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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I can't wait to see both these guys (Harden and Blanton) swinging out of their cleats - and then laugh about it. Harden's supposedly a good athlete. Blanton, sporting a 1.667 OPS in World Series games, does not have quite the same reputation....

Harden, by the way, sports a .292/.320/.292 line. Not bad for a pitcher...or a lefty bat off the bench...

Saw this mentioned on Metsblog. Interesting comparison of Carlos Carrasco to Jon Niese. Niese is generally considered the teams top pitching prospect (although the Mets also have their own 19-year old flame thrower generating buzz).

Carrasco and Niese are about the same age with similar experiences. Niese's numbers are slightly better, but not significantly so. Am I off base here?

IMO, Harden, when healthy, might be the best SP the Cubs have.

That's why winning last night's game was so important.

In the last thread I wrote that I don't think of Manny as a power hitter. Despite the fact that I don't like Manny, I think of him as a great hitter, not a one dimensional power hitter. Howard is a power hitter. Pujols is a great hitter. Dunn is a power hitter. That's what I meant. I don't think of him as a home run producer. I think of him as a great hitter. He's a juicer. I hate what he does for the game, but he's a great hitter.

Had fun looking back at Baseball America's Top 100 Prospects list since 2005 (always released in February).

2005: Howard, Floyd, Hamels
2006: Hamels, Gio Gonzalez
2007: Carrasco
2008: Carrasco, Cardenas, Savery
2009: Carrasco, Brown, Marson, Donald
2010?: Drabek, Brown, Knapp, Taylor, Carrasco

Proof that Free Agency is jacked up: Marco Scutaro currently profiles as a Type A FA according to MLBTradeRumors. That's freaking ridiculous. This is his first season ever where he has an OPS+ over 100.

So Blanton's K/9 has been between 5.0 and 5.5 for his entire career and this year he's at 7.9. I wonder why that is.
Unfortunately his HR rate has just about doubled to go with that.

NEPP: I wonder if that system will get changed. In the past year or so I don't believe the Type A system has had the intended effect.

Or perhaps it has... maybe this is what everyone wants.

Luck? Career year?

Blanton still has that dark spot on his cap

I'm sure Scutaro is pissed as it'll dramatically hurt his chances on the market. Hmm alot of money AND two picks for Marco Freaking Scutaro...yeah, I'll pass.

Hey Beerleaguers of central Pennsylvania, maybe you can help me out:

I am in Danville, PA on a business trip, and I'm trying to find the game on the hotel cable. Any idea what channel carries the game in this area? Thanks.

Wait: Pujols is just a great power hitter, and not a great all-around hitter? I think you need to catch some more Cards games, or at least look at the statistics.


And J-Roll is on base again. Too bad he's washed up.

Maybe it's my optimism talking, but I get the feeling Halladay is going to be traded to the Phils. Ruben's quotes seem to be posturing to keep the cost down. Ricciardi's quotes seem to be posturing to drive the cost up. No other team seems interested. And the Jays (from what I can gather from limited information) seem like they'd rather make a deal than sit on their asset for another year.

My prediction: Halladay gets traded for Taylor, Carrasco, Donald and either Drabek or Knapp, depending on whether Ruben or Ricciardi blinks first.

Oh, nevermind. I found it.

For those unfamiliar with Danville, I will recommend the Old Forge Brewing Co, right downtown. Found it by chance and I am now enjoying a growler of pilsner back at the hotel.

Pujols is the best hitter in the game since Williams or maybe Mays.

Tom McCarthy is an idiot:

"Pretty efficient inning for Blanton....just 15 pitches".

IMO, efficient is 12 pitches or less. 15 only gets a pitcher through 7 IP.

Does anyone know what the MLB average is?

Oh, and Gameday had JRoll batting from the right side in that AB.

Rollins hitting .385 in July...Amazing.

He was on the left side, obviously, temporarily rolo.

Harden rattled a bit...good.

NEPP: Remember when he promised to hit .400 in May after his bad April?

He was off by a couple months...must be the Red Bull.

Battle of Billy Beane Boys

Awful at bat by Ryan. Swung at the same pitch three times in a row and none of them were close to the strike zone.

Shane's fine he's a big boy

what an incredibly poor atbat from ryno

Battle Between Billy Beane Boys.

Rob Neyer's take (interesting, different than most of the media, but similar to a decent component of BL):

Do Phillies need Halladay (or Lee)?

July 21, 2009 4:17 PM

Might the Phillies be going after Cliff Lee instead of Roy Halladay? Ken Rosenthal explores that notion:

In theory, the price in talent for Lee should not be as high as the price for Halladay. But Lee is owed about $11.5 million in salary through 2010, including a club option. Halladay is owed about twice that much, making him -- in one important sense -- less attractive.
The Indians, knowing they cannot compete next season if they move Lee, would consider moving him only for a knockout proposal. Such a proposal would need to start with a major-league ready starting pitcher such as the Red Sox's Clay Buchholz or Braves' Tommy Hanson.

The Phillies have such a pitcher -- left-hander J.A. Happ, who is 7-0 with a 2.68 ERA. Adding Class AAA right-hander Carlos Carrasco and Class A outfielder Dominic Brown to the package surely would get the Indians' attention. But if the Phillies were to trade Happ and Brown, they probably would prefer Halladay, right?


The Phillies should not be fooled by their commanding lead in the NL East: They rank 13th in the NL in rotation ERA. Halladay would fit them perfectly. But so could Cliff Lee.

In October, your "rotation ERA" is irrelevant. Can the Phillies go to war with the Dodgers (etc.) with their top four starters, as they stand right now? We're talking about Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, Jamie Moyer, and Happ.
Leaving aside his bloated ERA, Hamels is pitching just as well as he did last year. Blanton's pitching just as well as he did last year. Moyer's struggling, almost entirely because he's giving up far too many home runs. Happ is pitching better this year than Brett Myers -- a rotation mainstay in 2008 -- pitched last year.

Fundamentally, the Phillies' top four starters right now are just as good as the Phillies' top four starters last year. And just in case anyone's forgotten, last year the Phillies won the World Series.

So I'm begging you and everyone you know, please stop saying the Phillies need Roy Halladay or anyone else. The Phillies, right now, are good enough to win the World Series again. They would need a bit of luck, of course, but that's true of any team. The notion that adding Halladay would suddenly turn the Phillies into big favorites is preposterous, for the simple reason that baseball doesn't work that way.

This isn't to say the Phillies shouldn't trade for Halladay or Lee. Halladay is great, Lee just a tick behind. Lee's the better value for the simple reason that there's a larger gap between his cost and his true value. The key for both, though, isn't winning the World Series in 2009. The key is winning 90-some games in 2010, when both will still be serving under their current contracts. Take the long view, and a deal makes a lot more sense.

8 pitches. Now THAT was an efficient inning.

Where's MCcarthy now?

From Buster Olney...

You can't stop the Phillies, you can only hope to contain them: That's nine straight wins and counting. But the recent improvement does not diminish the Phillies' interest in Roy Halladay, writes Andy Martino, and that's the way it should be. Here's the thing: If the Phillies don't add another starting pitcher, they'll be one Cole Hamels elbow tweak from having a rotation that probably would have trouble succeeding in October. I've written it before, and here it is again: Halladay is perfect for the Phillies in every way possible. He's got a great contract in that it's not too long and not overloaded with long-term obligation, and he would make the Phillies the favorites to repeat as NL champions. If I were sitting in Ruben Amaro's chair, I'd overpay to get him.

@temporarily rolo

I wrote the exact words "TMac is an idiot" here just the other day.

Boy did Chooch get himself out.

Sorry for the long posts, but I have an ESPN Insider account, and just want to share relevant info w/ Beerleaguer.

Like the AZ Cardinals did against a Chicago team, Carlos Ruiz just let 'em off the hook popping up that 3-1 pitch.

A lot of popouts.

tg082: Hey... they were who we thought they were.

Cubs vs Phils on WGN tonight. Directv Channel 307.

Pete Happy flashed some leather that inning.

Very nice!

Nice work Joe.

Franzke just mentioned that Toronto wanted the top four prospects in the Mets' system for Halladay. LA retorted, "Yeah, well they were given a choice of the entire current Mets roster or those four guys, & ..."

Burn!!! :-D

How isn't LA on TV? Freaking hilarious.


I assume you have DTV. How much does it suck that almost all the games are on CSN? I have DTV back home, and I swear it's almost criminal that I only get to see the WFCs 20 games a year on the CW.



Jimmy Freaking Rollins.

Love it.

He's been looking for that HR since the other night ...

So goes Jimmy, so goes the Phillies.

Good thing he did that or I'd have been inveighing about the fact that he swung on a 3-0 count with the bases empty.

This squad is a thing of beauty when 11 swings the bat like that.

A 3-0 green light. Think Charlie is confident in Jimmy these days?

What's with all the foul-outs and pop-ups - on both sides?

Not a great result, but a good AB by Utley to make Harden throw some pitches.

Howie now needs to do the same, but hopefully with a better result.

JRoll said he was going to hit .400 . . . it was just 2 months later then he thought.

The home run aside, Harden looks pretty damn good tonight. He's cranking the fastball up between 95-97, and at 87 that slider is filthy. Howard doesn't know what to do with him.

He's throwing a ton of pitches though. 54 pitches through 3 innings for Harden.

Well, same result, but Harden is now up to 54 pitches - 18 per inning.

Harden juiced up for Howard, Gameday had him hitting 97 instead of 93-95 on the fastball.

Yeah, the TV flashed 97 on the pitch that struck out Howard, too.

Yikes, Derek Lee has hit into two hard-luck outs so far tonight.

Am I crazy, or are both pitchers getting a little extra on the corners tonight?

Blanton is getting hit pretty hard here.

F**k you, Domi!

"What's with all the foul-outs and pop-ups - on both sides?"

Uh... both pitchers have a little hop on their fastballs, most likely. Guys swing under it and pop up.

Jimmy Rollins' average before
Michael Jackson died: .211

Jimmy Rollins' average since
Michael Jackson died: .375

just sayin'

What the crap is going on? Bring in THE BAKO!!!


stat of the season, thus far.

Anyone recall Ibanez getting booed at all?

My ears are just burning listening to Sarge make things up.

i was there opening night and ibanez didnt get boo'd once, at least not by more than a few random drunks that I didnt notice.

Carlos: Give it time. Remember, this is the same city that booed Santa! :-o

I think I've been spoiled by the last couple weeks of ball. I'm finding this pitchers' duel hard to enjoy. It seemed more fun when the Phillies were kicking the crap out of teams from the start. :\

tg082: No kiddin'.

Meanwhile, Atlanta continues to crush that San Francisco pitching ... Braves currently up, 8-0.


Apparently, Lee isn't seeing the ball at first base tonight and/or Jimmy is tearing the cover off the ball

Another brilliant defensive play by the Cubs.

I hate how Sarge sounds like hes talking to a child when he gives commentary.

Phillies have been horrible on the bases recently.

As a child tv star, I love it.

Another f*cking pickoff ... I'm getting really sick of the wasted outs, esp. from Rollins & Victorino.

Perez looks like shite against the Nat's

Everyone looks uncomfortable. Almost like they forgot what it was to play a close game.

Sarge is a terrible color guy. Some of his insights while JRoll was on base included - "it is better to run on an offspeed pitch" and "it is tough to catch up a high fastball that is 94 or 95."

Fans may hate how Wheeler talks endlessly, fakes laughs too much, and drops his cute sayings but he I really enjoy when he comes back to the broadcast. Just a superior color man all around.

Would have loved to see Shane pull a signature frisky move "accidentally" swing through that pitch and break Hill's femur.

hunter - WTF? Been watching too much UFC lately?


sarge and tmac are just getting to me.

Ramirez made a mistake. Nice job of Blanton to strand Lee though. Another solid night for him.

82 pitches for Big Joe - one more inning or two?

"I think I've been spoiled by the last couple weeks of ball. I'm finding this pitchers' duel hard to enjoy"

Dude... all this endless talk about Halladay, and you're not THRILLED to have a Phillies SP cooking like this?

Harden is at 84 pitches going into the 6th.

Hopefully he tires here and they get to him.

Shane should have made him throw more pitches.

10 cent head sometimes.

Guess we're making sure Harden sees the 7th inning.

@tempo rolo

Shane's an idiot. Do we love him still? No questions asked.

Carlos, you'd think someone would have said something in the dugout.

Yeah, I don't obsess over pitch count, but there should be someone in there letting the hitters know that Harden is getting up there.

Good AB by Ryno.

Bally-Bally Ball FOUR - drive that count over 100 so we can feast on the bullpen!

Offense getting beaten by great pitching tonight.

Wow. A Tues. night sellout and already over 3M tickets sold and on pace to have 3.56M through the gates at CBP. Nearly 140k more than last year and easy a club record.

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