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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Kyle Kendrick is rumored to be involved in any deal to Cleveland. If we have to lose a pitcher named Kyle in a deadline deal, he should be it.

I hope we deal both and become the Yankees of the NL

Why not roll the dice? We're the Champs here, let's send a big message. Sell the farm and bring in some big names. If we win, they'll resign!

J - can I just say I love your blog and check it regularly, but wish sometimes that you included hyperlinks to the articles you reference so I could go read them myself. I'll come back, I promise!

New threads are making me dizzy with anticipation. I expect to see three more by the time I get back from lunch.

This deal isn't done yet? Let's do it before the Indians sober up.

I've been on the same Roth IRA report for a client for 5 days because of this blog! And in no way is that depressing!

I love that the Phillies and Rube are waking up and basically telling Ricciardi to go "pound sand". Going after Lee is a smarter option financially, along with his age. Let's see how Ricciardi reacts to this move. If he doesn't soften his approach, then I am offically convinced that Halladay will be a Blue Jay until next year.

I don't want to become the Yankees of the NL. They haven't won a World Series in almost 10 years now.

ESPN also reported that Orioles closer Sherril has been discussed.


Lee? Phewey. Hold strong for Halladay. But Lidge, Happ and Drabek on a bus headed towards Toronto and get this deal done already.

dammit, how the f am i going to go to lunch now? I'm starving for a trade more than food and i didnt even eat breakfast.

I'm not saying play like spoiled brats! I'm saying spend some money, take a risk! They also play in the AL EAST! Sox, Rays?! Not the Mets and Nats!

I've got to believe this deal is all but done. If the involved players are the ones mentioned, why wouldn't it be?

RE: Jesus in the rotation:

Another problem with be that if they do get Lee, along with Hamels and Jesus, that would make 3 out of the top 4 pitchers in the rotation left-handed.

Could be bad if we play a heavily RH-batting team in a short series.

If Rube pulls this off, I will be amazed.

Halladay is the better pitcher, obviously, but I'll take Lee, Drabek and Brown in my organization tomorrow as opposed to Halladay, Carrasco and Marson.

I'm eating my lunch at my desk today, can't miss any breaking news.

"If we win, they'll resign!"

Yea, that is the thing. We can't afford to resign Halladay. He is going to command Johan type money, which is 25 mil/year. When pigs fly, will that happen here.

As I have said from the start. If we are willing to deplete our farm for 1.5 years and potentially 2 WS championships, then do it. If not then take another approach I.E. Lee. Stillpotential there, but less money and save some prospects.

tommy, good points.

I think it would be poetic justice if Halladay didn't get traded and had a change of heart in the offseason - he tells the Jays he won't waive his FNTC.

Ricciardi then winds up with only the two draft picks.

The 31st better get here quickly, otherwise I think Beer Leaguer might explode.

And, I'm almost afraid to think of what could happen if the Phillies don't make any moves! I mean the world might actually stop spinning, and we'll all fly off.

phlipper: All pictures (ok, paintings, to get technical) show Jesus being a righty.

Waiting for Next Year, an Indians blog reporting trade is done but waiting for confirmation.

b-grabbers, wxcellent point!

rolo: Exactly. Don't get me wrong, I would LOVE Halladay. But the way Ricciardi has been acting, no wonder Rube is slamming phones around the Bank offices.

I wonder if Cleveland would throw in Jamey Carroll - perhaps if we upgrade from Donald to Taylor. I would do that - we desperately need a RH bat that plays the middle infield.

Burt: It's up. Have to understand I'm rattling this off rather quickly.

From last thread

Here's another way to look at it. If it's true, and the Red Sox get Halladay, playing devil's advocate, do you ever want to trade any prospects for lee? I mean if the red sox have a 1-2-3 of Halladay, lester, beckett. That's tough to beat...

Beerleaguer is getting so many hits the "My Lord" girl cant afford to advertise anymore!

deal sounds very good for the Phillies, especially if it is Donald and not Taylor.

A stud pitcher for 1.5 years and for only $8mil next year?

Does that club option automatically transfer over to the Phils? I know sometimes those types of options can change when a trade is involved, depending on the contract.

I would still rather have Halladay and deal Drabek, but this is a very close runner up, mostly because Lee is very good and we keep our top two prospects(three hopefully) while still having some payroll flexibliity.

Think about it, if the phils were set to take on $15.75mil in 2010, then in essence they should have some extra change to work with next year, and even save about $2mil in dough this year as well for a RH bat I hope. I know thats not how things work, but just saying.

Phlipper: Jesus is actually a switch pitcher, so your point is moot.

"Cy Young winner Cliff Lee has reportedly been dealt to the Philadelphia Phillies for RHP Carlos Carrasco, SS Jason Donald and catcher Lou Marson."

Holy cow!!! If this is true, Rube has done a GREAT JOB!

"Halladay is the better pitcher, obviously, but I'll take Lee, Drabek and Brown in my organization tomorrow as opposed to Halladay, Carrasco and Marson."

That seems about right. In this (rumored) move, we're substantially increasing our ability to win now without at all hampering our capacity to win in the future. As opposed to the Halladay deal, which may have made us the favorites in this year's playoffs, for whatever that's worth (often, not much), but would have done so at substantial cost to our future prospects.

Sherrill is a reliever the Phillies have longstanding interest in. He'd actually be a better lefty setup man than Romero, mainly because he doesn't have Romero's control issues. That, and he can also step in and close, unlike Madson. The interest here is because of the bullpen injuries.

As for the Cliff Lee rumored deal, Ricciardi's going to look like an idiot if the Phillies pull off a 5/6 player trade and don't give up Happ, Drabek, or Brown. Carlos Carrasco, remember, projects as a #3 starter in the majors, and Donald/Marson are highly regarded hitting prospects. Add a Class-A arm in Knapp with a live arm, and that's 3 players almost immediately ready to contribute plus a 4th 2/3 years down the pipeline, for a pitcher with a much more palatable contract than Halladay. That contract should increase the Indians asking price, but they're taking less than the Blue Jays are demanding.

It's a double whammy for Ricciardi if this goes through. One, it takes his best buyer off the market, and second, it lowers Halladay's price on the trade market. Teams are going to point to this deal and demand Ricciardi lower his selling point. And with all the noise, he practically has to trade Halladay now or he looks very foolish.

Z: In that case, I'd still rather be the Red Sox ... but I get your point. :-)

What about the revenue a post season brings? Season ticket renewals, merchandise, post season ticket sales and trademark team recognition?

The key question is "how has Jesus recovered from his multiple injuries?" I mean, from the paintings I've seen, it doesn't even look like the wounds are healing. That could seriously effect his velocity.

I'd be just as happy with Lee and keeping Drabek (and Conlin will be happy with keeping Taylor). I think Halladay will be the most disappointed if he is stuck there because his GM got too greedy. Multiple sources have said the phils were his first choice.

Reports that Taylor as been scratched...

Z. Mac: "What about the revenue a post season brings? Season ticket renewals, merchandise, post season ticket sales and trademark team recognition?"

True, but what you fail to realize is, all that money will go to Howard, Rollins, Vic, Werth, Hamels, Blanton, Ibanez etc. who are all getting significant raises. Adding a 25 mil/ yr pitcher to the payroll just simply won't happen. Plus you have to resign Howard for 18 mil/yr.

I'm hearing knapp is involved in the lee deal, change anyone's mind?

scratch that, Taylor is on the field.

Dom Brown also listed in lineup for Clearwater.

NEPP, Jesus' wounds would be no worse than whatever that stuff is on Blanton's hat.

somebody say something definitive I'm flipping out here

Nope...Knapp is the perfect trade piece.

The odds of him making it are so low to begin with (Pitchers sometimes get injured...young pitchers usually get injured).

Lee does have an $8 million option on his contract for next year, so we could still 3-peat, without giving up our best prospects. I really wanted Halladay, but I'd settle for Lee. WFC's again!!!!!!

I agree with that but we aren't broke. The money we bring in from a deep second season also brings in new investors and sponsorship opportunities.

Wow a phuturephillies sighting - things must be heating up

Jesus, BB, scare the crap out of me.

Not familiar with May, but that deal sounds good to me. Keeping our top-three prospects and acquiring last year's Cy Young winner.



Remember, Cleveland already has fully scouted Carrasco, Donald, Marson (top 3 prospects at this time last year) as part of a potential Sabathia deal. They maybe just wanted to follow up and make sure all are healthy (which is why they had scouts there last night). Most of due diligence has been done. Any deal would be pending physicals, but it shouldn't take too long to close either way.

Good thing Donald had 2 hits last night, right?

I really wanted Halladay first, but couldnt stand to watch him walk to the yankees or sox next year....
Lee pitched better than doc last year so I'll take him in a Minaya minute.

If Rube pulls this off, he deserves a pat on the back from Beerleaguers,(who demanded he "do what it takes") Charlie Manuel,(who considered Drabek untouchable before catching Halladay fever) Pat Gillick,(who jumped the gun and was too willing to let go of our top prospects) and most of all, Dave Montgomery.(for securing a cheap #2 for the next 1 1/2 years without sacrificing inexpensive, talented successors to Myers, Ibanez and Werth)

You want to know where these rumors are coming from?

Read this:

PadrinoSJP, if Ruben pulls off this reported trade for Lee, then the pressure on Ricciardi will be enormous.

They may be FORCED to deal him in the AL East just to get the best package.

How will that go over with the fans in Toronto? Their beloved Roy in a Yankee or Bosox uniform? With the subsequent fan uproar, Ricciardi loses his job over that, IMO.

There have been reports from the Sally League games that Jesus has pitched that most of them are stopped by the 3rd inning on account of teammates being drunk.

Apparently there is something causing wine to come out of the water fountains there.

I can't help but think though trainer is the better place for Jesus in the organization

Z. McCarthy: Not 25 million worth. If the Phillies had their own sports channel I.E. SNY or the YES network. Then yes, but Comcast Sportsnet isn't theirs. That is the sole reason the Yankees and Mets can afford $160 million+ payrolls. Ticket sales are such a small percentage. Also merchandise is split between all teams. That is the reason you can go to the Bank and buy a Seattle Mariners hat if you wanted.

From an NL perspective this may turn out to be more genius than anything by RUBE. By most accounts Lee as the only top starter that any of the other NL clubs had a shot at getting ..... now by getting Lee, and assuming that Halladay either stays put or goes to an AL club like Anaheim or Boston - who is left on the starter market for the Dodgers or others to add?

Not much.

Additionally as it has been mentioned, if we believe the reports - we still have Happ, Drabek, Taylor, Brown etc. in the stable.

Well played Mr. Amaro.

hahaha, good reference dlhunter

There's no chance in hell it's the Carrasco/Marson/Donald trade. That looks like pure speculation, while Knapp/Carrasco/May/other guy has a ring of truth to it.

To put it in perspective . . . 6 weeks ago any of us would have been thrilled to learn that the Phillies were going to get Cliff Lee at the trading deadline. It seems like a bit of a let-down only because of the Roy Halladay talk. But if they can get Lee without giving up Brown, Drabek, or Taylor, then I give Amaro major, major kudos. If they can get a closer too, I might just wall-paper my room with his picture.

I know he won the CY last season but that's when Lee was 22-3, his value has fallen, he's 7-9 granted not a ton of run support

Would rather have Halladay, but getting Lee without giving up Drabek or Brown/Taylor would be awesome.

This is pretty intense.

If I'm Ruben, I make the move for Jesus. His stuff is just nasty. He throws a fastball that rises - three days after he throws it.

I hit refresh after thirty seconds, and there was nothing new...WTH, is everyone at lunch?

"How will that go over with the fans in Toronto? Their beloved Roy in a Yankee or Bosox uniform? With the subsequent fan uproar, Ricciardi loses his job over that, IMO."

Rolo, wow. You are starting to sound ALOT like.....ME.

"I might just wall-paper my room with his picture."

LOL... BAP, I am literally laughing at my desk.

So wait, if you do that are you the newest member of the Sir Alden Group?????

I understand the logic of merchandising, I worked in Marketing and Merchandise sales for the Buffalo Bills, Flyers and Phantoms haha

85: Excellent! :-D

Phillies fans everywhere are overloading countless servers right now. Nationwide bandwidth has been maxed out.

Lee's club option is actually $9M. He got a bump for winning the Cy Young last year.

****If I'm Ruben, I make the move for Jesus. His stuff is just nasty. He throws a fastball that rises - three days after he throws it.****


A team who brings in a possible 3-peat threat is going to find a few investors to bring in a couple bags of money

Z. : No, I am not trying to be ignorant to you. Just saying that with all the raises and no TV channel, the money really isn't there to add a 25 mil/yr salary to a team with already a 130 million payroll.

"How will that go over with the fans in Toronto? Their beloved Roy in a Yankee or Bosox uniform? With the subsequent fan uproar, Ricciardi loses his job over that, IM

Umm... wasn't it in the news yesterday that it's not JP Ricciardi that is the final say in the trade (or somethign like that?)

If they don't, LET ONE WALK! Bye bye Roy, thanks for the rings!!

Recent Downer Tweets:

Zolecki - "Source: "Nothing is imminent." But it looks like Cliff Lee, if something happens. Indians scouts are in Lehigh Valley today."

Lauber - "Early day game (11 a.m. ET) after night game at Lehigh Valley means Marson and Donald most likely were supposed to get the day off."

Murphy - "Jason Donald was scheduled to have today in order to ease him back from a knee injury."

Rosenthal reports that the deal is Knapp, Carrasco, Donald, & Marson for Lee and one other (RH bench Bat?)...

Jayson Stark: a source familiar with the Indians' thinking denied Wednesday that the club was close to any deal, saying "that's news to me."

Wow, new news. Boston is now changing their offer to Toronto. This complete CRAZINESS!

If they did pull this off without losing any of the big four -- Drabek, Brown, Happ, Taylor -- who Toronto originally asked for, it is nothing short of an amazing trade.

Tommy you are a formidable opponent, nice to talk logically with someone. My room mates are slow

This will no doubt end with a tremendous let-down. When the trade is finally revealed, it will turn out to be Taylor, Marson, Donald, and Carrasco for Kevin Correia.


Z McCarthy: As are you. I just want to win, keep the better prospects and afford to keep the best team possible on the field. I think if we get Halladay, we would have to lose Howard after 2011. That sentence alone, could spark a huge BLer Civil War in itself.

Godfather: Jason Donald is not a highly regarded prospect by anyone other than the immediate family of Jason Donald.

Prediction: Carrasco has been traded for George Sherill.

If it's Lee and not Halladay, I'd love to be in the lobby of their hotel in SF this weekend.

Better yet, the hotel lounge after the games...

Bap: At least that trade is not for the Gnome.

Keith Law just reminded people on tweeter that carrasco took himself out of a start last july b.c. he didnt want to get traded, same deal here?

11:09am: Rosenthal and Morosi report that the Phillies are discussing a trade for Cliff Lee and possibly another player for Knapp, Carrasco, Jason Donald and Lou Marson.

From i mean

If the Jazz can get a loan for Paul Milsap, someone will in Philadelphia for Howard haha!

MLBTR is saying the speculation is the Indians would be including another player. Fingers crossed that other player, is not Kerry Wood.

In case it wasn't mentioned, both Marson and Donald were scheduled to be off today already.

Sounds like Carrasco, Knapp and May at least for Lee.

I understand that Donald/Marson could have off today, a day game after night game. Makes sense. Carrasco being scratched is a little more peculiar.

But if they aren't being traded today, isn't it a pretty a-holish move by the phillies to pull all 3 of these guys knowing 3 cleveland scouts will be at the game... ha ha, what do you guys think?

"If the Jazz can get a loan for Paul Milsap, someone will in Philadelphia for Howard haha!"


"Keith Law just reminded people on tweeter that carrasco took himself out of a start last july b.c. he didnt want to get traded, same deal here?"

Keith Law is a tool and worked for JP in Toronto...he is trying to help his boy here.

NEPP - Tip your waitress.

****Keith Law just reminded people on tweeter that carrasco took himself out of a start last july b.c. he didnt want to get traded, same deal here?****

Keith Law bash a Phillies prospect?!? I simply refuse to believe such slander.

Extra right-handed bat from Cleveland = V-Mart?

That Dude: KLaw was fired by Toronto and JP called him an "idiot". Who would his boy be again?

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