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Monday, July 27, 2009


113 degrees? No thanks.

Somebody must've lobotomized Sarge at some point.

Standard lineup tonight except Bako gets another start on the heels of his monster hitting performance yesterday.

Shouldnt the elderly not be outside in these conditions?

Someone better tell Moyer's kids to come over and make sure he doesnt trying mowing the lawn...or give up more runs than IP.

Temperatures = hitting season?

Drink the pickle juice, boys!

If Jamie keeps up his consistent inconsistency, this should be a good start.


I'm not staying up for this one (too much crap to do at work tomorrow and I'm up at 5 am.)

So I'll post my in game comments now and assume they come true:

1.) Wow, Moyer looks really on...7 Ks through 4!?!

2.) I can't believe Ryno has 3 HRs already!

3.) Damnit Jimmy, hit the ball on the ground!

4.) Bako sucks.

5.) Give the old man credit for going 7 strong innings

6.) MadDog in the house!

7.) WOW!!! How did Utley make that catch???

8.) That's Lidgetastic!!!

Can Duce Staley catch and call a game?

cj: that trend has a good chance tonight, a young free swinging club like the DBacks.

danger lad: Can the Phils start the game ith an onside kick?

Man, we're making this Garland guy look like a champ!

(Doing my best MG impersonation)

Giants acquired Ryan Garko (a RH Bat) for their 9th best prospect.

Have to say, I wish the Phillies had made that deal. Though I don't know where we'd play him as he's basically a 1B/LF and the LF is being generous.


...w/ Moyer pitching, nothing would surprise me.

And Nepp, you described exactly why you should be glad the phils DIDN'T make that deal.

Your 9th best prospect for Teahan or even less possibly for Willingham would be a better play IMO

And your MG impersonation is only missing 5 consecutive posts just like that...

Reynolds is so used to striking out, it looked like he thought he had again.

Yeah, I agree. though we could always revive the "Platoon Howard" argument again for the 3rd straight year. (Garko has a career .906 OPS vs LHP).

I'd take Willingham in a second. He'd be a great 4th OF on our team. Teahen hits LH....though his .714 OPS vs LHP isn't too brutal. Better than our current options of Bruntlett or Mayberry for PHing.

Get of the inning, old man!

Well, I'll take it. Only two base runners in the first.

Yeah, given his recent pattern, as well as the underwhelming competition, Moyer has a chance for a good game tonight. On the other hand, 2 walks in the first inning is usually not a great sign with Moyer.

Come on. This heat is not good for the elderly.

Hopefully, Jamie settles down and the Phils remember that they are facing Jon Garland.

At least we're making Garland throw a lot of pitches early...2nd time through the lineup should be a bit more impressive.

Of course they're doing the exact same thing with Jamie.

C'mon, Pedro, make him throw a strike.

Looks like the Mets are on their way to three wins in a row after Tatis just hit a pinch hit grand slam against the Rockies in the 7th.

Good, maybe they'll make a moronic trade that empties what is left of their farm system in a desperate attempt to stay in contention and save Omar's job.

CJ: The Nats look like they are on their way to 3 wins in a row as well. Brewers having a rough week.

CJ, I think the Mets recent success says more about the astros and Rockies than the Mets.

Spitz: Part of me wouldn't mind a slight Mets renaissance. I don't think they have a shot in the world at contending, but maybe they win a few this week and make a foolish trade at the deadline!

Might want to get the Pen up.

I hate watching Moyer pitch.

only this to say:
Phils make Garland a champ
(okay; not MG)

More Smoke! More Mirrors!

So is he trending upward at this point?

tatis celebration around the bases rivaled joe carters

Get of the inning, old man!

NEPP: Yeah, he has given up 3 hits in a row, but each was a little less hard-hit than the last. He is trending upward.

Jack - Just keep saying to yourself: "At least it's not Eaton; at least it's not Eaton; at least...aaaarrrrrgggghhhh..."

(and so on)

Andy: If you say that enough times, and you click your ruby slippers together, he might actually turn into Eaton.

Geezer + West Coast start = long night

Moyer = over.

The worst thing about seeing Jamie pitch is you know he's just a feeble old man trying to eek by in a boy's world.

I think he's trending upwards. :)


A pitcher's best friend!

Now *that* is trending upward.

never had a doubt

Wow, that was huge.

Josh Willingham has hit two grand slams against the Brewers tonight. Lets get his RH bat.

Moyer and Bako look agitated with each other tonight.

Never a doubt Jamie.

91 wins since his Age 40 season...perhaps he's gunning for 100 wins after the age of 40 to retire?

The way Moyer's (um...I can't even use the word "pitch" here) throwing tonight, I'm just hoping the Diamondbacks don't have any Blind Squirrels to send up there.

Of course, a late game like this oughta be a featured game in Korea tonight, right?

So... through the first 9 batters, I know what you all were thinking, "Jamie Moyer is washed up."

Well, the 10th batter proved you all wrong.

That arrow is pointing up!

A savvy veteran groundout by Paul Bako.

I'm wondering if there's such a thing as "periodically washed up."

Paul showed alot of poise in the way he ran that out.

A Bako-Moyer battery might be enough to finally push BAP off the ledge he's been teetering at since the Phils lost on Opening Night.

Andy, its called "getting old". You'll still get the occasional great game and good stretch but the pitcher cannot consistently execute anymore.

Who tries less at the plate: Bako or Moyer?

Alright . . . off to dinner. I trust that Andy and CJ and Jack and curt can hold down the fort when it comes to making skeptical comments about Moyer's pitching ability.

So what, again, makes Bako an upgrade over Coste? I don't get it.

bap: I take great offense to that! I've been VERY positive about Moyer's last two batters! ;-)


Jamie Moyer was drafted during Ronald Reagan's first term.

Trending down again.

7 base runners in 2+ innings pitched. Awesome.

It takes effort to maintain a WHIP as high as Jamie's so far tonight.

I hope UC realizes he straight doesn't have it and hooks him before they do too much damage.

Tonight's the night Geezer sets the ML record for most baserunners but no runs over 9 innings.

This is all part of Jamie's master plan to get the D-Backs tired.

NEPP: If he wiggles out of this inning I think we can term this kind of performance as "ineffectively effective."

What is the record for most baserunners in a Shutout?

Veteran catch by Bako.

Mowing 'em down!

Moyer's performance has been Kendrickesque.

Only 7 baserunners so far. Jamie is on top of his game.

How about a hit or two fighin's?

Jamie is driving home the point that sometimes ERA doesn't accurately represent just how bad someone is pitching!

Hope the Dbacks don't get mad when they realize Jamie is just toying with them.

curt: Also averaging a strikeout per inning.

Do the Phillies realize they're being no-hit by Jon Garland?



Jamie turned 30 (Chase and Jimmy's age) 1992.

BIG MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

welp, adios shutout!

Rhino on the loose!

What a worthless bum that Howard is. He can only hit righties, a useless skill, right Jack?


Plus his career is on the downhill, right Jack?

Nice Work Ryan!

2 to go!

clout: Don't even try. CJ, Jack, BAP, and Curt are more consumed with being smarmy. They can't understand rational thinking. KNee-jerk stupidity is the only way to go

That is what is called a productive strikeout...8 pitches.

clout: I'm just surprised so many folks are here. I mean IGGLES training camp started today! I'd figure folks would be out in their Winnebagos watching Brian Westbrook stretch today...

Another productive out. Jayson Werth's value to the lineup cannot be overstated. His ability to take pitches really does have a cumulative effect on the opposing pitcher.

17 pitches in 2 PA (1 BB, 1 out)

Not to shabby.

Reading the comments you would have thought Moyer had let up 4-5 runs so far.

Truth Injection: I have never seen so much b*tching and whining over a pitcher who has shut out the opposition over three innings.

It's like in middle school, when the "slower" kids make a scene to divert attention from the fact that they should have been left back a few grades. They're not fooling anyone.

Clout: Please. Don't act as though I've never said Howard was useless. He crushes righties, and has game-changing power. Said it many times. That was an example of it.

MG: it's as if they're rooting for Moyer to fail.

MG: That's because he probably should have. Consistent luck does not equal skill. At least tonight.

Clout: You never answered me before. Do you still consider Werth and Howard to have "similar" struggles against same-handed pitching?

Howard: .562
Werth: .813

"Similar", right?

Iceman: It's a bunch of people who made dumb statements back in May that Moyer was washed up. You know because the season ends on May 13th.

Ever since then Moyer has steadily been better but they are engaging in as much backpedaling or manipulation of fact to prove themselves right.

it'd be more amusing if it wasn't so sad

I wouldn't root for any Phillies player to fail. I hope Moyer has a resurgent 2nd half and pitches well next year.

He sure does like to play it close though. (you cant say 7 baserunners in 3 IP is a good thing)

MPN: thanks for the BL 'line of the night.' Moyer has 'consistent luck.' For me, that ranks right up there with 'actively hurting the team.'

NEPP: it's not you necessarily. It's those who are scrambling to try to undo making themselves look like morons for kicking dirt on Moyer's grave in May.

He does like to play it close- it's been that way for quite a few years with Moyer.

His WHIP is 1.75 through four. Is that a recipe for success?

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