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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Good to know we're not over-analyzing every move made right now.

clout: I'll comment. Very impressive looking woman. Yes I felt scuzzy after watching it.

Willingham would've been a fine right-hander off the bench. I would've kinda preferred Kearns though.

Damn, it was too good to be true. A bat like that would be a great addition.

I'm sticking to my "they should get Garrett Atkins" line, though. He would be even better. They could then cut the gnome.

Love this time of the year!

I second going for Atkins.

Breaking: Hideous Gnome-o traded for three year old rosin bag. Rube gets fleeced.

I'd trade him to the Rockies for a season pass at a ski resort...any one of them will do.

Damn, I miss living out there sometimes. Usually in winter. Well, and summer. The sun is always out in Colorado.

Clout: Willingham's defense in LF as a 4th OF would be a reason not to get him, but Dobbs should start everyday against righties, despite his bad defense at 3rd?

That seems odd.

Atkins? Who would backup Rollins and Utley?

Good news: Walker accepts AAA assignment. We'll likely need him in August/September.

Rollins: .236 Avg .657 OBPS
Atkins: .226 Avg .632 OBPS

Report on Pedro's simulated game.

I am glad Walker sticks with the organization.

Oh, well, we still have KK to kick around and to use as our benchmark comparison for Happ.

I just read something disturbing. Manny only needs 11 HRs to match Mike Schmidt's career total. I never think of Manny as a power hitter, but now this long haired juicer will be soiling Mike Schimidt's number as he passes him on the all time list.

How do you manage to not think of Ramirez as a power hitter?

Wouldn't it also make sense that Lamar is just playing coy, and that Kendrick will be shipped (to DC?) imminently?

A false alarm on the false alarm call, maybe?

I think a KK for Snell trade would be good for the Phillies.

Atkins would back-up at 3rd and LF. He could get a couple of starts per week. He'd be a good RH bat off the bench too. Back-up for Bruntlett at 2nd and SS? How 'bout Donald? Castro? Tony Taylor? Larry Bowa? My mother? Almost anyone would be better than EB.

I guess since it's only a "simulated game," we're not allowed to ask how many hits & runs he gave up. Although, considering how many reporters were present, and considering that such information is at least a wee bit relevant, it's pretty lame that the article doesn't tell us.

Irrelevant, bap, they'd only be simulated hits and runs anyway.

bap: I heard he struck out 6 in his 4 simulated innings, so that's encouraging.

KK being pushed back a day doesn't mean he won't be traded. Doesn't mean he will either. It could be that the Gnats want to see him pitch again before deciding on him. Or it could be nothing. What we all are reading and hearing at this point is all conjecture, but where there's smoke there's usually fire. We all believe the Phils will do something, and they probably will. We shall see.

AF - we'd need to clear another roster spot if we wanted Atkins, Donald, Mayberry, Stairs and Dodd for the bench.

Lake Fred doesn't think of Manny as a power hitter? MLB active leaders in slugging percentage:

1. Pujols
2. Manny
3. A-Rod
4. Helton
5. Guerrero

MLB active leaders in OPS:

1. Pujols
2. Ramirez
3. Helton
4. Frank Thomas
5. Berkman

Manny is, put simply, one of the great hitters of all-time. Take away the apples-to-orange comparisons caused by stats of different eras, and the guy may be in the top 10 righthanded hitters to ever play the game.

Does someone on BL have any relevant stats for comparing sERA (simulated ERA)?

By the way, can we get a scientific study started on how Eric Bruntlett is seemingly immune to the BL Reverse Jinx?

He may not be immune. His play may be a step up from where he'd be if not BL's permanent whipping boy.

Villanova hoops team is being honored tonight before the game....nice!

Pete Happy: Wow! I did not even consider that possibility!

6 strikeouts means nothing without some context. Who exactly are these hitters he's striking out in his simulated game? I suspect we're talking about GCL caliber players, if even that.

bap: Well, it means *something* even without context. Wouldn't it be more concerning if he had no strikeouts in 4 innings against GCL caliber players, if even that? :-)

GCL players who get to tell their kids that they went up against Pedro Martinez.

I don't think Zolecki likes Beerleaguer. He tweets:

"This Kyle Kendrick for Josh Willingham trade rumor? Yeah, total bunk."

jack: dobbs is a million times better at 3b than hammer is in the OF.

I would love to get Willie Harris from the Nats. He can play all the positions that the Gnome does.....

Anybody see where Riccardi is afraid to have the trade rumors affect Halladay's psyche, so he's "drawing a line in the sand". He wants any trade (or no trade) done by Halladay's 7/29 start.. So I guess THAT deadline isn't flexible.. I swear, I really believe he HAS to get something done. That's why I maintain that the price will be les than 4 top prospects.. maybe 2-3 w/ some dude


I don't think Zolecki likes Beerleaguer. He tweets:

"This Kyle Kendrick for Josh Willingham trade rumor? Yeah, total bunk."

Well, the KK is scratched ---> Traded? ---> Josh Willingham?

thing was ridiculous.

about as ridiculous at the Mets garbage trade rejection of Halladay for Trash, Garbage, Waste and Rubbage.

TNA ~ If Atkins were to be on the Phils, Jr. would be sent down.

well, the Halladay to Mets rumor was done strategically, methinks, with the help of Mr. "Stretched Out Credibility" Heyman. It's strange though to see the debunking fallout. Some thought the Mets package was too little while others thought it was too much. All depends on whether the interested sources (or reflected buyers) are looking to drive the price up or down on Halladay.

"Manny is, put simply, one of the great hitters of all-time. Take away the apples-to-orange comparisons caused by stats of different eras, and the guy may be in the top 10 righthanded hitters to ever play the game."

And forget about a bat, man could he use a needle!

They're discussing Phils/Blue Jays on mlbtv right now.

Rosenthal says not including Drabek should not be a deal breaker.

AF - what about Atkins' contract? Wouldn't that be a lot of money to spend on a PH?

Rosenthal also reiterated the line that some scouts like Knapp better than Drabek.

IMO, the only reason they want desperately to keep Drabek is that they may view him as the next young ace on the staff.

By that I mean that perhaps they don't feel they're going to be able to keep Hamels after his current contract expires, and they want Drabel because he'll be ready sooner than Knapp.

Yo, new thread

Saw this mentioned on Metsblog. Interesting comparison of Carlos Carrasco to Jon Niese. Niese is generally considered the teams top pitching prospect (although the Mets also have their own 19-year old flame thrower generating buzz).

Carrasco and Niese are about the same age with similar experiences. Niese's numbers are slightly better, but not significantly so. Am I off base here?

AWH: watching that, I hope he's right. I love the idea that Rube took Drabek off the table. Given the limited number of teams Halladay apparently would go to, Phils do appear to have serious leverage. Rosenthal also said the Phils v. Cubs game was like watching men play boys. Awesome.

Didn't watch the Erin video, but I think I love Hazel Mae. Apologies, enough non-baseball talk from me.

TNA ~ Yes, Atkins makes a lot of money for a part time player (I think it's somewhere around 5M/yr). That's probably why it won't get done. However, we have NO depth at C, 3b or LF. If Pedro, Carlos or Raul get hurt, the Phils would have to run out Dobbs, Jr., Bruntlett and/or Bako...Pretty scary if you ask me. Atkins could help out 3b or LF and be a big improvement as a RHPH.

IMO, if the Phils want a repeat, they need the back end of the BP to get back to last year, they need a big improvement on the bench (for both PH as well as insurance) and they need another strong SP. Amaro can take care of the 2nd and 3rd of these. Madson and Lidge have to fix the first.

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