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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Wait a second... Rich Hoffman on Daily News Live referenced my comment about ZZZZ Bottom? I feel almost famous...

So JW, I have to ask...since you are the Beerleaguer "Senior" Correspondent does that mean you have/are gonna hire "Junior" correspondents?

Not interested in a job, just curious...

Martin Frank from the Delaware News Journal just tweeted:

"the Phillies' lineup: zzzzzzzzz, as in Ibanez, Feliz, Ruiz and Martinez, all in a row."

get jamie up in the pen.

So is that 86 mph "changeup" actually his fastball?

Bring Back Jamie!

Welcome to CBP Pedro

Pedro is trending down.

Definitely trending downward.

Got some weather coming. Might have an impact on the game...

Just to second what JW wrote, "Sugar" was a gorgeous movie, very subtle and understated in its story and dazzling in its filming. I highly recommend it to any baseball fan, but non-fans will love it, too.

We can only hope for a rainout. Pedro doesn't seem to have it tonight.

See, he really does pitch better from the stretch!

Love this pitch-count-be-damned attitude from Pedro tonight. Not only is he trying to inspire the young pitchers on the staff, but it looks like he might be challenging the offense to score some runs. Definition of a true clubhouse leader.

Pedro is trending upward.

Pedro is trending up.

Is Park still unavailable? If so, will tonite be the night Jamie reinvents the 3 inning save?

yeesh... nice escape job there.

Counting his 2 rehab starts, this is the 3rd time in the last 4 games that Pedro has yielded a homerun to the game's first hitter.

Guess I'm a Mets fan tonight... although I've already declared the Braves officially out of it, so the game doesn't really matter.

Not that it particularly matters but Pedro was 87-91 on his fastball in that inning...just in case it comes up later.

NEPP, you are hoping for a rainout in a game where we are going against Jon Garland just cause our SP gave up one run in the first? Sheesh!

Sorry Spitz...I'm in full jinx anxious Phillies fan negativity mode right now. I seriously think growing up in Philly screwed me up for thinking positively about a sporting event.

Of course, I just probably jinxed the Phils, so I'm the one that should appologize NEPP.

Nice work Chase...nice work.

Come on Big Man!!!

Are we gonna go the load the bases with no outs and then 3 K route?

Man on third with no out is our kryptonite. Is it too much to ask for a past ball once in a while?

Most of the time, I subscribe to the view that a strikeout is just an out. But there are times when you just wish that Howard could put the damn ball in play. That was one of those times.

jeebus, i guess the best defense against the phils is to load the bases.

For G-d's sake, come one.

Situational hitting is beyond pathetic.

*sigh* broken record.

That's a disgrace.

1 pitch Raul?!? 1 Fvcking pitch???

28 82?


Phillies baseball. Hard to take sometimes.

Considering that we're coming off a 6-game road trip which featured some of the worst clutch hitting you're ever going to see, I hereby declare the start to tonight's game to be the offense's single most nauseating half inning of the 2009 season.

Anyone else notice that Werth is batting a brisk .204 for August now? Werth, Utley and Ibanez are all sucking this month.

very nice pedro.

"Werth, Utley and Ibanez are all sucking this month."

That's because Chuckles wore them out in May and June.

Good work Mr. Martinez!

I swear Milt Thompson must have pictures of somebody...

See thats just unbelievably pathetic they cant get score one run w/ bases loaded nobody out

Given Werth's brutal August, I'm surprised Stairs didnt get a start today. The Dbacks have a RHP on the mound, and as far as I know, they dont have any power lefties in the pen. So why not try to knock the rust off of Stairs and give Werth a needed break?

I knew the inning would end in failure when Howard went 0-2 on two pitches that were balls...2-0 is completely different for Howard.


Frustrating. What happens to their heads when there are men on base? No fly balls, not even a decent contact out. Just garbage. From three guys with combined total of 81 HRs and almost 240 RBIs.

Perhaps Francisco could start seeing more starts? I mean we have 2 corner OFs that are slumping and we just happen to have a corner OF on the bench...just a thought. He might surprise us, even against a tough RH like Garland.

It is an absolute monsoon in northern Chester Co. right now. Thunder and lightning like you can't believe.

If Pedro ever knew how to bunt, he's forgotten how it's done.

If there is a long rain delay, I doubt Pedro comes back in. Moyer time!

Which sucks as Pedro has settled down and could go 6 against a weak AZ lineup.

Does anybody know... how accurate are GameDay's pitch location spots?

And that, my friends, is why we wear cups.

August batting averages:

Jayson Werth: .204
Raul Ibanez: .224
Chase Utley: .208
Pedro Feliz: .245
Matt Stairs: .000

Also, have you ever heard of a player having a higher batting average than OBP over an entire month? Pedro Feliz's August OBP is .241. He hasn't drawn a single walk all month.

Again, I ask, why does MLB insist on starting games if the radar says rain is imminent? Granted we're fourty some minutes in, but it just needlessly burns starting pitchers.

Damn...did he get caught trying for 2B on a single or something?

I keep hearing Jason's last name during the game so I came here to post about it. Not the same but it's reminding me of Beerleaguer every time I hear it.

Pedro's fastball is a tick down from his 1st start but he seems to be pitching better overall.

Except for that damn leadoff HR.

so are we looking at a delay or postponement here?

And with the Rain Delay, his night is over...Super.


The storm was brief, but violent, when it passed over my place, so hopefully this is a delay.

This will be a LONG delay. Lots of rain on the radar. Probably 1 1/2 hours or so.

Grandpa will get his chance to pitch out of the pen tonight, when it resumes.

Garland will be gone too.

welp, guess i got my answer

From the radar shot I'm looking at it looks like probably a 45-60 min delay. Its a fairly violent looking line of storms but its also pretty narrow...

So Jamie gets the ball when they come out in the 4th?

Pedro for Garland is a fair trade. And Geezer now gets a chance to prove he can outpitch Pedro.

To denny, yeah I guess you;'re right..the green gooes back pretty far on a closer look.


Can Grandpa start after 8pm? What happens if we feed him after midnight? I kid, I kid...

If we can't feed him after midnight, we definitely can't get him wet.

Pedro looked sharp tonight. Good strike/ball ratio and had good movement/command with his pitches.

We will probably see a Jamie Moyer versus Leo Rosales matchup, when the game resumes. With this lineup, Jamie should be fine.

With Lee going tomorrow, and the off-day, we should be in good shape. Is Chopper available tonight?

Back to the earlier thread...I actually think the Phils will call up a good number of folks this year. If they can get the division clinched early, they can give guys like Werth, Vic, Utley, Ibanez and Feliz some MUCH needed rest. I think we will see the following called up on Sept 1:


Mayberry Jr.
Taylor (yes, I think he will somehow be recalled if healthy, to be used mostly as a pinch-runner and maybe to get some AB's in late September/early October). Look for Bastardo to be moved to the 60 Day DL, to create another spot on the 40 man.

And, I predict some sort of catcher will be acquired for protection before Sept 1.

So, does anyone else think Pedro was pitching better tonight than he did in his first start? His secondary stuff looked sharper and he was a bit more efficient. Honestly, he looks better than Jamie.

We just need to see him get a couple full outings without these damn rain delays (first his Clearwater outing, now this) screwing him over so he can build stamina.

I doubt they burn an option year on Taylor for September. I could see them bring up Quintin Berry as a pinch-runner though. He has to go on the 40 man either way this year.

Cairo to replace Gnome hopefully as the primary reserve middle IF
Myers (not that he counts as he's rehabbing)

Maybe 1 more.

FYI, after a delay, they are about to start in Scranton with the LV/Scranton game.

So, that is encouraging.

I thought he looked better too.

"I doubt they burn an option year on Taylor for September. I could see them bring up Quintin Berry as a pinch-runner though. He has to go on the 40 man either way this year"

NEPP, you are probably right. I just think since they rank Dom Brown higher, they would be more inclined to start Taylor's "clock" this year, if they had to.

I wouldn't mind seeing Berry get called up, to be the "Michael Bourn" of 2009. He can run, that is for sure.

I still would not be shocked to see Taylor up though, IF he is healthy. He has battled little nagging injuries this year and I am sure they want to be careful with him. But, I'd still like to see him get a few swings with the big club this year. He might be needed sometime next year, if injuries or poor play dictate it. Nothing wrong with getting the feet wet early.

Yeah, Pedro looked pretty good. Also though Garland's 2 innings looked better than any 2 innings that Happ's thrown this year.

NEPP, you are probably right. I just think since they rank Dom Brown higher, they would be more inclined to start Taylor's "clock" this year, if they had to.****

He would be awesome to call up. I hope they surprise me again and do that. He'd be a much better option off the bench than Mayberry.

moyer to finish this game??

Spitz- hard to tell who is serious or not with all the hyperbole around here, but I'm hoping the comment about Garland's 3 hits and 1 walk in 2 innings being better than anything Happ has done in two consecutive innings this year was just for laughs.

The Phillies have been pretty bad with RISP .. but according to this, so has everybody else?|RISP|NL|2009|bat|AB|

If I'm reading that right, the Phillies are second to no-one in team OPS with RISP in 2009? Fewest GiDP with RISP.

The grass is always greener? Or am I reading that wrong?

MickO: the phils binge and purge, so overall their numbers usually look pretty good. Remeber the cubs game last week, they were like 7/10 with runners on. Then they'll go 1-14 for the rest of the week and end up with a nice fat .333 RISP average in their last 5 games.

Iceman: is it really that hard to tell?

It feels kind of dirty to root for the Mets, but I'm thankful that they aren't laying down for the Braves right now.

How many drinks does Jim Jackson need after handling the rain-delay call ins? It's like reading the comments on

The old man woken up and stretching in the bullpen!

Crazy people call the rain-delay radio show...

how close are we to starting back up?

garland is staying in...

Not sure. I've been calling the rain-delay radio show...

Big Man might go deep here.

Usually, when he doesn't get runs in early in the game, he makes up for it soon thereafter.

So much for that.

Well, maybe not.

That call-in show was fun though, during the rain delay. I think the Phils need to bring Bake McBride back, myself.

It's pretty funny that some of us joked about a 2-headed starter with Martinez and Moyer each pitching half a game.. and here it is happening. I'm way too fascinated how this will turn out.

Good work Jayson. About time he gets hot again.

We need lots of runs. I'm drinking to lots of runs right now.

Good job walking Raul to get to Pedro.

Wild prediction of the night: Ryan Roberts will not win the 2009 Gold Glove for the outfield.

The Killa Z's!

Gnome on deck!

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