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Thursday, July 30, 2009


All as it should be.

Now, I want to win tonight, I want to make it through tomorrow (stupid west coast trips), and I want it to be 4 PM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

is victorino hurt from that great catch last night?

Jason, also a possible first round preview - I love the direction this season has taken! Great moves by Amaro, Jr. It's actually almost scary how all of his moves have been met with acclaim by us - the most loyal fans - yet Gillick's moves were more often panned - hopefully, both methods lead to parades....

I wonder if the Phillies regret signing Pedro or (more likely) if Pedro regrets signing with the Phils. Given the lack of trades involving pitching, I think Pedro could have latched on with a contender that, unlike the Phillies, have a need for starting pitching. Like MIL for example.

This will be interesting to watch right out of the chute. Wonder if this headline might appear tomorrow..."San Francisco falls to Phils and Francisco, sans Victorino." Lot's of possibilities for word play, that's for sure.

Vic sustained a knee bruise during the game last night. I believe Phils beat writers said there was no structural or ligament damage. Shouldn't be too serious, I hope.

So does Blanton or Lopez go tonight and is Hamels still on for Sunday? I would also like to have Moyer face the Giants, but I'd rather be in this position of power with too many starter options with the off-day coming up on Monday.

Mr. Mack: Don't jinx us. Remember, the pitcher for SF just threw a no-hitter a few starts ago, so he's not exactly Yusmeiro Petit...or IS he?

Vic took bp today and said his knee is feeling better. shouldn't be too long. Amaro says DL is not likely. rotation is set per lauber

Lopez (probable last start), Lee, Blanton, Hamels, Moyer, Happ

Sans Francisco, Phils would be hurting in San Francisco.

10:15 is better than 10:35 you used to get.

You're right doubleh, I wasn't thinking of the jinx. That's always a concern. First rule of thumb...never, ever predict a premature victory.

Interesting...I found this link on mlbtraderumors to Elias player rankings that are used for Type A/B. I know they're not free agents, but currently in the NL 1B/OF group Ibanez is #2 behind Pujols. Shane and Werth are also listed as Type "A". Interesting enough, Howard would currently be a Type B.

Hey, I liked the first season of Beerleaguer.

This is funny, according to MLB Trade Rumors:

6:22pm: So just how much do the Blue Jays want for Halladay? Marlins president David Samson told 790 The Ticket that J.P. Ricciardi wants "two left legs, a right arm and a left cerebellum" for Doc, according to the Miami Herald.

Michael Taylor threw out Lou Marson at home tonight in the LV/Columbus game.

Not much to look at at the AA and AAA levels now, as far as position players. Basically, it will just be Taylor and Mayberry and a bunch of journeymen/non-prospects.

Wouldn't mind seeing Dom Brown spend a few weeks in Reading to the end the year. With their offense now, they could use all the help they can get. They still have some good pitchers on that staff, so they would probably enjoy a little bit of offense too.

Dubee tells Inquirer Moyer will pitch after the off day, then Happ next, suggesting Happ is safe in the rotation.

Is Ben's middle name "San" ??? Just wondering....

Sherrill to the Dodgers? Crap. Hope the Cards/Cubs knock them out in the first round.

TNA: Don't worry, Torre will wreck him by mid-September.

Cards have been beating up on LA pretty well this week...

Does the presence of all these pitchers mean Myers is unlikely to be resigned in the offseason? As a RHP, he could be an asset amid all these LH starters. I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. Happ could still be moved to the pen after Martinez is pronounced ready to pitch in the Majors. Glad for him he gets another start. Also that Lopez gets to start tonight.

JW: Does that mean six-man rotation?

I doubt Myers will be resigned. I think he's said before that he wants to be a closer, and we're not going to pay two pitchers closer money... paying one relief pitcher that much is questionable enough.

GBrett: I'm actually kind of hoping that Myers gets resigned to be the closer.

OMFG...this is hilarious...per

Billy Joel to laugh off his Mets banner

In a bid to keep the peace at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies wanted to cloak or replace the 16-by-16-foot Mets banner at the top of the set decoration at the Billy Joel/Elton John concerts tonight and Saturday.

Alas, they could not find anything suitable.

Joel will wear a Phillies jacket for at least part of the show and will make some sort of joking reference to the Mets and their 10-games-back status

NEPP: Burlington? Is it hard to get to work through the sea of organic hemp clothes wearing, hack-e-sack playing, Phish listening folks in the downtown? Or are you up there surveilling head shops?

SC: Pretty sure that means Rodrigo Lopez is a goner after tonight. At which point, the question then becomes what happens when Pedro is ready.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Francisco brings to the table tonight. Timing couldn't be better. Now Victorino doesn't have to rush back. I wonder how much higher the ratings will be for tomorrow night's game with Lee making his debut.

Jack: "When" Pedro is ready?

MPN: You'd easily win post of the day with that one except sneed's response to klaus on the prior thread was funnier.

clout: I'll proudly take the red ribbon...

Jack: If, by "goner," you mean that Rolo is headed to the pen after tonight, then I think that's an accurate assessment. But I thought that was basically a foregone conclusion.

As for Pedro . . . I still don't understand why everyone thinks it's a certainty that he's going to be in our rotation. The guy had an ERA+ of 75 last year and last season's performance tends to be the best predictor of this season's performance. If Pedro has a couple of 6-inning, 3-run performances at AAA, do you really think he will have earned a rotation spot over Moyer or -- God forbid -- Happ?

****NEPP: Burlington? Is it hard to get to work through the sea of organic hemp clothes wearing, hack-e-sack playing, Phish listening folks in the downtown? Or are you up there surveilling head shops?****

There arne't actually that many hippies wandering around. Its a pretty big college town essentially...but one that also caters to a ton of out of town rich odd demographic mix to say the least.

I don't have too high of expectations for Francisco...I'd guess probably around 2 HRs tonight from him.

I thought sneed was on point with this one too: "clout does hedge everything. Either that or he calls you a pseudo offensive condescending name or answers a hardball question with a question of his own."

Although he forgets to mention bad faith, the key weapon in clout's devastating arsenal. For example, think Happ is attractive because he's cheap? Then surely you only care about "how much profit a group of multi-millionaires will get to keep."

Neiman Marcus ads JW??? Good thing Lee Elia doesn't monitor this blog or else he might start berating us as effete, chardonnay swilling phans....

big man!

MPN: Uh, oh. You figured me out. I'm drinking a nice Malbec right now.

But I think my penchant for vulgarity cancels that out.

I was just looking at the Phils' roster. Didn't realize that Ryan Howard is the only non-pitcher on the roster that throws left.

All of the other guys that bat left throw right.

Utley, Ibanez, Bako, Stairs and Dobbs are all listed as L/R. Victorino and Rollins are of course listed as S/R and also RHP Madson bats left.

Howard suddenly batting .270 on the year..when's the last time that happened? 2007?

Howard? Getting a hit against a LHP? Lies.

Kinda surprised they have Francisco in CF over Werth.

Someone on an earlier thread asked if the Phillies could've topped the Dodgers offer of 3B Josh Bell and RHP Steve Johnson for George Sherrill. The answer is yes, but one of the Phillies equivalents (Donald) went in the Lee deal.

Bell is a Jason Donald type, good bat but questions about his glove, but he's advanced thru the minors faster than Donald so maybe he gets a slight edge. BA ranked him 8th among Dodger prospects. The glove won't hurt him as much at 3B as Donald's does at SS and he might have more HR power than Jason, but I'd rather have Donald because his bat works really well at 2B assuming he can learn the position.

Johnson was ranked the 15th best prospect and he's not as good as any of the young pitchers mentioned in proposed Phillies deals. He's 21 and just got promoted to Double A. He'd probably equate with Drew Carpenter.

Francisco is clearly washed up.

Hell, Mayberry could have done that.

Bad trade

Good thing he has his first start on the road. Talk about pressure. He looked more than a little nervous.

Hey, kid, you just got traded, and oh BTW, you get the start in CF tonight. Good luck!

He started in CF for the Indians quite a bit.

Very interesting to see Burris in the outfield. I don't know how much experience he has out there in his career.

He played the ball off the wall but then he played an infield hop off the warning track. The warning track is a little bit softer than a regular infield (usually) and the ball tends to stay down like that. Also depending on the angle it comes off the wall it might skip more than bounce.

Tough luck run for Sanchez who looked ugly but could've gotten out without giving up a run.

He was out by half a foot, not even close.

wow that was bad a bad call

come on werth, catch the damn ball

Bad call comes back to kill you.

Horrible read by Werth as well.

I know he struck out in his debut at-bat with two guys on, but I think having Ben Francisco in our lineup this weekend will pay dividends.

Picture this: before coming to Philadelphia to begin a series with the Phils, and opposing team makes a trade for a guy named Bill Adelphia. Is there any question that the good old Bill would have a dominating series against the Phils?

if this team starts playing bad right as they traded for lee, beerleaguer will self destruct.

Rodrigo's just trying to make it easy on the Skipper in terms of what to do with the SP.

I agree HH. I think Rolo is making it easy on Cholly.

NEPP - Yeah, lots of drunk kids UVM and Bennington kids and plenty of out of town yuppies from NYC/Boston. Still, I generally had a great time there visiting a friend in the summers and it was a great stopover on the way up to Montreal.

McG: Or as someone on another thread said "You can't fire me, I quit".

I love all the stories about how we had 7 starters for 5 spots. As of right now, we have 5 starters, and then Lopez, and then Pedro. Lopez is either in the pen after tonight or should be released (not that he's pitched badly, he's just clearly the odd man out here), and then we'll cross the Pedro bridge when we get to it.

looks like lopez isn't giving up #31 to cliff.

Lee wore 34, according to google.

4 pitch walk to sanchez. nice.

At least RoLo had a fairly pitch efficient inning there and the back of the lineup is up to start the inning.

Gameday is saying "Injury Delay."

What's going on?

The centerfielder got hurt running the bases last inning.

And Jimmy!!


Okay...runner on 2nd, no outs. Lets score this damn run.

looked like torres pulled a hammy, and he looks silly when he runs

nice steal jimmy!

WOW...a steal of 3B by Jimmy.

That looked like a real jerk move by the ballb... er, man.

ump owed us.

Here we go again......... Less than 2 outs... man on 3B..... Jimmy may have to steal home....

Is it just me or has Chase struck out a lot lately when all he needs to do is making freaking contact?

5 K's already? Sheesh.

Did the equipment manager leave Ryan's lead pipe in Arizona? Rare to see him using a bat and donut in the on deck circle.

... All they need to do is put the damned ball into the outfield and they can't do it. Situational hitting be damned.

The whole team has been striking out lately when all they need to do is make freaking contact.

This is getting embarrassing...this team relies far too much on HRs sometimes.

Awful situational hitting again by Werth ... this is getting real frustrating

Well, that stunk.

That is frustrating.

Sorry but what a fucking joke of an inning. Runner on 3rd with NO OUTS and we dont get situational hit.

Wow the crowd at AT&T Park actually seems really animated and vocal for a change. Usually only get that the past few years when the Dodgers were in town or if the Bay Bridge Series with the A's across the Bay.

last night there was someone on here saying we are too hard on them for their situational hitting. Really?

Werth just awful tonight so far.

Its simply frustrating because they are usually very very good at situational hitting and plating the run so they spoil us. Both Werth and Utley are good clutch hitters but they came up very small there...and its happened a few times in the past week or so so it seems magnified.

That is all.

Daddy, does this mean we're getting swept in the first round?

Damn, what do they use for dirt at this place? The clay from Wimbledon???


sit down, slim. nice throw chooch.

why isn't sanchez playing? TMac said they are adding him in a day or two. What's that about?

er, French Open.

Good thing we got the runner at 2B....

Werth is a very streaky hitter...he was super hot for the first 3 weeks of the month and has cooled off the past week or so.

San Fran is the most pathetic offense ever and we're making them look like the Yankees.

can someone find some situational numbers by team? where do you find stuff like that? i'd love to settle this once and for all.

WTF is Wheels talking about McCovey hitting balls into McCovey Cove? You would only need to hit it a few miles north from Candlestick to McCovey Cove.

Ruiz: 31% CS rate this year....nice.

Racking up the k's

Phils just look like they are in a funk.

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