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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Calling up a 3rd catcher makes sense, might as well be Hooever.

You're right on the money in regards to Harman, Bisenius, and Taschner being dead weight. They're merely listed as a formality right now. Remember TJ Bohn used to occupy a 40-man spot for over a year.

Matt Stairs is pretty much the most useless player on the team right now. Just felt like saying that.

Sign Bonds!!!

Is there any reason the FO would call up a guy like Tracy rather than Taylor?

JW: I think you listed the most likely names. A couple to throw out there though. How about Mike Cervenak? Also, anyone know what the story on Bowers is?

Bohn had that big double for the Phils early last season. One of the lesser known pieces to the WFC puzzle.

Benny: Could you imagine that? Eagles sign Vick. Due partly to taking the headlines away from the Phillies IMO. Then the Phillies one up them along with the baseball world and sign Barry Bonds for the playoffs. WOW!

When you wrote that the clubhouse would have a different look, I was hoping that it would include a new paint job ... over Lidge nameplate on his locker, replacing his name with someone - anyone - else.

When it comes to baseball, I almost never agree with Carson. But when it comes to beer, Carson, You Are the Man.

Wouldn't calling up Taylor (or adding him to the 40 man) start his arbitration clock?

Taschner? Huh, I thought he got cut and ended up with the Padres. I remember him striking out one of our guys.. I guess that was a different Taschner. Strange.

JW - why was red typeface used for John Mayberry?

loctatsic: You're thinking of Thatcher, a Padres LOOGY.

limoguy: JW highlights the guy in the pic

what about Scott Matthieson? I'd give him a cup of coffee and see what he can do, he's rule 5 eligible in the offseason, lets see what he can do with that mid to upper 90's heat in the show

Thatcher! Ah there we go. This is what I get for watching games in noisy bars.

Cervenak is possible I guess. Cairo might appeal to the Phils more because he's no stranger to late-season baseball.

Limoguy: Because Mayberry is the man

Clout- I'm in a little beer heaven where I live. I'm within 15 miles of Lancaster Brewing Co., Troegs, and Appalachia Brewing Co. to get my growler filled regularly.

Adamstown is also nearby, which is Stoudt's, one of my favorites. Every time I'm out that way I stop in for a sixer mixer.

Tonight's line-up features ZZZZ Bottom.

Rollins, Vic, Utley, Howard, Werth,
IbaneZ, FeliZ, RuiZ, MartineZ

Taylor will not be called up because of the arbitration clock issue. See this post for an in depth discussion of this topic.

Mathieson! I knew I was forgetting someone. Thanks. Yes, that would make some sense.

Weitz, how close are you to Weyerbacher's? They've got some good stuff too.

Victory cancelled their Fall Fest this year. NOT Happy. Youse guys ever been down to Dogfish Head? Their 90 Minute IPA is liquid crack.

Troegs Mad Elf packs a hellacious punch too. Can't wait for the holidays, because I get to drink that with cold turkey sandwiches or Christmas cookies.

That has to be a record for most last names ending in Z's in a row.

Tony: Yea that is amazing.

Thanks mvptommy, I didn't notice who was in the picture. It's a bit on the small side.

Easton isn't close to me, Carson. Occasionally, I'll need to head west from Reading on assignment.

Phils going against Garland tonight. Get to see first hand whether he has the stuff to be a straight trade for Happ.

The Weyerbacher Double Simcoe IPA is the closest thing to heaven we can get on humble earth.

But yeah, Central PA and the vicinity has some nice microbreweries.

I used to love Stoudt's restaurant until I had the worst meal of my life there. I guess it was my fault for going on Valentine's Day, but the steaks were fatty and a poor cut, the mashed potatoes were cold, and the service was terrible. I can't drink their beer now.

Visiting Troegs was a religious experience; the brewery is nothing fancy but the beer is tremendous.

not a fan of victory, but good call JW on the Stoudt's, they had a great hefewiessen this year...

Yes, I'm trolling. Sorry.

smokey: You read my mind. I was at lunch today and caught some of the ESPN scroll. When I saw it was Garland pitching I meant to post the same thing, but got sidetracked and forgot. Good call. The only problem is I forget who suggested the Happ for Garland straight up trade.

OT: Just checked the posts caught in the bad language filter and Mac Tonight officially bid farewell to Beerleaguer Aug. 11.

I'm trolling for shark, but so far only caught a clown fish :)

Garland wasn't bad the last time we faced him. I think their defense sucked and we scored a bunch of unearned runs.

smoky: I didn't say anything. Just saying that I remembered one of our esteemed colleagues suggested Garland over Happ.

We're due for a blowout. Too many close games lately.

Slightly different area, but Lions Head anyone? We used to get it at college for about 10 bucks a case... QUALITY stuff.

Clipper: Yea, it is quality as well. Same price as the cheaper stuff but 4x the taste.

I guess Mac, T. was too busy with his broadcasting duties. :-)

JW and fellow BLers: Ahh, that must have been the Epic Battle Royale between Mac Tonight Vs. Clout that finally took Mac over the edge. If you all forget the argument, I suggest you go back and re-read it. Classic. Clout got him hook line and sinker. Mac bit and now he is gone.

Wait, we have a bad language filter?
huh. Now I feel guilty for my brief four letter in the last thread... Or maybe I feel proud for having circumvented the filter? So many contradictory emotions!

Allagash's Curieux is the best beer I have EVER had. It is a small brewery in Maine. Their Tripel and Dubbel are also very good.

MVP: what thread was it on?

(beer geek mode on) For anyone visiting the Boston area, Berkshire's Oktoberfest and Mayflower Brewery's Porter are very good NE brews. Gritty McDuff's out of Maine makes some great EBS's come Halloween and Christmas time, too. I'm a big fan of Yards Pale Ale, ESA, and Brawler beers and wish they sold 'em up here. Has anyone been to the new Iron Hill in Maple Shade yet? Thinking about stopping by when visiting family over Labor Day festivities. (/beer geek mode off)

Reverend hits it 100% on the head. The Curieux is a life changer.

After re-reading all the days threads from August 11th. In the game thread Mac was complaining about everyone busting his chops for wanting Moyer to go to the pen.

Then JW,referenced Jamie's numbers from last year as follows...

" Amen, Clout. 16-7 and 3.71 ERA in a championship season. Unbelievable. The guy pitched his butt off and deserves better.

Posted by: J. Weitzel | Tuesday, August 11, 2009 at 07:36 PM "

Now, not trying to start a fight. Just wondering. Moyer pitched excellent last year, that is true. BUT this year he has been below mediocre. Now the overall opinion here was keep Moyer in the rotation. Given that, why is Lidge different?

Both lose games, both noticeably worse this year than last. However, without Lidge we DO NOT win the WS. Then why the love for Moyer but distain for Lidge??

This should carry us to gametime.....

clipper: The first thread of the day. About Pedro Martinez. It is a short thread and takes up the majority of it and continues to the Ibanez thread that day. August 11th.

Well, it's nice to see this site live up to it's name.


Where scrutiny of September substitutions turns to soliloquies on Suds.

mvptommy: Is Conlin your colleague? That's who suggested Garland-Happ. It was almost an aside. All I did was suggest it wasn't an outrageous idea. This, in Beerleaguer fashion, of course, became "Clout said the Phils should trade Happ for Garland" with posters projecting Happ's entire career and showing how it would be superior to Garland's.

No more Mac Tonight? I'll shed a single tear for his psychobabble BS he would lay on us.

I'm gonna say because Lidge doesn't throw 82 mph and is capable of turning it around if he gets his command back.

I guess Mac Tonight is not a very good cook.

Bay Slugga: He's on vacation. He'll be back.

BTW, very hard for me to choose between Troeg's and Stoudt's. Both tremendous. Pennsylvania is blessed. In fact, I'm going to open a Troeganator right now.

Did MacTonight ever share his paper that he supposedly wrote about posting here?

clout: No, I was talking about the posters on Bler, not Conlin. And my whole point was that Garland is pitching tonight. Along with the fact that it is going to be good to see how he does. Of course, you fly off the handle about it.

mvptommy: Love for Moyer on Beerleaguer? Boy, do you not pay attention.

It's crazy to be involved here if it brings any degree of additional strife into your life.

One man's opinion anyway.

Hey clout. Are you really complaining about someone purposely twising what you posted on BL?


Seriously, I'm LMAO right now - my wife thinks I'm nuts.

For you to complain about that after the silly BS you pulled regarding Bastardo/Hanson is the acme of hypocricy.

[clout to JW: "J-Dub, J-Dub they're being mean to me again.....make them stop!"]

clout, how would you know Mac is on vacation unless you're JW?

clout: Maybe you aren't paying attention. Since the whole day of August 11th you were sparing with Mac Tonight over something foolish that he was more right than wrong. Go read the threads from that day. Almost every post was "poor Jamie", "I wish him the best", "Thanks for last year". Did anyone ever say that about Lidge, Nope. For Lidge it is, "Can we trade him", "He is the worst closer ever", "I can't believe we are stuck with him".

Back to the Lidge conversation... Yes his HR/FB% i up this year. But is that really Lidge's problem RIGHT NOW?

Lidge has given up 10 HR on the season.

He gave 5 of them in his first 12 appearances.

In his next 37 appearances he gave up the OTHER 5.

There are many problems with Lidge. Location. Hittable pitches. Holding on Baserunning.

HRs were a problem. but either it's luck... or his other issues are a result of correcting the HR problem.

why is clout trying to deflect attention away from the fact that he is Conlin?

awh, just more of his lame schtick to inflate his self-worth. Just like when he tries to imply he knows when people switch handles, like he can see there IP address like JW. Off course, when he's not JW, he's Conlin. When people aren't satisfied with who they are, they pretend to be someone else.

awh: You're drinking again, aren't you?

Rich Hoffman on DNL just name-dropped Beerleaguer.

I hope the Phils can right the home ship a bit, because the Braves and Marlins aren't exactly playing tough teams this week.

Dude, Rich Hoffman just name dropped our very own Jason W. on DNL. They DO read this site. Confirmed!

mvptommy: I can't speak for one thread and I'm not going to waste my time looking at it, but if you read every day -- and JW wants us to -- the idea that most posters have been loving on Moyer is ludicrous. There's been more vitriol spewed about him than any other player, including Bruntlett. (But only because Bruntlett doesn't play much.)

SmokyJoe: Still wounded? My, my. They're just words. You'll get over it.

Talking about Lidge reminded me about Saturday's game, and a question I had that I didn't get a chance to ask in the game thread. I was outside and couldn't hear what was going on.

When the bases were loaded with one out, the Brave hit that grounder to short that ended up winning the game. Rollins looked like he was playing in; why was the infield in? With one out, shouldn't they have been at DP depth? Or was it no outs, and I am just blind?

"with posters projecting Happ's entire career and showing how it would be superior to Garland's."

I remember doing precisely that.

Klaus: And an excellent projection it was. But you missed the hyperextended elbow that cost him 15 starts in 2014.

Speaking of beer, anyone here at BL ever had a Westvleteren? I have a single bottle of Westvleteren 12 waiting to be drunk... I'm saving it for the night before my wedding, in October.

(see, e.g.,

mvptommyd: Moyer vs. Lidge is simple.

Lidge should have been removed from his job BEFORE Moyer. The gulf between Lidge and a league-average closer is MUCH greater than the difference between Moyer and a league-average 5th starter.

Lidge deserves MORE criticism than Moyer got... and Moyer got a lot, especially from me.

I had a good meal and excellent beer at the Selins Grove Brewing Company earlier this summer. There's good beer tucked in every corner of the State right now.

I've also found a Southampton Triple recently at a few places around town which is both fruity and creamy, which is nice.

And I finally discovered a source for Shiner Bock, which is just a great summer beer.

locatic: I wasn't on that game thread and didn't go back and read it. I, too, was upset we weren't at double-play depth up the middle. Was the hitter really that fast?

loctatsic the INF was indeed in, but I thought there were no outs.

Does anyone enjoy DE's finest brewery, Dogfish Head?

Their 120 Minute IPA is the best beer I have had. Something like 17% and taste like heaven.

Clout, it would just be a better board if you applied the same standards to yourself that you impose on others. And since you refuse to, you make yourself a target, and I don't mind saying I take pleasure it finding your flaws.

clout: There was one out at that point. I can't remember how we got the out, but there was one out.

SmokyJoe: Awww, you're sweet. I hope to give you more pleasure in the future.

"But you missed the hyperextended elbow that cost him 15 starts in 2014."

A triviality, considering the 32 games I showed him winning in 2013.

When I start reading posters on a sports blog talking about the "fancy" beers they're drinking, I know they are really only drinking warm Bud Light.

doubleh: FWIW, Rich Hofmann is the best sportswriter on the planet.

The guys on DNL, Philly beat writers, and even people in the Phillies organization read this blog and other blogs. I'm not trying to brag, but I know personally that some even read my site, so you know they read BL too.

Thanks Clout, now I understand that you're just an altruist at heart. I've been getting your motives wrong all along.

CJ: Thanks. Then why was the INF in? It was DEFINITELY in.

"Fancy beer" is good beer. Hell, I hardly ever drink run-of-the-mill stuff anymore. And when I do it's either Yuengling Premium or High Life from a longneck bottle.

Carson: They read your site for the Pirates comments.

C'mon Clout, give me some credit.

"I can't remember how we got the out"


Lancaster Brewing Company is great. I went to school at Millersville and there was a bar a block off campus named Jack's that had 1.50 pitchers on Wednesday nights. After our radio production class me and a few buddies would head over there and get a plate of fries and down a few pitchers of LBC Strawberry Wheat that was on tap.

LBC just put out a Shoo Fly porter which I absolutely have to try.

Stoudt's is fine but I'm not a huge fan of their stuff but it's a good change of pace. Theire taste testing events and Oktoberfest celebrations are aces though.

Sly Fox Brewery in Phoenixville/Royersford have some real good stuff too. We head down there always at Christmas time to hang out and drink their Christmas Ale.

We really have it good in this area for microbrews.

Pete Happy: Is it actually in Selinsgrove? That's kind of on the way to Penn State if you like to ride along the Susquehanna. I will take a detour sometime to check it out.

gm-carson: I've often thought they do, but it's nice to hear that not all of them think blogs are the devil's work as Costas or others might have you believe.

clout: Do you really think that or are you just being facetious? I never know with you. I actually like Hofman and find him insightful and more plugged in--much more so than most of the other DN/Inky writers. Sheridan writes an occasional piece that I find compelling, but not often enough to respect his body of work. I am actually someone who likes Conlin, too, even if he's become a little too esoteric for his own good.

locatic: I believe the infield was at double play depth and there was 1 out. Lidge struck church out I believe. It seemed that the ground ball that Infante hit to win the game was hit more towards the hole than right at Rollins. It would have taken a spectaular play to get an out of any kind and would have been an impossible ground ball for anyone to turn two on.

Saturday night's game:

Garret Anderson singles (a play Utley should have made)

Diaz bunts, Lidge bobbles and throws it away, Anderson ties it, Diaz to third

LaRoche intentionally walked

Norton unintentionally walked

Church strikes out

Infante grounds a high chopper to short and through to the OF, winning run scores

Had the Phils been at DP depth up the middle I think we had an excellent chance of doubling Infante up and keeping the game tied.

doubleh: Sometimes (rarely) I really am serious. What I said about Hofmann is true. He's the best. Never a bad read and always a thoughtful and interesting point. Wish I had his talent.

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