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Friday, August 28, 2009


i think jamie's new nickname should be "the rain man"

With the amount of time it takes Pedro to get through five innings. A one hour delay after the second inning could actually accelerate the end of the game.

If the game tonight is canceled with a dh on Sunday, wouldn't they just pitch Pedro on Sunday and keep everyone else on their regular rest. How does this help Jamie, or am I missing something ?

Those starts should make him $250K this year and an additional $250K next year on his base salary. A case of Rain making the Rainmaker... or something like that.

That's a good point, Billy Mac. Makes sense to me.

I think the implication here is this: What happened on August 18th could happen again. If the game starts, and the rains roll in or get heavier an hour or so into the game, Pedro will get shut down to avoid stiffness, and then it will be time for Wapner, er, I mean Moyer.

Phillies are off on Monday. Moyer would not pitch if there is a doubleheader on Sunday

John Rauch to Twins.

And the "wow" trade- Scott Kazmir to Angels.

Me and Dave Hollins.

If the game was called after 3 or 4 innings, Pedro wouldn't be available Sunday.

Man, your camera ate a few peyote buttons there GMC.

My buddy had a shaky hand, plus I still had it on "landscape" setting from taking pics inside PNC park. It sucks the pic didn't come out better, but it was still awesome meeting him and talking with him nonetheless.

By the way, I would totally love to have this Kyra Gracie chick in the ad on the right here kick my ass. She's smokin!

Likelihood of a the creepy Gnome face in the very near future . . .

Right now, I like doubleheaders. Anything that helps the Phillies split series with the Braves and the Marlins can't be bad. They need to sweep to make up significant ground; the Phils just need to take one or two to keep them at arm's length.

Is it just me or does it seem like this year's post-deadline trading activity is quite frenzied compared to years past?

bap: I think the economy has put a lot more guys on waivers.

I just read that the Kazmir deal fell through.


Sorry, I was reliving Game 5 memories!

Have the phils faced Hanson before? If so, what was the result?

stayinPosi: We have not. However, if you'd like to know what kind of pitcher he is, watch films of our own Antonio Bastardo. They are almost the exact same pitcher, except that Bastardo is indisputably the better prospect.

(Am I being too obvious here?)

bap: I moved on. I'm now going with Tommy Hanson is no Yohan Flande.

There's a break in the weather, at least for now. There seems to be more junk on the way, however...

gm-carson: question on hollins. if he's a scout for the orioles, what was he doing at the phillies/pirates game?

Radar link from Weather Underground.

CJ - i know you're joking, but i saw flande pitch last week in new britain. he was terrible. i know it was only one game, but i'm saying right here and right now that i'd be shocked if he ever made it.

Dukes: Impossible. He pitched in the Futures Game. Which means he *clearly* has a Future. Or else they'll have to change the name of the game for future years!

Yo, new thread

Dukes- I was actually wondering the same thing about Hollins scouting the Phils/Braves if he's with the O's. Sorry, didn't ask him that though.

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