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Friday, July 31, 2009


Hopefully his story ends with a few more WS rings for the Phightins'!

Nats trade Beimel to Rockies

Casey Kotchman in that deal with Laroche. Set to go to Boston.

Marlins in on Heath Bell, but talks stalling.

Man... wasn't Kotchman a key part of the Texieria deal?

I assume this means next year that Laroche will go to NY for Teixeira again.

CJ: Yea, I alwasy thought he was a nice little player. I think the trade off between him and Laroche is lateral. Laroche hits more HR's, but Kotchman hits for a better average.

Repeat post from last thread:

I was at a loss for words initially for people to get down on Rube Jr. after pulling off a great trade. Only in Philadelphia, and only on this board.

Yes, he passed up George Sherrill. Maybe it's because he doesn't have prospects people want except the 8 players that have been discussed (Happ, Carrasco, Brown, Taylor, Drabek, Donald, Marson, Knapp). Maybe throw Savery onto that list, but Baltimore wanted more pitching and an infield prospect for Sherrill. You can cross Donald/Carrasco off the list then, and a reliever, no matter how good, is certainly not worth the team's best pitching prospect in Drabek, whom you would have had to use.

So, let's see, what's the better move: adding Donald/Carrasco to a package for Cliff Lee and landing a Cy Young winning pitcher for the biggest weakness on the team, the rotation, or holding those 2 for a closer with a bullpen currently depleted by injury but one which will be much better by mid-August?

Anyone who thinks the second alternative is better should be shot for the crime of Extreme Stupidity.

As others have pointed out, there's actually little room in the bullpen once the guys on the DL get healthy again, AND we've got the little problem of Myers and Martinez showing up in the next month. It's a good kind of problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. As of right now, Lopez is going into the pen to make room for Cliff Lee. Myers will go to the pen as well. Romero, Condrey, and Durbin will also return in the next month. That's 5 pitchers currently not sitting out there every game. Martinez will probably make the 6th pitcher.

Yes, Moyer should stay in the rotation, for the following reasons:

1) He's a soft tosser. Generally these pitchers tend to be less effective out of the bullpen.
2) Age. He's already conditioned himself to start every 5 days, and it's incredibly tough for a young mid-20's pitcher to switch his conditioning between the bullpen and the rotation. You want to see a 46 year old try that? HA!
3) Money. They're paying him 10 million a year, this year and next to start. For good or ill, he's in the rotation for this reason. You don't pay a guy 10 million for long relief.
4) He's actually been getting progressively better after an awful start, which even a cursory perusal of his statline shows, and shows clearly
5.09 4 23 1.57 2.5 5.86 5
8.01 6 30.1 1.68 1.5 4.45 9
4.80 5 30 1.30 2.85 6.00 5
3.30 5 30 1.27 1.5 4.45 2

So Pedro's in the bullpen. Frankly, I always though Martinez's signing was an emergency measure in case the Phillies didn't land Halladay or anyone else (Lee, Washburn, even Penny). Do I have any idea where he'll fit? No. I don't even know if he'll be effective. But this rotation:


should scare the hell out of everyone in the National League. Certainly 1-4 do.

STILL not one mention of Phils on MLBTR.. when Rube takes a day off, he takes a day OFF



Rube's at the bar after 24 days of Halladay talk.

Scott Rolen to Reds. Nice work Ricciardi!

Moyer is the #5 until the playoffs, then he becomes mop-up. That's the way it is guys. They're paying him too much to stay in the bullpen. Deal with it.

And as for the Rolen to the Reds trade, he has a No-Trade clause. He goes from one losing team to another. Looks like a salary dump for the Blue Jays and a desperation move by the Reds.

Are people really shocked that the Phils aren't doing anything today? We traded four of our top prospects for the best starting pitcher to change teams.

This place is hilarious.

And, in case people forget, the trade deadline isn't the end of trades. This year, more than any other, teams will be able to get players through waivers meaning lots more trading is likely.

Marlins caved and gave up AA pitcher Aaron Thompson for Nick Johnson.

if halladay doesn't movie, which looks like he is going to stay, did the phillies make the biggest splas? i think so

The Lee acquisition tells you they're going for it. Geezer is a sunk cost. If someone is performing better, Geezer'll take a seat. He'll get the benefit of the doubt, but that's all.

Tomorrow is Victor Martinez bobblehead night in Cleveland.

Hahahahaha. Sorry, Cleveland fans. I actually do feel sorry for you. I keep rooting like hell for them to win a championship, even though I can't stand LeBron James.

Any word on what the Yankees gave up for Jerry Hairston Jr. Was it a better haul than the Phillies got for Abreu?

CJ: Not surprised that they aren't making any more moves. I am a little surprised that it seems that they aren't even exploring options though.

As others have said, the Phils haven't been active at all since they got Lee. At the very least I would think Rube would be on the phones right up until the deadline to see if there was anything out there to help improve the team. It seems that he decided to take the last few days off however.

Just to be clear, I'm not complaining or critizing Rube at all, he did a great job to land what has turned out to be the biggest acquisition of this mid-season deadline, just surprised that it seems they are content to sit back now.

People worried about Dodger playoff games should take note that both the Braves nor Fish think they'll be playing in those games.

"and" not "nor"

NCPhilly - Nope. A level catcher named Weems. I'm wondering what the Reds are thinking if that's all.

Nice Cliff Notes graphic, Jason. Very clever: Cliff Notes vs. Cliff Lee.

As for Scott Rolen.... I wish he had been sent to Pittsburgh.

Yep, Lidge's ongoing struggles and the lack of a viable solution to the closer problem are real causes for concern when you start to think about post season. However...

I've done my fair share of griping about the FO over the past couple of years, but at this point, I think they have earned a measure of respect and trust. A WS under the belt and a competitive team leading the division in late July. Amaro could have held a pat hand and defended doing so if all they wanted to do was be in the mix and then let the cards fall where they may post season.

Instead, we have Cliff Lee to look forward to; and from all appearances, a position player who should be a big plus off the bench over the next couple of months.

At this point, I think there is probably no person on Planet Earth other than Cholly, Dubee, and Brad himself who is more aware of, living and breathing the closer problem than Amaro. I don't know whether he is done dealing, but I do have confidence that the options are being weighed, and am willing to give the benefit of the doubt and wait and see what transpires now.

I hate to say it but this reminds me just a little bit of the feel there was in the late 70's when the Phils had a powerhouse club for years, and then they landed Pete Rose. I remember the chill I had when I heard the news and how I was thinking, "My God, this is going to be one fun year to watch".

A great season thus far, the Phils can play with anyone, and then on top of it we land Cliff Lee - without giving up the farm. Can't wait to see him pitch tonight.

True, this is Philly, where you never want to get over-optimistic, but if you are a Phils fan and aren't excited about this team now, I don't know what to say.

scuilli, who cares if they made the biggest splash.

We care if they make the playoffs and win the WFC!

Nick Johnson certainly helps the Marlins. He plays 1st while Cantu goes to 3rd. Nice upgrade for minimal cost.

Fish got a sweet deal on Johnson. I'm afraid to look, but he's probably a career .500 hitter against Moyer too.

Before this week the Phils had 3 needs: top of the rotation starter, righthanded bat off the bench, bullpen help. They got the first two in Lee trade. They'll get bullpen help in the form of whoever is kicked out of the rotation and/or someone after the deadline. What the hell do people want? Lee is only the best pitcher they've aquired at the deadline in recent history.

heyman tweeted peavy to white sox, again.

We have a new contender for worst GM move of the year if this is true:

Yahoo sports is reporting that Scott Rolen was traded to the Reds for Edwin Encarnacion AND Yonder Alonso.

If that si true then Riccardi saves some face for the Halladay mess. He gets out from under a brutal contract, and gets back two young guys who have some good power potential at the corners (one of whom is major league ready)

MLBTR says Jake Peavy to the WhiteSox (again).

Peavy to white sox again!

Rosenthal saying Gonzalez and Bell to Dodgers for Loney and a package?

"Yes, he passed up George Sherrill. Maybe it's because he doesn't have prospects people want except the 8 players that have been discussed (Happ, Carrasco, Brown, Taylor, Drabek, Donald, Marson, Knapp). Maybe throw Savery onto that list, but Baltimore wanted more pitching and an infield prospect for Sherrill. You can cross Donald/Carrasco off the list then, and a reliever, no matter how good, is certainly not worth the team's best pitching prospect in Drabek, whom you would have had to use."

Wait, so you're telling me that because we used up Carrasco and Knapp, we had nothing left to give up for Sherrill other than Drabek? Baltimore didn't get very good prospects in this deal. They could've given us Sherrill for Savery, they could've given us Sherrill for Bastardo. You're assuming the Phils are done looking because nothing is appearing on Plenty of trades went down with little warning there.

curt: Actually, he has a lousy career BA vs. Moyer. In 23 PA, he has a .056 BA, .261 OBP and .317 OPS. 1 HBP and 2 GDP.

Sneed, tell me you're joking. If the Dodgers got Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell on top of Sherill, I will openly weep.

TI: Alonso was NOT in the Rolen deal.

Also, forgot he got 1 H, 1 RBI, 4 BB and 3 SO.

One of the arguments here is that the Phils have too many pitchers and another is that they don't have enough or at least not enough with the right skills.

Call me a cock-eyed optomist or whatever, but I see these two issues as self cancelling and ultimately working out.

Jack: Was just coming in to confirm the price they paid. It ends up being EE, Josh Roenicke, and Zach Stewart for Rolen.

That's still a pretty hefty price for a third baseman whose average is 36 points above his career right now and might be lucky ot hit 15 homers in a season again.

Go to Fox Sports. Rosenthal is usually pretty accurate but he didn't say they had a done deal, just talking.

hh - well, that's something. He'll probably mostly sit when we're in town with our Left Wing Brigade.

No Tray, I'm arguing that it's a much better alternative to fold 2 prospects into a deal for an ace than hold those 2 back, use them for sherrill, and give up Drabek, Brown, Happ, or Taylor also in the Cliff Lee trade. In this alternative, we'd have gutted the farm system.

Name me one team that guts its farm system and is successful in winning a WS in the short or long term.


sox trade for peavy again? haha that would be pretty funny if he accepted the trade now but not before.

TI: Rolen is light years better than Encarnacion defensively. Now, Clout will argue that defense at 3rd base is irrelevant, but I certainly think it's a point in Rolen's (and the Reds') favor.

That said, the Red can't honestly believe they have a chance do they? I don't get it.

White Sox really, really want Peavy. But I thought was out the remainder of the season. Is that not correct?

No way the Dodgers can pull that off. No way.

Henceforth, Rolen should be referred to as "oft-traded." Same way Nixon was always referred to as "the disgraced former President."

I think there's a lot of smoke around the Dodgers-Padres right now, but very little fire. The Dodgers don't have the stones to gut their farm system and go all in.

I say this in all seriousness- F*ck the Dodgers!

The Rolen Trade is contingent upon the No Trade clause, and it's for Encarnacion and another minor leaguer.

Encarnacion is hitting VERY poorly so far this year, and he's had a wrist injury, so he's on limited time:

Blue Jays get a cheap 3B and a minor leaguer in exchange for an injury prone 3B with a 22 million contract over the next 2 years. Man is the Reds GM (Walt Jocketty) stupid. Yeah, he needs offense, but his team's really out of it anyway. Rolen is NOT going to rescue this team. Maybe Holliday would have, if the Cardinals didn't land him (which was a great move by the way).

sneed: They have negative 40 minutes to talk. I agree with Carson. If the Dodgers land Gonzalez and Bell -- or even just Bell -- they will be extremely scary.

Jack- Despite the difference in glove I don't think relying on a 35 year old guy with a history of injury problems is entirely sound. Especially when you have a 24 year old who has power potential.

I guess the Reds just got itred of waiting on Edwin and think they can do it next year. They are wrong but more power to them.

If that Dodgers thing turns out to be true I have a fridge stocked full of beer. Everyone's invited.

Heyman said Peavy approved.

I also say this in all seriousness- F*ck Scott Rolen. Great ball player, big doucheasaurus.

Do the Dodgers even have enough minor-league talent to get Gonzalez AND Bell? Loney is a league-average 1st baseman. To get both those guys, even with Loney, they'd need a couple stud prospects, right?

I don't think that happened.

Rolo: i was just saying, the phillies have to be the biggest winners. If we got lee then halladay was trade to the red sox, yanks, angels, or dodgers it would lessen the signifigance of our move, but since he wasn't we seemed to get the best 'healthy' pitcher on the market

What worries me is- why did Peavy approve this time? Does he know something is happening?

There are provisions about deals that are started by 4 and filed allowed to continue past the deadline some. It could be as simple too as the paperwork not being final yet.

I will not breathe easily until Rosenthal or Stark or someone else categorically states this as false.

Phils made the most impactful move at the deadline of any team in baseball this year. When have you ever been able to say that?

BAP: A deal could be done or an extension could have been granted. I never said the deal was done. Just reporting what I got 2nd hand from Rosenthal. It would be a great deal for the Dodgers.

Jack - does it seem like the Padres really want a lot of top prospects to you? Seems to me they have other motivations. They're ready and willing to gut the payroll so their poor owner can handle his divorce. Dang owners.

The Red Sox were in the Gonzalez talks up until the end, but bailed because San Diego wants lots of good, young pitching. LA would most likely have to part with someone already in their rotation in order to pull off a deal for him and Bell.

Phillies beat dodgers last year

This year:
Dodgers lose: Lowe and Brad Penny
Phillies add: Ibanez and Cliff lee

Does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who is going to win the rematch.

Jake Peavy gets traded while currently not being a complete human but gnome Bruntlett remains a Phillie.

Stark says the Bell deal did not get done:

"Despite late pushes from the Angels, Dodgers and Marlins, no deal could get done to land San Diego's Heath Bell, according to's Jayson Stark."

The Phillies made an impact at the deadline before, but never as buyers.

F*ck Scott Rolen. I've never seen a player appear to have less fun or enthusiasm when playing the game.

Excellent. Sigh of relief. Phils win the deadline. Kudos all around.

sneed: I was just being flip. Obviously a deal could already have been made, and we just haven't heard about it yet. As for an extension . . . is that something that can be gotten? I've sure never heard of such a thing.

It can in the NBA. Was just assuming an extension was also plausible in MLB. Either way, it's over so I can relax. The Dodgers are still beat.

This year:

Dodgers add: Kershaw and Billingsley with experience. Another big-time lefty arm out of the pen (Sherril).

I'm not predicting a Doyer win, but it's going to be a heck of a battle when these teams meet in October.

Getcha popcorn ready.

No extensions in the MLB as per guys on MLB Tonight.

Sneed: Sports owners are the worst, aren't they?

So the trading deadline has come and gone and Eric Bruntlett is still our utility infielder. Disappointing. Actually, "astonishing" would probably be a more accurate word. reports The Philadelphia Phillies have asked for an extension to complete a trade that would send Lawn Gnome Eric Bruntlett to Petco for a highly scouted gerbal. When Phillies player Chan Ho Park was asked about the news he responded, "What is a gerbal?" and then kicked Bruntlett in the shins.

Anybody know what's going on with Antonio Bastardo? Seems odd that he suddenly completely vanished just because he's on the DL.

waiver wire will hopefully solve the bruntlett dilemma.

I think i've said this a million times with many in agreement - why can't we just bring in a track star who has never even played baseball before as a pinch runner? The marginal value he would bring to the team is tenfold over what bruntlett does.

BAP: Extension isn't really the correct term for it. I forget how they exactly refer to it. There was a trade a few years ago that fell under this- basically the two teams were haggling over a player but the deal was essentially done. They filed the paperwork and the commissioner's office gave them like an extra hour to come up with the player to be added. Basically you need to be close or have paperwork in some form to get it. You can't just request more time with no groundwork laid.

Also- if the Phillies are going to add someone it was probably going to be after the trade deadline where you can get a guy at a cheaper price.

Can someone (anyone?) explain to me why the Phils don't DFA Bruntlett and put Cairo on the 40 man in his place?

Cairo > Bruntlett, right? Marginally, at least...

"why can't we just bring in a track star who has never even played baseball before as a pinch runner?"

inability to actually steal a base, and baserunning blunders galore.

"why can't we just bring in a track star who has never even played baseball before as a pinch runner?"

It's been done:

Timr: Yep. Herb Washington's career stats:

105 games, 0 AB, 31 SBs, 17 caught stealing. Not so great at all.

It always bugged me, by the way, that Charlie Finley and Alvin Dark never let the guy hit even once. I mean, surely they could have found a game situation in which it was ok to completely waste an AB just to give this guy the thrill of facing a major league pitcher. Hell, Cholly does it almost every game, whenever he brings Bruntlett up to the plate.

timr: Yeah, just ask the Eagles how it works out to bring in athletes who've never played football to suddenly return punts.

Peavy to the White Sox is a result of the Tigers landing Washburn. Probably a necessary move since the Tigers had the starting pitching to move away from the rest of the pack in that race unless the White Sox did something.

Actually the CWS rotation has been pretty good this year. Buerhle, Danks, and Floyd have been a pretty good front 3, with Buerhle pitching very and Danks a good number 2. Peavy effectively gives the White Sox starter 1 and 1A if he's healthy. Between Richard and Contreras the back of the rotation hasn't been as effective, but now Richard likely returns to the bullpen (which looks a little overworked).

The Tigers now have a pretty scary rotation though with Washburn, even better than the White Sox. Verlander and Jackson have been 1 and 1A pitchers the whole year. Now throw in Washburn as a number 3, and you've got a rotation that matches up better than the White Sox WITH PEAVY. This will make things pretty interesting.

Guys, for the last time, Bruntlett isn't on the roster because he can hit. He's on the roster because he can play every position except catcher, and do that well. He's also fast on the basepaths and is thus a good pitch runner. A few teams will snap up a guy like that if he's DFA'ed. The offense doesn't enter into it. I knew this guy stunk when he came over in the trade from Houston.

if the runner scored from first one time, he would have absolutely benefitted the team more than bruntlett ever will.

Apparently Rolen asked to be traded for "personal reasons."

Take it easy folks...

Bruntlett had a GREAT spring training!


TheGodfatherSJP has the right of it.

Lay off Bruntlett. He knows his job and he does it well.

"He's also fast on the basepaths and is thus a good pitch runner"

Uhh, the guy has 1 SB all year. I think that's one more then Blanton, Lidge and the Phanatic have.

He has 2 hits since June 16th. One was a bunt single and the other a 2B off of a SS. He has no HR's this year. He has struck out close to 30% of the time this year. He is 2 for his last 33 at the plate with no walks and 1 RBI.

And he's still on the roster and been here since opening day. Its almost comical at this point.

"'s Jordan Bastian reports that Jays GM J.P. Ricciardi says Rolen asked to be traded for "personal reasons."
Number one reason-he is a d-bag!
Is Cincinnati a "baseball heaven" too ?

"[Lee]'s got a Southern accent," Manuel said. "That's one good thing right off the bat."

hopefully nothing will be off the bat when hes pitching, Charlie.

Pleases tell me this wave of support for Eric Bruntlett is sarcasm. Dudes, he's hitting .123! His OPS+ is 1! His slugging pct. is .185! In his last 35 PAs, he is 2 for 33, with 1 hit a bunt, the other a hit off a shortstop! I don't usually care for the exaclamation point as a punctuation mark but, when it comes to Eric Bruntlett, I can think of no other way to make my point.

As for Bruntlett's "versatility," just about ANY major league player can catch a fly ball hit to him -- which is all that Bruntlett can do in the OF. And why, pray tell, would his supposed ability to play the OF ever have any value to us, when we already have 3 backup outfielders who are far, far better at the plate? Bruntlett is a utility infielder, nothing more. On a team with Rollins, Utley, Howard, Feliz, and Dobbs, a utility infielder will rarely play and his main job is simply to pinch hit. Bruntlett is the worst player in the major leagues at that task. There are literally dozens of utility infielders on the waiver wire and at AAA who would be vast improvements.

Denny, how many times has the guy pinch run? SB is not as much as measure of speed as we'd like to think. He's certainly a faster runner than Feliz, Stairs, Howard, or Ibanez. If it's the bottom of the 9th, and a run wins the game, Bruntlett can run a lot better at second than any of the players listed above.

Speed of the bench and very good defense. You need guys like that off the bench for late inning situations. Yes, you hope he can hit, but a defensive replacement's primary purpose is just that, defense. Offense is actually irrelevant for a player with this role.

How will people on this site let out their pent-up second-hand aggression when we don't have Eric Bruntlett to kick around anymore?

I don't understand why Peavy would accept the trade to white sox after he already turned it down before. The AL central division got tougher today. What does he really gain? He wanted to play in the NL and supposedly he wanted to win a ring. I am not passing judgement I just don't get it.

Godfather: I find this to be the single most bizarre series of posts that have appeared on BL in a very long time. It's so bizarre, I actually think you're either in need of professional help or (I hope) you're just trying to mess with people. Are your seriously trying to suggest that Bruntlett deserves a roster spot because of his prodigious speed? Bruntlett has absolutely average speed and has made several stupefying base running blunders in this season alone. Besides, you would NEVER pinch run for Howard or Ibanez.

The guy is hitting .123 and hardly a game ever passes in which he doesn't make at least one AB in an important late-game situation. But you're telling me it's all good because he's faster than Matt Stairs?

And "very good defense?" You clearly don't watch many Phillies games -- at least not the ones that Bruntlett plays. As an outfielder, his defense is among the worst in baseball. As a shorstop or third baseman, it's merely terrible.

By your reasoning - that is, that offense is irrelevant - they should bring back Abraham Nunez.

He's better defensively than the Gnome, and runs a little faster.

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