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Monday, July 27, 2009


Amen. If I have to have another argument with someone who says "it's the 25th man on the roster, who cares?" I'm going to lose my friggin' mind.

The bench is important. Lest I remind these people that Matt Stairs is the reason we were able to throw Hamels out to win game 5 in the NLCS.

Bullpen blueprint for success last year speaks for itself in that innings 7-9 were pretty much a given. Not so much this year as the record shows.

You know who would look good on the bench instead of Bako, Bruntlett and Mayberry? Lou Marson, Jason Donald, and Michael Taylor.

I'm looking forward to seeing whomever gets dealt in September.

It's the 25th man on the roster, who cares?

So Taguchi had a 51 OPS+ and committed 2 errors in just 35 chances last year.

(This post was for doubleh ;-)

In all seriousness, the bench needs to be upgraded.

J.R.:I tend to agree-might as well try some youth in there, if they're not going to upgrade otherwise. (Donald still hurt?)

Bedbeard: I believed him when he said it, but kind of forgot about with all the craziness of the last few weeks. It's why at the time I said I didn't think Halladay was going anywhere. The hysterical posts by a few who shall remain nameless that the Jays absolutely had to trade Halladay were the most absurd things I've ever seen on this board. (That's quite a statement I know). Some of these clowns thought he could be picked up for a couple of jock straps and some batting tees. All along I thought Ricciardi was serious. Now I think he got to the point where he really wanted to move Doc but now the demand isn't quite there. This latest Red Sox rumor is what I meant by a team swooping in. They're the ones I feared all along.

I meant I'm looking forward to September, when we get to see whomever DOESN'T get dealt.

The San Diego's, Pittsburgh's, and Oakland's of the world are willing to trade "pricey" bench help simply to get rid of the salary. Are the Phillies not interested because of loyalty to guys who were here last year or do they really think the current bench is going to come around. btw, Coste has been hittin' the ball real good for the last week or so.

My college roommate is one of the Iron Pigs Radio announcers (he does the after game show and rain delayed game show)...he tells me that Kendrick has been looking pretty good lately and that his changeup has been a lot better...

I hope that it stays that way and Kendrick can stick around and help out the big league club...

Wouldn't mind seeing the Phils open an insurmountable lead in the next 3 or 4 weeks and then let the September callups do most of the heavy lifting. They could even DL a few guys (think Lidge)to get them some rest. Of course, this assumes that they are willing to start the clock on a few guys.

Dave X: Thanks, I just saw your post from the last thread. I've been looking for FIP stats for ages, I should've asked sooner.

By the way, has everyone seen Clearwater Pitcher Michael Schwimer's blog on Phuture Phillies? If you haven't, I recommend it. He wrote about Pedro's arrival yesterday.

Such a sad thing, Bruntlett's 4 OPS+

Bruntlett makes me a sad panda.

I think it's honestly the one thing all Phillies fans can actually agree upon: he isn't good and is a waste of a roster space.

The only issue I run into is that the aforementioned people who say "who cares, he's only the 25th man" say "he's a utility infielder, what do you expect?"

I expect a guy to actually be able to hit his f-ing weight, that's what I expect.

The bench would be better if we just got Halliday.

All kidding aside, its kind of hard for the bench guys to do much or get many hits, when they never get any AB's.

RFD has had 2 AB's since July 19.

Gnome has 2 AB's since July 20.

Stairs has gotten 8 AB's since July 19, but hasn't gotten a hit in any of them (he hasn't had a hit since the HR he hit against Pittsburgh in the 9th inning of that rally against Capps).

Not saying that RFD or Gnome would be doing much if they got more AB's (I think RFD could or at least had the potential to do something), but they certainly can't be productive sitting in the dugout.

Bako is going to be on the roster for the rest of year and almost certainly for the postseason too good or bad.

Bako hit the ball hard on Sunday

Not sure if this made it into a thread earlier this week (the Victorino thread would have been appropriate), but can we give Gillick a little more credit for not re-upping this guy on the Page 2 "Major Leaguers with the Least Trade Value" list?:

9. Aaron Rowand, Giants
Total left: $39.96 million through 2012

It's not that he's bad player, it's just that ... well, he's Aaron Rowand. He's on the wrong side of 30, his one big season came in Philly's bandbox and he's signed for three more seasons. Which probably means the Royals will try to get him this winter.

For the season, Stairs has an OBP of 402 and SLG of .449, for an OPS of .851.

Not bad for a part time player.

The Phillies' final offer should be: Drabek, Brown, and any 2 additional prospects not named Happ or Taylor. If Toronto doesn't accept that offer, they're probably not going to accept any offer right now. And if they don't accept any offer right now, they'll be overplaying their hand in the same way that the Twins did with Santana. Roy Halladay for 2 World Series runs has a LOT more value than Roy Halladay for one World Series run. If the Jays wait til the off-season to deal Halladay, there is no way in the world they get two Top 25 prospects in return.

b_a_p: Drabek, Brown, Knapp, and Donald is a good haul from them.

I think Ricciardi is using the Canadian exchange rate to overvalue Halladay. It's the only rationale explanation.

Unless he's just a douchebag.

Halladay, Washburn, Lee, in that order of preference, please get one of 'em. I'm going to stop listening to the rumors now, I can't take this anymore!

The Phils need to win and open a bigger lead. A 6½ game lead is too reminiscent to 1964 with ten games to go. Shudders!

Wow, totally forgot about Rick White. That guy sucked.

Martino tweets Indians expected to "double up" to scout Vance Worley Thursday in Reading.

Has anyone seen the clown show called the NY Mets today? Whenever I think bad thoughts about the Phillies, I just remind myself that it could be ALOT worse.

With several ex-Phillies catchers(big league & prospects) scattered around MLB it's hard to understand Bako being our backup catcher.
And it's impossible to understand Bruntlett as a PH in any game shorter than 16 innings.

If Halliday waives his no trade clause to come to the Phils, does he waive it for the life of his contract? In other words, could he be traded again at next years deadline if the Phillies chose to go that route?

Tony D - You doubt the Beard?

Once the pissing contest is over, We'll either have Halladay for Drabek, taylor and Carrasco, or we get Lee for Carrasco Donald and Marson.. because Cleveland is WAITING for the Phils to enter the Lee negotiations. The've been offered less in packages than we can offer-- even if Happ and Drabek are NOT included. I have Maintained all along that Riccardi has glass balls.. Even if he doesn't trade Halliday, he still loses face.

Lake Fred-
1964 is still a bad memory for me too.

When somebody posts that the division is a lock and we need to think about how the team stacks up for the playoffs, that's the first thing to pop into my mind.

You know, it's funny, I was just thinking about Rick White earlier today. I was looking through my past scorecards, looking for the first time I saw Victorino play in person, when I saw "White" listed as one of the pitchers in a game. I stared blankly at the name for a while before I saw he'd given up three runs in one inning and realized it was Rick White.

MG, can't believe I forgot him. Worrell, Rhodes, Urbina, White, Mesa. Some pretty crappy pitchers we've had here.

"Martino tweets Indians expected to "double up" to scout Vance Worley Thursday in Reading."

Hopefully, Lee is still around by then.

Spitz: The FTNC is still in effect unless Halladay wishes to demand a trade in the off-season, which he is permitted to do, but then we would be free to trade him to whomever we wanted.

Indians have a scout in Reading, tonight, according to "Nick" on phuturephillies. There you have it, straight from "Nick".

In fairness to Mesa, he was aggravating as hell at times, but he usually got the job done. Urbina was not good, but the worst thing about him was probably just that he was all we got for Polanco. Worrell, Rhodes, and White were all pretty terrible though. Although White was actually good for us compared to how bad he was for Cincinnati before we signed him. While we're talking about terrible relievers, I have to mention Turk Wendell and Todd Jones. I think Todd Jones is the all time worst Phillies player ever, especially because of his success with the Marlins in the years afterwards.

I'd first take Lee at that price in a second.

"Once the pissing contest is over, We'll either have Halladay for Drabek, taylor and Carrasco, or we get Lee for Carrasco Donald and Marson.. because Cleveland is WAITING for the Phils to enter the Lee negotiations. The've been offered less in packages than we can offer-- even if Happ and Drabek are NOT included. I have Maintained all along that Riccardi has glass balls.. Even if he doesn't trade Halliday, he still loses face."

Rob: I don't know if Cleveland would take that deal. However, I'll indulge it for a minute. If Amaro acquires Cliff Lee at the deadline AND holds on to Drabek, Taylor, and Brown then he absolutely deserves an A as a grade for the season. Also he is not someone I would ever want to play any kind of card game against head to head.

Also, I don't necessarily buy that Halladay's value goes down if he doesn't get traded until next July. Maybe some, but the Brewers gave up a good haul to get Sabathia last year and Halladay is as good as CC is. Halladay would easily be able to come over and dominate the league for a half season like Sabathia. Even more, there is precedent for that type of move gettign you into the playoffs. Once you are there anything happens

I agree with bap's post. Drabek and Brown plus whoever is a good haul for the Jays, but its fair.

But any deal with a combo of Drabek and Carrasco or Drabek and Happ would really be too much; maybe Halladay's still worth it, but it would absolutely shred the Phils farm.

@CJ -- according to>Zolecki's article regarding the "off season trade demand" that Halladay is eligible to make if traded has a limited no-trade clause of 6 teams. It's not a complete waiver. So it would be 24/30. Better position, but not a complete waiver.

bay_area_phan: That is the exact package I'm hoping will get it done. Crossing fingers.

The shame of it is that if there is no trade, then these names will forever be held up to the "Halladay" comparison for the rest of their time in the organization. It's a shame these negotiations have been so public in that regard. Even if Happ or Drabek or Taylor makes the most of their ablity, people will always compare their careers to Halladay from here on out -- through no fault of their own.

Such is the value of discretion. Damn Ricciardi either way!

The Sabathia deal went down before the bottom fell out of the economy and cheap players became a more valuable commodity than expensive stars. That deal is not a good measuring stick for what Halladay would get next year. Heck, that's the reason why GMs aren't knocking down JP's doors with offers right now. JP is in a no win situation...he opened a door you can't close, and if he doesn't get a deal done by this year's deadline, he will look foolish in hindsight come next year.

mike: Thanks!

SmokyJoe: We don't know exactly how the economy will look 12 months from now. Also, frugal spending is not a long term value normally.

Saw this just pop up on MLBTR:

A Blue Jays person tells Ed Price of AOL FanHouse that the Jays want "every last good guy" in a team's system if they're going to part with Halladay

In that case I would tell the Jays, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Was 6 1/2 with 12 games to go and Phils lost 10 straight while st louis won 10 straight - Phils won last 2 and St Louis lost 2 then won last game over Mets

TI...if you'd like, I can send you several articles concerning "the new economics of MLB", including two in the past two months by Jason Stark, with references to many top Front Office personnel...

There is absolutely no reason for JP to even announce that he is fielding offers for Halladay unless he values cheap talent more than Halladay. On top of that, he hasn't actually been fielding offers, but soliciting them, all to the same response..."In your dreams"

Let's not overstate what the Indians got for CC. LaPorta was Baseball America's 23rd ranked prospect and none of the other players received were in the top 100.

A comparable deal would be be Dominic Brown and players like Worley, Savery, etc... maybe Donald at best.

In that kind of deal, we wouldn't lose Happ, Drabek, Carrasco or Taylor.

To be fair, CJ, Laporta was ranked much higher at the time of the Trade...

I'm trying to imagine two worst-case scenarios in 2011. I'm not suggesting either of these will happen, just pondering...

2011 Worst Case Scenario #1

1. Amaro made the 09 deal for Halladay, gave up Happ AND Drabek. For whatever reason, the Phillies didn't win another WFC ("And the ball gets by Bako!... here comes Manny from third!!... it's a race with Lidge to the plate...")

Drabek coming off a 8-inning 9-strikeout game for Toronto against the Rays has started 2011 9-1 with a 1.74 ERA.

Halladay is 6-4 for the White Sox after signing a big FA deal there.

The general mood of rational Phillies fans would be 'Well we took our shot' We'll all curse Bako or whatever players screwed up.

But, would Amaro be looked at like a fool? I'm thinking no, just that he took a gamble that didnt pan out. Everyone will look back to 2009 and remember that Halladay was the #1 available piece. We'll admit the price was steep, but there will be a lot of nodding saying that's just what it took. The 2011 Phillies finish 3rd place in the east, 9 games back.

Alternate 2011 Worst Case Scenario #2.

Amaro stood by his guns, didn't pull the trigger for 09 Halladay. The Phillies don't win another WFC. ("Here comes Rich Dubee out to the mound. Happ looks rattled here in the 2nd. The official distance on that LaRue home run was 525 feet")

Drabek is 4-6 for the 2011 Phillies with a 4.94 ERA. He never gets comfortable in Philly and the constant comparisons to Halladay. He gets traded for Josh Willingham in a deal between 3rd place teams if players who need a change of scenery. The 2011 Phillies finish 3rd place in the east, 9 games back.

In this scenario, Amaro really does look like a failure. The fans would never forgive him for not doing the deal.


Now reality will probably fall somewhere a little more pleasant than these two cases, but if you're Amaro and you read this, you'd have to think there is _more_ risk in NOT doing the deal than doing the deal. No?

SmokyJoe: Really? Where do you find that? Going into the 2008 season, he was ranked 23rd. Going into the 2009 season, he was ranked 27th.

I suppose he could have climbed from his 23rd ranking between Feb. 2008 and June 2008 when he was traded, but I can't imagine it would have been much higher.

I do have to say that I have found it very odd all along about how openly all of this has been discussed in the media. I can't help be figure that it wouldn't have been this public if Pat Gillick were still alive....

In all seriousness, though, this has all been VERY unlike the stereotypical Phillies Front Office. I kind of like the change, but wonder how much good it can do to air all the dirty laundry so publicly (i.e. what's in Carrasco's already screwy head if this doesn't get done and he knew all along that the Phils were shopping him so openly?).

That's if it is the Phillies F.O. releasing the info...

Cliff Lee is the best thing to happen to the Phillies in the Halladay negotiations. I wasn't sure the Indians were serious about trading him, but they seem to be. And if the Phils are the only serious partner for the Jays so far, they can't be happy to see the Phils looking elsewhere.

And Cliff Lee as a fall back is fantastic.

CJ...LaPorta struggled last year after the trade, and his stock fell some. I can't get to most of the sites from here at work, but I believe he was in most top ten lists mid-season, and a few top five.

In hindsight, it looks like the Brewers sold high to some extent, although he has been raking it a bit lately...He's currently 22 or 23 on BA's mid-year list.

It doesn't strike anyone else as odd that a GM who only wants to be "bowled over" is actively solicitng offers, and not just fielding them?

I have a feeling that JP pretty much told the truth the entire month of July so far...

...he would have to be 'wowed.' He's even gone so far as to detail what exactly would 'wow' him....Drabek/Happ/Brown.

That's a steep price and Phils fans seem in either one camp or the other....that's too much! or do the deal! Compelling arguments can be made for both sides (win now or next year...who's in the 2011 rotation?)

But Rube seems to have checked on JP's hand. I don't blame JP for sticking to his guns...don't blame Rube for sticking to his. I find the whole situation fascinating, to be honest.

I don't care who the Phils do/don't get at the deadline. I am (and have been the whole time) firmly in Cholly's camp.

"I'd like to have the horse"...but if we can't get him, "We play with what we've got. That's what we've always done..."


SmokyJoe: It strikes me as odd, but then again, I don't believe half of the stuff I've been reading in the papers/online/etc.

I agree with you Mick O. I think it is extremely unfair for a player to be compared forever with the player he was traded for. It's just not right or fair to anyone involved.

SmokyJoe: That is an EXCELLENT point! He really must have thought teams would be beating down his door when Halladay went on the market!


There isn't a single thing JP has/hasn't done so far since his early July announcement that I wouldn't refer to as 'strange.'

Smoky, of course it's "odd".

Actually, it's more than odd - it's BS.

Mick O.: Good post. The only part I disagree with is Pargraph 6 -- that, if we trade for Halladay & the trade turns out badly, Phillies fans will be forgiving and applaud Rube for taking a shot. If we trade for Halladay and the trade turns out badly, Amaro will be pilloried by the fans for getting raked over the coals.

By the way, I'm not suggesting that's unfair. Every fan has his opinion about what moves the team should or shouldn't make. But the GM is paid good money to be smarter than us on these matters. Getting ripped for moves that looked good at the time is simply something that comes with the territory of being a GM.

Anyone wearing their W.W.A.D. bracelets during this final week before the deadline...?

I mean, just what would Arbuckle do?

If I told you that making the Halladay trade gets you a WS this year....but Drabek would win 3 Cy Youngs, would you do it?

Rube has already handled all of this well, in the minds of most of the phaithful, by not jumping at the initial names thrown out there by JP.

He's shown that he's not willing to "voluntarily" mortgage the future on a pitcher whose price is destined to come down from that ask.

I think Rube holds all of the cards here. If I'm him, I don't dial out to Canada for the rest of the week. I have a feeling that his phone will be ringing as the week progresses, once JP gets into desperation mode.

At the risk of posting with the frequency of MG...

Dom Brown just homered in the suspended game w/ Port St. Lucie. 2-3, HR, 2R, avg back to an even .300....

See where JP actually played a couple of years of minor league ball for the Mets?

If someone said to you that the Halladay trade gets us another WFC........but Kyle Drabek will win 3 Cy Youngs in his career, do you make the deal?

I do.

CJH, CJH.....hmmmmmm. I know I've seen that somewhere.

The worst case scenario for Ricciardi:

Halladay, an otherwise good guy, gets pissed off at Ricciardi and the Jays FO after they fail to trade him to the Philies at what he considers a fair offer, and because he missed a playoff run he refuses to waive his FNTC and plays for the Jays through the end of next season.

The Jays are stuck with two untradeable draft picks.

clout: Hey, my initials are also CJH. C.J. Henry doesn't hold the trademark!

ya know you're a BL celebrity, clout, when dudes are making up handles just to get your attention.


danger: That's 10 HRs in 223 ABs, which is not too shabby for a 21-year-old in the pitching-oriented FSL. His SLG is over .500

skeeter: That depends. How good are the Phillies when Drabek is winning these Cy Young awards?

I really don't like the argument that if you could just win a WS now, would you be OK with 10 losing seasons in a row?

My answer is always "h*ll, no, I wouldn't." I've already suffered through consecutive losing seasons, and trust me, being competitive every year is much better. As they say, insert your fave playoff cliche here (about it being a crapshoot, anything can happen in a shortened series, etc.), but you've got to be in it to win it.

I saw this counter argument on another blog and I wholeheartedly agree: a child says let me just eat all of these cookies and I'll be happy forever. It's a lie. The very next day he/she will be asking for more cookies.

couldn't agree more, clout. he's the guy that's a dealbreaker (virtually any deal) to me.

skeeter: Absolutely. The Red Sox certainly aren't regretting trading Hanley Ramirez to the Marlins.

Drabek could go to the HOF and it's still a good deal for the Phillies, IF they win a WFC. Unfortunately it's that pesky "IF" that makes this such a tough decision. Halladay guarantees you absolutely nothing, besides not starting Blanton in Game 2 of the Division Series.

danger: They are making up handles to get my goat.

Oh I know...avid reader, seldom poster. And this is my only handle...

I should caveat the note above by saying it's a good deal for the Phils, IF they win the WFC, and IF Halladay is an integral part of said win.

If we traded for Halladay, he broke his leg in September, we win the WFC anyway, and Drabek became a HOF pitcher, then Amaro gets ripped for the deal. Just the way things work.

Cliff Lee is a tremendous Plan B, but the Jays' stubbornness could actually drive up his value.

Being told in advance that the WS will be won takes some of the fun out of winning it, no?

How 'bout this one...

If Brown and Drabek turn out to be the next Dave Winfield and Tom Seaver but we win another WFC, is it worth the trade?

Bubba, are you saying other ex Phillie catchers performing well around MLb is an indication that maybe, just maybe, the Phillies have a problem evaluating catching talent?

You guys are right about 1964. I wasn't thinking straight when I made that post. Still in a fog from 1964.

I was talking to my neighbor just yesterday about 1964. She's originally from Delaware and a Phillies fan. She married a Red Sox fan. We were discussing the Saturday win against the Cards and the upcoming Sunday game. I told her about the Phils losing ten straight at the end of 1964, then winning the last two, but it was too late, because and the Cards won the pennant; and because of that, I will always hate the Cardinals. I respect them, but still hate them.

I hate the Mets, but they get no respect!

Saw Ken Rosenthal on DNL. When asked if Happ, Drabek and Brown was a big haul for Halladay, he said it was an enormous haul. Even went as far as to say he wouldn't give up that much.

I didn't see this mentioned (which more likely speaks to my reading ability than the BLer baseball knowledge pool), but Stark reported that the A's called the Phils and offered Duscherer (sp) straight up for Donald? Obviously Jr.'s a bit busy, but I would think at least he could text an assistant to call Billy Beane to tell him "hell yeah." I would much rather have the pitching depth than the inconsistencies of Donald, especially since we had such success with our last A's reclamation project, or am I wrong?

With each passing day, I envy Rube less and less. I am so torn over whether or not I'd pull the trigger that I've probably sprouted some gray hair in the past few weeks; I can't imagine what he's going through.

It will be interesting, though, once this is over to see if all the public posturing by both sides (esp Riccardi) was just BS, or if the media reports were 100% accurate. I, for one, don't see any reason why Riccardi would just lie for the sake of lying to the media. He doesn't have to say anything. I think Rube will probably have to give up the farm to do the deal, but I'm incredibly impressed with his ability to hold back until the very end.

It's also good to know that the Phils have a plan B (Washburn or Lee) that would be, at the very least, a moderate upgrade to what they currently have. I would roll with a Hamels-Lee-Blanton 1-2-3 punch in the postseason. It's no magic bullet, but it's certainly formidable.

Worst case scenario: Rube has no backup plan and we do a bunch of patch-work deals at the last minute. With the media reports that the Phils have been seeking significant upgrades in the rotation since early June, though, I don't see that happening.

I just noticed that the Phils have 5 of the top 19 league leaders in runs created. Milwaukee is second with 2 of the top 19. That is, in a word, ridiculous.

The stats go on. We have 5 of the top 23 in OPS. Two other teams have 2 of the top 23.

We have the guy who is leading the league in pitches per at bat - Werth. (Three of the top 13 in that stat.)

We hit a HR every 24.2 at-bats. Only one other team is under 30 - Colorado with 28.8.

We lead the league in stolen base percentage, and are first in OPS by a lot.

In short, this team is so far and away the best hitting team in the league, it's frightening.

David: Duchscherer underwent elbow surgery in March. Seems to me if you're going to deal Donald, you do it to get a piece that can help you this year.

David: Duchscherer had elbow surgery in March and he's a free agent at the end of the season. I'm not sure anyone is sure what he'll be able to offer this season. He had his very first rehab outing on Sunday.

I can't imagine any team giving up a piece as potentially valuable as Donald for a couple of months from a pitcher coming off elbow surgery.

At least we're not alone in laughing at Ricciardi's offers.

At last count the following teams had also turned him down:

Red Sox

Still, I'd love for us to land him somehow.

Didn't Steve Bedrosian win a Cy Young? How were those Phillies teams? I'll take the ring.

I'm watching the SNY pregame show for the Mets and it's hilarious. This Minaya stuff is a circus. Buster Olney says today's press conf. and the suggestions about Adam Rubin are the beginning of the end for Minaya and that his days as GM are numbered.

That'd be bad for the Phils. Minaya should get a lifetime contract!

Open Mouth/Insert Foot. Or keyboard, if that's more appropriate for the circumstances. My bad, I knew about the surgery, but not about his contract status. He was much ballyhooed as a young prospect in the past, I think it may be worth at least giving him a look in the offseason. And here I thought BIlly Beane may have finally overstepped his Moneyball bounds. Thankfully, I have BLer's to keep me in check. Appreciate the news, thanks.

Minaya is a joke and he is destroying that organization.

I hope they give him a lifetime extension.

Whats Ironic about 64 was that St Louis had 3 games series with Mets who was really awful and the Mets won the first 2. Actually at one point in that last game the Mets had a early lead. Phils and Cinci who lost the last 2 games to Phils tied for second each one game back. There was lots of crying after that season

Maybe the Mets will hire Jim Bowden to replace Omar, when he gets the axe.

The Mets are an absolute disaster, in almost every way. And its a pleasure to watch.

They are old. They have no depth. They built a ballpark that their team isn't built for. And they have very few young players coming, that are worth a crap, at any of their 3 top levels of the organization.

Only chance they have of getting back to respectability in 2010 and 2011, is overspending for free agents. And they won't be able to make many trades, because they have so few young pieces to trade and the MLB pieces they do have, are either not good enough or too expensive for others.


I'd like to know how Kendra can get a reality series on E! renewed but the Mets can't even get a reality series greenlit. It is the type of show that I would TIVO all day, every day.

I'm not just saying it because I think it's hilarious due to my hatred of the Mets- the circus is truly fascinating. Minaya's rise and fall in NY is really something else.

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