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Thursday, July 23, 2009


How did Drabek get his sixth straight win when he just lost a game?

Wow, a likely $10 million next season for a 47 year old pitcher that only gets the job done once in a while. Foolish spending Amaro, foolish.

Moyer has had 5 starts where he's given up 1 run or less. In the other 14 starts, however, he has a 7.55 ERA.

Moyer is either good or bad,... face it. He either goes out there and is flawless, or goes out there and sucks. WE can't afford that and neither can the Phils' get rid of him for fresh talent. Or get Halladay or Lee and give him a boot out of the rotation. Check me out

I'm terribly disappointed Weitzel didn't quote my call to have Jamie euthanized. It's the only humane thing to do.

Nothing like waking up early, grinding out a post out of duty, having the first comment point out an error. Thanks, J, or whichever handle you're using today.

If the Phils end up w/ Lee or any other 2nd or 3rd starter, I think Moyer needs to be offered a coaching job. Hamels, Blanton Happ , Pitcher x, and Pedro/ Rodrigo would be fine. Also makes the rotation more balanced (or consistent) w/ a RHP or a swap of LHP (Moyer for Lee). Improving from 8.01 to 5.65 does not help this team.

I'll trade Moyers good starts vs the Marlins for a guy that can pitch better against the rest of the league.

Did we get Halladay yet?

I think that you are generally in bad shape if you are a major league pitcher but you rely on a 'sympathetic' umpire in order for you to pitch effectively.

Jamie hasn't been that bad, but not that good either. And the chance of him killing your bullpen every 5 days is always there.

He is what he is. A servicable backend starter. His stay in the rotation depends more on whether Pedro or some other option looks to be better. At least have him available for games against the Fish.

I assume that Jamie would agree to go to the bullpen. Has he had any experience or success there? Hard to believe that he's made it through 75 years in the league without some BP use.

JW: At least 50% of beer leaguers seem to be hear simply for the opportunity to point out inaccuracies in posts. Makes them feel better about themselves I suppose.

Wonder how many will point out my spelling error?

One would hope that Jamie would recognize his decline and offer to take another position. (I don't think it will happen, but I can still hope, can't I?)

SI did a ranking of the top 100 players in baseball. Since there haven't been enough arguments on BL lately (sarcasm alert), I thought I'd post the URL to the article.

It's supposed to be "here" not "hear" you dumbass!

I hope that made you chuckle a little at least.

Anyone else see the ad on the left sidebar of the chick with the big knockers? More like Boobleaguer.

i think it's worth noting that, while bb-ref doesn't include yesterday's game yet, moyer's numbers since getting bombed on May 13th by the Dodgers (driving his ERA up to 8.15 at the time) and making adjustments have been pretty respectable.

11 starts, 4.21 ERA, .260 BAA, 9 starts working into the 6th inning or later, 7 of those being quality starts, which is much more in line with his numbers last year than what he had shown early in the year when he looked old and unable to hit his spots. while i'm not sure if he'll be able to fulfill the life of his contract through to next year, i also don't think he's been near as bad recently as his overall numbers suggest.

I think she is actually animated or digitally enhanced somehow...still hot though.

I think she's all digital, yo

Thanks Carson. I needed that.

zp: Expect CJ to arrive any minute to cherry pick his bad games within those 11 starts.

Boobleaguer??? Weitzel must be trying to compete with The Fightins. ;)

BAP: "I'm not sure I want to go into the season banking on a 47-year old starter, who had a 5.00 ERA the previous year and who "might" be serviceable."

Couldn't that same statement be made about a 45-year-old starter coming off an ERA of 5.01? I think so. And by the logic of CJ and yourself that washed up 45-year-old should have been cut.

Whoever compares Moyer to Eaton and Kendrick is retarded! That's right, I said it! RETARDED! Oh, let's forget that he held the Fish to ONE HIT the other night! Let's forget the roll he's been on lately! Let's talke about an unfortunate start which quite frankly had more to do with bad defense than bad pitching! Moyer is the smartest pitcher in the game.

Jamie Moyer has appeared in 656 career games, 603 of which he has started. Unless used as a pinch runner or whatever, it would appear he has had approximately 53 relief appearances.

Great, just great. Wake up this morning, go to see what's new on BLer. To my surprise (sarcasm) another thread about a top 3 topic on here that is beat to death...In order.

1. Halladay being traded here ( As I said from the beginning, he won't be traded)

2. Moyer

He won't be replaced, I don't know why we even waste our time sending posts about this topic.

Also, why is everyone assuming that the Phillies want Qualls. It makes no sense. Why would they want to trade 2 decent prospects for a guy making $2.5 million.Also, by the way they have too many pitchers now! Who would they get rid of Durbin? Ok well Pedro is there now. So maybe is Myers. Again think people. Don't believe everything that is printed.

The Phillies scouted the D'Backs and reports are it was Qualls. But if you think about it, this has smokescreen written all over it. Haren anybody?

"moyer's numbers since getting bombed on May 13th by the Dodgers (driving his ERA up to 8.15 at the time) and making adjustments have been pretty respectable."

I don't really think this is the best argument to make for Moyer.

As it stands right now, I think starts like yesterday have the potential to happen whenever Moyer is on the mound. Right now, he can completely take you out of ballgames on any given start. Yes, he is steady and will mix in some good performances to get his ERA down, but I don't think that reflects the overall package.

mvptommy: Please explain why the D-backs would trade Haren, since I haven't seen a single report that says they would. I HAVE seen several reports that Qualls is on the market, but none on Haren. Haren is 28-years-old, their best pitcher and is signed thru 2012. Again, please explain why the D-backs would trade him.

Thank you.

Buckle up everybody.

clout: Because is Ricciardi is strong arming teams and deep deep down as I have said doesn't really want to trade Halladay. The Phillies need other options. Now, I realize Qualls is on the market, but as I have stated above the Phillies aren't a good fit.

Now, the D'backs are going nowhere for a few years, no? Soo, if you trade a nice packagage of our prospects for Haren who they will lose, don't you agree that would be a good option?

As for "not being on the market". If you are the D'backs and have a ton of young talent. Also, know that Haren will be due a lot of money on a bad team. Wouldn't you trade him for a bunch of really good young talent? I think so. See Haren's breakouts below.

2009: $7.5MM
2010: $8.25MM
2011: $12.75MM
2012: $12.75MM
2013: $15.5MM option

D'backs will not pay him AND webb longterm.

donc: Yup. Explain to me why the Phillies would want/need Qualls. Ready go....

I just named 4 or 5 why they wouldn't.


I agree with you, they won't pay Haren AND Webb long term. Webb's a free agent after this year, I suspect they won't have to pay him at all.

"There are $10M or so reasons why Moyer's days are a Phils' starter aren't numbered."

Yeah, because the Phillies always stick it out with their big contracts no matter what. Nevermind the willingness to eat Jenkins and Eaton's contract.

I fully expect to be mocked once again for not drinking the kool aid that, in Moyer's case alone, age is somehow irrelevant. He is on borrowed time and has been for quite a while. If another starter is acquired, I don't see why Moyer should be given anything but a spot start against a young ballclub for the remainder of his contract. Based on current production this season, Lopez has earned his spot in the rotation. Jamie Moyer has not.

Who do we replace in the rotation when Pedro is healthy, Moyer or Lopez?

I was disillusioned w/ Moyer when he held Amaro hostage for a second year on his contract. If his downward slide continues and is pushed out of the rotation, I hope he does the honorable thing and retire.

Noah: Correct, but since he has been injured all year. I suspect they will be able to get him on the cheap end. I just can not even venture to see Arizona wanting to pay him $12 million in 2 years.Espically if they are a bad club.

Trading Haren for Happ, Taylor/Brown and Donald (Or something to that effect) would do them wonders. Along with helping their payroll.And we all know how much small market teams like that aspect.

MVP: How about a little respect for the guy who runs the blog? If you don't like it, leave the site forever. You'd do us all a service.

Zp pointed it out but it bears repeating so it doesn't get ignored. Moyer's ERA on May 13th was 8.15. Today it is 5.65, a full 2 and a half runs lower. Apparently that isn't progress to some.

Also, pointing out run support as a basis for his wins isn't entirely fair. Look at his stat lines since 05/13

6IP, 3ER- Loss
6IP, 4ER- Loss
6IP, 1ER- Win
7IP, 2ER- ND
6IP, 3ER- ND
6IP, 6ER- Loss
6IP, 1ER- Win
5IP, 4ER- Win
6.1IP, 1ER- Win
5IP, 6ER- Win
7IP, 0ER- Win
5IP, 4ER- Win

In 3 starts he gave quality outings and either took the loss or a no decision. Of his 6 wins only 2 were benefitting from large run support.

Since May 13th Moyer is 6-4 with a 4.43 ERA. That is not bad at all from a guy who is really the 4th guy in your rotation. It's really not bad considering he pitched well enough to have 3 more wins during that same stretch. You are very easily looking at a guy who could be 9-3 on one end of the spectrum and be at 12 wins on the season before the end of August.

But when you make silly statements in May declaring a guy washed up and his career over- no amount of common sense or fact will make you change your opinion.

I can see the argument we pay him too much money, but the Phillies gave him a deal to stay before the market collapsed, and they felt Moyer was a known quantity. This is not the same as giving a guy like Eaton the type of deal they did.

sneed: Without even thinking twice, Lopez. Then if we get a #2. Pedro will be in the pen. Mark it down.

tommy: You missed this part of my post "Haren is 28-years-old, their best pitcher and is signed thru 2012."

Unless you think the D'backs are so horrible that they won't contend for the next 3 years, it makes absolutely no sense for them to trade Haren. Frankly, I think the D'backs are damn close tpo contending, probably as soon as next year. Thay've got a load of young talent plus some injured players whom they miss.

Bottom line on Moyer.. is there any way he starts a playoff game? I would hope not.

"How about a little respect for the guy who runs the blog?"

Respect? What are you talking about? All I said was this was a topic that is being beat to death.

Also, this is a freaking blog. Relax big guy.

* obviously that last stat line with Moyer is from yesterday and should be a loss.

MVP: You also said I don't know why we waste our time sending posts about this topic.

It's Jason's blog- he is free to write whatever he wants. If you don't like it, stop reading. That's why I said show some respect.

clout:"Unless you think the D'backs are so horrible that they won't contend for the next 3 years"

That's EXACTLY what I think.

"Frankly, I think the D'backs are damn close tpo contending, probably as soon as next year. Thay've got a load of young talent plus some injured players whom they miss"

They are missing alot of key players like Webb, Brynes, Snyder and Jackson. BUT they won't want to sign Webb and have Haren together. Between the two that COULD BE $16 mil next year. I think Arizona would rather have a cheap good pitcher and add a 2nd baseman and outfielder.

No sense getting rid of moyer(we have to pay him regardles and his baseball IQ is worth having around) but with rodrigo lopez looking respectable, acquiring possibly another starter, and pedro martinez possibly giving us some QS', it's time for Jamie to to be the LRP/Swingman out of the pen.

Hopefully, Jamie has enough humility to look in the mirror and acknowledge where he is at right now in his career.

The Truth: Your right, thats why I changed the topic and am discussing a possible Qualls smokescreen by way of Haren.

Also, what does respect have to about not posting about a topic? It is a blog, i.e. open forum.

Indeed, Sneed, that is the question. I imagine the events of the next 2 weeks will dictate the answer.

Haren will cost a lot more than Hallday b/c he's as good (or better), younger and under contract. Dbacks would/should ask for the moon in any deal. Happ, Taylor/Brown, Donald would be laughed at.

I'd love for the Phils to get Qualls and i think it does make sense.

mvptommy: You make my point for me: That's an impressive list of injured vets. Add to that their youngsters: Upton, Reynolds, Drew, Parra, Montero and Scherzer and I'm damn glad this team isn't in the East. Mark this down: The D'backs will be a solid contender either next year or 2011 at the latest.

The D-Backs are not trading Haren. If you think they are going to contend going forward they have one of the best 1-2 punches in the major leagues with Haren and Webb. Their season has been racked with injuries this year which took them out of contention early. It'd be dumb to trade Haren right now and bring in more young pieces. It' would be a lateral move at best and doesn't improve the team.

MVP: I shoudln't have to give you lessons in respect. Your parents should've done that. But for future reference- if you don't like a topic when you are visiting someone else's "place," there is no need to offer a back-handed dig by saying, "Why are we wasting space on this?" Bring up the topic you want and go from there. You could've just went right into your opinion of the Qualls situation and ignored the Moyer thing. You felt the need to offer a shot at it though before moving forward. It's unnecessary. Just because it's a blog doesn't mean it's ok to be disrespectful.

If the Phils acquire another starter, Moyer might (might) be pushed out the rotation this season but I highly doubt it.

As for Moyer "doing the honorable" thing and retiring, that is a load of crap. Why should a guy pass up on $8-$10M?

Bed. Beard: We will see. How does Qualls make sense, I still don't understand it?

- Pedro replaces Lopez; Lopez to pen???
- #2 starter replaces Pedro; Pedro to pen
- Brett Myers to pen come August/September

You don't need anymore pen hands. Also not, if they have to pay money that could be used to get a RH bat. Along with give away 2 decent prospects.

BedBeard: As mvptommy says, why would we want Qualls? He's got 18 saves, a 22/5 K/BB ratio, a WHIP of 1.16 and coming off a season in which he had a 2.80 ERA in 74 IP as a setup man. Plus we have no worries at all about the back end of our bullpen, right?

MVP If Toronto wouldn't take that offer for Halladay why the hell would Arizona take that for Haren?


clout writes: "BAP: I'm still waiting for CJ to answer my question about this result, which is quite similar to Moyer's. But he's hiding."

When he first pointed out this strawman, I resonded with:

clout: You seem to be confused. My reason for replacing Moyer is not because of his last 6 starts. That's merely part of the overwhelming evidence.

I'm amused that you consider Jamie Moyer and Cole Hamels to be equal.

I do not.

Jamie Moyer has a higher WHIP, more BB/9, more HR/9 and fewer K/9. Moyer's ERA+ is 14 points lower.

But if you also want to replace Cole Hamels in the rotation, well, that's an argument you'll have to make without me.

I suppose that means I'm hiding.

And, for the record, Moyer has pitched worse over his last 7 starts than he did over the 6 starts before that.

And clout calls that improvement.

clout: Point taken.

The truth: Ok fine from now on I will do that. It is just that we have beat this thing into the ground. I mean we all deep down know what will happen. Moyer will stay, Lopez will go, trade for pitcher, pedro in the pen. I mean come on now.

MG: honorable and greedy don't mean the same thing.

MVP Why would Arizona take that trade for Haren, who is younger and under contract for longer, and Toronto not take it for Haladay?


I think the Diamondbacks have a really good, young core. Having said that, I really don't think that's a team that will necessarily be competitive in the second best division in baseball.

The Dodgers have a number of young pieces that I think are as talented if not more talented as the Diamondbacks (Kemp, Billingsley, Broxton, Loney) as well as some intimidating young arms either stashed in the minors or in their middle relief.

The Rockies have gotten uncommonly good pitching this year. Feature a number of good young players/prime year players (Tulo, Stewart, Hawpe) as well as promising young outfielders who haven't yet put it together (Fowler, C. Gonzalez). And, if they don't trade Chacin today, some pretty good minor league pitching.

The Giants are obviously flush with good, young pitching (Lincecum, Cain) with more in the minors (Bumgardner), some interesting, young offensive pieces that, granted, outside of Sandoval have yet to put it together (Burriss, Ishikawa, Bowker) and another presumptively ascendant piece (Posey).

The Diamondbacks are good and young, but I still put them at about 3rd and a half or 4th in that division full of teams that are both good and young.

Well, I've responded to clout and have yet to hear a response.

He's clearly hiding.


Rev: I don't know, but you have to try.Also, Toronto isn't trading Halladay. Hate to break the news. I said 2 weeks ago he is going NOWHERE.

clout:"As mvptommy says, why would we want Qualls? He's got 18 saves, a 22/5 K/BB ratio, a WHIP of 1.16 and coming off a season in which he had a 2.80 ERA in 74 IP as a setup man"

Ok, so who do you want to replace then to make room for him? If we get Qualls we aren't getting a RH bat and another starter. Is that what you want?

I can't see the girl. My company computer blocked her out and left me with this message: Your page is blocked due to a security policy that prohibits access to Category Advertisements. Strange, I get to see all the other ads and Weitzel's iPod tunes.

In the Houston Astros pre-game show on the radio, they interviewed Chris Coste. They talked about his long minor and winter league stints before making it to the majors. They talked about his book and asked if it will be made into a movie. He said that he will not entertain movie offers until his playing career is over. He said all the right things, but I was struck most by what he did not say. There was no mention of his time with the Phillies, nor any mention of his being on a WFC team. It may be Coste's fault, or it may have been the fault of the interviewer.

One would think that the logical questions would start with his long minor league journey progressing to his MLB call up and culminating with his participation on the winning team of the WS. Maybe Houston doesn't want to talk about the WS due to their recent poor showing in their own WS appearance in 2005.

Clout: Read Noah's comment. D'backs CAN be competitive, but with that division. Everyone SHOULD be bunched together. That is why I would reload if I were them now.

mvptommyd: When we remove Jamie Moyer from the rotation, we'll save about the same amount of money Qualls will still be due this year.

And obviously Chad Durbin would be removed from the bullpen.

Sounds like a win/win to me!

And, really? The prorated value of a $2.5M contract will only be about $1M by the time he arrives. You're honestly suggesting that that $1M will stop the Phils from making other moves?


Re-loading is not something the Diamondbacks should be interested in doing if the cost is Dan Haren.

There is no package of minor league players that would be good enough to entice them to move Dan Haren.

"Rev: I don't know, but you have to try.Also, Toronto isn't trading Halladay. Hate to break the news. I said 2 weeks ago he is going NOWHERE."

Stop that. That is your opinion, please don't state it as fact.

Qualls can replace Durbin.

The Qualls to the Rockies rumor: How does Drabek or Taylor/Brown rank against the Rockies pitcher who was scratched?

I'd like to add Qualls, but not at the cost of a Drabek.

I am so ready for the trade deadline.

CJ: Well between a RH bat say $1 mil, a #2 starter say $5 million and now you say they NEED Qualls that's another $1 mil. So you are asking them to add $7 million to the Payroll that has already went up $30 million this year. ALSO, pay durbin the 800,000 he is still owed. Oh yea and pay Moyer. That is 100% not going to happen.


Chacin is rated in "the next 25" in the most recent Baseball America Top 50, for what that's worth.

I think that one underplayed contribution Moyer has to this team is that it seems like he has a good effect on the younger members of the rotation. Watching Moyer professionally going about his business the right way has to have a very positive effect on the younger members of the pitching staff. You don't see many young members on the staff get totally flustered and meltdown like Floyd did a few years ago. Hamels was unflappable in the postseason, and Happ has been totally cool under pressure all year. You can't tell me that working with someone with that much experience doesn't do a lot for our younger guys.

Even when Moyer's stuff flatout stinks, you don't see him lose it and break watercoolers and such. He must be a huge help to the other pitchers or I can't imagine that Amaro would have even considered a multi-year deal for a 47 year old. I am glad he's on the staff and I think that he rounds out the rotation nicely, even if it is frustrating to see him get bombed every once in a while.

mvptommyd: As I stated, which you ignored, when Moyer fails to reach his incentives, we'll be saving money.

And it will only take one World Series home game to make up that money!

I love it that so many Phils fans still exist in the "Phils are too cheap to make winning moves" camp. Someday they'll learn.

Bed Beard: "Stop that. That is your opinion, please don't state it as fact."

Ok, come August 1st, can I come on here and say I was right then????

"Qualls can replace Durbin."

Reaaallly? Well then where will Pedro and Myers go when we add another Pitcher?? Please think. This is not fantasy baseball. Phillies will not add $1 million. Also get a RH bat AND get a #2 starter. Won't happen.

The more I read about Halladay and see/hear Ricchiardi, the more I absolutely believe Roy will be moved by the deadline. They don't want to wait until the offseason and get what the Twins ended up getting for Santana, which most perceive to have been less than what he was worth.

The odds has Phillies at 5-2 odds and Red Sox at 6-1 to land him in a trade.

MVP did you think before the season that the Phills would eat Jenkins and Eatons contract while also upping there payroll? I didn't but if they just did it this year and attendance is up compared to last year why would they not do it? I don't understand your logic but I would like you to try and help me to.

mvptommy: So they won't add Qualls for 1 Million, but you think they will be adding Dan Haren? Interesting.

CJ: No, I am not saying they are cheap. I am saying they added $30 mil in one year. You are asking them to add another potential $7 million to that number.

Ok let me state it to you this way. The Phillies will get 2 out of 3. A bullpen hand, a RH bat, a #2 starter.

I vote for bat and starter. How about you?

Jack: YES, because for the 100th time. They NEED a #2 starter. With Pedro and Myers possibly in the bullpen, they DON'T NEED another bullpen guy.

Rev: Eaton's contract, yes I thought they would. Jenkins, No, I didn't think so. Am I surprised by both? To be honest, yes.

Since all good BeerLeaguers and true Phillies fans need something to worry about.
The Braves are 8wins of their last 10.And they finish the season with 7 of their last 10 games against the Nats.
I hate the tomahawk chop!

Bed Beard: So since you didn't answer me. I guess when Halladay doesn't get traded, I am allowed to come on here and again say I told you so correct? Also, you will admit you were wrong. Since you are dismissing my proposal for the past 2 weeks that Halladay WILL NOT be traded.

CJ: I was merely pointing out your hypocrisy. Moyer has been inconsistent and thus should be dumpoed. Hamels has been inconsistent but should remain in the rotation. In other words, Moyer should be treated differently because he's not fulfilling your prediction of being washed up.

As numerous posters have pointed out, no matter how you cherry pick, he's pitching better now than he was earlier in the season. He's going to have to throw several clunkers in a row for that to change. And iuf he does that your wish that he be dumped will happily come true.

"Phils will not add $1 million" huh?

I won't count on Myers doing anything for this team until I see/hear how his rehab goes. Pretty much the same for Pedro.

MVP: You're saying Hallday won't be traded as if they really aren't considering trading him. There is a chance he isn't traded, that's fair enough. But, don't act as if the BJ's aren't seriously considering trading Hallday if they get a fair return-they are.

Just found this little gem from clout to Phlipper a few pages back:

"Since we already know you've used multiple screen names why is paranoid to suggest that you and the equally bitter mac tonight are the same person? Have you ever seen any posts that remotely resemble yours, aside from mac? It's the same bitter and angry sniping, post after post."


I'm at a loss for words. It's like Bernie Madoff calling me a con man.

Relax, little buddy. The man crush you have is flattering, but unwarranted.

The Phillies would be stupid to wait around and see if Pedro or Brett are going to be the cavalry and save the BP. If there's an available arm that would make sense and doesn't cost too many prospects, they know they need to do it. The BP hasn't been as good this year and you absolutely need a good BP and bench come playoff time.

Which leaves us with the bench issue. Who's out there that would make sense for the Phils? After watching yesterday's game, we really need a RHB that actually puts SOME fear into the opposing team's manager. Even Miguel Cairo would be a better option than Bruntlett. I don't care about his utility at this point. He has to go.

In order for the Phillies to LOSE the division. Say the Phillies play .500 the rest of the way( which won't happen)....

Braves need to go 40-27

Malins need to go 40-26

Mets need to go 45-23

In conclusion, I am not worried about the Division.

CJ/BAP: What stat line is acceptable for you from a 4th starter? If you could imagine a win-loss record and ERA for a guy who is your 4th starter what would it be?

I only pick those two criteria because they are the simplest to figure.

MVP do you really need permission to say "I Was Right"? You still remind everyone about what you predicted for Raul.

I agree with those who say no chance the DBacks trade Haren. One of the top pitchers in baseball, young, on a team with some real good young talent, and cheap relative to what he could be earning. $12 mil for a pitcher of his caliber is by no means a bad deal.

I also agree with Bed Beard re: Myers. In no way would I worry about him until he has rehabbed in the minors and looks good.

Also, don't forget that rosters expand in September, so if it comes to that, there will be space. Then when the playoffs come around, they can use whoever is pitching best for the postseason roster.

I would not let Myers, Lopez, Pedro, Moyer, etc. being on the roster stop me from upgrading the roster. Those are all problems that can be dealt with when the problem arises and is not worth worrying about until then.

Bed Beard: I am sure they STARTED out serious. But after the fan backlash, they quietly internally backpeddled. See all the stipulations they are using?

1. Can't negotiate extension
2. Asking for too much
3. Setting a trade deadline for July 28th

Come on, seriously. He is going NOWHERE.

doubleH: Is that is the case, this team will NOT eat more money this year. If they have to eat Pedro's 1 million that is fine. But to ask them to eat Durbins 800 K, pedro's $1 mil, ADD Qualls for $1 million, get a #2 starter for say $5 million AND add a bat for $1 million. Isn't that not likely going to happen?

You keep Durbin, keep Pedro. Add a bat and #2. Right there you spend $6 million. Instead of $9 million.

This place is seriously in need of a meetup.

A question for you all.

When was the last time the Phillies traded for a reliever at the deadline?

Remember just last year, we were all screaming for a reliever to the likes of Mahey, Marte and Sherrill. What happened? We got Blanton, and he was a large piece to our World Series.

The phillies, usually go from within for Relievers late in the season. Another reason, I don't beleive theyw ere really scouting Qualls.

Rev: Also, don't forget my prediction in March that Utley would not miss more than 1 week with his hip. I mentioned that I saw him around town and he looked fine. Got told I was clueless. Then what happened???

MVP: If your window of competitiveness is only 2-3 years and you're the GM, don't you have to do everything you can in order to win in that timeframe?

Winning another championship or even getting deep into the playoffs would more than pay for whatever other financial investments the Phillies make at this point. They were printing money at the ballpark last October.

doubleH: Yes, but not at the cost of going on a hunch. Relievers are so tricky. Qualls could come here and be a bust. Is it worth giving up 2 B level prospects for him? I don't think so. In the end I think Durbin will be fine.

We NEED a RH bat and #2 starter.

*Has there really been a "fan backlash" in Toronto that doesn't involve Sundin or Tie Domi?

* "Quietly internally backpeddled". They have backpeddled so much that, according to "GM J.P. Ricciardi expects to exchange names with interested teams early next week"

*7/28 Deadline is so firm that there are now reports that the Blue Jays would consider dealing after their self-imposed deadline of July 28th.


hunch...hmm, seems like that's all you base your opinions on, Tommy.

You think Durbin will be fine, huh? He hasn't been since last year. I agree with you that relievers are tricky, but I think Qualls would be a nice addition if the DBacks don't want the moon for him.

Perhaps the Jays deal could expand to include a reliever/bat, because all reports are that if Halladay is traded that the Jays are going into full fire-sale mode.

Smoky: Well, wait until it is fact. Everything said on this blog is opinions, no?

Bed beard: Wow, good for them. Exchanging names. Wow, that means a deal is iminent! WON'T GET TRADED.

Went to the home page, saw over 50 comments already posted to the thread, and new mvptommyd was prowling...much, much worse than any Mets troll ever. Every thread he posts gets completely hijacked. His reasoning is so insane, normal posters can't help but attempt rebuttals.

MVP did you ask permission to remind everyone you were right about Utley as well? If you didn't you are now on a five minute ban starting ....... Now.

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