: I have a deep fondness for cheap beer. I actually really like it and prefer it to most high-end brands. Yes, I realize I'm a lowlife.

As for the league catching up to Happ, this was Happ's fourth start vs NY. (You'll say it's not the same Mets, but this team did pin a loss on guys like Hamels and Lowe just this week).

Ball one to the first batter, not a good omen.

Only one thing better than cheap beer is free beer.

Where's my Tums.

ay-yi-yi, wouldja look at that?!?!

Tonight's star of the game has to be Redding's pitch count.

am I hallucinating, or did Lidge's slider look as nasty as I've seen it all year?

Well that was vintage.

Against bums, but still, a step in the right direction.

That was nice. More of that please.

WHOA! Lidge looked like lidge tonight

Brad Lidge is trending up. For now.

Happ's ERA now 2.59...If things continue, NLROY will probably come down to Hanson or Happ, depending on their last 5 weeks of pitching.

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