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Sunday, August 16, 2009


As per ESPN, first pitch @ 8:30 due to a pop-up shower down in Atlanta.

Weather Underground link for anyone interested in the radar. ESPN thinking possibly 8:45 now.

These Sunday night games really interfere with Sunday night HBO (True Blood, Entourage). Especially since the rain, I'll be flipping back and forth all night, praying for no runners on third with less than 2 outs. Hell, all runners should just be waved around regardless of where the ball is in play.

Season premiere of Mad Men tonight at 10.

Can Don Draper close games?

Can Don Draper close games?

In his alternate persona as Dick Radatz he was awesome back in the day.

This was originaly a 1:35 game, they would be home(or at the bar) by now, but thanks to espn, they will get home in the middle of the nite, ruining any early tee times.

entourage has been demoted to TiVo status, and probably should have been for the past 3 seasons...i gave it the benefit of the doubt for way too long.

thephaithful: its sort of a ritual/hang out for friends and I than it is about the actual show. its really been the same exact plot every season

"Chuch Nash" was the band Myers was going to see?

So Carlos Ruiz was involved??? Heh heh.

I don't think so. Probably a typo for Chuck Nash from Jacksonville...

Their music doesn't seem to make me want to brawl. It's pretty sleepy actually.

I personally don't give a crap about Myers issues...I'm pissed that it delayed a rehab start and thus screwed the team.

He could be a functional alcoholic for all I care as long as he's pitching.

Marlins split the DH.

If they don't get this game in tonight, they'll have to play 48 games in the last 48 days of the season (3 DHs).

All the speculation about Myers lying ignores the distinct possibility that he doesn't specifically remember how he got that shiner.

ER ballsticksstuff Interesting statistics from John Finger regarding Brad Lidge...

BLUF: When Lidge walks or gives up a hit to the first batter he faces he's abysmal. When he gets the first batter out his ERA is 3.07 and he had 18/22 in save opportunities.

ugh... sorry for the horrible post there... too much cut and pasting and bad editing on my part.

MPN: Makes a lot of sense. If you've ever heard Tim McCarver commentate a game you know that a leadoff walk makes a team more likely to score in that inning. Talk about a mindblower - I'd have never guessed.

Plus Lidge flat-out sucks at holding runners on, and teams have been making him pay for it lately.

Kudos to ESPN for carrying that 8:30p lie for as long as they did.

I'm now amused with how annoyed they seem by it all. If they could, I'm sure they'd drop the game so as to not interrupt their programming.

Part of the issue with the results Lidge gets when the leadoff man gets on is because he's so easy to steal against. With Lidge on the mound, the lead off hitter in the inning getting on first is just about as good as a double with none out. If needed, the other team puts in a pinch runner to make that happen.

Except for the Phillies, most teams score in that situation.

I waited a long time before saying anything about Lidge but it's now gotten to the point where I want the team to develop a plan to replace him in the closer's spot. (Now watch the guy go perfect the rest of the way.)

Hugh: Good point. Of course, it usually takes more than 2 or 3 beers to be that forgetful.

The radar shows that these popup storms are being pulled toward the northwest by Tropical Storm Claudette, but as things cool down the storms will disappear

I'm now amused with how annoyed they seem by it all.

I'm sure they're annoyed that they can't carry Yankees-Red Sox, (perfect weather, division on the line) every Sunday night. Why won't MLB arrange for that to happen?

My fear is that I can all too easily see Cholly going down the Fregosi path of excessive loyalty to an obviously flailing closer ("he's our guy, he's our guy") no matter what Lidge does (or doesn't do).

9:45 according to ESPN for the first pitch...let's jump on Vazquez early so we can get some sleep!

no espn here at home, any word on whether or not we're playing tonight?

haha, posted my comment a second too late! thanks b gizzle

Espn and national media in general burning on the Mets is great. I love it.

Also Omar Minaiya's accent is insane.

Two pitch AB for Rollins.

1 pitch AB for Chase. WHat's your point?

Let's go Rue-is!

From We Should be GMs, "Jimmy Rollins has seen only 15 pitches in the past 2 games in 7 official at bats (did have a sacrifice bunt on Friday). I've counted at least 3 times that's he made an out on the first pitch of the game this week too. That's pathetic."

You listen to General Motors?

Am I the only one that hates this "wear batting practice jerseys" trend in baseball? What happened to white jerseys at home and gray on the road?

McCann looks like the guy you always ran into at the library in college.

Has Chase had the year Rollin's has had?

There is reason, considering his year, and as it does seem Rollins is in another funk, to point those thing out.

Unless we are at the point again where J-Roll is untouchable as far as criticism.

Utley is batting .217 in August...

A couple good swings on Happ this inning. Would be a bonus to get out of this without a run.

that was huge.

NEPP your immortal soul is in danger if you dare blaspheme the chosen one!

the more uniform "looks" you present, the more you have to sell. but, of course, you knew that.

NOt to stroke the chosen one but, I think he'd be hte first to admit he's been sucking hind tit for a few weeks.

big man!

the difference between utley and rollins swinging early in the count... rollins is predictable, utley is not.

Big man's getting hot.

Anyone else getting a distorted screen every few moments just now, or should I be calling my cable company?

re jersey's: i can't stand the casual batting practice look. i think i've said this before, but i'm glad the phillies chose to do it the way they did - a true alternate jersey for day games at home.

I know I'm a biased homer, but I swear in just about every game the other pitchers have a slightly larger strike zone than the Phillies' pitchers. Keep an eye on that in this game. In any case, the umpiring this year seems to be as bad as any in recent memory.

call your cable company and bitch!

Hittin Season 2!

SmokyJoe - you're a biased homer. NOthing wrong with that.

The multiple jersey thing started in teh late 70s. Worst of hte batting practice jerseys were the Phillies Pete Rose-era solid maroons.

Apparently, there is a rule this year; if Howard gets hot, Rollins must get cold. They have not been streaking together at any time this season.

And boy what I'd do to see first-half Ibanez again.

"And boy what I'd do to see first-half Ibanez again."

Since it involves his groin, you may want to set some limits.

How is ESPN listing Myers as the 4th starter going into the season???

He was the #2.

SmokyJoe - watch what you say about Ibanez. the last thing need tonight is another ibanez/burrell debate.

Okay...Happ is getting hammered tonight but its right at people so far.

NEPP, they have Lee listed as the current #3...I don't think you can take it so literally.

Look at Happ's footwork. If his footwork during the wind up is flawless, the pitch will usually be too.

****NEPP, they have Lee listed as the current #3...I don't think you can take it so literally.****

Just weird. At first I thought it was alphabetical but then I realized it was simply random.

Those two line drive outs that inning almost make up for Utley's smoked double play up the middle to Escobar in the 1st.

Nice catch Pete Happy!

the cubs hit a lot of balls hard off happ right at people, too.

hall of famer javier vazquez!

The game plan must have been to swing early against Vazquez.

Jimmy back in the bad habit of getting under pitches. Sometimes I actually worry about him hitting a few homeruns as I think he starts to change his swing.

finally get to see & hear the game for a change... loving life right now.. got the iPod touch giving me Scott & Wheels calling the game with ESPN 'buffered' on my DVR to match the boys on the radio... (quite a delay) gotta love technology ... when it works.

vasquez's pitch count is 27 after 3 innings..because (generally speaking) the phils are swinging too soon...

raul makes a running plunder yesterday & victorio tonight - does anyone teach these guys basic base running skills?

thanks Larry

96th DP of the year for the Phils. Nice.

Howard is hot again so Milt's job is safe, but guys are messing up on the bases so Lopes has to go.

The players are getting mad the ump's strike out calls

He sees the cameras.


Look at those wheels . . .
Feliz and Ruiz thwart the twin killing.

Now I like Pedro. Because number one, he's a winner. Number two, he knows how to win. And when I saw him on Wednesday, he won.

Someone didn't close their bold tag

Deep thoughts with Joe Morgan

"Deep thoughts with Joe Morgan"
Talk about an oxymoron

double crap<*>

triple crap




AS bad as yesterday's ending was, it wasn't close to being important ammunition in any campaign to remove Lidge. I agree with the chattering chumps that it wasn't one of his really bad outings (pitching-wise)
His previous game looked worse.


Wow, Jimmy got a single there and only saw 2 pitches. Didn't think that was possible.

If Shane gets on they should try a double steal.

2 men on, no outs...Vasquez has us right where he wants us

Dumb. The should've tried the double steal after Chase got strike one.

pasadena, don't do that again. thanx



Okay. Guess we're alright! BIG MAN!

who said Howard is getting hot?
He is hot.

Howie, Howie, Howie.

Any questions.

Y'know, I think this meditation stuff is working out for Howard. So is standing closer to the plate.

Ryno continues to hit non-white pitching.


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