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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I see what you did there...+1.

Don't forget about his 95 mph fastball.

Reposted from last thread b/c I think its a great stat. Not to be lost in tonight's pitching performance:

Phils pitchers - 13 IP, 0 BB's

Lidge hit Ramirez, not quite perfect, right??

What did I say...Lucky 13.

Forgot about that Peach.

I must say, I'm glad Lidge only threw one frame. Something looks wrong about him. Nice kick save though!

That was a fantastic ball game.
Thought sure it was over when I saw Heilman.

For those not concerned about the Backup Catcher/25th Man positions, the Phils bench combined to go 0-5 tonight. Forget about Halladay, Rube; get this team a viable, RH PH!!!

I just got back from the game, this is the type of game that usually ends streaks. For them to escape this one with a win is scary, they might rattle off another 5 or 6 more...

Phila. Phillies Through 91 Games:

'08 48-43 1st +1.5

'09 53-38 1st +6.5

I'm shocked to see the rampant negativity during the in-game commenting in the past thread.

My main complaint, and there are many: they only won 1 game in 13 innings. Come on, you couldn't win 2? Or at least 1.5? And Eric Bruntlett's existence continues to hinder this winning streak.

10 straight wins.

9 days til the deadline.

Ruben...just say no.


well, understand that we saw the phils' 3-4-5 go hitless for 13 innings. final score aside, we saw a lot of very good pitching and some fairly shitty hitting at times (the bottom of the 12, featuring the aforementioned gnome, was a debacle).

LA Jeff: Don't be overly hopeful about another 5 or 6 more wins in a row. We'll be fortunate just to get ONE more win. After all, Wednesday afternoon's game features Moyer so we'll need 3 innings - potentially more - from a used 'pen. Plus the Cubs counter with Big Z (6-4, 3.36).

Mac Tonight-

I think it's important to not take this winning too much to heart. i know that sounds stupid (how could you say winning is bad?), but we aren't playing the best teams in the world (not the bosox, dodgers, or yanks)- and the players playing very well right now (lopez? happ? park?) are arguably (I'm too wussy to use a stronger word) playing beyond their norms.

we're do for some form of correction, if not in the reg. season than in playoffs.

even if happ is the real deal, he can't be THIS real, and rodigo lopez is not roy halladay.

i'm your regular philly pessimist, but i don't think its too ridiculous to say we're not too good for improvement

Hey Bako and Bruntlett: some real nice ABs tonight. You guys looked sharp. Way to take some pitches and make the pitcher work.

Bako & Bruntlett = B & B (which is also short for Bum and Bummer)

Howard, for one, got pwned. Did he put a single pitch in play? In a 13 inning game? I didn't read the game thread. I'm sure tehre was the usual frustration but, sometimes you run into a buzzsaw. Some of hte arms the Cubs threw out there tonight were pretty damn good. Even that guy who lost - Samardzija(?). Sometimes you need to get 6 scoreless from teh bullpen. Loved it. Loved Country Joe and the biggest fish sandwich in town, too.

I don't think that improvement has to come in the form (and cost) of the best pitcher in the AL. Blanton and Stairs worked out just fine in 2008/2009. I'd like to see a similar pickup this season.

We all should listen to Mac Tonight, who a little more than a month ago declared Jamie Moyer's career over. He's an astute judge of talent.

I couldn't squeeze any cigarettes in, tonight.

In mutually assured areas, in walkways not stairs.

"This is where smokers come to smoke."


say what what?

"Howard, for one, got owned. Did he put a single pitch in play? In a 13 inning game?"


I believe Howard has only put one ball in play since last Friday in Florida. The HR in a 9-1 game on Tuesday.

I think he struck out against Johnson on Satruday before it rained. He walked pinch-hitting on Sunday. The one ball in play on Monday and none tonight.

So my quick math says that in Ryno's last 12 AB's, he has put one ball in play (and that landed in the seats).

As the Cubs announcers said tonight, the Cubs could have just had their pitcher and catcher out there the past 2 nights with Howard up there and been OK.

But, don't fret. He has some very favorable pitching matchups coming at the end of the week (Correia, Pinerio, Lohse and Wellemeyer) that should get him back going again.

I thought Utley looked tired tonight. His bat speed looked really slow. But with no backup worth a crap in the infield, there is no use taking him out.

I think Vic could use a day off too (he was hobbling around a little bit tonight) Maybe you give him Wednesday off against Zambrano and put Werth in CF with Dobbs getting a start in RF. Zambrano is a terrible matchup for Feliz with that hard slider, but with Grandpa going we all know Feliz will be at 3rd for defense.

With this big lead and no real challengers in the division (although Atlanta at least has the pitching to win some games) it gives Chuckles the opportunity to get some guys some rest. The way he runs his main guys out there almost every day, I wouldn't mind seeing Utley, Feliz, Werth, Vic and Ibanez seeing more pine time in the next few weeks. Plus it would give guys like Dobbs, Stairs and Mayberry some more consistant AB's, which all three look like they could use.

If the lead continues to hover around 6-8 games into August, I think Moyer will also be given extra rest if at all possible between starts or possibly even skipped/replaced at some point.

Park was filthy tonight ... not many teams can bring out a long reliever like this. Gotta love this team ...

Park has been tremendous in that role. No sulking by that guy.

i'm assuming "nihongo" is a japanese person who was having issues finding a good place to smoke at the ballpark. and maybe some issues with the english language.

stadium ni chisai kitsuen seki ga arimasu ne.
gomen nasai. watashi wa nihongo ga heta desu. kono computa wa hiragana toka kanji toka o taipu dekinai.

Iceman: Yeah. Guess I was wrong. Imagine that; having the guts to post an opinion and the integrity to say that you're happy to be wrong.

Before we sit any of our main guys on the bench, we should note that we are half way to the A's record mark for best win streak. I see Phillies making it to 23 games.

@ Cory

The A's only have the AL record.

26 is the current ML record, set by the NY Giants in 1916.

The A's, if I remember right, got knocked out in the first round of the playoffs the year they won 20 straight. To be honest (and this might sound insane) I hope the Phillies don't go on this crazy winning streak, and save something for the playoffs. In the NBA, the Rockets went on a ridiculously long winning streak the year before last, and I think they, too, were knocked out in the first round.

Speaking of things recalling what made the Phils world champs last year:

Cub hitters: 13 innings, 0 BB
Phil hitters: 13 innings, 7 BB

...and all 7 from the 4, 5, and 6 hitters. We saw this pattern in the world series and NLCS last year, too.

There's a lot of chatter here about the unproductive night the meat of the lineup had, but guys, a walk is as good as a hit in lots of situations (though not all), and when the opposing pitcher is smokin', sometimes you're doing well just to get on. Those two runners on when Werth ended it were walks, and without those walks, Werth never comes to the plate that inning.

Cubs' stories lamenting that they didn't sign Rauuuul and still need someone like him for their lineup...

From NY Newsday's game story on the Mets, with "Heartless" in the headline:

The visitor's clubhouse at Nationals Park was dead quiet and mostly empty Tuesday night, less than 20 minutes after the final out of the Mets' 4-0 loss to the Nationals. There was no Michael Jackson blaring from a portable I-Pod system, the soundtrack from the previous night's win.

The few Mets still around ate in silence. There was little conversation. A lone voice asked to no one in particular, " Phillies win?"

The player didn't get an answer. Probably because everyone associated with the Mets realizes how futile any pursuit of Philadelphia, which now leads the Mets by a season-high 10 games, has become.

Probably because everyone associated with the Mets realizes how futile any pursuit of Philadelphia, which now leads the Mets by a season-high 10 games, has become.

Whenever life gets me down, I'll just have to go back and re-read that sentence because it's sure to brighten my day.

This is a great read as well:

As if winning 10 in a row wasn't good enough on its own. JW's preseason man-crush John Lannan is turning out to be a Mets killer (though any one of a handful of mediocre pitchers could say that at this point).

This is also a fantastic read:

As if winning 10 in a row wasn't good enough on it's own... Turns out JW's preseason man-crush John Lannan is a Mets killer.

Also, for anyone with access to the Daily News, is Shane about to deliver a crushing blow to Werth's twig & berries?

Sorry for double post...

Was at the game last night in sec 216... Park was reaching 95 on the gun on CBP gun, then following up with 83-85 mph slider... it was making the cubbies look foolish...

Couple neat items on ex Phils last night, PtB makes a baserunning blunder, Michael Bourn cited as the catalyst for the charging Astros, and Russel Branyan now has 23 homers.

Thanks to my Baseball Reference subscription I was able to crunch numbers and discover Eric Bruntlett's .395 OPS is the 9th worst this decade by a player with 90+ plate appearances. It's the 109th worst since 1901. Release him!!!

Chan Ho Park as a starting pitcher- 7.29 ERA, 7 starts, 1 win, 33.1 ip, 21 k, .311 average against. Chan Ho Park as a reliever- 2.94 ERA, 20 gm, 2 wins, 30.2 ip, 36 k, .226 average against. Sometimes bloggers know best.

Nice article by Rich Hoffman this morning on

Like i always said,Chan Ho the man and Dubee is a great coach!lmao

"earned them the title of baseball's best team a year ago". Come on Jason, everyone knows that the Red Sox were baseball's best team and the Phils just got lucky that they stumbled against the Rays. [/sarcasm]

"I don't think that improvement has to come in the form (and cost) of the best pitcher in the AL. Blanton and Stairs worked out just fine in 2008/2009. I'd like to see a similar pickup this season."

Wait, Mac Tonight, I don't understand this comment. The Blue Jays HAVE to trade Roy Halladay for a sub-standard package of players. They have no choice, you've asserted this time and again. Why would the Phillies not pursue Halladay since he's going to be available at such a low cost?

Thanks for the link, Deutsche Phan. My favorite part is:

Since he was acquired from Atlanta on July 10, Francoeur said he had become comfortable in a Mets uniform. On Tuesday, he acted like a full-fledged member of the team when he did something several of his teammates had already done this season — drop a fly ball.

Is CHP signed for next year? If not, let's get that done.

My highlights from last night:

- 13 inning game ends by 10:45
- 9 up, 9 down, 5ks for Chan Ho Park
- Blanton 4-1 with a 2.25 era in last 10
- Cubs have 2 runs in 22 innings this series
- doesn't even matter if they win today

Carson, CHP has definetely been the unsung hero since being moved to the pen. He has been just lights out and I feel extremely confident each time he enters the game. As a matter of fact, right now he is the reliever I feel most comfortable with when trotting in from right field.

Good article this morning in the Daily News about the farm system by Marcus Hayes. One interesting note was that he seems to think Brown will be in AA around the trade deadline.

Also, despite what many folks are saying about their current win streak and lead in the division not decreasing their urgency to add a top flight starter, I would have to think it does. I agree with those who say we certainly can improve this team, but I would imagine the Phillies urgency is less now than a few weeks ago. It would just be human nature to not feel the need to take such a big gamble on trading prospects when it does not seem necessary. But again, I would still make the trade for Halladay.

I generally consider Scott Lauber to be pretty astute. His web entry yesterday commenced with "So, we know the Blue Jays must cut payroll (read: trade Roy Halladay), probably more than they’ve let on over these past few weeks." That seems to contradict some people's opinions. I'm not saying he's right or wrong, just observing.

Anyone else think this afternoon might be a good opportunity for Charlie to run out the 'B' (in more ways than one) Team -- maybe start Bako, Gnome, Dobbs, Stairs? Winning streaks are nice & all, & I realize the Phils have an off day tomorrow, but some of the guys were looking like they could use a rest last night.

I don't know if this point has been made, but has anyone else realized that the vast majority of the damage Werth does at the plate is against off-speed pitches?
I believe Samardzjia threw a 1-1 Change-up last night to Werth, and he deposited it in the seats. Werth had struck out once before, last night, on a 96-mph high fastball, as well as twice the previous night against Lilly and the bullpen. This could just be my mind playing tricks on me, but Jayson seems to struggle to catch up to (and recklessly chase a lot of) fastballs out of the zone, resulting in a large amount of strikeouts. However, when pitchers give him an off-speed pitch in his hitting zone, he will make them pay.

Again, this could just be my mind playing tricks on me, but has anyone else picked up on this as well?

"Michael Bourn cited as the catalyst for the charging Astros"
"Michael Bourn(notes) singled in the third inning before stealing his NL-best 35th base of the season. He pushed Houston’s lead to 3-1 when he scored on a single by Tejada.
Chris Coste(notes), playing in place of injured Astro Lance Berkman(notes), drove in a run in the fourth that made it 4-1."

I had mixed feelings about seeing Bourne go in that deal, although you can't argue with the results, and you have to give to get.

Part of the Phillies win streak is due to the scheduler giving the Phils a lot of home games against weaker teams and a nice All Star break in there to recharge the old batteries.

I was listening to the Astros radio broadcast last night and they started cut ex-Phillie Chris Coste at first base. Coste doubled in a run at this particular at bat. The announcer said that the Astros picking Coste off the waiver wire was more of a defensive move to prevent the Chicago Cubs from claiming him. The Astros are happy with Coste's versatility and are now glad to have him. Davethom says the $20 bill should arrive in my mailbox later in the week.

I am enjoying this win streak. Way to go Werth!

You down wit C-HO-P?
Yeah you know me!
You down wit C-HO-P?
Yeah you know me!

G-Town Dave: please no, I'm going. And being in a suite won't come close to compensating for having to watch that dreck.

Besides, Cholly to save the gnome to pitch the 9th after Moyer goes 5 and the 3 rested guys left in the bullpen are spent by then.

G-Town Dave: Phils play make-up game thurs. against the Padres

What about Chan Ho....cant say enough about his great middle inning efforts. When he is on he is great, just like Cholly said he would be. In my book watching him wear the sandwich board for VIC has made him a true member of this team which wil leventually go down in history as one of the best periods of Philly baseball ever.

As a 15 year old I was crushed in '64. The period of '75 to '83 was great and we all loved the '93 team (although deep down we now know that many of them must have been on roids). But this team is the new "Murderers Row" and will be remembered long after I'm gone !

@ G-Town Dave... no off day tomorrow we make one up with the Padres...

collegephan: Well then, all the more reason to sit some regulars (Pete's potential enjoyment of today's game notwithstanding) ...

Nobody knows if CHP is signed for next year?

limoguy: No, he is not. The Phils signed him to a 1 year deal.

Anyone see this yet?

"Tony Bernazard, the team's vice president for player development, pulled off his shirt and challenged the Double-A Binghamton Mets in the tirade, about 10 days before the All-Star break. He in particular targeted middle infield prospect Jose Coronado, according to the report."

According to Cot's, he's on a one-year deal.

gtown/bap(mostly gtown since i'm already used to bap's act): aren't you ashamed/embarassed to even post on beerleaguer after last night? you two whined and cried about every pitch the entire game. i highly doubt you ever watch games with people in real life more than once, unless you only act like spoiled 4 yr olds online and not in real life.

at one point gtown cried about the 'mismanagement of the bullpen' and how stupid charlie is, beacuse c ho p warmed up and then wasnt used immediately....yeah im real glad you were managing the bullpen last night, would have turned out great.

For your own sake, please refrain from commenting during a live gamelog, as it will just make anything else you ever say that actually might be worthwhile have absolutely 0 crediblity. I would rather listen to mac tonight's insight than yours at this point.

On resting players, rest them against the sanitary Pads on Thursday. We need to send a message to the Cubs, last year's media appointed WS Champ team; we need to kick them when they're down. We need to put another 10-1 thumping on them.

64 survivor, 1964 was the first year I decided to really follow baseball, to learn all I could about it. I turned 12 years old during that season. I would read the Phillies boxscore every morning before school and try to learn and digest what it all meant. Boxscores were simpler back then, but still a thing of beauty.

As I recall, the main rival for the top spot in the first half of that season was the San Francisco Giants. The way the Phillies blew that season has indelibly scarred me psychologically. The 2008 WFC was great therapy to heal my scarred psyche.

Just for some premature fun, here's a link to's playoff odds:

MLB Playoff Odds

thephaithful: Last night's game was extremely frustrating to watch and a lot of comments reflect that. Blanton and the bullpen pitched well, but the Phils bats were all gunning for the fences and bench was one again non-existent. What do you want people to say during the game?

the phaithful: I watch the Phillies at CBP 20+ games per year, & did the same at the Vet for years before that. And how was I wrong about Park? Would he not have pitched as effectively if he came in during the 8th? It makes no sense to me to use the setup guy & closer in a tie game, esp. once another perfectly good reliever has warmed up. Getting a reliever up is almost the same as using him, & if the Phils had managed to score a run in the 8th or 9th, Chan would have been wasted for no purpose. I would also like to point out that I never once made a post suggesting the game was over/lost/given up for dead, etc. On can, in fact, support one's team w/out being an insufferable kiss a**. If you can't stand to read any opinion but your own, or bear to hear criticism of your team, then maybe Philadelphia is the wrong sports town for you.

Thephiathful: I agree. I wasn't here last night. But reading through the thread this morning was painful to say the least. It seemed like everyone was complaining about how we were going to lose, Charlie managing the bullpen, the offense. That is the main reason I don't come alot for game threads. That is the great thing about baseball, the game is pitch by pitch and could change at any moment. To have a high or low after every pitch for 162 games plus playoffs can literally kill you.

I just wish everyone would relax during games. You can complain after certain things. But last night was crazy.

I saw that Tony B. wanted to fight one of their prospects; I guess everyone's feeling the strain. That organization needs an enema.

What I hope isn't lost on everyone during this extremely fun winning streak is the inspired play of one James Calvin Rollins. This is a different team when J-Roll is swinging the bat well.

GTOWN: Hate to disagree with you. But Charlie was right. At home in a tie game since you have last at bats, you play to win. Therefore using madson and Lidge in their regular "roles" (a dreaded BLer word) was 100% correct.

noah: "mac: I don't think that improvement has to come in the form (and cost) of the best pitcher in the AL. Blanton and Stairs worked out just fine in 2008/2009. I'd like to see a similar pickup this season."

Wait, Mac Tonight, I don't understand this comment. The Blue Jays HAVE to trade Roy Halladay for a sub-standard package of players. They have no choice, you've asserted this time and again. Why would the Phillies not pursue Halladay since he's going to be available at such a low cost?"

Ye seek logic from mac tonight, but ye shall not receive.

MVP: I know what "The Book" says w/ regard to tie games at Home, & I respectfully disagree. Regardless, my objection was (& is) more to warming Park to come into a game & then (potentially) not using him at all than to doing the usual Madson/Lidge dance.

rolo, I checked out your recommended site and really enjoyed the hated Mets dismal 1.7% chance of making the playoffs. Sweet!

Yes, it would be much, much better around here if nobody ever argued or complained about anything during games, especially questionable managerial decisions and boneheaded at-bats. Shame on ALL of you.

I eagerly await the next game thread with 9 comments.

GTown: Ok, I understand. BUT the ONLY reason that happened was because in case Park was needed he was warm. Then we get into the 8th and Charlie used his "role" guys. Madson in the 8th & Lidge in the 9th. After still being tied Park was ready in the 10th. Nothing wrong with that.

As I have said over, over and over again. Pitchers feel comfortable in certain spots ( i.e. Madson in 8th, Lidge in 9th). You can not just change players "roles". IF Madson and/or Lidge pitched the 9th/10th instead I feel we would have lost the game. It is a mental thing with uys. I am telling you. BLers refuse to believe in the "role" thing. I said that Madson wouldn't do well closing and look what happened. These "roles" ARE NOT interchangable.

Yeah, I don't think you save your 8th and 9th inning guys for the potential 13th inning at home. Pretty standard managing.

What a bunch of cry babies! Oooh, I can't stand reading negative comments during a game thread. Waaaa! Be quiet about Cholly's managerial moves duing a game and don't question any of Cholly's tactics or decisions. Baaawwwlll! What a bunch of sissies!

Real men like bitching and complaining during games. As our esteemed Phillies leading philosopher Chase Utley has said in the past: "Boo, F#@% you!"

That game was such fun to watch. I know the deflection off Lidge's foot was just a freak happening, but it sure was nifty. Plus I love to see J Roll smile.

Agreed about Chan Ho Park. What a reliever. I remember being scared whenever he came out for the Dodgers last year- and now he's being scary for the Phils!

Will the Halladay chatter die down a bit now? I would hate to see Happ traded away. (Especially as I never get to see him- he doesn't seem to start the games that are nationally braodcast on basic cable. It seems like it's usually Joe.)

Have a good day.

MVP: Fair enough. I just don't get why, if you want to have a pitcher ready to come in if Blanton starts to pooch it in the 7th (a reasonable concern), & you fully intend to bring Madson in to pitch the 8th ("The Book"), do you choose Park, your long relief guy, to be that pitcher? The whole idea behind using the setup man & closer in a tie game at Home is that your team will score in the bottom half of one of those innings & win the game. So again: why was Park up in the 8th? Why not, say, Condrey? It makes no sense.

phaithful: That is just BAP's schtick. It's his greatest hit. Doesn't matter how tired the act is, it's the well he goes to when he needs to get a rise.

A great game all around last night. The 3-5 hitters struggled at the plate but you can also chalk that up to some great pitching by the Cubs. Both teams got some outstanding work from their starters and bullpen guys.

Last year when the Phiilies made the trade for Blanton I said this is a guy with good stuff who can be anywhere from a #2-#4 in the rotation. I said, "if he hits spots, and trusts his stuff he has shown the ability to mow through hitters in spots and be hard to hit." I was roundly mocked by many of the same guys who give zero insight to this board. Lately Blanton has looked like a legitimate force in the rotation.

thephaithful: When mvptommy agrees with you, it's time to re-think your position. Also, comparing other posters to Mac Tonight is really unfair. You're better than that.

Yo, new thread

Chan the Man...

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