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Tuesday, July 28, 2009



I'm gonna play devil's advocate for a second. I'll see if either side of the opposing argument sees this and responds. From phuturephillies, numbers are for this year:

(AAA) Lou Marson, Age 23, .295/384/.372 (.756 OPS); 1 HR 24 RBI, 3 SB, .267 with RISP, 21% CS rate, 6 errors, .985 fielding %, 2 PB

(A) Travis D’Arnaud, Age 20, .245/.309/.412 (.721 OPS); 11 HR 55 RBI, .279 with RISP, 22% CS rate, 3 errors, .995 fielding %, 7 PB

That looked pretty good catch by Young. It's amazing how the ball just seems to carry off Ibanez's bat.


Further proof that we cannot wait for Cole to magically become an ace again. If we don't make a move because we're afraid of giving up some guys with potential when everyone in baseball thinks Brown/Drabek/Happ is a fair deal I'm going to be furious.

I'm watching, but I didn't want to offend the delicate ears of the (apparently now) über-cheery Phillies fanbase, so I'm keeping quiet until I have something to be positive about.


Who says everyone in baseball thinks that is a fair deal?

Key to this game is going to be wearing down Haren and getting him out before the 7th inning. If Hamels keeps their lineup in check and we get 3 shots at their bullpen, we can win.

Where the hell are the balls and strikes? Whoever runs the TV scoreboard for CSN is the most overpaid man in America, regardless of how much he gets paid.

Hamels has to keep that damn fastball *down* instead of leaving it up to whack out of the park

Location has clearly been Hamels' problem this year. He's constantly leaving pitches up.

Most of reports I've seen feel that Drabek and Brown is overpaying. I'm certain the Jays think it's a fair deal.

Hamels hasn't been great this year, and my only complaint is that he's come out and said it was because he wasn't concentrating on baseball. I realize guys have down years, esp after championship runs, but come on, man. Get your head in the game.


Marlins beat Braves on a walk-off 2-run pinch-hit home run by Gload off of Soriano.

The Marlins beat the Braves, 4-3.

To be fair, it's only been one home run in one of the heaviest hitters parks in the majors when its over 100 degrees. I'll wait for a few more innings to render judgment...

Should be "and it's over..."

Cole Hamels is washed up.

Really, this balls and strikes thing is ruining my night. I know the count anyway most of the time, but I can't seem to focus on anything else.

Balls and strikes, WTF. (I keep the screen on mute in the background.)

Yes Shane.



Haren sucks.

Vic, actively hurting this team, etc etc.

Haren at 50 pitches already

VIIIIIIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Damn, Vic is smokin' right now.




Minnesota now leads the White Sox, 5-1. Buehrle is clearly trending downward.

Hamels and Haren are both very, very good pitchers. Shane and Roberts just got pieces of fastballs when they were looking for them. It happens.

That was a great AB by Utley.

Hamels Haren has to keep that damn fastball *down* instead of leaving it up to whack out of the park.

Location has clearly been Hamels' Haren's problem this year. He's constantly leaving pitches up.

Chase with two great ABs to draw walks.

I don't think Hamels's year warrants two "verys".

I agree CJ. I also have been missing mvptommyd's amazing analysis and commentary.

yo wtf, is anyone else watching comcast and not getting the count displayed on the header bar?

Beltran: I think his career so far speaks for itself. I imagine you were fine with two "verys" last October, right? He's still a very, very good pitcher.

Ah, remember the days when you had to pay attention to know the score and the count?

Can't say enough about this lineup fighting Haren right now. They clearly are struggling to hit him, but they're working him really, really well.

That's how you tell a lineup that's locked in.

Haren is not going to last long. Over 70 pitches already. Good job by the hitters to work deep counts on him. Unless of course he gets a couple 5 pitch innings...

Young can't hit this year, but he's still a fine centerfielder with the glove.

Did Gameday Audio just stop working for anyone else? Between the count and now the possibility of needing to listen to T-Mac and Sarge ... this isn't good.

Man... Young gets us twice in CF.

Lord, 70 pitches through 3? Cole would need to throw 40 pitches this inning to get that high.

Arizona seems to have good fans and a rather full stadium for a floundering team. Maybe it's just because of the pitchers on the mound today.

9:11pm: Gordon Edes at Yahoo has a pretty big update on the discussions. It appears the Red Sox have amped up their efforts to obtain the Doc, and they're willing to include Buchholz, one of Lars Anderson, Justin Masterson or Michael Bowden, and lesser prospects to fill out the rest of the offer.

Edes also reneges on his earlier report that Westmoreland had been part of a Red Sox proposal, and thinks that any reports about the Red Sox involving a third team to get a shortstop to Toronto are untrue.

Red Sox know they won't get Halladay but they're trying to jack up the price so we won't get him.

read the previous post, guess the cout is missing for everyone, probably should have read the comments first.

Upton just made the craziest catch, running backwards to his side while he gloved the ball on the frontside of his body, while still running away from the ball.

Phils went through a stretch in June where they struggled offensively where they were swinging too early in the count and making for some real quick outs/innings. JRoll was particularly guilty of this.

Since about July 4th though, this lineup is reminding me very much of the late 1990s Yanks teams. You have guys at the top of the lineup who make things go including a very pesky guy who hits .300 with good speed that sprays the ball over the field (Vic). You also have a couple of guys in the center of the lineup who don't swing at the first pitch often at all (Utley & Werth) while really making pitchers work. You also have a guy who is a good contact hitter who is a tough out (Ibanez). Finally, you have a guy at the bottom of the lineup who is consistent and manages to get his share of base hits (Feliz). All in all, it makes for a great offense that really makes even the best starters like Haren work.

I don't know if this team will be able to quite equal what the 2007 team did because that team had a much better bench (no stiffs like Bako and Bruntlett or overmatched players like Mayberry by the middle of the season) and was more versatile offensively but still a really fun team to watch.

If the Phils' offense can do this during the postseason including making starters really work, then they can win even with their current mediocre pitching staff.

NCPhilly: Yeah, the Vet used to fill up more when Schill pitched for some of those horrible Phils post-93 teams, too. Good pitchers attract crowds... plus, nice to be in air conditioning on a 117 night.

Trade for Haren as a RHB off the bench.

Of course, as soon as I insist on praising Hamels, he gets himself into a jam.

Hamels really doesn't look locked in during this inning at all. Lots of hesitation.

MG: Seemed to get it back though, eh?

Good pitching Wheeler? He swung at pitch that was above the letters and rising toward his head.. More like crappy plate disclipline.

The count is up. Scoreboard is trending upward.

Jack - He did and that was good to see. This DBacks' lineup is terrible though. Yeah they have some raw talent but a bunch of hackers up and down the lineup who has some really poor plate disclipline.

It's ironic that after all the work the Phils have made Haren do, the guy who leads the league in pitchers/PA flies out on the first pitch.

tg082: Second pitch. Pay attention to the count, yo!

tg082 - That wasn't a good inning at all.

hooray for the count.

tivo'ing through an inning inbetween Call of Duty matches is nervewracking when you dont have a count to reference during the fastfordward.

Oh, my bad. The absence of the count for the first few innings just disrupted my whole frame of mind.

"The count is up. Scoreboard is trending upward."

Ha! Great post.

Did anyone know whom Franzke was just talking about? Been on the DL since May 4, and allowed 10 runs in 4 rehab outings?

4 rehab innings, I meant

tg082: Maybe Tom Gordon?

He's still in the league??

Oh wow, he is. I thought he retired. Thanks, G-Town.

Ah, right. The lineup is terrible so Hamels getting out of jams doesn't count. DId you use that last night for Moyer?

Jack angwy...

MG: FWIW, your comment above on the offense was spot-on. The offense really is clicking together perfectly.

Jack - Who said that Hamels is pitching poorly? You need to grab a beer, mellow out, and enjoy a good pitching matchup.

The Blue Jays had scouts watching Jason DOnald's first start back from his injury. He went 2-for-4 with a double. Thirty-year-old Tyler Tiffee was also 2-for-4 with a double. Maybe we can package the two and offer them both for Halladay.

MG: Just grabbed a beer actually. And definitely enjoying this pitching matchup.

How bout a couple nice ABs by Hamels too?

Lauber (via Twitter): "Regarding trades, Indians source tells Cleveland Plain Delaer, "I think we're done." Tribe likes Kyle Drabek in Cliff Lee deal."


"On that Indians report, "We're done" referred to idea that the Indians aren't dealing Lee. They like Drabek. Phils don't want to move him."

Hamels swinging the big lumber.

I think Hamels just showed more productivity than Bruntlett has all season.

Nice job of helping himself there by Hamels. Hopefully JRoll or Vic can get him in now.

An 8 pitch AB resulting in a double ... that'll teach Haren to get a single off of Cole!

Hamels is the best baseball player in the game, athletically he has all the tools. The fastball, the change up, the batting prowess, and of course, the hair.

Ooh, look at the hitting duel from the pitchers!

haa, look at hamels and haren going head to head with a hit a peice vs. each other.

There a pitching duel right there.

The gas tank looks like it is pushing "E" on Haren here. Walking around alot and constantly regripping the ball.

Thank God Jimmy(!) ran up the line there. I would have been furious if he had been walking up the line.

Is it any wonder Arizona is battling Washington for the league lead in errors?

Not so much, no.

That was what you love to see out of JRoll - push real hard from the get go out of the box and get down the line even if you thought it was likely an out. Good hustle play.

Yeah that was a foul ball, but I'll take it.

That fan cost us a run, ugh, cmon utley make em pay! Man, victorino is freaking locked in right now!

jroll BUSTIN' it. that'a boy.

2 men on with 1 out and 100 pitches on the starter

...and haren makes a pathetic throw over, stalling maybe?

Doesnt matter, damage done with mr. july Shaneomac tracing one down line off a bozo 'zona fan keeping jroll from crossing.

AJ Hinch is the coach of the Dbacks? He was a backup catcher for the phillies in early 00's wasn't he?

mm: Wikipedia says yes. I have no recollection of that whatsoever, though.

Wow, what a terrible throw.

arizona is bad, i kinda feel bad for haren

Good Lord. This might be the worst defensive team I've ever seen. I could have made that throw. Insane.

laff - 'zona sucks. Haren should deamnd a trade and hop on flight to SanFran with us.

Bad New Bears defensively in the infield the last two nights for the DBacks. You need to plant that foot toward home before you throw. Not just wing it like Tracy did. Poor fundamentals.

This might be a good time to mention how often Phillies fans take our defense for granted.

Utley is a gamer. Beautiful half jump.

wow, what was chase doing 5ft into in the infeidl grass on that one? I love how TMac is scuking him off for it.

Gameday frozen...need an update

WTF is McCarthy talking about that Utley use his "baseball instincts" to possibly distract Tracy by looking directly at him? Does Utley have hypnosis powers or powers of mental suggestion?

3 years at least of TMac as the play-by-play guy on TV. Ugh.

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