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Friday, July 24, 2009


Tonight is a good test for Happ, and do you guys think that the cards making the deal for holliday, putt pressure on the FO to get Halladay?

Sam, no. I think the FO felt pressure to improve the pitching anyway.

I dont think the Cardinals move made a difference since they're not really a rival.

I'd be okay with Drabek, Carrasco, Brown or Taylor and Donald.

Its expensive but it helps us win now by keeping Happ.

I'm not big on Carrasco so I dont really care about losing him.

t'was the night before Christmas and all...

If this happens...

Halladay, Hamels, Blanton, Happ and who? Does Moyer get bumped? Does Pedro go to the pen?

Depends on how well Pedro pitches. You gotta go with whoever helps you win more.

I have a bad feeling that one of these games will end with a Lidge vs. Pujols outcome that we won't like.

Over the next 22, the Phils play legit playoff contenders except for one series (D-backs). Would be nice to come out of this 12-10 or somethign like that.

banana- I would start Moyer and finish with Pedro out of the pen. Pedro seems to be cheap insurance if someone goes down.

Spitz, that or a little better would be good.

Of course, tommy said a couple of games ago the Phillies could go 24-10 in the next several series.

Hmmmmm, it must be a gut feeling of his.

spitz-we're the wfc's, let's think like it... 14-8 works better.

Maybe I've read one too many Conlin columns, but losing Taylor would worry me. But then again, if we win at least one more WFC with Halladay, I swear I won't care.

Some food for thought regarding trades and the way they work out, even in the short term and how fluid things can be.

Consider for a moment the Lidge trade and what the mindset might set be in Philly right now if last year, we actually got the '09 version of Lidge and the Astros got the '09 version of Bourn. It'd be Defcon 1 in Philly right now. Gotta admit, I never thought Bourn would amount to much. This year he's starting to look like Juan Pierre from his young Marlins days.

I hadn't been paying attention to the weather, but it's storming like hell here in Wilmington. Has there been any talk as to whether they'll actually be playing?

I agree with you NEPP and rolo, but they could stand between us and the world series and that might mean something to the FO and defiantly to us!

Spitz: if that situation, I say walk him unless it will lose the game.

Lidge is already acting like a head case, no reason to definitively go down that road again.

This will definitely be a good challenge for Happ. As a new fangraphs article points out, St. Louis is now very righty-heavy in their lineup. Against RHB, as compared to LHB, Happ is plus .030 in BA and OBP against, while being plus .060 in SLG against.

Should be a good test.

Bold Prediction: Halladay will be a Phillie by Tuesday.

what i find interesting is happ starting tonight.. if he is involved in the discussions, you would think they might want to do the trade before he starts tonight... do they really need to see him pitch again?

Anybody else think the trade is going to involve somebody else (on both sides, perhaps?) that we haven't talked about? One of the Philly writers broke down nicely today the other Jays that could be involved.

btw mlbtraderumors posted at 5:30 that a deal is not close according to a reporter from mlb network (or .com, can't remeber which)

"I'd be okay with Drabek, Carrasco, Brown or Taylor and Donald.

Its expensive but it helps us win now by keeping Happ."

We are already "winning now".

There is ZERO guarantee that Halliday makes this team better then it already is (and its really good right now). Especially if Happ goes. I know that is tough for some folks to understand, but Halliday, as good as he is, has NEVER pitched in a true "big game" and never pitched in a big market under big pressure. That is a COMPLETELY different animal. Some guys thrive under that kind of pressure. Some don't. We have no idea how Halliday will respond to that kind of pressure, since he has never been through it.

And the true #1 problem with this team still hasn't been solved. Yes, this team could use another front-line starter for the playoffs. But the #1 issue facing this team no matter who starts, is who finishes. Halliday doesn't solve that.

If they give up Happ, Drabek and Brown, they are nuts. They can't give up both Happ and Drabek. If they do, they will live to regret it.

I hope JA (if this is indeed his last start as a Phil) goes out with a bang. He's been this team's pitching MVP in 2009. He was good against the Cards last year, in a big game. The Cards have struggled against lefty starters all year. Go after them and keep on doin' what you have been doin' and he will be fine.

Riccardi is supposed to be at the LV/Gwinnett game tonight to watch Carrasco.

Yo, new thread


denny- I agree on trying hard to keep Happ. As good as Drabek projects to be, he is still unknown at the major league level. Happ is already proven so far he can hang in the bigs.

Do you think Halladay can't take the pressure? Owning the AL East is proof enough.

Lidge worries me too, Myers or Madson may be closing out games in Sept.

For a little while this afternoon, actually had "Halladay traded" on it's splash page. LOL! I was like WTF until I saw the picture.

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