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Saturday, August 15, 2009


Seriously, Cole better not suck today, I'm tired of watching him struggle.

If Cole sucks is he off the playoff roster with Lidge and Moyer?

It could be my Barons De Rothschild Reserve Speciale Medoc talking but I honestly feel Cole is going to toss a gem.

BTW does anyone check out the comment section over at The Talking Chop? They're pretty vile. Lot's of f bombs and all they do is insult the opposition. It's like we've switched roles from the 90s or something.

Oh crap! LA has the next 2 days off from the radio... Stuck w/Wheels? Damn.

Pasadena: Ditto

I wonder if Kenny Albert likes it rough like his old man, too?

I know it sounds funny but, Hamels is throwing too many strikes. If I saw his stats correctly, he has about 111 K's and 27 BB's. That's a great ratio, but I would like to see the total number of strikes vs. the total number of balls for the whole season. I think he's throwing too many in the strike zone and the hitters are just laying on him. When he is up in the count, he is putting too many pitches right across the plate. If he can correct that, he'll be fine!!!

Hopefully Cole can throw as well as Brett Myers' son did when he hit him in the eye today.

I hate that damn Larry.

Anyone want to guess why Myers was lying about his injury? I'm 99% sure alcohol was involved.

... it's going to be a long afternoon w/wheels. Not even out of the 1st inning and he's talked more than LA does for an entire game...*moan*

I'm actually not minding Wheels. I don't think I've listened to the TV commentary for an entire game since Harry passed, and although I love LA, his homerness can be a little grating at times. This is a nice change of pace -- I wouldn't want to listen to it ALL the time, but for the weekend I can live with Wheeler.

13 pitches to McCann. And its 88 degrees on the field. Brutal.

Anyone see Smoltz in Phillies pinstripes in the near future to give us an option other than Lidge in the 9th?

The delay from radio to tv seems extra long today, at least a full pitch.

Damnit Cole. You got two outs on 4 pitches and now nibble, nibble... 36 pitches through 2.

Lazy, hot afternoon, BL board today


Thanks Jayson Werth. Had you caught Jones' pop up we'd be out of this inning instead of down 2-0.

Hamels is infuriating.

I can't stand watching Hamels this season. Seems to sulk on the mound.

Jimmy Rollins should be sat down and told he's not allowed to swing at the 1st pitch of the game. I swear that's the 3rd or 4th time this week he's made an out of the 1st pitch of the ball game.

Love the Myers story and don't even care if the excuse is legit or not.

(And go, Shane, go!)

Not that McCann was lucky to crank that one, but that bottom of the third is exhibit A in Hamels' litany of sh*t luck.

This just in: Brett Myers is a douchebag.


Well, they didn't waste Vic's triple. Good.

Cole's getting squeezed again.

Well, I have to say, that these Fox broadcasters are BRUTAL.

I think I'll turn on the radio, sychronization be damned.

LA Jeff: What year?

Don't see many Feliz triples.

Nice job, Carlos.


Incompetent Fox didn't show a replay so I only saw it once, but my impression was that Werth was not going all out to catch that ball that fell in just before McCann's HR. Was he being called off? What did they say on radio? (I'm jumping back and forth between the Phillies and the George Brett pine tar game on MLB).

Bad situational hitting, not getting a runner home from third with no outs.

If I didn't know better I'd say they were almost satisfied with just one run.

clout: I think Fox surmised that the ball was lost in the sun. Still, it didn't appear to me to be out of range for Werth if he had come in a bit more aggressively.

The Pine Tar game is a classic. I remember watching it on WPIX 11.

What are those unis the Mets are wearing today???

MPN: Thanks. If he didn't see it then that would explain why he didn't run full speed.

Ouch, David Wright hit in the head by a pitch and left the game.

Clout: On the radio they called it like someone should have had it, but didn't give any explanation. I thought maybe the TV showed what happened, guess not.

Wow, I hate the Mets, but that's a scary moment. I wonder if that incident will change Francouer's stance on those new helmets?

AWH: Their inability to get runners in from 3B with less than 2 outs this year reminds me of 05 or 06 when they constantly could do nothing with the bases loaded.

gameday says injury delay?

clout: Fair enough. The ball basically fell within 5' of Utley, Howard, and Werth.

Prado had something happen after he fouled a pitch off; I'm pretty sure he stayed in the game though. Now McClouth is out -- Wheels is suspecting it's a hamstring. Church is running for him.

Cole might be able to pitch further into this game if not for the McCann at bats

Before his last outing, Hamels hadn't walked 3+ batters in a game all season & it had been more than 2 full years since he had walked 4+ batters in a regular season game. Now he has issued 4 walks in 2 straight games. And, in the game before that, he had a woeful 5-inning, 6-run performance. I wouldn't be shocked if we find out within the next few days that he has been pitching hurt. Hamels has pitched poorly all year, but the sudden inability to find the strike zone is completely inexplicable.

These Hamels v. McCann matchups are epic.

b_a_p: I wonder if the ump protection society is pinching him since he was ejected for arguing balls and strikes from the Friday night game in Toronto after Charlie pulled him?

bap: Looks to me like he's been getting squeezed the last two games.

BAP: I do not know what the pitch charting stats show, but it seems to me it is more the lack of ability to strike batters out -- miss bats -- than throw strikes. Just from observation, the number of foul-offs is extraordinary, and they are strikes. The long at bats occasionally result in walks. But I'm just guessing the strike percnetage is not low.

I hate cross promotions during sports.

Franzke just said that Hamels has thrown McCann 27 pitches today.

Hope: Your explanation makes some sense, and had occurred to me too. But Cole has had trouble putting hitters away all year, yet the rise in walks has only started happening in the last few games.

As others hypothesize, there could be some squeezing going on. I don't have the advantage of seeing today's game. It's not being televised here, yet I'm still subject to the nationwide MLB blackout, for some reason.

cant tell from gameday, but seems like Hamels pitched decent, only gave up the one home run. Then again he could just be getting lucky and i can't tell from gameday.

111 pitches for Hamels vs. 67 for Kawakami through 6.

BAP: I do not have the answer. The comments from Cholly et al tend to talk about location, so that conforms with the walk scenario.

He's had 4 or 5 strikes called balls today, according to pitch/fx.

J Dub!

And Raul! It's too bad that wasn't a couple feet higher; now he'll inevitably be stranded at second, but whatever. At least we got the lead.

~just got back from being out on the lake all day~

Looks good so far. Hamels had an interesting game...again.

Drysdale, Gibson and Koufax NEVER would have lat McCann foul off so many pitches.

Not, at least, without playing a little chin music for him to back him off the plate. the game has changed.

These guys sound like they are watching the game on tape delay or something.

Damn, we'd be up 4-2 now if Raul didn't run before....

Good situation for Francisco to be the quality right-handed bat off the bench.

Need to get at least one in here.

NEPP: Well, subtract 27 pitches worth of at bats for McCann and a fluke hit for Jones and this game would be 3-0 Phils right now and Hamels would still have plenty of arrows left in his quiver.

We cannot leave a man on third with less than two outs again. Let's go Dobbs!

Well then it's Ben.

I must is GREAT not having to see the one previous RH PH option at the plate.

Pick him up, J Roll!

Well, that sucked.

Come on Jimmy...make them pay!

Benny Frank ... you disappoint me.

If Jimmy swings at the first pitch, I'm gonna lose it.

And thank you Ben for embarrassing me.

The bearded one could have had bad plate discipline and K'd like that.


C'mon Jimmy!!!

Well, that sucked. Up to the BP now.

DAMNIT! Bad base running by Raul and Ben fishing on a 3-2 pitches snakebites us again.

Damn. That's two runners left on 3B with less than 2 outs.

Shoulda stayed out on the damn lake.

In all honestly, I thought it was a 7 pm game for some reason.

NEPP: Champlagne?

That's one of the rare times when someone dives for the ball, doesn't catch it, it skips away, and it actually turned out pretty well.

Waterbury Reservoir actually. I'll be out on Champlain all day tomorrow most likely.

Brave are going to tie it up, unfortunately...

So I see David Wright took one in the head...that sucks for anyone. Hope he's okay. He's the only Met I can actually stand.

That's a HUGE strikeout there...good work Eyre.

So the story that started as playing catch with his son now turns into slipping while exiting his truck? Pull the other one, Brett.

That's Durbintastic!

I saw a rumor that says he was in a bar fight at Shannon's Irish Pub...wouldn't surprise me.

Or perhaps Kim rabbit punched him.

Victorino has an .891 OPS against LHP...amazing.

That's Victastic.

Now lets score this run!!!

Well, the Braves have us exactly where they want us, with Vic on third.

Weak chase...weak.

ugh. pathetic.

I was taught to choke up and just make solid contact to the OF when we were in that type of situation...not swing for the fences...but what do I know???

I'm looking for a word to describe the Phillies' situational hitting over the last week or so. "Atrocious" doesn't seem quite powerful enough to capture it.

Anyone surprised one bit that about the IBB to get to Raul.

Tells you how much Raul is struggling lately...along with the matchup advantage.

that's crazy talk, NEPP

A fun project would be to go back the past 3-4 weeks and see how poorly the Phillies do with RISP and less than 2 outs. Its gotta be pretty low.

~shakes head~

I'm not gonna say it.

I mean, is it too much to ask to hope for Utley, Howard, or Ibanez drive in a run from 3rd with no outs in the 8th?

what is that like 5 times

with men in scoring position w/ less 2 outs

with nothing


I'm not sure about your idea of fun, NEPP.

****I'm not sure about your idea of fun, NEPP.****

Well, if I could make the same pay I get now to sit for 8-9 hours a day and calculate baseball stats, I'd be a pretty happy camper.

don't worry guys, we have the lead. brad lidge is our closer. nothing bad could possibly happen now.

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