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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


reposted from the last thread-

so what do we all think this morning of Joel Sherman's rumor in the NYPost...
a few weeks ago, before the Rockies went on their torrid winning streak, Amaro had a deal in place to send JA Happ and prospects for Marquis and Spillborghs.


personally, i don't hate the deal depending on who those "prospects" were. Rube was willing to use our major advantage in this market- the ability to take on salary- as leverage and i think that was smart. i'd like to see the Phils pick up a better arm than Marquis, but we'd have to wait another few weeks to make that happen and i'm not sure the bullpen can wait that long.

Depending on the prospects, I prpobably would have done it. Marquis makes a big ticket and is a FA after the season I think. I'd like a better arm than his too but with all the injuries to perspective trade candidates, I don't know that there's a better one available.

I would bet that some team in our division will make a trade to better themselves. I don't know that it will be the Phils. More likely the Braves or Mets.

What is disturbing to me though is that we are in a dogfight we really shouldn't be in. That may come back to haunt us.

MATB - I agree. It all depends on who the prospects were. But with COL's M.O. it might not have been pretty.

JW - Vic is actively hurting other teams.

I like Happ better than Marquis. Definitely long term, but even for this year I see Happ getting better and better.

I would not like to see the Phillies make that deal. Only deal for a true front line SP. Otherwise let's roll with what we got.

This guy isn't having a bad year either:

Yo, new thread

Glad they didnt trade Happ, gonna throw that out there.


Charlie needs to back away from his love of ROllins at the top. It's taking away from what could be THE most explosive offense in baseball. Annoying really.

Why Happ? Why not the bastard and some complementing minor league fielders?

The lineup should clearly be....

Victorino (.370 OBP)
Utley (.415 OBP)
Werth (LH)/Ibanez (RH)
Werth (RH)/Ibanez(LH)

With Feliz and Ruiz both hitting for average, let Jimmy drive in some runs with less presure to perform and set the table for the bottom of the lineup.

I like flip flopping Werth and Ibanez depending on the pitcher, but can see the merits of leaving Werth in the three hole to help him see better pitches to hit ahead of Howard and Ibanez while utlizing his speed ahead of our RBI guys.

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