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Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Good to see I'm not alone...I fear this outing for Lee.

I'd like to see Jayson get hot again as he seems due to go on a streak.

So Myers WAS punched in the face. Surprise, surprise.

Haren, traditionally, has mediocre 2nd halves.

You know, I really like the addition of Pedro Martinez to this team. He obviously loves the game, he plays hard, and he's good for a great quote after every game. He makes us a better, more likeable club.

That was almost quite a play by Reynolds.

I'm forseeing a platinum sombrero for Howard tonight.

Not one fastball in the strike zone in that at-bat. Still struck out. Shocking.

Howard's a bum. Maybe we can trade him for Jon Garland.

Jay Bell had 38 homers in one season? It's a little surprising that he isn't the poster child for guys' home runs totals jumping instead of Brady Anderson.

Southeast PA radar link for anyone interested in the approaching thunderstorms.

Oh come on, there's gonna be another delay? And this one would shorten a Lee start? F you mother nature.

Iceman, I just want to see Howard adjust and wait on an offspeed pitch in the zone...not swing at the shoulder-high fastball (which is the only fastball he'll get unless it's a complete mistake), and stay on the offspeed stuff in the zone. When he's seeing the ball well (like he seems to be in the lst few games), he still gets himself out a lot swing at crap.

D'Backs crappy defense strikes again.

SmokyJoe: I agree, it's frustrating watching him sometimes. I'm beyond criticizing him, though. I'm known in my circle of friends as a Howard-hater for how much I rag on him, but until he stops going 40 and 130 every year, there's not much to complain about. You can't just replace that kind of production from one player.

OK, that was a good at-bat and a nice swing for Ibanez...could be coming around.

"Jay Bell had 38 homers in one season? It's a little surprising that he isn't the poster child for guys' home runs totals jumping instead of Brady Anderson."

tg082, my personal poster child is Luis Gonzales, because his team won a WS because of his steroid use.

At first I thought that was an unproductive out by Feliz, but then I remembered that if he'd moved the runners up, there'd be a runner on third w/ less than 2 outs.

Here's what everyone was itching for: Bako with two ducks on the pond.

One thing for sure this game. No matter what the situation, Haren will not pitch around Bako to get to the pitcher.

No reason Lee shouldn't be hitting 8th with Bako in the line-up. Paging LaRussa..

Iceman, I think it holds off for a while and may even die out. If it roll through Philly, it will be shorter than last night.

Good old Gabor Bako, he never fails not to disappoint.

Owch. That's why you wear a cup.

Still wondering exactly what Bako brings that makes Lee willing to go to battle with just 7 hitters.

Well, so far through 3 innings, JW was on the money in his header :)

My god this guy is good.

In Bako's defense, he's been behind the plate in (at least) the last 2 starts by Lee, and things have gone pretty well. Also, in the day game before last -- not the Cubs game, but I forget whom we were playing -- Bako hit a home run that helped us win that game.

So this Lee fella might just be working out...

Atlanta crushing the Mets already. Think the Mets can stage 2 unlikely comebacks on back-to-back nights? I'm skeptical.

Am I the only one who is guilty of doing predictive pitches math? You know, he's thrown 36 pitches through 3, so he's on pace for 108 for 9?

Once again, an opposing pitcher is throwing only about 30% fastballs against the Phillies with success. There definitely is a league-wide scouting report.

Good job, Chase! Way to win someone $1000.


Vic, of course, gets credit for most of that HR.

Freaking Pedro Feliz...

Well, there is Lee's customary one run given up (even though it wasn't an earned run this time). Looks like we are in the clear now.


What the hell with this lee guy cant he pitch a game with out giving up 1 run? Well at least it's unearned

That's 166 Ks in 118 games played now for Mark Reynolds.


NEPP, what's amazing is that Reynolds still has a 283 BA, even with all those Ks.

Its all or nothing with him.


Is cliff lee asian?

56 pitches through five. I think he could go 9.

Pedros rare mistake is lookin pretty big rite now

I think it is a no-no for Cliff Lee to make poor pitches.

Shut up. just shut up.

Damn that feliz!

Wierd pitching line so far..

I could stand to see a few more runs here by the Phils

As a frame of reference, Arizona's offense is ranked 6th in OPS in the NL out of 16 teams. They are top 4 in both HRs and triples, hence the relatively high SLG and OPS. The Phillies just recently dropped to 2nd behind Colorado.

There we go, Jimmy!

Please don't bunt him to third. Has Charlie not learned anything in the last two weeks?

That Dude proves he's not a Phils fan with that last comment.

NEPP, how's the weather in Boston? Philly?

as a man that speaks English as a second language would say "When a Cliff Lee pitcha good you no hit the ball"

Oh no...they should have sent Jimmy no matter what.

What an ass.

prediction...utley walk, howard K, werth K, Ibanez flyout

deep fly ball too much to ask for?

Cmon ryno. Come through in the clutch

This is absolutely maddening. It's beyond luck or coincidence at this point.

i have hit refresh 1-0-0 times today

Anybody who seriously believes in jinxes is probably too dumb to be using a computer.

didn't that dude mean that lee considers it a bad idea to throw bad pitches? reflecting the conversation in the booth at that moment.

Or Howard says here a 3 run homer for all you doubters.

What a mistake pitch that was. Did you notice the catcher's reaction? Good job by Ryno making him pay.

That's what I'm talkin about

That'll do pig, that'll do.

I love this team.

phils whopin haren's ass


haha, awesome reference, NEPP.

I just wish Howard would...oh F it, the guy is a beast.

So is Werth. If Werth hits like this down the stretch, the division will be an absolute runaway.

I don't want to be too presumptive here, but a 5-run lead should be sufficient for Lee, don't you think?

Hitting with RISP...CHECK!

3 in a row?

speaking of using a computer....heads up with this thunderstorm if it's coming....lightning can even be dangerous right before and right after storm

Good think they didn't walk Utley, otherwise we Howard would have stuck out, and Werth would have hit into a 6-4-3 double play to end the inning with no runs in.

Howard is absolutely locked in right now. Werth looks like he's starting to get hot again too. This team is close to unbeatable when they get hot bats.

Just paid my invoice for post season tix today! Keep on hitting boys.... The E on Feliz was a joke! We'll take oit though!

Looking at the very well looks like the storms might just skirt the city to the north.

lightening may strike tonight you say? I belive you may be correct

These days, a 1 run lead is enough for Lee. I guess he isn't ready for his clunker just yet.

Game over.

When Howard is seeing the ball well, you just can't throw him strikes. I thought that is what Haren was trying to do, the catcher was almost standing up for the high fastball, but he missed badly. When Howard is going bad, he might miss that pitch. Not now.

Utley ranks #4 in HRs on this team. Scary to be a visiting pitcher.

Lee's not planning to throw another ball tonight.

Bum. We shouldda had Halladay!!!

So dumbass starts mentioning a no-hitter and the very next inning they get a hit.

Good work dumbass.

Cliff Lee sucks

at pitching no-hitters.

I'm in Lancaster and the storm just started in earnest about 15 minutes ago. So depending on how fast it is traveling, Philly should be seeing it within a hour or so.

Lee is trending downward...allowing hits now.

Got that, baseball fans? The results on the field are not created by the players on the field, but rather by people in the comments section on Beerleaguer. Way to ruin the no-hitter, buddy!

So, is the bullpen going to get three straight days of full rest? Can't underestimate how helpful that will be for the stretch run.

Why risk a jinx...particularly with a no-no in progress?

Jinxes exist darnit!

Funny stat: Reading has put up 15 runs in the first 7 innings. Poor Steve Susdorf is 0-4.

Nice beerleaguer reverse jinx on Howard tonight.

I don't know that Lee goes the full 9. Its a good possibility but I doubt UC will keep pushing him over 100 pitches with no reason to do so.

Well Lee can hit Lefties with no problem...

This Lee guy has tools

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