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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Maybe we'll go after Qualls now.

btw, Buehrle perfect thru 7

Neither is a backbreaker nor likely to that lengthy from the initial reports (month max) but it kind of renders the pitching depth conservations as moot points.

Rich: "Clout,
You would put Marson in this trade? With our catching situation, we should try to push d'Arnaud, not Marson."

d'Arnaud is farther away, but has a much higher ceiling than Marson, who has issues on defense and a lack of power.

Unlike most Beerleaguers, I don't hate Ruiz. I like his defense at the most/second most important defensive spot on the field. So I don't worry about him catching over the next 3 seasons before d'Arnaud arrives.

I would have bet a million dollars without blinking that Escalona would have been gearing up the EZPass tonight.

MLB Network is showing the Buerhle game (when he's pitching).

Buehrle perfect thru 8. wow

Perfect through 8 now...

re: trade

I would include whichever prospect the bjs valued more. If you give them Marson in a package and can give up a lesser prospect somewhere else, then go for it - and vice versa with d'Arnaud.

Well, was kinda hoping for a fresh arm after some long relief outings this week.

Of course, we always assume the minor league guys are fresh even though they could be just as tired as anyone else.

I'm actually glad for Carpenter to be brought up to the pen.

D'Arnaud has been raking lately.

I am glad for anyone that doesn't cost us prospects and is decent to be brought up to the pen.

I would have been happy with Carpenter, Bastardo, or Escalona.

clout is dead on when it comes to catching.

If the Blue Jays want Marson, then so be it. I like what Ruiz brings to the table and don't feel an anxious need to replace him.

Ruiz is more than capable of holding down the catching spot until D'Arnaud is ready. is allowing you to watch the game for free...
a homer saving catch for the first out...

a strike out at 3-2 for out number 2

That was an AMAZING catch to steal that home run.

So that long fly ball in the 9th was a stolen home run? Gameday obviuosly didn't say.

d'Arnaud has been hitting the sh*t out of the ball the last couple weeks.

Congrats to Buehrle. Good stuff.

Rockies make deal for Cleveland's Betancourt to get a reliever:

Buehrle throws 16th perfect game in MLB history.

I got Lincecum, Haren, and Buerhle in my fantasy league and it's a 16 team league. I should be a GM!

Brian G: Stolen home run, and as he came back down, the ball rolled out of his glove and he caught it with his bare hand.

Would much rather give up Marson than D'Arnaud. As a matter of fact, I would have no problem giving up Marson at all in a package. He hits for good average, but has no power and is not the type of prospect that is worth holding on to if valued by another franchise highly enough.

Congrats to Buehrle. Always awesome to see a perfect game.

gm: Yea, but in fantasy offense wins.

I was watching Buehrle and going into top 9 my computer crashed. F@#$ing work ...

Glad Tyler Walker passed through waivers. He ain't great but, as an injury replacement, you could do worse. With the way Durbin has pitched this year, this isn't much of a downgrade. Losing Romero will hurt, though.

Even more reason to trade for a guy like Qualls or Sherrill. You can never have too many relievers. We're now one injury away from having Jack Taschner back on the roster.

Good for Buehrle...very underrated pitcher.

Romero's injury sounds suspiciously like the precursor to TJ surgery...forearm soreness is usually very bed.

MVP- I'm in 1st place because of my deep pitching staff.

MVP: Very simply. Both Happ and Petitte have similar deliveries. They both have the same placement on the mound and both are very good at hiding the ball in their delivery.

I'm saying I can see why someone would make that comparison. Find some old stuff of Andy and then watch Happ pitch. You can see why that connection would be reached

With Romero on the DL for who knows how long... I'll ask where is Bastardo? Can he come back soon to give us another lefty from the bullpen?

Is Happ a juicer too then?

I can see the Happ/Pettitte comparison. If Happ becomes a Oct Pitcher like him that would be great!

Hamels is supposed to be the ace. Time for him to pitch like it tonight. All the criticism he's received in the past has seemed pretty unwarranted until this season.

The Blue Jays designated outfielder David Dellucci for assignment to make room for Joe Inglett, Dellucci was 1-for-25.

The comments on Romero don't sound too serious.

Nepp: Wow, great setup from you to me. Speaking of Forearm soreness....

Qualls had forarm soreness in the beginning of June.

GM: Do you use the Yahoo system of 1 point for each category won for like hits, runs, rbis, Wins, losses etc.?

Because usually the offense is where you can win. Thats odd, last year I was deep in offense and came in 2nd. This year I have deep pitching because I had a crappy pick and am in 8th of 16. And it isn't looking good.

MVP- it's a head-to-head league. I absolutely dominate every week in ERA, WHIP, K's, Holds, and Saves. My offense is decent too, but nothing compared to my pitching.

D'Arnaud is considered one of the best defensive catchers in the minors. All the minors, not just Phillies minors. He's also showing some decent power. If he can post an .800 OPS again this season, he could be an upside surprise on offense. He's definitely a keeper.

GM: Hmmmm, interesting. Anyway, I wish I could just hibernate until August 1st, see who went where and then prepare to dust off the rest of the schedule.

CJ: Don't you mean Antonio "can't miss" "better than Tommy Hanson" "the next Santana" Bastardo?

clout: Geez, can you stop saying "I told you so". CJ, is wrong so far. Let it go.

Carpenter is little discussed here. Great stats in AAA but did not look great in that start against the Nats. What's the scouting report?

Tonight's Lineup (via Zolecki on Twitter): Rollins SS, Victorino CF, Utley 2B, Howard 1B, Ibañez LF, Werth RF, Feliz 3B, Ruiz C, Hamels P.

Is cleveland in firesale mode? If so, what do you think about Peralta for our RH bat. He has been moved off his position, been hitting pretty poorly, and is probably not happy. He could use a change of scenery. Plus, Marte is hitting in the minors.

Whould it be expensive to get him? Would someone who could actually take some ABs from our infielders.

I'm assuming Burrell wasn't in the lineup; that's the only explanation for the perfect game.

CY: Cleveland has talked about trading him, Lee and Martinez. He is earning 1.8 Mil for the rest of this year, 4.6 for next year and a 2011 team option of 7 Million with a 250,000 buyout option. For us, since we have Feliz and Dobbs I don't know if he would be an option.

Very good, Dave. Put the tilde on Ibañez.

CY: ABB...Anything's Better than Bruntlett

Sounds like Dubee's pissed @ Durbin.

Durbin's back been hurting for a month and he didn't tell his coach.


limoguy: Attempting to be proper w/ the spelling is my humble way of making up for the fact that I am unable to roll the 'R' whilst yelling "Raaaaúúúúúúúúúúúúllllllllllll!" :-)

JV: Durbin's probably worried he's going to lose his spot in the BP if he goes on the DL, but the irony is he was on his way out anyway by pitching batting practice.

Didn't Durbin pitch 3 innings the other day and got a save?

doubleh: I get that he was worried, but he's been around long enough to know that had he stopped pitching when this injury occurred he'd be healed by now and ready for the stretch run.

Perhaps this will give him some downtime so that he won't run out of gas @ playoff time.

MVP are you seriously telling someone to stop saying "I told you so"? That is the definition of the Pot calling the Kettle black.

JV: Oh, I am not condoning it, just stating a possible reason he may have withheld the info. I think it was dumb on Durbin's part. But these guys on the Phils are pretty tough; I mean, how can anyone look Chase in the eye and I say "I can't play tonight; I'm hurt."

At least maybe now we can feel some sort of relief that Durbin might get better while on the DL and have time to fix whatever mechanical issue he has as well.

You are all completely off-base in regards to Marson. You don't move him now. No way and no how.

What happens when Ruiz (who is injury-prone to begin with) or Bako goes down, and you are left with Paul Hoover and Tuffy Gosewich as your two "options" left to come up to the big club?

Marson is very valuable to this organization and a future big league starter. He is a solid line-drive hitter, who's power will likely come later (remember how young he is) with his frame. He also has been throwing much better lately (as the SB numbers show) at LV.

And he is the ONLY guy capable of playing this year, behind the 2 big league guys. deArnaud is still 1-2 full years away from the bigs.

You can afford to trade a lot of young players. But, Lou is NOT one of them.

limoguy: Carpenter is a classic finesse righty: Mediocre stuff, requires pinpoint control at major league level to be effective, but has excellent K/BB ratio at minor league level.

He may be auditioning for Durbin's job.

This just in: Halladay not interested in signing an extension as part of a trade. He wants to test free agency. Per DNL and they got it from Blue Jays website.

doubleh: Has Halladay addressed the trade demand aspect of any possible deal yet, or no?

mvptommyd: Don't worry about me. clout knows I didn't make any wild predictions about Bastardo. He's just chastizing those who did.

Rev: I was clearly joking. Clout is always saying for me not to do that. Yet he is always the first to do it.

G-Town: Here's the article; I don't think he's said much, if at all, about the trade demand aspect.

denny b: Marson has made 6 errors in 57 games, is throwing out 25% of base runners (up from 23%) and has 2 passed balls. At age 23 he's shown no sign of power.

While you see every Phillies prospect as "a future big league starter," I think you'd have more credibility if you showed the ability to differentiate among top shelf prospects like d'Arnaud, middle shelf prospects like Marson and bottom shelf prospects like Mattair.

In terms of being an "untouchable," Marson isn't close.

OT, sort of a girly thing for any women who frequent this blog, but I was in Victoria's Secret and they now have MLB themed VS wares.

It was just so weird...but kind of awesome. And before any men ask, no...nothing racy in Phillies' gear. Sorry. LOL.

Did folks see that there is a big article in the NY Times online about the Jays' scouting Drabek. Interesting feature to get play there.

doubleh: Thanks for the link. :-)

I agree with clout, Marson is not really in the Phils future. When Travis D'Arnaud is ready, Ruiz will step aside. Trading Marson will be doing Marson a favor.

I am impressed with Buehrle's Perfect Game. An AL Perfect Game is worth more than an NL Perfect Game because of the DH, who today was an 0 for 3 Pat Burrell who flied out, struck out and lined out today. He was among Tampa's top hitters of the day.

I remember my only visit to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. I wanted to see Jim Bunning's Perfect Game ball. I figured that since Perfect Games were so rare, that these balls would be enshrined in a special place...wrong! They had these long glass cases with balls from no-hitters. Bunning's Perfect Game ball was in there along with Sandy Koufax' Perfect Game ball along with hundreds of other no hitter balls. There was no note or sign indicating that these balls were from Perfect Games. I was one very disappointed teenager in Cooperstown.

Is Durbin's a Twitter related injury?

doubleh, you gave me a good laugh about VS. A few month's ago, there was an International Orchid Convention in the Hilton Hotel lobby that is attached to the office building I work in. I took a flyer and checked out the special website for this event and saw that they had link for souvenir logo items commemorating this International Orchid Convention. Much to my surprise, I found that one could purchase an International Orchid Convention thong with the logo centered on the only bit of cloth available. I bet a bunch of the little old gray haired ladies checking out the site looking to buy an International Orchid Convention logo potholder or apron were in for a big shock!

At this point, I don't really trust the Phils plans with regards to the catcher position AT ALL! They got rid of Jaramillo, who has done okay as a backup in Pittsburgh, for Paulino who they then got rid of (even though he's now a somewhat decent backup for the Marlins) and then got rid of Coste, who seems to be doing okay in Houston, but ALL of those guys are hitting at least 40 points higher than the guy they ended up with--Bako, a 36 year old catcher who doesn't seem to be much better defensively than any of those guys either.

Marson made Team USA, he's at least decent, and almost certainly better than Bako who also has presumably less familiarity with Phils pitchers than Marson does. Anyway, this is all really only to suggest that whatever they do about Marson (keep him, trade him, call him up) it will probably be the wrong call, as they don't seem know what they're doing with catchers.

I agree with clout that Ruiz is a perfectly fine catching option for the next few years, and I'm not sure where Denny gets that he's injury prone. He has actually been quite durable for a catcher.

Denny does have a point about the backup catcher position. Bako is horrible to begin with, and if he goes down, and you trade Marson, then what? That said, it would be utter insanity to nix an otherwise desirable trade because you don't want to include your backup catcher of the future. If Marson were traded, and Bako or Ruiz were injured, I'm confident the Phillies could find someone off the major league scrap heap to fill in. In fact, there are probably guys on the scrap heap right now who would be better than the backup they presently have.

Lake Fred: I believe there have been more AL perfect games than NL perfect games in the DH-era. Kind of weird.


I disagree about D'Arnaud. He's looked clueless at the plate most of the season, but with some pop. I know he's hot now, but he's up to .245. He's far, far away from being here, I'd try like hell to move him. As for Marson, the lack of power doesn't bother me at all. Joe Mauer was a "singles" hitter a few years ago. I'm not a Ruiz guy really either, especially with Bako as his back-up. I just don't trust a guy who can't excel at Lakewood as our future. I agree with timr too, we got rid of a fine defensive catcher in Jaramillo, for nothing. We'll figure out some reason to downgrade D'Arnaud when he hits AA or so too, unless he just continues to be a .240 hitter on the way up, and does himself in.

Pretty obvious that the Phillies value defense at catcher over offense in a big way. With our current crop of mashers it makes sense. Chooch is a very solid defensive catcher. If he's not the second coming of Johnny Bench at the plate, it doesn't matter. I guess Bako fits a similar mold though I can't say he has really impressed defensively. In fact quite the opposite.

Rich: "As for Marson, the lack of power doesn't bother me at all. Joe Mauer was a "singles" hitter a few years ago."

At age 23, Lou Marson has 1 HR in the International League.

At age 23, Joe Mauer had 13 HRs in the American League.

"While you see every Phillies prospect as "a future big league starter," I think you'd have more credibility if you showed the ability to differentiate among top shelf prospects like d'Arnaud, middle shelf prospects like Marson and bottom shelf prospects like Mattair."

First off, you are as off-base with your assumptions on me and "every Phil prospect" then you were with your thoughts on Marson. I am very realistic when it comes to current Phil prospects. The fact that (for once) the Phils actually have some very good prospects at ALL levels and have guys in their system that will be major league starters/stars down the road, is verified by most other "experts" (if you read the reports on Halliday).

My point (which you obviously missed) is that the Phils CANNOT trade Marson now. Not, with Hoover and Tuffy as your only 2 "options" at the catcher position.

So Marson isn't a great defensive catcher? You understand the concept of "offensive catchers" and "defensive catchers" don't you?

Lou is a very good OFFENSIVE catcher and his defense has IMPROVED this year, from last. He is hitting over .300 in AAA and is WELL over .300 since May 1.

He is 23 years old and he can play. Period. To say he isn't a true "prospect" because he doesn't hit the ball out of the park (which would put him with the vast majority of MAJOR LEAGUE catchers, if you looked at the stats) is asinine.

And, what exactly has DeArnaud done anyway? Compare his offensive numbers in A ball and Marson's and get back to us. He's a better defender. Goody. That will make him a nice BACKUP someday.

Marson will be a starter and will be a starter with the Phils, if he isn't foolishly traded. And that day is not far off.


I'm not saying Marson is ever going to develop into Joe Mauer. Mauer had no power at the big league level until THIS season though. I'll take a singles hitter who's ready to take Ruiz job sooner over a guy who pretty much hasn't shown he is even ready for Clearwater yet. I know you like D'Arnaud, but he's not nearly what you think he is. With a month left in the minor league season, in Mid-A Ball, he's hitting .245. Marson's hitting .303 in AAA. I'm sorry, D'Arnaud isn't our guy at this point, if the Jays like him more, I'd give him away with a smile.

Lou Marson has exactly one minor league season with a higher slugging percentage than Joe Mauer at the Major League level.

Joe Mauer is like Lou Marson in as much as they both play catcher and their last names both start with M.

denny b.: There's NO WAY that Marson is untouchable. We have a young, cost-controlled starting catcher that this team is seemingly very happy with. Although his bat is lacking, it's not a problem considering we have one of the most predigious offenses in the post-steroid era.

Marson is a luxury in the minors. He's trade bait. Should we deal Marson and Ruiz get hurt, I have no doubt that any number of other journeyman catchers can fill our void until Ruiz comes back.

"At age 23, Lou Marson has 1 HR in the International League.

At age 23, Joe Mauer had 13 HRs in the American League."

So what? Joe Mauer's come along about once every 30 years. He was the #1 player in the country and #1 draft pick in the country for a reason, you know. It wasn't for his "catch-and-throw" tendancies.

Here is a bet for you... Marson will be double-digit HR guy in Philly by 2012. Those line-drives he has ALWAYS hit will start to leave the park as he gets into his mid 20's and matures more into his frame.

How many HR's do the starting catchers in the NL have this year? That might be a more interesting comparison. It also might make your argument about downgrading Marson because of his "lack of power" look a little weak.


Again, I don't think we have a Joe Mauer in our system. I'm simply saying knocking Marson for not hitting homers is stupid and short sighted. We have a catcher with 4 homers hitting .228 or so at last glance, starting, with a back up who's even worse. D'Arnaud, for his supposed high ceiling, probably wouldn't even get the call to Clearwater to open next season at this point. He's hitting .245 right now, and you'd think from some folks here that he's the guy we should bank on. It's a joke. I'd trade him not only in the Halladay deal, but to get a right handed bat or another reliever. I'm just not impressed. I expected before the season he'd "wow" us all. He's done none of that.

No Rich, what you were saying was that Joe Mauer didn't hit for power and neither does Marson. That statement was misleading at best and patently untrue at worst. Joe Mauer has hit for substantially greater power at all levels than Lou Marson.


No. You're putting words in my mouth. Nowhere did I say they are the same. I'm saying the same knock was put on Mauer a few years back. Mauer's the best catcher in baseball, none of our guys have that kind of ceiling. Basically my point is, D'Arnaud is the more expendable catcher, because Marson will develop into a solid enough big league catcher, and D'Arnaud has looked clueless at times at a minor league level that he was supposed to eat up. You are trying to twist what i'm saying to make it into Marson=Mauer. Nowhere did I say that. I said the same knocks were put on both.

Lou Marson classified as 'untouchable' is crazy. We have 2 catchers on the roster, and you're telling me that trading one in AAA is more valuable than acquiring Roy Halladay for our starting rotation?

If Ruiz gets hurt and Bako gets hurt at the same time, then go sign some bum veteran catcher floating around - the bum can't be much worse than Bako anyway.

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