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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Wait, Myers' party was involved in a bar brawl at which he was a bystander and then later the same night he fell out of his car and got a black eye?

Yeah, that's it. That's the ticket.

So first it was his son, and then he fell on his way back from the bar, and now he was at a bar where a fight took place but wasn't involved.

It really doesn't matter, he's gone after this year, but this is all a fairly ridiculous, unnecessary sideshow.

Also, Phils better put together a week or so of solid baseball, or else we can all eagerly await the piece tying together the Werth/Shane MMA party story and this Myers incident as examples of a young team unable to cope with major league success and celebrity.

This gets more amusing by the hour.

So, first my kid beaned me. Then I had two beers, fell down, went boom. Then I had two or three beers, and there was a bar fight, but I wasn't involved in it. Wonder what Lie 4.0 will look like...

Reminiscent of Jeff Kent breaking his wrist while washing his truck.

"My kid had two or three beers and hit me with a frying pan as I tripped over his Slinky. That's the whole truth."

Maybe Brett could get a gig endorsing the LiPhone 3GS...

Thank God gametime is only hours away meaning we'll get a new thread to talk about the game. Devoting an entire thread to Myers is understandable, but more than I can take. I need two or three beers.

Should we nickname him "Black Eye Brett" or "Pinocchio?" I agree with RSB, this gets more amusing with each new detail! But it has nothing to do with newfound celebrity or success, it's just part of Brett. If anything, without being a professional ballplayer with responsibilities, he'd probably be out all hours at the bars any given night of the week, in the middle of many a bar brawl.

I still admire his work to get himself to the point of being ready to start pitching, and I'm still rooting for him.

3-0 Colorado. That's very good news.

Is it just me, or is tonight's game the biggest of the season so far? It's not make or break by any stretch, but there is a HUGE difference between the Braves being 4 games out or 6 games out.

Seriously, couldn't you see Brett on one of those celebrity reality shows, fighting Danny Bonafucci or eating worms? LOL

If you can't remember if you had 2 beers or you had 3 beers, you probably had more than 3.

goody: Probably. Interesting, too, now the restaurateur said that he served Brett 3 beers, but wasn't sure if he had ordered any more from the bar, etc.

It's always the cover up. "So, what had happened was..."

Seriously, who cares how it happened. I thought this place was better than a typical rag tabloid.

So Myers worked his butt off to come back from major surgery only to risk everything by being involved in a bar fight during his rehab stint? Brilliant.

The organization cares how it happened, for one. Doubly so if it was flagrantly lied to.

Next year the Eagles can sign him.

****NEPP should also be applauded for his intel. Martino reports that there was indeed an altercation at Shannon's Irish Bar in Jacksonville early Saturday morning where Myers was present, but witnesses report that Myers was not part of the altercation... but a member of his party was. ****


I guarantee two things:

First, he had more than "2 beers". I've read a ton of DUI police reports and almost every suspect has ever had "2 beers".

Second, he was definitely involved in a brawl, not as a bystander either.

My biggest concern is this: Will he be able to close for us soon?

RSB: Who here works for the organization?

At least it wasn't the same bar in Clearwater where Hamels got into his bar fight. And Hamels broke his pitching hand, did he not?

They're just as dumb as every other human being on the planet. I don't know why we're even shocked anymore.

Just tell the truth, Brett, so we can get on with the main show. I'm sick of all the additional plot twists.

I've read that everyone always says they have 2 beers. I usually have one or two, but lately, since I read that, I make sure I always have two when drinking out just to throw some potential truthtellers into the mix.

To EFF: Seriously, almost every police report I've ever read (I have to read them on a daily basis with my job) says "2 beers". Its something of a running joke that the suspect only ever had "2 beers". This despite mountains of evidence that go to the contrary. I've seen them where their BAC is literally .25 and they had "2 beers". They must have had a pretty weak tolerance at that point...or had "beers" the size of a keg.

Maybe Brett only had 2 and maybe he did "fall" out of his SUV....but why lie originally?

Personally, I don't give a damn. I just want him back pitching.

TI: no one that I know of. The question was, who cares; and I answered, who cared.

The questions was posed as to who cares- with the implication that who on the board cares. Not who in the front office cares.

This is high-comedy. I know a lot of people will rail against Myers, and deservedly so, but frankly I'm glad he did something that will not seriously set back his chances of helping the Phils this year, while clearly indicating that he's not worth the trouble of a new, big contract.

Frankly, I was worried he'd do gangbusters in the final month and demand that new contract. I think there's no chance now.

People in Jacksonville do have cell phones with cameras and use Twitter and Facebook. If Myers (who is well-known in his hometown) was involved in an altercation or visibly drunk
at a nightclub on Friday night we would have read about it yesterday.

I don't care if he keeps a 6-pack behind the pitching rubber if it helps him close games.

I'm late to the party on the last headline but that piece by Martino is just shy of being a hatchet job on Moyer. The only thing that really saves it from being so is that at the end the writer goes out of his way to try and be nice. It's phony and inconsistent with the rest of the article.

Park was quotes in numerous interviews as saying he wanted to be a starter and he saw himself as such. After probably 3 or 4 times saying it he then dropped it. The only reason that didn't get the play it did is because there was a drumbeat before that point for Happ to get the spot. In this case there was plenty of debate about who should be the 5th starter which led to a bigger focus on the issue at hand. But to pretend like Park didn't grumble in the media is completely false.

The paragraphs used to back up the claim that Moyer uses "inconsistent logic," were unnecessary and were there only to make him look worse. The piece is actually stronger without those few paragraphs and going right into the paragraph beginning with, "Moments like that..."

Also- it's foolish to make Amaro completely blameless in this like so many have. Look no further than the situation with Park at the start of the year.

This all doesn't mean I completely agree with Moyer on the situation. If his ERA were a run lower and the same move was made he might have a more legitimate gripe and it probably would be financially motivated. But there is no need to hammer his character or integrity. The facts are what they are and what Moyer is expressing is common frustration.

****I don't care if he keeps a 6-pack behind the pitching rubber if it helps him close games.****

That would be hilarious.

TI: excuse me, bud. Is the 'truth' your exclusive domain? I don't see any particular implication in how it was phrased. Enough of the arrogance.

"I don't care if he keeps a 6-pack behind the pitching rubber if it helps him close games."

Only seems fair, I've been drinking to get through the 9th innings all season. Lidge is like Reverse Dr. Drew at this point.

RSB: Who's being arrogant here? I think anyone with a 4th grade reading level saw the implication being delivered by poster, "common sense." On top of that he then even said he didn't want this to turn into a rag type tabloid.

You're the only one who missed that connection champ so don't be so jumpy.

Yo, new thread

When will athletes wise up? If they were smart enough to lie without being caught so easily, they'd be politicians.

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