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Thursday, July 30, 2009


From the previous thread:

Why all the Moyer hating on the board?


I don't get it? Yes, he's been inconsistent, but he has pitched well enough in spots to win 10 games - albeit with decent RS.

I'm not saying he should stay in the 'rolo-tation', but I don't get the "I wish he would have retired" BS.

10 wins is 10 wins - which happens to be 4 wins GREATER than the team's lead in the division.

AAMOF, if I were Rich and Chollie, my "rolo-tation" would be this:

RoLo [*me*] (until I falter or someone else pitches better)

But I still don't get the Moyer hating.

Between Twitter and Beerleaguer, I felt like I was breaking the news myself. Nice work yesterday.

I am against this move, but I understand it. Should Moyer continue to struggle and Pedro falter, Happ deserves to pitch in the playoffs.

MG: I usually agree with your posts but on this, you don't know what you are talking about:
"Pedro is going to be with the club (good or bad or both) for the rest of the year once he joins unless he ends up on the shelf due to injury."

Yeah, does that traffic number take into on e user doing page refreshes or is it unique visitors? I know I was hitting F5 like crazy yesterday!

Sounds right. The BP right now is one man and a lot of prayers. Something must be done.

JW: I accounted for at least 20% of your traffic. I'm pretty sure I refreshed Beerleaguer 300 times and kept bouncing between MLBTR, Rotoworld, Deadspin, and Beerleaguer from 11am to 4pm.

Visits, which is like measuring "sessions." There was a lot of refreshing going on in the WS, too.

JW: Twitter helps. 700Level gives you a bunch of shout outs. Viral internet marketing at its best.

JW: True, true. So what does this say about Phillies fans when they are more excited for a mid-season acquisition than a World Series win?

MG: You're all over the place. You said earlier the Giants won't make the playoffs. So why should the GM cash out and push all in for the playoffs this season. It's not like a day ago they weren't going to make it and today they had a shot. It's best to make a small move and hope something works out. Sabean did upgrade that whole side of the infield with Garko and Sanchez

Sabean had a hole and he filled it. Sanchez probably wasn't the best move but it was a move he felt he could make without losing too much of his system. What is good about Snachez is, he hits for good average and hits a lot of doubles and stuff to the gaps. There is a lot of room in the gaps there

And this is absolutely a huge series for them. They are neck and neck with the Rockies and we are into August by the time this series ends. They need to show they can play with the best teams in the NL and right now they are 7-8 against division leaders.

JW, Scott Mathieson promoted?

They must feel he's healthy.

I wonder if they're doing it in anticipation of a September call-up?

I just looked at his numbers:

13 IP, 0.00 ERA, .923 WHIP, 11.8 K/9, 17 K - 5 BB for a 3.40K/BB


rolo: If you call wanting to replace our most ineffective starter with a better pitcher then count me among the "Moyer-haters."

i don't understand why so much is made of moyer's record. Wins are arbitrary. you could pitch a one hitter and lose or you could give up seven runs and win.

Does anyone really believe he has the stuff to get guys out consistently? He throws slop up there insufficient to get a quality hitter out.

In a perfect world Moyer retires after this year, the phillies bring back myers and the 2010 rotation is Hammels, Myers, Lee, Blanton, Happ (or Drabek if they are so inclined).

then again Webb and Sheets will be FAs too...

Mathieson is definitely a guy to look at for the bullpen in spring training. I'm intrigued by him this year, but lets see how he does in AA. I worry about him overthrowing.

Re Moyer:It's easy to say I wish he would've retired now, but when he signed it appeared that we badly needed him to return this season. At least I know that's how I felt about it. The second year was the thing that was almost unanimously decried. But he got that because the Phils didn't have a lot of other options and he used that to his advantage. As it is we have so many arms right now it seems to be a problem. Helluva problem to have. If Rube doesn't mind paying them, who am I to complain. As for Pedro, if he's terrific that would be great. If not, I would imagine it would be easy to cut bait with him.

In other news, Manny and Ortiz roiding in '03. Damn that doctor of Manny's! Damn him for always screwing up his meds!

PHlinBK: The Phillies are going to let Myers go to keep the payroll under control. A lot of guys are due raises and some, ahem Blanton, could command bigger one's than expected. I think the Phils start next year with Moyer as the 5th starter, but have Kendrick/Carpenter ready to spot, and ultimately Drabek to replace.

JW: Regarding your argument that Happ could help the bullpen, I think MG hits the nail on the head. He'll be better than whoever he replaces but the bullpen will be taxed more as a whole.

"This logic of moving Happ to the bullpen to solidify it is perplexing to say the least. You take a guy who is averaging well over 6 IP/start and put in a guy like Pedro who might not make it more than 5 IP/start most nights."

If Pedro pitches well in the next few weeks, and we maintain a 7-8 game lead, I'm all for giving him some spot starts to give some guys like Hamels a few extra days rest, and then going back to normal rest the last couple weeks before the playoffs.
The bottom line is that our best five pitchers right now are Hamels/Lee/Blanton/Happ/Moyer. So they should be in the rotation.

IMHO: Moyer will be bought out for next year. I see very little chance of him coming back.

from previous thread:

chaz, I KNOW Lee was hurt in 2007.

My point to Dallas, which you obviously missed, is that selecting only two years to compare players is somewhat arbitrary, and a small ample size when they have track records as long as Halladay/Lee.

To wit, who of these two players is better over these 2 years?:

Player 1: 1313 PA, 81 HR, 240 RBI, 1.048 OPS

Player 2: 1352 PA, 105 HR, 285 RBI, 1.032 OPS

JW - Happ is apparently capable of making adjustment back and forth with no problems. He does not seem like a prima donna in the least so it probably will work out. Nevertheless, this has the feel of "no good deed goes unpunished."

I, for one, am SHOCKED at Manny's positive result...will ESPN even cover it or will it be another hoopla of "Oh that's just Manny being Manny again!"

I would think that Myers would have to take a paycut next year from the 12 million he's making this year. He's too inconsistent and now an injury to go along with the negatives.

Perhaps he'd give a hometown discount to stay with the only organization he's ever known. Do a one year deal to prove what he's got. Not to mention perhaps his best payday lies with the phillies anyway.

But i get that they would want to trim the payroll and therefore hes a slim chance to return

CJ: Let me see if I can follow the logic of your position, keeping in mind your opinions rarely have logic behind them. What do you think should happen with Lee/Happ/Lopez/Moyer?

Happ to the pen makes sense and then again, it doesn't...especially when you consider he has far and away the best ERA of our starters. Granted, the sample size isn't as big, but he's obviously been very effective.

Also, regarding the replace-Bruntlett-with- anybody discussion, how about Willie Bloomquist from the Royals? Should be able to get him for a low-end prospect and I believe he can play multiple positions.

I support Happ to the bullpen. At first I was shocked by the idea, but upon reflection, and for the reasons articulated above, I now think it's the best move.

The odds that the Phils will not make the playoffs will not be affected by Happ being in the bullpen much. Maybe they will even improve. It's extremely unlikely he'd start in the playoffs anyway, so that's no arguement. The only real aregument for him being in the rotation is that he's done so well. It doesn't seem fair.

However, Happ will be a starter next year for sure. This will, among other things, allow his arm more time to mature without as much injury risk. In the long run, this move may be the best for him as well as the Phils.

re: "in a perfect world..the phillies bring back myers for 2010"

dear god, that is the most frightening vision of a perfect world i have ever seen.

I mentioned this last night but it got glossed over.

An important fact to note here is Happ's most innings he has thrown in a season is 166. Right now he is at 106. If you figure he gets about 11 more starts and averages his 6 innings you're putting him at 172 before the playoffs. A lot depends on how high the Phillies want him to go over that number.

Also, there is no real evidence saying that Happ to the pen overly taxes the pen. You don't know what you'll get from Pedro, and Moyer already averages about 6 innings per start. Pedro adds maybe 1-2 innings per start but that might be only 4-8 innings before rosters expand in September.

TI: You can bang Sabean for a lot of things, but I agree that the Sanchez/Alderson trade makes sense for both teams. Sanchez can hit .300 and he plugs a huge gaping hole at 2B. The Giants have a good chance to win the Wild Card. The Pirates get a good back-of-rotation prospect for a guy they weren't going to re-sign.

Congrats JW on the the record traffic to the site yesterday.

Manny's been cheating all along - allow me to pick my jaw up off the floor. And I'd say Selig should suspend Big Papi, but I don't want to help the Red Sox.

pblunts: Bloomquist would be a huge upgrade from Bruntlett, but he plays just about every day for the Royals, he's cheap and he's signed thru next season. What in the world makes you think he could be had "for a low-end prospect"?

Are they going to have a press conference today with Lee and Francisco?

I went and took a look before I typed:

Not great the last 4 years (Bonds fallout and rebuilding thereafter)

Sabean's track record since becoming GM(through last night):

1087 - 956
1 Wild Card
3 Division Titles
1 Pennant

This decision is based on the teams preference for veterans in the rotation which has prompted them to devaluate Happ all year. It is a poor decision and can very well cost them in the post season. Happ's development gives them a better chance to compete with the opposing no. 3 starter than Blanton or Moyer. They're so nervous about young pitchers that they won't even let their most effective starter on '09 stay in the rotation.

When Happ didn't make the rotation out of spring training, I thought, correctly, it was an poor decision but that he would get a chance soon enough.

Right handed hitters vs. Moyer this year are putting up all-star numbers... they should have been voted in. The difficulties of Moyer switching to being a situational lefty reliever are being exaggerated because the Phils like to use the veterans in the rotation.

The Phillies hitting is good enough to make up for these sorts of decisions and Moyer has improved in June and July.

clout: I don't have time for your silly concept of "logic" when I'm worried about what's best for this team.

A couple of threads ago, you declared Jamie Moyer our 5th starter. I would assume that you believe Lee's addition would lead to the removal of our 5th starter.

A 5th starter, by definition, should be the first to go when a better option presents itself.

I'm sorry if I got all "logical" with that last sentence.

I think Lee will feast on the NLers who have never seen him and the run support and defense that he did not get in Cleveland.

The rest of the rotation? Hamels and Blanton are locks. Then its two of Moyer, Happ and Rolo, and later Pedro. Realistically, I think Happ goes to the pen and Pedro will fight Rolo for the last spot in a few weeks.

chaz, I KNOW Lee was hurt in 2007.
---posted by rolo

I got your point, but other people (not necessarily on BLer) have been cherrypicking stats and/or implying that Lee isn't as good as he was in 2008 because, hey, look at 2007.

clout: "CJ: Let me see if I can follow the logic of your position, keeping in mind your opinions rarely have logic behind them."

The funniest part of this quote from clout? He and I agree on 90% of what happens with the Phils. I'm not sure he intended to impugn his own logic.

Moyer vs. Lincecum on Sat.

Bed Beard: Really??? That's disappointing. I was looking forward to Lee vs. Lincecum. Would have been just the third matchup of reigning Cy Young winners in history (1989 Viola vs. Hersheiser and 1999 Clemens vs. Glavine).

PHIinBK, I agree wins are arbitrary, but then so are other things - like losses.

The bottom line is the team is 12-8 when he starts.

Yes, he gets good average run support (5.42 RPG), but some of that has been skewed by 5 games when he had RS of 9 runs or more(9 twice, 10,11,13).

He's also had games where the team has scored 0, 1 - twice, 2, 3 twice, 4 - 3 times.

Since June, his last 10 starts, the team is 7-3 in the games he starts.

In the three losses the team scored 1, 5 and 3 runs.

Do I think he's the best option for the rotation? No - and I said so above. But that's because there are BETTER options available, including my namesake.

But I still don't get the "retire" stuff.

Just a hunch here, but why not go get our beloved Pat the Bat for another right handed bat off the bench?

"Klaus: Do you think Happ is going to have a better career than Garland?"

Clout: Is that the best question to ask when evaluating the wisdom of trading Happ for Garland?

Bed Beard: On second thought, probably a good idea. Lee might have a little more pressure facing off with Lincecum and I'd rather he get eased in a little more.

rolo: You recognize that we have better options than Moyer for our rotation... it's pretty clear that Moyer isn't a legitimate bullpen option... and you don't get the retire talk?

What's the alternative?

CJ, clout contradicting himself? Nooooooo.

One thing about Manuel and Dubee tho.. they don't abuse young pitchers' arms often. If there's anything good about this, it's that Happ will strain his arm less.

I really think that if George Steinbrenner was still in charge, he'd be having a conversation like this today with Cashman:

"What the hell, it's only money, and we have almost unlimited amounts. I'm gonna die soon, and I want more immortality of World Championships. Call JP and tell him we'll take Halladay and that albatross Wells, along with the entirety of their contracts, and we'll give them nothing of consequence in return." And it would be done.

rolo: I think clout mistakes my dizzying logic for no logic at all.

I operate on like 5th or 6th level thinking. ;-)

BedBeard, I don't believe the probables. Does that mean the Lee won't start until Monday?

CJ, I'm surprised someone as astute as you would ask that question.

Answer: August trade, the same way he got here.

Jays and Dodgers talking Halladay. They demand either
- One of Billingsley or Kershaw + three prospects or,
- Five prospects

If JP goes into fire sale mode and unloads Doc for equal or less value than we got Lee for I'm going to lose my mind.

Lee isn't even going on Sunday.

Rolo asked if I had read an earlier post where he had written about how good Marson, Donald, Carrasco and Knapp are.

My thoughts are: If Marson is so good, why are we paying Bako to be our "bak" up catcher?

If Donald was so good, why didn't we see him up on the big club when Utley was hurting or when JRoll was slumping?

If Carrasco was so good, why was the fifth rotation slot a revolving door until Rolo stepped in and secured the position? ...and we never saw a Carrasco call up! He was at the end of the line, at his ceiling for this organization.

Knapp is so far down on the farm, no matter how good he projects, his present value is not high.

They are the "junk" that Cleveland got. All Cleveland really got was Baseball America's lofty ratings of these projects to post in front of their fans.

Lake Freddie: Because it usually behooves young players to play every day. Those guys would be on a lot of major league rosters, but unfortunately for them, they ended up on the WFC.

Article on FanGraphs RE: three lefty rotation

Talks about the toubles with a platoon split. Turns out, there's isn't one for Hamels and Lee.

Career OPS against
| | OPS vRHB | OPS vLHB |
| Hamels | 0.698 | 0.716 |
| Lee | 0.737 | 0.710 |
| Happ | 0.711 | 0.651 |
| Moyer | 0.741 | 0.764 |

I've heard a little bit of warnings about facing righty leaning teams in the playoffs. Doesn't look like it will be a problem.

If JP goes into fire sale mode and unloads Doc for equal or less value than we got Lee for I'm going to lose my mind.

Don't bother. You'd be freaking out today if a Halladay-to-Phils deal wasn't done by now. Besides, ol' Glass Balls Riccardi would still be demanding the prospects we ended up holding onto.

It's done, we got a really good deal. Time to move on.

I wonder if there will be "outrage" if the Dodgers get Halladay.

Here's the thing... had we gotten Halladay, the Dodgers would have gone after Lee.

It's 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

CJ: Remove Moyer to where? The bullpen? DFA?

Truth - Because Sabean waffled and didn't get what the Giants needed and overpaid for something that really wasn't what they really needed. That his been his major problem since '05 and that is sh!tty management.

As for this series being huge, how is it any bigger than when they play the Phils in a month at CBP for 3 games? There are 8 weeks in the season and they are neck-and-neck right now. It is like they are 5-6 back and need some wins to right the ship.

What I liked so much about the Amaro move yesterday is that he saw that he wasn't likely to get Halladay because Riccardi wasn't willing to compromise or was screwing around on actually trading him (or both) and he came away with 2 things the Phils needed without giving up the farm. Decisive, efficient, and forward-thinking. That is a sign of competent management and I have to give Amaro major credit for getting it done.

Klaus: If you think Happ will have a better career than Garland then you don't make the trade. Is that what you think?

Lake Fred, Just because the Indians didn't get our current 4 best prospects (3 of which weren't considered that before the year started), doesn't mean they got crap. As Rob Neyer wrote on ESPN, it shows the depth of the Phillies farm system, the incredible high ceiling for Drabek, Brown, & Taylor, and the ridiculous demands of JP.

MG: The Giants didn't need a secondbaseman?

Clout: But you're not getting Garland's carer. You have to weigh the next 4 and half years of Happ vs. the next year and a half of Garland.

That's what you'd be trading. Personally, there's no way I would do that.

Re: Manny and Papi named on PED list from 2003. The article can be found here:

Written by a Michael Schmidt no less.

Clout isn't possibly advocating a Happ for Garland trade. He's just riding on the "Clout is Conlin" carnival ride.

Jack: That assumes the Phils wouldn't re-sign Garland. Why should we assume that? In fact, the default on Beerleaguer is that the Phils won't re-sign Myers, Halladay, Blanton or virtually anyone. Why should that be the assumption?

clout: You're now asking a different question.

What's BEST for this team is to remove the worst starter with a better starter.

What's WILL happen is that Lopez is first removed from the rotation to make way for Lee and Happ will be removed from the rotation to make way for Pedro.

Yes, what's BEST for this team is to figure out a way to move on without Moyer in our rotation.

If the Phils were neck-and-neck in the NL East, then you move Happ to the bullpen because you need to try win as many games as possible to make the playoffs. Need a ticket to play.

That isn't the case though because of their 19-6 July and the mediocre teams that are trailing teams.

They are 6 up on the Fish and 8 on the Braves with a Fish team that is radically inconsistent and a Braves team that made their push in early June (trading for McLouth & calling up Hanson) and has since only lost ground.

Plus, I don't see this team yanking Moyer from the rotation (and really no reason to at this point) and I don't understand why they are penciling in a spot for Pedro for the rest of the season.

It is pretty clear that Pedro (from what he has said in Pedro speak and other comments including Dubee) is going to be in this rotation come hell or high water and given that there will only be about 6-7 weeks once he finally gets up, that likely means for the rest of the year.

Still say it takes an injury to keep Pedro off this team once he finally gets put on the roster.

Smoky: Do you think Happ will be as good as Garland?

Rodrigo Lopez is better than Garland now.

All I'm saying Clout, is that I'm not sufficiently steeped in modal logic to know whether there is indeed a possible world in which one can trade Happ for Jon Garland aged 23.

At any rate, that possible world isn't ours, where the space-time continuum holds fast. So no, I don't see the question as especially relevant.

I realize that Beerleaguer posters see Happ as a future Cy Young winner, but if your strategy is to win it this year and next, how does a Happ for Garland trade hurt? Plus Garland is a RHP who restores balkance to the rotation.

Just throwing this out there: What if Pedro pitches pretty well? Like about an ERA of 4.0 and going 6-3 down the stretch well? Will that justify moving Happ to the Pen? If not, what result will be satisfactory?

I think that over the next 4 years, Happ will be much more valuable than Jon Garland. Probably give you equal or better performance for much less money.

Garland is almost the definition of a league-average pitcher. ERA+ of 102 this year, 104 for his career (bumped up by his outlier 2005 season in which he posted an ERA+ of 128, far better than any other season in his career).

I think Happ has shown he can certainly be a league-average pitcher.

Clout - They did but they need a power hitter much more.

And why would the Phils deal for Garland of all people? To pick up his $10M option next year. Phils already have a marginal starter at best dollars in Moyer. They don't need another.

Plus, if they supposedly need a bullpen arm so badly they they need to put Happ back there why trade for a mediocrity like Garland?

Sorry Clout, I'm not biting. That's not the crux of the discussion on the table. Besides, I'm not familiar enough with Garland to even make a judgement on him. I would need to look at his detailed information, such as career, year-to-year, current, and trend information concerning ERA+, WHIP, K/BB, innings pitched, and I'm not wasting my time to change the argument to fit your favor.

MG: Please supply factual evidence for this statement:

"It is pretty clear that Pedro (from what he has said in Pedro speak and other comments including Dubee) is going to be in this rotation come hell or high water and given that there will only be about 6-7 weeks once he finally gets up, that likely means for the rest of the year."

So if Pedro stinks it up in a couple of minor league starts, he'll get brought into the rotation and then, no matter how he pitches, remain there thru the season?

Why all the fuss about an all lefty rotation? We have a lefty dominant lineup too and that seems to work.

Klaus: Perhaps you took me too literally, so I'll rephrase: Do you think trading Happ for Garland would help or hurt the Phillies this season and next?

Clout: Read my comment. Happ is not a future Cy Young winner. He's a league-average pitcher. A league-average pitcher that costs next to nothing, while Garland is a league-average pitcher with a 10 million dollar option next year.

Gee, I wonder who the more valuable player is? For a team with a payroll stretched by stars, do you think maybe it's the guy making nothing?

I know you don't consider trades in the real world, but the Phillies do. Considering they operate with a real budget, they'd be making a mistake to trade Happ straight up for Garland.

Just read Daily News article on how excited Lee is to come to the Phillies.

Quoth the General: ""Right now, all I know is I'm going to the defending world champions," Lee said. "That's a good thing."

Allow that to sink in for a moment. The reigning Cy Young award winning pitcher is excited to be coming to the defending World Champion Phillies. The Philadelphia Phillies.

Pinch me. On second thought, don't.

"I think that over the next 4 years, Happ will be much more valuable than Jon Garland. Probably give you equal or better performance for much less money."

So Jack, you do believe that Happ is a future Cy Young award winner? I knew it.

And by the way, even if you don't, I'll continue to pretend that you do, now and forever--or at least, whenever it suits me rhetorically.

Hamels and Lee both have neutral splits. I think Hamels is actually better against righties.

It's a small disadvantage, but not one you would need to take drastic steps to correct.

Clout, you could also restore righty balance by replacing Moyer with Pedro, couldn't you?

Jack: We're talking apples and oragnes. You care about the Phillies budget and how much money they can save. I don't. I'm more interested in getting the best player.

clout: Are you asking whether Happ's career will be as good as the one Garland has had?

Or are you asking who will be better going forward?

Klaus: RE: "And by the way, even if you don't, I'll continue to pretend that you do, now and forever--or at least, whenever it suits me rhetorically."

This might be the most honest post I've ever seen on any blog arguement ever.

MG: You have decided you dislike Sabean and his moves so you won't ackonwledge that they are having success right now?

This series is big for them because they are at home. Simple logic there. If they get swept at home then what does it tell them and their fans. We aren't good enough to beat the best team in the NL at home. That is where they should have something that balances the tables for them.

Also, you are way wrong on the Sanchez move. Like I said- they gave up a guy many liked, but they needed a second baseman and they got a guy who fits well for their park. They didn't need a thumper. They got aguy who hits to gaps at a place where there is a ton of space there.

But you want to bash Sabean. It ruins your own credibility, not mine.

Or you could replace Moyer with Rodrigo Lopez. He's a righty, too.

Careful sneed, as it's actually inverse. A lefty dominant hitting lineup can work because the majority of pitchers are right-handed, and generally speaking, Left-handed hitters hit right-handed pitching better. However, the opposite is not true. The majority of hitters are not left-handed, but right-handed (or switch), so a left-handed heavy rotation actually could hurt if all else were equal.

The more important arguments are the nature of the actual lineups the Phillies were be facing, and the reverse splits of some of our left-handers, such as Hamels and Moyer.

Jack: Please provide facts to support this statement:

Happ is not a future Cy Young winner. He's a league-average pitcher.

clout: "Jack: We're talking apples and oragnes. You care about the Phillies budget and how much money they can save. I don't. I'm more interested in getting the best player."

That's a hilarious post from clout considering his outrage at the suggestion that Jamie Moyer be removed from the rotation!

Clout, if you're using that argument, then why stop at Garland? If finances and the future are of no concern, go get Halladay for Happ, Brown, and Drabek.

Clout: Then they should trade Howard, Dominic Brown and Michael Taylor for Albert Pujols. And they should also trade Kyle Drabek, J.A. Happ, Travis D'Arnaud and Jayson Werth for Tim Lincecum.

Oh wait, those trades don't make sense in the real world?

Then neither does Happ for Garland.

CJ: That's fine, but then what? Moyer to the pen? Do you think that would work? If not, then where? Keep in the mind you can't look at the rotation is isolation. Each move affects something else. If you DFA Moyer, which seems to be what you want, then who is your bullpen? And is that bullpen better than what it would be if Moyer remained in the rotation and Lopez went to the pen?

Careful SmokyJoe, Hamels and Lee seem to be pretty damn good no matter what side of the plate the majority of hitters stand. If you're good, you're good. We learned that with Ibanez and soon we'll learn that with Cliff Lee.

Poor JA Happ. His performance as a major league starting pitcher has been nothing short of spectacular for two years in a row, yet he keeps losing his job to struggling veterans who are attempting to justify why they earn 20x more than him. Now we derail his possible rookie of the year bid, which is getting more realistic with every start, for reasons we cannot even comprehend.

clout - Are you the son of OneChair, a relative, or an alias?

Let's see why you wouldn't trade for Garland:

- His numbers
- His contract ($10M option next year)
- Lack of an upgrade as a playoff starter

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