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Friday, June 26, 2009


What's he gonna' do, teach 25 guys how to hit, pitch, and run bases in 20 minutes?

If someone has to give a motivational speech to multi-millionaires on how to do their jobs, it will take more than a "20-minute closed-door session between manager Charlie Manuel and his club."

I think the Romans had it right; decimation.

Good to see a meeting finally. Maybe something comes out of it.

Dear Phillies,

Thank you for allowing my decimated and mediocre ball club to continue to stay in the "race" for the summer while we nurse our guys back to health. Your kindness does not go unoticed.

your friend,

Mets fan

Great move to have the closed door meeting. Although they do need a new starting pitcher via trade, this team mainly just needs to play like they're capable of playing. 36-34 is horrendous for this group.

I'd like a 20 minute, closed-door meeting with Junior Amaro. I'm thinking something that Quentin Tarantino could dream up.

I wouldn't get too comfy mets fan. Looks like the marlins are nipping at both of our heels right now.

I realize there's only so much that Amaro can do. He can't force teams to trade pitchers that they don't want to trade, and he doesn't have some trump card player at AAA to whom to turn. But, at the same time, when things are going as badly as this, I've always felt like the GM almost owes it to the fans to do SOMETHING just to demonstrate that he's paying attention & that incompetence won't be tolerated. One way he could do this, while improving the team in the process, would be to dump Eric Bruntlett. It's just flat-out unbelievable that this guy continues to be on the team when he's hitting .202 for his entire Phillies career. And it's not like he's some insignificant emergency bench player. He has seen action in half our games this month and, with our starting SS continuing to be the worst starting player in the major leagues, he's only likely to see even more action.

At least once every 2 or 3 days, I see a utility infielder pop up on the waiver wire, and I think to myself, "Well, he'd be better than Bruntlett." Hell, even Miguel Cairo would be better than Bruntlett.

I don't want to make it sound like Eric Bruntlett is at the epicenter of the team's problems. Clearly, he isn't. But the point is, it would take absolutely no effort whatsoever to upgrade in this area. That we're 3 months into the season & they have not seen fit to replace the worst player in the major leagues does not exactly inspire confidence in the present regime.

How much does the NL East actually suck? What an embarrassing division to be in, and the Phils are just as much a part of it as anybody.

Hey, on the plus side, the Flyers traded for Chris Pronger... this thing on?

The same thing happened last June. The whole team stunk, and people mainly complained about So Taguchi. The problem is not the bench, and it is not the lineup order. The problem is the regulars are not playing well, and the pitching has been awful. A slightly better Bruntlett isn't going to change anything.

I just understand how the Phillies went from a team that was desperate to win to a group that plays, and behaves, like losers.

Same thing happened in Cleveland. Goodtime Cholly as the "players manager" quickly leads to bad habits, sloppy play, and a worst of all bad attitudes. And he's nowhere the "hitting guru" he claims to be.

Hamels crying on the mound last night is a disgrace. Where does he think he is, the Little League?

Manuel should be fired after the All-Star game. Give him a footnote in baseball history and send him on his way.

What's the deal with the foul balls and Hamels? Everytime I look someone is fouling like 6 of his pitches off. I hope it's not something someone figured out, and just a anomaly.

Didn't get go watch the game, but Hamels is a pretty fiery competitor. If he was really getting squeezed by a bad strike zone then I have no problem with him calling out an umpire on his way out of the game.

If he had done it during the game and was tossed that would be a different story. Hamels is way to smart for that sort of thing. Big deal, he barks at an ump as he is leaving the game.

George Brett ran out of the dugout at sprint speed and bumped into an umpire because of a bad call. Brett never was heavily criticized for that. In fact, it gets replayed all the time.

Hamels is a competitor. If he had said nothing, then I would be worried.

Gee whiz, Al. Nothing like an overreaction.

LA's diagnosis of Hamels last night was that he hasn't been able to get on top of his curve since the LAD game, which has essentially reduced him to two pitches (even if the change is a plus plus). If he can't throw that curve, he'll keep having outings like this. The stats seem to support this.

FB 54.8% CB 13.7% CH 31.5%

FB 58.8% CB 9.7% CH 31.5%

In 2009 he's got 9% unidentified pitches, but i would guess that those curves that keep bouncing up there are part of that. Hamels supposedly doesn't have fantastic mechanics, but problems with the curveball are pretty worrying.

BAP - You're dead on! Rube MUST do something and swapping out Bruntlett should be easy. Almost anyone else would be an upgrade over this bench slot.

I realize that dumping Bruntlett won't solve the overall problem, but you gotta start somewhere and this position should take virtually no effort. Get movin', Rube!

We should overload Amaro's e-mail in-box imploring him to host a press conference in which he TRIES to justify why Bako and Bruntlett are on this team. The U.S.S. WFC is taking on water and B&B aren't bailing fast enough!

I too am amazed that Eric Bruntlett is still allowed to play. Even in today's massive 10-0 blowout he went his usual 0-4 bringing his pathetic average to .129. This is just depressing, I'm starting to think its some sort of prank being pulled on Phillies fans by Charlie Manuel.

Not since Steve Jeltz days in the mid 80's have I witnessed such suckery in the Phillies organization, and as we all know there have been plenty of atrocious players to wear a Phillies uniform.

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