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Thursday, August 27, 2009


Happ also leads all of the ROY candidates in height at 6'6". That's key.

Height, yes. Hair, no. Not a lot going on up top for young J.A.

To be fair, though, aren't most pitchers pretty tall? Because of arm angle and throwing downhill? I'm not saying one has to be tall, but most seem to be.

Tommy: Madson's "blown saves" in Games 3 and 5 of the World Series came in the 8th and 7th innings, respectively. They do not count as "blown saves." It is hard to look at Madson's playoff body of work last year (granted the sample size is small) and say that he absolutely cannot be a closer because he can't handle the pressure.

I realize I'm beating a dead horse here, but for the 900th time, BLOWN SAVES FOR SETUP MEN ARE A MISLEADING STATISTIC.

I saw a picture of Happ as a college kid and he had big, curly hair--not quite Hartnell Sideshow Bob style--but it was kind of hilarious.

Just heard on the local station here in Reading that Brett Myers is still in town and worked out with the R-Phils today.

Side question. Will Howard work his way into MVP talk again this year or will the lack of a real division race make it impossible?

I dont see how there's any question of it being Pujols. He's having another historic year and his team is in 1st place. He's the best player on earth right now.

Hopefully they will close the bars early in Reading just in case?


I can't believe I have to use only one exclamation mark on that one.

Man on 3rd, no outs?

Inning Over.

2nd and 3rd and no outs....ah crap.

now they are loaded with no outs...even worse

Statistically, the Phillies have a 3.4% chance of scoring at least 1 run here.

other than a DP ball, that was probably the Bucs best case scenario.

Not a single hit with RISP. Just 1 groundout.

This lack of small ball will haunt us in the Playoffs.

This is going to be one of those stupid games that frustrate you until the final out isn't it?

I believe the whole series has been like that, mm.

mm: Yes. Or was that a rhetorical question?

mm - no. Charlie Morton stinks. Phils will get 4-6 runs off of him, no questions asked.

HH: Little bit of both I guess. I tend to agree with you.

Spitz: Morton is exactly the kind of pitcher who they should be able to run out of the game by the 4th inning, but will struggle against him profusely, ala, Redding.

Roar, Gabor, roar!




I wouldn't even say they're misleading. I would say they're completely meaningless -- at least when viewed by themselves or as a percentage of save "opportunities." If you view them as a percentage of saves + holds, then maybe they have some relevancy.

Oh, Bako!

mm - Paul Bako disagrees with you.

Of course Bako takes him yard seconds after stating Morton would frustrate the phils tonight.

Coste is batting .197 with a .541 OPS (0 HR) for the Astros.

Bako is batting .182 with a .542 OPS (2 HR) for the Phillies.

Not much of a debate at this point as its a complete wash.

NEPP: Bako is 6'2". Coste is 6'1". So we have made a slight upgrade.

That seals it BAP. Good Trade Rube!!!

NEPP - you nattering nanny nitwit, havent you got the memo about the Phils yet? Weaverball. Pitching, defense and the 3-run HR. Stop whining about how this and that are going to "bite them in the ass in the playoffs", you whimpering cur. I am working on my drink now and aint letting you whiners away with it tonight

Sorry Kool Earl...Don't know what I was thinking.

Ibanez could probably be subbed a bit more till he stops slumping. Give Francisco some more ABs to see what he can do and keep Raul fresh for a playoff push.

Thats better NEPP.. The Phils are defemding WFC!!! Flaws? afew, but still an eliye tean!!!

Gotta be a BL record: Only 2 game chat posts in 30 mins. Thanks to NEPP and Kool Earl for keeping the board alive.

Why do we all assume that sitting people will get them out of a slump? Is there any data to support that sitting actually helps?


(Where is everyone? Watching the Iggles?)

Spitz: See Rollins, Jimmy

I meant keeping him fresh, not sitting him because of poor performance. Lets face it, its late August in a long season and Raul is 37. Giving him a regular off day will keep his legs fresh and not make him lose his rhythm.

Happ bunts better than a lot of position players.

Showing how much of a "baseball" town Philly is.

Is preseason dog murdering better than late season baseball?

Meh, not watching the Eagles. Toddler forced me to watch Noggin. Have to follow the game online. It's restricting.

Happ had to work his arse off to make a team that blocked him at every turn. I love that he does those little fundamental things so well. Upside of not coddling him as a "can't miss" prospect. He has had to earn everything the Phillies have given him.

Love the image of McCutchen picking at his glove like so many little leaguers.

Hope: The rest of us are busy shopping ebay for elevator shoes.

Spitz: I guess the theory is that breaking up the routine might give the slumping player a chance to clear his mind a bit. Whether it actually works or not, I have no idea. But I'd be willing to bet that, if anyone ever researched the subject, they'd probably find that it's no more likely to work than just doing nothing and letting the guy play his way out of the slump. On the other hand, benching a slumping starter does have the benefit of giving some playing time to the backup, and under circumstances where he's not that likely to be worse than the guy he's replacing.

I'm shopping on eBay for offense.

When you have a legit player like Francisco you should give him pretty regular ABs to keep him sharp and to keep your OFs all fresh. This is particularly important in a game that no longer has Greenies to keep its players going through the marathon of a 162 game season.

I don't know about the data, but if you believe that fatigue and injury recovery are factors (and for Ibanez they probably are) then some extra rest would likely help.

Nothing wrong with giving Francisco 1/3rd of the starts for the next week or two.

hh: If your toddler knows how to use a computer, Noggin has a great website. My 4-year old loves it. It keeps him out of my hair while I watch the Phillies games.

BAP: He's not quite there yet. He's just turned 3.

Happ is quietly putting Hamels strong outing in perspective with his domination of this Pittsburgh lineup.

Happ has 8 groundouts and 1 fly out today. Very impressive for a guy who's generally a fly ball pitcher.

NEPP: But Hamels threw a SO and Happ has done this to several teams, including Colorado (who hits pretty well).

hh: Yeah, 3 is a bit young for the computer. A year from now, he'll love it though. My son spends as much time at as I spend on Beerleaguer.

Anyone with TV: Is this guy Morton a Tim Redding type junkballer?

Doesn't sound like we're getting any good cuts.

Franzke with a sore throat and LA doing most of the play-by-play, very strange.

Steve Pearce: Phillie killer

Rollins' skills are degrading. Bring Galvis up.

Holy Moley.

Another good inning by JA. He really does buckle down with men on base...perhaps his delivery is more deceptive out of the stretch or something?

man o man JRoll takes thrm dam runs off the bord

Clearly we should move Jimmy to 3B.

Think Rollins could appeal to MLB for use of HGH? He has a legitimate case: he needs to grow at least 6" to play 3rd.

OPS for August:

Raul Ibanez - .591
Paul Bako - .737

Pat Burrell - .894

The bright side to watching the Phillies' offense look absolutely inept for the third game in a row is that it has allowed me to get my vomiting out of the way early tonight. That way, by the time Brad Lidge comes in and blows the save, I won't have anything left to vomit and I can just get on with the rest of my night.

They brought out the leather tonight. Best infield defense in baseball?

Can't afford to have the offense go to sleep before facing Atlanta. I hope it's just the ballpark.

Your abdominals will still hurt from the dry heaving.

J.A. Happ = amazing

bap- wtf is wrng wit yo? Why do yoi gotta be premnstrul princess? Always what if thdey aint hit much for few games? The piyching is ther so we get by.

The Phils had no clue what they had in Happ either.

How tall is this guy?

Happ is 3 inches BETTER than Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee.

97 piych count afer 7. with qwuick 8yh he could throw a CG and save as swetting Lidge

Earl: I was with you until "as swetting"...

I'm pretty sure Raul's problems are more than BABIP-induced. He looks like he's swinging at a pinata out there.

Cholly, the hitting Doctor, has got to deal with Raul. He is just horrible now.

Golden Sombrero for Raul tonight.

\sifl- i mean "us sweating" lifge

Earl: thanks. You might want to start hitting the water soon. You'll thank me in the morning.

DP bal would be nice and if Happ is artonf 105
pitches, let him for the 9tg

Uh, sifl, you won Beerleaguer. Those last two posts are the funniest things I've seen in a while.

Well that sucks.


At this point I'd much rather see the starter blow his own lead than a member of the bullpen. Well played, Happ.

The upside is we don't have to worry about Lidge pitching now.

oh dam....too bag Hap. oh well, I be okay sifl, i guzzl gaterade befoie I pass out and i am fine

Ugh. Add this Jones guy to the list of Phillies killers.

Never has a team deserved to lose a game more than they deserve to lose this one. In fact, you can say the same about the entire abomination of a series.

I guess Happ doesn't have the mental toughness to pitch the 8th.

dont blame Happ....we should get more than 2R and 5H off the Buccos.

oh well, Phils awys sux at PNC, still 7 games upo and they will take 2of 3 vs ATL

Well, the BP is still well-rested. I actually can't remember who all is out there these days.

G-Town: The offense has 5 hits, none of them with RISP, and we managed one puny run out of a bases loaded, no out situation in the first. And you're blaming this loss on Happ?

Bases loaded, no outs, one lousy run. *sigh* Still waiting on that 3-run bomb ...

b_a_p: Clearly, you missed the sarcasm. Happ is fine. The offense blows.

With Bako & the pitcher coming up, Stairs will probably get his chance to break his 0 for 10,000 slump -- or whatever it's at right now.

Remember when it seemed like a lock that we'd take Feliz's option for next year?

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