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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Rollins sits again, according to Inquirer.

Abreu's available. After all these years, we could finally try him in the leadoff spot, lol....

To the person in the last thread talking about Hamels' curveball: Last start, which you'll remember was an 8 IP, 10 K performance against the Orioles, he was throwing his curveball quite well. So I don't think it's a lack of having his curve recently. In fact, I noted during that game that I thought his curve was improving since the beginning of the year, and that he was using it more.

I didn't see the game last night, but in the start last Sunday, his curve was just fine.

World Champions...World F#(#ing Champions!

We'd trade for Bobby and he'd insist he's a #3 hitter and suddenly the whole team would revert to a bunch of "in it for themselves, look at my numbers" players like there were in that era. It would the end of civilization as we know it. Though clout would be happy, I suppose.

Last night, and in his last start against TOR, he went curveball early and couldn't locate it--usually ending up way out of the zone or in the dirt--and then eased off and base went to it. Last night, he didn't throw a single curveball strike. His curve admittedly isn't great, but if he can throw it with something even approaching authority, those ABs all change dramatically. I agree that last Sunday v. BAL the curve looked decent: he also went 8 IP in that game.

My point isn't that he can't throw the curveball at all, but when he can't, you end up with these inefficient foul-everything innings.

TW: Well he did throw one curveball for a just wasn't called a strike by that idiot ump.

There's been a perception that the Phillies' minor league operation is finally making strides forward after years and years as a nonentity. Well and good if that's the case, but it isn't happening quickly enough for the major league team's sake. The personnel problems the team is experiencing is highly noticeable and can be traced to a lack of organizational depth. The Phils were fortunate this did not come into play last season, but it is making a huge difference this time around. There might be a Taylor or Drabek on the far horizon, but nowhere to be found are role players - a serviceable young reliever or utility infielder - who can step in and patch holes. The farm system continues to strike occasional, isolated patches of gold and produce precious little of any immediate value otherwise. That a guy as mediocre as Brett Myers should be seen as the lynchpin who was holding everything together speaks to a real and continued lacking at this franchise's core. It's incredible how much that one loss has triggered a chain reaction of failure and desperation.

Right: plus one botched call.

I was more concerned about the way Lidge looked last night. They don't have an alternative for him and even 80-85% of what Lidge was last year would be a huge boost for the pen. I was hoping that having the cortisone shot and a bit more rest would have helped the inflammation in his knee.

Wonder if Lidge will pronounced himself "100% again" only to be followed by a lengthy (and possibly rest of the season) trip to the DL.

Well, if Junior Amaro tells us that there's no pitching, I guess it's time to hang it up. This team has a clear need, Amaro says it can't be solved. That's it, right?

Say what you will about Omar Minaya, but the Mets have certainly done a much better job than the Phillies at patching holes this year. Reyes goes down & they have a serviceable utility guy in Alex Cora. Maine goes down and they get great production out of Nieves. Beltran goes down and they've got guys like Ryan Church & Jeremy Reed. Delgado goes down and they've got Murphy & Tatis.

The Phillies lose Brett Myers, an average pitcher, and they have no replacement anywhere. They lose a couple of relievers & the bullpen is in shambles. And if, God forbid, an everyday player should be injured (Ibanez) or ineffective (Rollins), Eric Bruntlett always seems to be at the center of the Phillies' backup plans.

NEPP: I will only be happy when you get a clue and know what you're talking about. Yes, I have a long wait ahead of me.

RSB: Good point about the minor leagues. The Phillies Trip A team in the 3 years before 2009 was among the worst in baseball. The improvement in prospect quality is just now reaching Double A. There should begin to be a payoff at the big league level next year and, if we're lucky, perhaps this September.

LOL...always a pleasure clout.

Yo, new thread. Haven't been less excited about a game all season. I'm sitting this one out, just like Jimmy.

Thou shalt not insult Abreu, NEPP.

I concur with bay_area_phan, Bruntlet has to go. Trade him for some rozen bags and give a kid in AAA a shot. It may be a more impactful move than most realize.

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