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Friday, August 28, 2009


Radar link (repost)

From the looks of it, the biggest storm cells will split Philadelphia in twain.

That's right, make him throw pitches.

With JW speaking in terms of storm cells splitting Philly in twain and Andy's haiku, BL must be the most literate sports blog. Period.

Bobby Cox, rare in-game quote:

"If only we were in a stadium where the right field foul pole was about 3 feet further right, we would be ahead right now."

@ EFF - I played on that field as a kid...

Marlins take a 1-0 lead on an RBI hit by the legendary Wes Helms.

Braves announcers trot out the old "That's an out in every other park" after Howard HRs.

Funny, they were awful excited about a McCann foul ball that went about the same distance...

Wheels can be really dopey sometimes.

I think that song is from a movie.

Yeah the movie is called Shaft- Wheels. The song is called Theme from Shaft.

Bastardo would not have allowed that homerun (that's probably true, by the way, since he's left-handed).

Only able to follow the game on Gameday...Gameday says Ryno saw slider, curve, curve curve and went yard on a ... CURVE??? Id that correct?

LSG, it was definitely a curve, but a high hanger. 3-1 Padres now.

Braves announcers called it a 'backdoor slider', but it hung up there like some of the other ones.

Now those announcers are whining how unfair it is that there's a rain delay because Hanson's so awesome.

Thanks, Mike. Tyring to get play-by-play over AM down here in this weather is tough.

Ooo, rain delay call in. When all the Phillies kooks come out of the woodwork. /grabs popcorn

If Pedro and Hanson both get knocked out, that's certainly a net gain for the Phillies. The bad news is that this ump looked like he was calling a tiny strike zone in the first 2 innings. Small strike zones usually bode poorly for Jamie Moyer.

Pads are pouring it on in the second against Volstad. 5-1 now. Thank goodness for MLB Extra Innings.

Maybe it's a net gain for the Phillies. Maybe the Phillies would have gotten 6 runs off Hanson, who knows? He could have a complex about pitching at CBP picked up from his manager...

6-1 Padres now.

When we beat teams like the Padres it doesn't count because they're also-rans, yet they seem to win like 4 out of every 10 games, and sometimes even 2 of 3 or 3 of 4.

If it rains out does Howard lose his HR?

How many more times are we going to have to be subjected to this documentary lauding Paul Bako's below-average major league career?

Ice: The over/under is 4.5

Radio guys say play @ 8:30

Would you prefer a documentary on The Gnome?

kart racer: if the game is rained out, none of the stats will count

Damn. Rain knocked that one down.

Back in action 8:34 with another 3-pitch SO by Raul.

Hanson still in the game. This didn't work too well when Arizona tried it with Garland.

you guys think pedro is coming back out?

Missed the lead-in back from the rain delay... Why did they come back in the middle of a steady rain? Don't think I've ever seen that before.

2nd rain delay, Pedro's done.

I really hope so Bob. I mean this is his fourth start. We're running out of time to have a NORMAL game to evaluate his usefulness going forward.

The tarp is coming back on the field? Well forget that then.

What's up with Pedro and rain delays??? Seriously, this is like the 3rd or 4th rain shortened outing for him between his rehab starts and Phillies game. Its ridiculous.

I'm sorry but they had an hour and 12 minutes to look at the radar and evaluate how things are and they bring them back to play for 5 minutes and have to go right back into a delay? With all the accuweather and everything available, this is pretty ridiculous.

oh well, I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see what Pedro has to offer ... it is very frustrating Iceman - was hoping to see the hotshot rookie vs wise old vet tonight

Jamie will come in for Pedro. Again. Further proof that the Baseball Gods have a sick sense of humor...

Geezer coming out of cryogenic storage, so it shouldn't matter that it'll be way past his bedtime.

What's with the Omar love fest during the Phils rain delay? Is this comedy? It's funnier than anything SNL, I'll give you that.

Well, we may not have a closer but at least, with Pedro, we've found ourselves a pitcher who specializes in pitching the 1st, 2nd, and sometimes even 3rd inning.

Lehigh, Reading and Lakewood are all postponed due to the rain. Ridiculous.

curt, you made me laugh, so did EF with his Cox quote.

That could be an actual Cox quote...that's the sad thing.

Radar looks like they'll at least be able to get the game in but damn that's a lot of rain.

This ain't Arizona.

This could end badly.

Would have bet a lot against Moyer doing that to Phillie killers McCann and Chipper. Nasty pitch on McCann to finish him off.

Geezer escaped!

grandpa's dealing--so far.

That is amazing. 4 K's in 2 innings. If you looked at Jamie's stats alone for these two innings, you'd think he was a fireballing reliever. What a game!

The fans -- the ones who remain -- seem really into it and eager to get excited. I hope the Phils can come through for the folks who endured the two delays.


Howard Homard.


Howard is downright scary when he is locked in.

Raul is downright scary when he's ice cold.

Can we start talking about the Home Run Cycle again? Halfway there for a natural.

Time to trade Howard as he's a one dimensional player.

I know we all love regression to the mean, but Raul is taking it too seriously.

"I know we all love regression to the mean, but Raul is taking it too seriously."

He does this every single year.

I'm predicting Cox grants Howard some IBBs this weekend.

Does he have a rep as a first half guy? Didn't really know.

Raul with the "D".

I know Moyer doesn't like pitching relief, but he may just have found his niche in this role.

bap - I think the key is 10 days rest. It takes a little longer to bounce back for the AARP set.

One concern I have is that Howard will start getting the 2006 treatment- as in, he will start being IBBed all the time. Especially if Ibanez continues to struggle. IBBing Howard against righties with Werth (righty) and Ibanez (no production for two months) would be incredibly logical come playoff time, especially if he doesn't cool off. LaRussa would certainly do it without hesitation.

No, what I mean is, every single year he's incredibly hot at one point in the season and incredibly cold at another. Often he gets hot in August and is cold earlier; this year, the hot streak got front-loaded. Every year, though, he regresses to his mean, up or down. So just because he was so great in the first month or two was no reason to think he'd have a career year or even an especially good one. Every year he gets that hot, and every year he puts up about the same numbers. Burrell-bashers, however, seemed to imagine that Raul's superiority to Pat was somehow proven by his hot start to the season. (Though admittedly, PtB has been terrible this year.)

Niche is right- he has looked better than he has all year in these last two appearances. I don't care who it's against. He's made McCann look foolish twice, and McCann owns him. He could be a big asset in this role going forward- I would not leave him off the playoff roster.

Howard is simply ridiculous when he gets hot. Ashame they can't brainwash him to think every month is Sept or late Aug.

Would it be crazy if Moyer closed this game out?

Ryno is just a strikeout away from his first Howard of the season (HR/E/K)

O'Flaherty threw Howard 6 balls, and pitched to Werth. No chance that would have happened any time before about Aug. 10. Get used to it.

Chan Ho?!? Jamie was cruising.

Pujols hits game winning walk off 41st HR in the 9th.

Someone is interjecting their name in the MVP race. Is it just me or was it just a couple weeks ago Howard and Ibanez were seemingly "competing" for the team lead in HRs? Pretty sick.

Charlie Manuel never met a pitching change he didn't like.

Big Man is suddenly just 4 back of the NL HR lead and 7 back of the RBI lead (Fielder had 3 more tonight too).

Its crazy how quickly he's closing the gap. I think he'll have the HR mark by the end of the year and he has a good shot at the RBI mark despite Fielder's continued mashing.

Ho di do.

Park has a 2.38 ERA has a reliever with a 10.2 K/9 ratio (including this inning).

Forced to listen to the Atlanta broadcasters/strap jobs on Sportsouth/Direct TV, not sure whose more annoying these d-bags or Darling/Hernandez!

Breaking Ryno's balls for only having 59 walks. Comparing him to Adrien Gonzelez. That's like comparing Rachel Welch in her prime to Paris Hilton!

He leads the MLB since July 2005 with 211 HR's and 604 RBI's, Pujols is 2nd with 179 & 515. Not even close. D-bags said he leds in RBI chances , don't even give RH the sweat

Ryno likes to crank baby! HOF!

BTW Atlanta your 7 games back!

Jamie has a 0.87 ERA as a reliever with a 8.71 K/9 ratio.

Raul will get going now. What a team|

Wow, we scored a runner from 3B with no outs...crazy. And it was even a hit.

Maybe they should move Hamels into the pen.

Chan Ho is filthy with a capital "F".

Jim Jackson is a nice host of the pre and postgame shows, but he awful as a play-by-play guy.

Bring back Scott Graham, when Franzke is off.

The Phillies bullpen is like the cornfield in Field of Dreams.

Nice job Pops!

Stairs has nothing left.

Diaz, Chipper & maybe McCann in the 8th. Tough trio of Phillie killers.

denny b.: Didn't Wheels get Graham fired? I doubt we'll be seeing/hearing him from the Phils booth again anytime soon.

Jim Jackson on Stairs "struggles"...

"Stairs thinks he had gotten away from what he does best, which is swinging hard".

Huh? Has anyone seen Stairs trying to hit a ball to LF anytime this year? He takes the same swing, on every pitch.

Pedro since joining Phillies: 16 IP, 8ER, 14/3 K/BB, 2 W. Jamie since bullpen demotion: 10.1 IP, 1 ER, 10/0 K/BB, in line for 2 W.

This team can only score on triples and lucky bloop singles.

Clearly Pedro has motivated Jamie...or perhaps goats are herd animals that simply thrive in groups?

Combined pitching logs from tonight and 8/18...

        IP   H  R  ER BB SO HR
Pedro   3.0  2  1  1  0  3  1
Moyer   6.0  2  0  0  0  5  0
Pedro   2.0  1  0  0  1  1  0
Moyer   4.1  4  1  1  0  5  0
Total  15.1  6  2  2  1 14  1

If my math is correct, that's an ERA around 1.17. (2 runs/((15+1/3 innings)/9 innings))

So we're going with Lidge in the 9th with theoretically a 3 run lead.

Fun times.

"denny b.: Didn't Wheels get Graham fired? I doubt we'll be seeing/hearing him from the Phils booth again anytime soon."

Probably. I was only saying that in "jest" about bringing Graham back (although I never minded him that much).

As good as the Phils team is, their broadcasters on radio and TV leave a little to be desired (to be kind).

We might as well plunk Diaz. We can't get him out.

Moyer's pitching well; Charlie takes him out. Park's pitching well; Charlie takes him out. Bullpen by numbers is total bullsh*t.

I doubt Graham would come back. He still holds some pretty strong feelings towards our FO...though he is a homer with the Phillies players and team still.

Park should have stayed in and finished the game.

Madson making it tougher for Lidge. The ninth should be fun...

Wow awesome stats JW!

Did anyone notice the $5 a ticket surcharge the Fightins are charging per ticket this postseason?

Typical South Philly shakedown!

Back to Back-Priceless

RI neede that hit..... He's back!

Small ball???????

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