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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It almost looks like Kendrick should have a couple of guys with AKs standing behind him.

If Kendrick can fetch us something, good. I feel the Phillies have somewhat mistreated him while he was here, and he needs a fresh start.

Is that from the trade to Japan prank they pulled on him in last year's ST? Poor Kyle was never the same after that.

No, not KK!

Also if they are able to get Josh Willingham for KK, that would be a great move by Rube.

Love the picture of KK.

Kendrick for one of the Nats' many righthanded outfielders seems like a no brainer. If I were Kyle, I would have been scouting the Northern Virginia housing market for the last 2 months.

I was just going to post that there are tons of contending teams out there that need a back-of-the-rotation starter, something that the Phillies have in relative abundance with Happ, KK, Lopez, Park, and Pedro. The Phillies also have an abundance of middle relievers like Park, Durbin, and Condrey. They should use these assets to get their RH bench player if a team has an abundance of RH hitters. The Yankees (backend starter) and Detroit (middle reliever)come to mind.

p. Red, you bring up an interesting point.

I wonder if the trade prank traumatized KK?

If KK goes for Willingham, Mayberry's time with the big club is over until at least September.

I wonder if they would call up Taylor in September instead of Mayberry?

If you are suggesting Kendrick for Willingham, I'll be more than happy to drive up to LV and chauffer Kyle to DC.

I always loved KK for how he saved the Phillies in 2007 but the thought of giving up current minor leaguer for an above average, power hitting right handed bat is too easy.

Let me know what time to pick Kyle up.

OK guys I am the GM and this is the trade i am making with the Nats. Kendrick, Taylor and Feliz for 3rd baseman Zimmerman and Willingham.

Zimmerman is young and probably the best 3rd baseman out there and he hits well from the right side.

I think KK might benefit from the Gavin Floyd treatment. He might blossom on a new team. I've always liked Willingham and it would be a nice addition to the bench. Why send down Mayberry? Cut the Gnome. As for Zimmerman RK, he will not be traded, he is the Nats only star. He isn't going anywhere.

In a possibly related news story, Takeru Kobayashi was pulled from tonight's corn dog eating competition in Green Bay, Wisconsin. No further details were released.

Kyle Kendrick, who started game 2 of the 2007 National League Division Series, has now fallen on the Phillies depth chart below Cole Hamels, Joe Blanton, J.A. Happ, Jamie Moyer, Rodrigo Lopez, Antonio Bastardo, Andrew Carpenter, and a rehabbing Pedro Martinez.

If the Phillies pitching staff suffered 4 injuries simultaneously, Kendrick would still have to compete with Carlos Carrasco for the starting job.

Starting pitching depth is good. Hopefully that depth will land them a righthanded bat.

Now that the requisite joke is out of the way, I hope KK is heading to a team where he can get another shot. I always appreciated what he did for us in 2007.

RK, the Nats have a surplus of OF. Would they really be interested in Taylor, who would really be the centerpiece of that deal? For Zimmerman?

I don't think so.

If KK nets Willingham I absolutely love everything Kyle Kendrick did for the Phils then. Without him no playoff in '07. Now the possibility of acquiring a much needed righthanded bat for him...gosh I hope this happens.

Repost from last thread:

There have not been many, if any at all, pitchers the caliber of Halladay traded. Obviously CC last year, but they rode him so hard just to make the playoffs, it wasn't surprising he struggled once there.

I am of the opinion that chances are he will not be traded, and they will look to involve more bidders in the offseason to increase their return. I do like the idea of taking Drabek out of the deal though.

I would center the deal around Taylor. He is a high ceiling, big time prospect that has no immediate future for the Phils. I would want to keep Brown, since his arrival most likely coincides with losing either Werth or Ibanez, and he seems to have a higher ceiling.

Also, I would not have much of a problem including Knapp in the deal, if that is who they are asking for. I like him as a prospect, but he is in Low A and still has a waaaaays to go until he is a factor for the Phils. A lot can go wrong in that time.

Would luv it if they could include Belliard in the deal and rid ourselves of the Gnome for good..I would buy drinks for everyone at the game tonight..lets keep our fingers crossed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my mind, a good, fair trade would be Mayberry and Kendrick for Willingham.

If Willingham is on the Phillies, then who is he going to hit all of his HR against?

And her eis the line up immune from sticking in lefties;
This will keep the RBIs coming inning after inning.

Oh great, three series left against the Nats, 3 KK shutouts against his old team. Way to go Rube.

Kendrick is Kendrick. Thanks for the help, good luck in Washington.

Prank traumatizing him? Phillies mistreated him? Come on.

No-Hit Nunez then the Gnome. Dammit it's high time this team gets a reasonable utility infielder that isn't completely worthless.

I was never a big fan of KK, but was obviously extremely pleased with what he was able to give us 2 years ago. I remember watching each of his starts just waiting for him to get crushed. Thankfully, that did not happen. Until last year.

If he can be turned into anything that is capable of improving this year's team, it has to be considered a good deal.

Under my scenario I would actually be so radical as to reverse Howard and IBanez depending who is hot.

Hey RK: Were not getting zimmerman for KK and Feliz. Maybe we can call the Cardinals and offer them Carassco and Bastardo for Pujols while were at it?

I'd do Mayberry and KK for Willingham. Mayberry is entirely overmatched right now and he may never make enough contact to stay a big leaguer.

Taylor @ LV: 3 for 17.
C'mon Taylor...turn it around!

Sometimes I laugh about what stories inspire Jason to post a new thread. Kyle Kendrick was pulled from his scheduled start; no explanation was given. Could be a trade. Could be his grandmother is sick.

But I have to laugh at myself too because I saw the headline and immediately hoped it was a trade for Willingham.

Taylor seems to always take a couple weeks to adjust to a higher level then- BLAMO, watch out!

Carson, don't forget Tomas Perez.

Nats aren't trading Zimmerman. He's their franchise.

If anybody is going to drive the limo to pick up Kendrick, it should be me.

Given that there are quite a few teams after Willingham, I would think that they would want more than KK. Mayberry perhaps? At least someone who would catch the ball.

If KK was shattered by the non-trade to Japan than I have to think he does not have the mental toughness to pitch in this town. But I don't think that is the case. With only two pitches he couldn't really get it done, esp. when he started elevating his pitches.

"No-Hit Nunez then the Gnome. Dammit it's high time this team gets a reasonable utility infielder that isn't completely worthless."

Don't forget Alex Gonzalez and David Bell.

What, David Bell wasn't a utility player, but our starting 3B????? Man, have times changed!!

I agree that Zimmerman is their star but they would be getting a good 3rd baseman (No he won't be around forever) but they will be getting a bona fide future star in Taylor. I think the Phillies have been needing a 3rd baseman who hits on a regular basis.

I think the Nats have to explore all options and this is a potentially more balanced deal. Also we need to get away from acquiring a 32year old pitcher who may or may not turn out to help us this year and next but will in the process strip our farm. After his departure the aging Rollins and utley and Ibanez and Howard fade and the Phils return to the cellar like the mets.

Tomas at least did the shaving cream pies and was serviceable from '01-'03.

Phils Asst GM Proefrock coming up on 950AM


If Kendrick gets traded, can you PLEASE include this picture of him and his new wife:


Also, how random is it that both Cole Hamels and Kyle Kendrick married former Survivor contestants who are a few years older than them? That's statistically improbable.

****In my mind, a good, fair trade would be Mayberry and Kendrick for Willingham.****

That's a doable deal for both teams. Hopefully its what's happening.

That picture never gets old.

RK: They are not trading Zimmerman. He is their offense and the face of the franchise. Plus, he's in his earlyish 20's. They are building around him.

@TNA In a trade with the Yankees if Rube threw in Werth along with the back of the rotation starter I wonder if he could land better than a Class A shortstop, left-handed reliever, and a minor league catcher... a good right handed bat might be too much to hope for.

JW, how times change!

If this was the end of September 2007, there is no way you would be advocating trading a SP for a backup OF, much less throwing in another backup OF to get the backup OF.

hh, you feel Kendrick was mistreated? How?

Bed Beard: Yes, I feel KK was somewhat mishandled by the Phils. While it's true his stuff wasn't really good enough anymore to compete at the MLB level, he was starting to improve at LV when he was brought up to the big club again to pitch out of the pen (something for which he is probably ill-suited) with disastrous results and then immediately sent back down.

Not that I'm saying he should have stayed, but the fact they brought him up in the first place was the wrong move.

Sort of like how Floyd was handled, although Gavin had much better stuff.

Nice link JR. Ha

Instead of getting up and putting on the radio, I will just wait for Bedrosian to post anything interesting said.

Right-handed bat off the bench (if they Willingham) - Check

Additional shopping items:

- Additional starter
- Additional bullpen arm

Willingham for KK and another second-tier prospect would be a good start.

"No-Hit Nunez then the Gnome. Dammit it's high time this team gets a reasonable utility infielder that isn't completely worthless."

Carson said it all. If our farm system is so flush with talent, why is a no hit dirtball like the Gnome still on the 25 man roster?

If the Phils get anything for KK, that's a plus for Philly, because they were never going to give him another call up to the big team.

loctastic: Now I won't post anything, out of spite.

Funny enough, Jayson Werth is Willingham's closer player comparison according to Baseball Reference.

I am stunned and suprised that nobody has figured out a way to make this story somehow relate to JA Happ. I was starting to think every story was about how we need to keep the young pitcher who has won 0 playoff games to go along with his 0 cy young awards.

Re: Proefrock Not naming who is untouchable ("Amaro's job), not mentioned anything pending regarding Kendrick...

Wow... nice deal if it's true. Willingham is even better than Werth (not that they'd start him though).

Willingham career OPS+ - 121
Willingham 2009 OPS+ - 149

Werth career OPS+ - 112
Werth 2009 OPS+ - 125

I just don't understand what's wrong about getting excited about a rookie starter that's 7-0 with an excellent ERA.

Roy Halladay has won 0 playoff games

For context, I also have not won any playoff games.

For context, I also have not won any playoff games.

Carson, but, but, but...we've been through this before with Kyle Kendrick!

Lord knows they have exactly the same style of pitching...

What's Willingham's contract situation?

How many did Hamels win before last season?

Willingham is a terrible defender, or at least much worse than Werth, who is an above-average RF and average CF.

But where is Willingham's name coming from? Was he pulled from the Nats' lineup a la Kendrick? or is this pure BL conjecture?

"I just don't understand what's wrong about getting excited about a rookie starter that's 7-0 with an excellent ERA."

"Roy Halladay has won 0 playoff games'

In response, nothing wrong with getting excited but lets not pretend he is Roy Halladay. Halladay has a cy young, he is considered the best pitcher in baseball and most importantly who do you want starting game one of the world series?

Who has the potential to get more wins in the playoffs Roy or JA Happ? I think we both know the answer

Pat Burrell at least won a WFC

Bruntlett sucks but if they get Willingham a backup utility INF is down on the list.

and as a reminder, Kendrick is only 24 years old. He's still a prospect.

Looks like Willingham has 2 years of arbitration left. Making $3MM this year.

Thanks, MFiP. Appreciate it.

MG: excellent point. Bruntlett becomes more tolerable if Willingham is your RH bat off the bench. At that point, it isn't as big a deal to have a no-hit middle infielder on the 25-man.

Does it strike anyone as odd that the nationals would want kendrick? Don't they have a lot of prospect pitching already, lord knows they have sucked since existence.

If it is true that we told the blue jays that drabek is off limits, maybe the new deal would have to include some throw in guys like kendrick? Kendrick seems like he would be an attractive throw in.

TNA: Did you read the post? Jason has a link to the article stating the Phils are interested in Willingham.

Is Willingham a 1-year rental?

Also, while many arguments on this site are laughable (outnumbered by well-reasoned ones of course), the "Halladay has won zero playoff games" and "CC is a playoff choke-artist" comments are the most pathetic.

How many playoff wins collectively did the Phils rotation have last year? The only one who could have had any was Moyer if I'm not mistaken...

Dont get me wrong, I want Halladay as much as the next guy, but he may not be neccessary and everything we're assuming about him (ie he is going to be a playoff stud) could be wrong

The zero playoff experience is a bad argument.

The playoffs are a total crapshoot once you get there. Lesser/hotter teams beat better/colder teams all the time.

I tend to agree with those that say you need the Halladay's to MAKE the playoffs and not necessarily once you get there, because it's such a gamble once you do get there. Does Halladay increase you chances of winning a playoff game? Likely, but by how much? Can anyone quantify it?

Oops, thanks MFiP

Willingham's a FA after this year. Even still, I can't see him being traded for KK straight-up. Agree with JW that KK and Mayberry sounds like a more reasonable package, although that still doesn't quite sound like enough to me. Maybe KK and Donald.

I hope Kendrick does get traded to a club that would use him at the MLB level like Washington.It will be interesting to see how he does & I don't think the Phillies were (or should) give him that shot barring a lot of injuries.
And God knows we still the RH off the bench.Bruntlett as a defensive replacement is way more palatable than as a pinch hitter.

NCPhilly: Is that Class A prospect a former #1 draft pick?

How quickly everyone forgets that CC Sabathia was basically pitching every other hour for the Brewers. Not to mention he had a ton of complete games to go on top of all the short rest starts.

The comparison is therefore stupid and once again ill take my chances on a cy young winner being good in the playoffs. Certainly would prefer him to anyone else on our staff. Yes i said it even cole hamels.

how are they pathetic. they're facts.

Clout, indeed, and I hear he is good at baseball. Or is it college basketball?

Before Last year, Cole Hamels had won "0" playoff games.

The whole, no playoff experince thing to me, is garbarge. I just simply fall into the camp that we have more leverage then they jays and can underbid and get halladay. I think there's a way we can get halladay and still have good prospects to put on the field in 10' or 11'


NLDS: Hamels (W), Myers (W), Blanton (W)

NLCS: Hamels (2 Ws), Myers (W), Madson (W)

WS: Hamels (W), Blanton (W), Romero (2 Ws)

I'm with philipbusters...

CC has always been awful in the playoffs even before last year

The Marlins rainout gets scheduled for a doubleheader in late September...

So for those who are counting, starting August 18, the Phillies will play 46 games in 47 days. They're going to need all the relievers and backup fielders as they can get. Unless Bruntlett reverts to spring training form, the Phillies definitely need to get someone.

46 games in 47 games. Hopefully they can wrap this division up early, secure home field, and have the regulars get some rest once a week. It might be tough to have anything left for the playoffs.

cipper Are you suggesting cause and effect? i.e. Halladay has won 0 World Series, therefore it is his fault?

If you are not, then your posts along these lines are non sequiturs. If are are, then you are an idiot.

bap: According to Cot's, Willingham only had 3.1 years of service going into this season. You need at least 6 to become a FA, unless you get non-tendered.

i meant before the playoffs but thanks billingsly...

Abount the playoff stuff im just saying people are asuming hes a stud. everyone thought CC and Harden were gonna do the same that we're expecting halladay to do but as we saw, that didn't happen. Thats all i want to get across

I will start by admitting that I was away from Philadelphia for the entirety of last season so I may have missed a few things, but I don't understand all this talk of mishandling Kyle Kendrick. He was never a huge prospect. He did reasonably well with what he had in 2007 and pitch not terrible for about a third of 2008. The Phillies did not jerk him from rotation to pen to rotation to pen. He has made a total of 2 relief appearances in his major league career and under 10 in the minors. The Phillies didn't hold his hand like Cole Hamels but he isn't a talent like Cole Hamels. Not all minor leaguers turn to stars if a team coddles them enough. Also the reason he isn't getting more of a shot in Philadelphia is because the Phillies are a better team than they were in 2007. They have more options. Kendrick is a guy who will pitch in the majors again and have a here and there career and maybe get it all to break right again down the road and have a 15 win season or two. Good for him. As a Phillie he was a spare part. He was on his way to a swingman career. Spot starts and maybe useful bullpen innings.

cipper: If that is your point, then I agree. Anything can happen in a short series. And it's no reflection on the talent of players involved, win or lose. The most talented team doesn't always win the short series.

5 aces that make the playoffs fail to win the World Series every year. That might be their only chance to pitch in the playoffs in their career, but I think it's a stretch to hypothesize that they are never to be trusted in a playoff situation again.

Question: How good do you feel about the phillies vs the redsox in the world series?

Now remember how you feel after answering and now answer this:
How good do you feel about the phillies vs the redsox with Roy halladay on the phillies?

See the difference?

We really have got to stop pretending like we dont have a front of a rotation problem.


Someone offered that Happ wasn't good enough for a WS rotation because he has 0 playoff wins. I simply said neither does Halladay.

mfip: Hmm. That could be right. The Nats gave him a one-year deal, so I was assuming that meant he's a FA next year. Actually, it might just mean that he's arbitration eligible -- which, of course, would increase the cost of getting him.

If Willingham would be under their control for several years, you'd have to think that there's more to this would-be trade than meets the eye. Perhaps they would be acquiring him to help the bench AND to possibly replace Werth after next year. If so, that would make Michael Taylor more expendable.

Jon Heymen is reporting that the Phils have told the Blue Jays that they are not trading Drabek. Thank the Lord.

Would it be too mean to tell KK that he has been traded to the Moscow Development team before breaking it to him that he would get moved DC instead?

another point on the schedule - 46 games in 47 days - starting in mid-Aug. they'll need a 6th starter for at least two starts in September; thank god for rod.

MG: He'd probably rather go to Moscow, given the current state of affairs in DC.

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