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Monday, August 24, 2009


What a strange and wonderous game this is.

Strange day for sure. Today will be even better behind Lee's PG.

Clearly Lidge has just been trying to set up an UATP all year... now he can get back to business

Hi every1 sorry I couldn't comment much last knight. I went to da movies wit a my 2 freinds Carmine and Luigi. Bfore we went dere we went to Nunzios I had da pizza. while Carmine had shrimp Parmagian.But da maine reason was dat we had to talk some busness about anthony and how he disrespected us and how to get him back.

Hmmm. A feel-good moment for Bruntlett, to be sure. If he stays with the club, I hope this is a catalyst for better performances from him. However, has not shown himself to be a valuable contributor over the 2009 season. His pinch-hitting is poor. His best value is as a back-up infielder, and there are surely better back-ups available on waivers. Even his defense is spotty. (RE: The triple play -- as another reader pointed out, it was an easy catch, step, and tag -- and occured only thanks to his poor fielding earlier in the inning.)

That said, when given a chance to start (as he did for Rollins a year or two ago), after a slow beginning, he caught fire. Here's hoping he can parlay the feel-good moment -- and his good at-bats yesterday -- into his reserve role, but Amaro should still keep an eye out for a better bench player (for Bako, too).

Dud U people C dat da Mets mina league pitcha trew a no hitta last knight.

Does anyone speak Stupid? Because I need an interpreter to understand Chicho's posts.

Very funny at least I don't live in da Poconos where da houses don't hold dere value.

Everything I've read from real sources say that the Mets' ground rules are that balls caught under the wall are in play and must be played... Still a bizarre play.

What is so funny about trew dats what U do U drow da ball or he trew da ball. I guess people form da Poconos R not educated. not eduacted

Is anyone going to the game today? I think I am going to take a long lunch and head over there.

Why do I get the feeling that today could be the classic "supreme overconfidence" game? And the series in Pittsburgh the classic "trap" series prior to the weekend set w/ Atlanta?

I'm really trying not to be negadelphia, but it's almost as if nothing short of wins in the next 4 games is a failure. I'm hopeful, despite this little "Philly Phan Phear" hunch I'm feeling

Hey, lay off of Chicho. He's obviously ESL, with his first language being redneck.

Pittsburgh definitely smells like a trap series, I agree Smoky. A bunch of young players with nothing to lose getting amped up to face the World Champs doesn't bode well.

This isn't the Phillies of years past, this is post WFC Phillies. I would actually be very surprised if the Phillies DIDN'T sweep the Pirates this week.

"he caught fire"
Only in a Brunlettian manner, I assume you mean. :)

I know it's hard to play very sporadically, but he has been just awful in all phases this year.

1:10 start for everyone at work. Adjust schedules accordingly.

Any word on the upcoming pitching probables?

If I were doing it, I would push both Hamels and Happ back a day. Hamels could use some extra rest (it appears to most here) and Happ has thrown a lot of pitches in his last few starts (and it might be good to limit his innings down the stretch anyway). Plus, its the Pirates. Would likely be a good spot for Moyer. Looking at the upcoming 2 week stretch, it would be a good chance to give some extra rest, with the way the schedule sets up...

If it was up to me, here is how it would look....

Tuesday (Pirates)- Blanton
Wednesday- Moyer
Thursday- Hamels

Friday (Braves)- Happ
Saturday- Martinez
Sunday- Lee

Monday- OFF

Tuesday (Giants)- Blanton
Wednesday- Hamels
Thursday- Happ

Friday (Astros)- Martinez
Saturday- Lee
Sunday- Blanton
Monday- Moyer

Tuesday (Nats)- Hamels

Using this scenario, Cole and Happ would get 1 extra day of rest (5 days between starts) for his next 3 outings.

This is how you can use Moyer the rest of the way. It might help both Cole and Happ (and maybe the rest of the staff too) for October, when it truly counts.

Our bench right now? Cairo, Bruntlett, Bako, Stairs and Francisco? Might be better off using Blanton, Lee or Hamels as pinch-hitters.

3 singles = caught fire


On yesterday's game: Bruntlett goes from likely goat to hero in an instant -- what a lucky guy. No negatives for Lidge in terms of good/bad outing as 2 errors plus dicey call on the other ground ball are not his fault. Glad that Phils got 6 in the first, but unhappy that they couldn't get clutch hits to pile on more in subsequent innings -- this could/should have been 12 or 14 to 6 going into the 9th instead of 9-6. However, you take the wins any way you can get them.

Jason, please ban Chincho.

Supposedly this happened in Spring Training at Clearwater:

And God sent his Angel to bring instructions to Cholly of Philly.

The Angel appeared before Cholly and spoketh, "Oh Cholly, you are to keep safe the player known as 'the Gnome' as he is destined to perform a wondrous deed. Though he may hit poorly and many will say 'Banish the Gnome to the land of Nye' you must resist the temptation to follow the admonitions of those in league with beer, for, verily, I say to thee, the Gnome shall make errors against thine enemy, but be steadfast, for the Gnome shall in an instant perform such a deed that even the E of SPN must proclaim his glory. So speaketh the Angel of the Lord."

And now you know why Brunlett has been on this team all year.

Denny - love your starting pitcher schedule, esp. because I'm going to the Sunday game against the Braves and would love to see Lee pitch. Plus resting the starters is always a good idea, if possible.

The Phils need to concentrate on beating the beatable teams in the next week or so. The Giants are reeling (Lincecum's outing yesterday - wtf?), so the Phils should take advantage of that as well as the Pirates and Nats. A 3 game sweep of the Braves would put them away for good (IMHO).

Who would have guessed that those who tuned in to yesterday's game would witness one of the rarest feats in baseball history? I'm talking, of course, about a 3-hit game from Eric Bruntlett.

Yes the ball under the padding should have been played. Raul did the right thing. Vic did not. He should have known the ground rules. Just another example of a great athlete (who's having a super year) making a bone-headed play. Turns out, the run would have scored anyway and the Phils won the game but he still should have done the right thing.

Very strange game indeed. An inside the park HR and traditional HR from the same lead off hitter (although I thought it should have been scored a triple and an error on Vic), pulling the pitcher with a 3-0 count in the first inning with Pedro at bat, 3 hits by our worst player, 2 errors in the top of the 9th to set up a game ending unassisted triple play by the same guy who booted 2 balls to set up the play....OY

Trap series or not, Lee should beat the Mets and the Pirates are a AAA team who should be swept. Anything less is not acceptable...even if Bruntlett, Stairs, Bako and Cairo are in the starting line-up. Wow, then we'd have a great bench, huh.

"Very funny at least I don't live in da Poconos where da houses don't hold dere value."

By what measure have houses (or condos for that matter) held their value in any of the NY metro area MSAs than the Poconos the past 4 quarters?

Humor usually needs some shreds of truth about casual situations/observations in order to connect with people on some level and you comments contain none of that.

No "Frenchy" this afternoon because he is getting an MRI on his swollen thumb.

MG: I think you're barking up the wrong tree with that rebuttal. Actually, dat com bak*

Francouer was actually hitting very well in this series. I don't know if I spelled his name right, which is why I should have just typed Frenchy.

I would love to see a Happ VS Hanson match up on friday... but Happ is scheduled for thursday isn't he?

denny b - Makes plenty of sense to me but I doubt you see it.

Moyer is going to start a couple more games this year though. One of several reasons why I don't understand all of the focus on the Pedro/Moyer debate.

Phils only have 2 off-days (Mon., Sept. 14th & Mon., Sept. 21) in Sept. and they already have scheduled to play 2 doubleheaders against the Mets on Sept. 13 and the Fish on Sept. 22.

Moyer is almost certainly going to start at least another game or two before the season is out.

I actually like Francouer and wish he didn't have to play for the Mets. He was truly disgusted with the triple play. I wonder if his disgust was at himself or at the bone head runners who took off as if there were 2 outs instead of none. I guess that play was a prime example that aggressiveness can sometimes work against you.

I didn't see any post-game interviews with Frenchy. Did he say anything? I saw a snippet of an interview with Murphy. His voice cracked, and I thought he was going to cry.

It is almost impossible to really gauge how a guy like Pedro is pitching against such a pathetic lineup. There wasn't a single guy in that lineup after Franceour yesterday who really was a quality MLB-caliber offensive player.

Without Frenchy today, my bet is that Lee makes the Mets' lineup look even more impotent than they already have this series.

ha Gnome gets rewarded with a start at SS today

Why can't they figure out how to make OF fences where the ball can't get stuck in it?

Either make the padding a couple inches higher or have it go all the way to the ground?

I would either endorse what denny said or maybe just sit one of our pitchers down for a start completely and replace with Moyer.

Once the move for Pedro/Moyer was made, the only ramification could have been if Pedro pitched well enough to make the postseason roster, either ousting Happ as the #4 or showing enough stuff to take a BP role.

So far, which is still early, it looks like the Phils will win the division with a less than average 5th starter and drop him from the postseason roster, which is exactly what would have happened if the Moyer/Pedro move never happened in the first place.

is bako starting today?

denny b. - please don't put alternate rotation schedules out there. i'm afriad charlie might read this blog and i have tickets to saturday's game, a game Lee is scheduled to pitch. don't mess with it!

i thought a ball getting stuck in the wall was a universal rule, and something not specificly stated in the stadium's ground rules.

Just add that to something the Mets suck at, putting the correct length of padding on their walls, and creating appropriate ground rules.

I'm thinking of attending the game on Wednesday. Hopefully, Hamels gets it together and the Phils put up some runs on Maholm who is pretty rough on lefties. At least by Pirates standards.

Yes, Bako is in the lineup today.

Bako starts behind the plate today and the Gnome is so hot that Charlie can't help but put him in the lineup. Rollins gets the day off today.

Cliff Lee is 7-0 in his last 7 starts, and will be the first pitcher in 2009 to earn a win in 8 consecutive starts if he can beat the Mets this afternoon.

Jorge De La Rosa went 7-0 in 7 starts from Jun 21-Jul 30 before the Phils spanked him for 10 hits and 7ER in 5 innings Aug. 5th. He has since won his each of his next 3 starts.

Greinke and Cain have both went 6-0 in six starts this year.

Other little add-ins to the stat: CC won 12 straight decisions between CLE-MIL when he was traded, and Cliff Lee had the 2nd longest streak last year at 11 straight wins. The record is 20 by Roger Clemens which went from June 1998 with TOR all the way into June 1999 with NYY.

Very nice Lake Fred, it's all so clear to me now! It was the Gnome's density, I mean, destiny.

Denny - agree somewhat w/ you schedule, Moyer would do well against the young Bucs lineup. But I'd omit him the 2nd time through and let Hamels go against the Astros; want Lee to get as many chances to start as possible.

just heard both tmac and franzkie's call on the triple play. both were good, franzkie's was better. here's why...

tmac always has to overexplain things and be cute. he started by calling the triple play and saying how in one fell swoop things changed - that was great. but then he goes into this annoying yap about how things didn't go the mets way but now went back brad lidge's way and went back erik bruntlett's way and yada yada yada. it's just like shut up, dude, make the call and leave it be! tmac would be okay if he'd just stop - he dribbles at the mouth.

Is Pedro an upgrade over Moyer?

Pedro's FIP is 4.44
Moyer's FIP is 5.22

Pedro's WHIP is 1.29
Moyer's WHIP is 1.45

Pedro's K/9 is 8.36
Moyer's K/9 is 5.15

Pedro's BB/9 is 1.29
Moyer's BB/9 is 2.64

Pedro's K/BB is 6.50
Moyer's K/BB is 1.95

I keep hearing this talk about how it's all a wash between Pedro and Moyer, but it's pretty clear from the limited sample size so far that Pedro's pitching better than Moyer had. I'm not sure how anyone can argue otherwise.

First Take just talked about the UTP - the question was "Awesome or Overrated?" Everyone involved said totally overrated as it's a total fluke play. Yes, it's a fluke, but isn't it possible to be both awesome and a fluke? If this had ended a Yanks or Sox game it would have been the play of the year, fluke or not.

On Bruntlett and catching fire:

Last year, when Bruntlett filled in for an injured JRoll, he suffered thru an abhorrent 12-game stretch -- from the 4th game of the season (April 9) thru the 15th -going 7 for 45 (including, though, one 3-hit game with a homer).

However, Bruntlett then went on a 16-game relative tear, from April 22 thru May 8, where he went 19 for 61. Almost all singles, but for a .312 average, which would be good enough to put him one point behind the 2009 Phils BA leader, Victorino. (Not including Cliff Lee's .385 avg., that is.)

Not advocating for the Gnome, just pointing out that, given enough chances, he can perform. Problem for him is, there aren't enough chances on this team. So he's not a good fit for the Phils. He'd be a decent platoon (and cheap) player for another squad, something worth us noting so that he doesn't lose ALL his trade value. As terrible as he has admittedly been this year, if it were to be pinted out to another team that he can fill a gap given the chance to play, might he be worth a bullpen role player, at least?

Chico is just a blantant rip off of Philly Boy Roy.

JW, your comment about "8000 horses" was corny.

One other contrarian thought for the day: A lot of debate has been over Pedro vs. Moyer. The two have proven relative equals, statistically. But what about Hamels? Both Moyer and Pedro seem better than Hamels RIGHT NOW. (Not talking last year, or next year, or even earlier this year, but the last six-or-so games.)

In his last 14 starts, Hamels has just three wins (and those against anemic SD, AZ, and CIN squads). Everyone keeps touting our post-season rotation as if Hamels is going to breeze by his opponents, but I don't even think he is good enough to be our 4th-best starter right now. Post-season rotation now should probably be Lee, Blanton, Happ, then...Pedro?

I am sure Cole will be back to form next year, but right now, I don't have a lot of confidence in him as a post-season starter against a good squad.

@Gobaystars: wait whuuuuut?

The Phillies are 32-14 (0.696) since July 1, and there are posters here that say the next four games are must win games?

Iz dem dudes brothers of dat dude Chicho?

Hugh Mulcahy, it wasn't that long ago tickets to a Hamels pitched game was the one you wanted.

Speaking of Hamels, I was listening last night to ESPN's radio game with, duh?, the Yankees and the Bosox. Beckett had just given up 4 homers and 7 runs. The announcer was talking about Beckett (but it could have been just as easily Hamels) in saying that Beckett has a straight fast ball that when not located properly can be ripped by hitters in hot weather, but when the weather gets cooler in late September and October, that pitch becomes effective because the hitters can't get around on it as easily.

Now we know why Hamels was great in October...cold weather cooling off the hitter's ability to hit straight fastballs!

I feel really good for Gnome. He's had a rough year so it was nice for him to finally come through like that.

Yo, new thread

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