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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Victorino hasn't gotten any ink recently, but he's been hitting the ball well.

"mvptommy: Do you think Branyan will hit 35 HRs this year?

Burrell has a career OPS+ of 117. Do you think Mayberry will have an OPS+ of 117 or better after 10 years?

Taylor might."

Yea, Taylor in AA Reading, lol. Mayberry, according to you we have to wait and see.

Victorino is consistently involved.

Is that the wrong picture for Mayberry's tater? I was pretty sure that ball was right at his knees.

Probably in the majority in saying that it's past time that Victorino get to lead off. Rollins just isn't producing. Let him try to drive the gaps in the 6 hole, please. LIke fricking gary Maddox anymore.

mvptommy and JW posting back to back. Hmmmmmm

Clout: You look silly, because on one hand you say don't take prospects seriously. Yet, you are slurping Taylor and degrading Mayberry who is batting .300, 3 HR's and 7 RBI's I believe. Why the contradiction?

Nope. That's right before impact, a couple more frames and you'd see the ball right by the knees, like you said.

Nice cover on the sock puppet, Weitzel.

Javk: Yea and JW giving some love to Mayberry. JW, I can always take some extra cash, call me.....

Nice to see this offense not only come out and put 3 on the board right away but they continued to step on the Rays' throats all night long. When the Phils have gotten the rare big early inning this year, they have tend to coast offensively. Tonight they just buried the Rays.

Victorino is taking pitches, too. He had a key walk tonight in that first inning. His on base is actually where a leadoff hitter's on base should be. I am so tired of Jimmy leading off I can't take it anymore. If they don't move him because they're winning (two weeks ago), don't move him when they're losing (last week), I guess I have no hope of them moving him ever. Can we start some kind of petition to move Rollins out of the leadoff spot? Too bad Myers is on the DL, he could at least run deep counts out of the leadoff hole.

Yea with the way we are playing on the road. I may just go to Toronto this weekend to watch the boys play. I mean, I am 2-5 so far this season. It would be worth the drive to see a win.

Why shouldn't I give love to Mayberry? Looks like a nice pickup on the part of the Phillies. I see a Major League future in him, while I still can't see one in Golson. Have to give the Phils credit; they're hitting on more of these raw tools guys like Mayberry. Which means they're hitting on about 1 in 9 instead of 1 in 10.

Am I crazy, or did I just hear Wheels say "Rock Around the Cock" ?

Mayberry could still end up a .194 hitter but he put nice wood on that pitch tonight. Definitely huge potential.

How 'bout the old man putting up 0s tonight?

(Don't mind me. I'm just practicing my frontrunning)

Nevertheless, Mayberry still needs to prove he can hit National League pitching (0 for 1).

One for Jayson Stark: Must be some sort of record by Mayberry, recording his first three career homers during interleague play.

JW: Good point. All his homers are against AL pitching. He's on pace to bat .000 for his NL career. He looks like an NL bust to me, but a future AL all-star.

JW: Touche. But my man will come through. I felt it since he was traded here. After I saw video on him and read about him, I thought this kid has something.

I'll be happier with Mayberry when I seem him actually get the bat within a foot of a breaking pitch from a righty. Because so far, it looks like he's yet to see a pitch from a righy, even though some righties have thrown him pitches.

How badly is Feliz slumping? He was lights out in May with RISP, but in June: .105/.176/.118. In his ABs, it almost looks like pitchers are daring him to try to catch up with the fastball: both Guthrie and Price threw him almost exclusively fastball strikes. It was brutal tonight to watch Price get picked up by every hitter in the lineup, but see Feliz get killed with straight fastballs up in the zone.

Jack: I feel sorry for you. Can you at least, go upstairs from your basement and get some fresh air. It is a beautiful night you know?

tw: It was only a matter of time for the other shoe to drop.

tommy: Nah, bro. It's basement only for me.

I take it your computer is upstairs, not in the basement? Cool.

Is it me or was Moyer largely just "ok" tonight. They crowed about him on DSL and Bottalico in particular said he was impressive.

I saw a guy who had a very generous strike zone on both sides of the plate (probably the most generous all year) and benefited from playing with a huge lead. Moyer just didn't have to come over the plate with much and the Rays seemed to be pretty aggressive at the plate to try and make things happen.

One thing that was impressive tonight about Moyer was his changeup. He did locate that well I thought for a strike when he needed it. More importantly, I didn't see him hang a single changeup tonight really up and out over the plate. That's probably a first all season for him.

Still, Moyer has quietly rounded into the guy the past month with give you what you need most times out - 6 IP and 4 runs.

Its kind of funny that starting pitching gets brought up so much but Hamels, Blanton, and Moyer have all pitched much better over the past month or so. It really is just Happ/Bastardo that are question marks each time out and why the Phils need another serviceable veteran starter even if they get that true #2.

with that win moyer ties the great bob gibson in wins, number 45 all time. color me wowwed out.

Wow, a public service announcement from Metsblog... The fans there I almost feel sorry for. They are calling the season a wash and the mood is so somber. It isn't even the point of being angry or upset. It is like a funeral. I am shocked.

Jack: Actually, I am on my laptop outside on my deck. I just wanted you to enjoy the night more after a big win.

Now, just to play a game: NOT really serious.

Would you trade for fernando tatis?

tw - Yeah I noticed that too tonight. Price just gave Feliz gas up in the zone and he was behind on it all. Used to be a mistake for a LHP to throw Feliz so many fastballs.

I wonder if the opposing teams have noticed Feliz's notable lack of power since the 2nd half of last year and are just challenging more with fastballs. Number seems to bear that out.

Opposing teams have teams have been notably throwing Feliz more fastballs this year (59.6% of pitches vs just 52.0% last year) and less offspeed stuff. Feliz is also not swinging at less pitches inside the strike zone (62.4% this year vs. 65.2% last year) too.

Besides the obvious lack of power, I wonder if scouts have also noticed a slowing bat speed this year too on high fastballs. Haven't seen it myself but LHP pitches are clearly throwing him more fastballs this year.

Best line from a Mets fan all day: "I'll trade you my DL for your DL." I'm informed that Beltran's "bone bruise" is growing. I'll bet that hurts and I feel for him but, how fortuitous? Is Tatis hitting cleanup now?

Only an idiot Mets' fans would declare their season over in late June out a measly 2 1/2 GB in the NL East against a team that has had played like crap at home all year and has a shaky pitching staff and 2 GB against such powerhouse juggernauts as the Giants, Brewers, and Rockies.

hugh: LOL Yeah, Tatis was their cleanup tonight.

Mayberry will help against lefties. Against righties, he's going to struggle. He's a good addition to the team, but let's not get carried away.

Little Timmy Lincecum escaping bases loaded jams in consecutive innings. He's probably hoping for a big bat to land in SF in July.

Hugh: I looked at 'Cisco, they aren't far off from being actually pretty good. So that makes Cain out of the piture for us.

MG -

I really like Feliz and hoped the change in his numbers last year was just his back giving him trouble; maybe he's just not used to swinging 100% yet now that his back is somewhat better, but yeah, until he shows he can come around on those FBs, there's not much reason to throw anything else. Worrying, especially for a 34 year old.

I can't believe that Met fans are throwing in the towel when they are only 2-1/2 games out with a mostly AAA lineup out there every night. Most of their guys on the DL aren't expected to be out all year or anything.

Best thing going in Baseball: Brian Tallet's mustache.

Best description of Mitch Williams' old mustache: "He looks like a washed up Alex Trabek."

MLB network is really good with Williams and Pleasac.

mvp - Aren't that far from being good? Giants have two very good starters in Lincecum and Cain and an underrated bullpen (Sabean deserves some credit here for finally dumping scrubs like Taschner and Walker and bringing in some better relievers this offseason) but there is offense is horrid and their not a good defensive team either.

My best is they hang around because of their pitching but end up somewhere slightly less than .500. Say with 78-80 wins.

IOP: I enjoy their banter as well. Mitchypoo is a real punching bag on the show. It's fun. They don't seem to be bound by any real rules, either. It's like "Whose Line Is It Anyway" but with baseball.

It is funny that Sabean finally gave up on guys like Taschner and Walker and realized that he actually needed to go out and upgrade the bullpen in the offseason with some solid veterans arms.

Kind of reminds me of what Gillick did in the '07 offseason but it is kind of funny that both Taschner and Walker ended up here.

Lincecum is tremendous.

Any word on Eyre - he is eligible to come off the 15-day DL on the 27th but supposedly hasn't even thrown off a mound as of Sunday. Sounds more and more like he won't be back until that July 4th series against the Mets at the earliest.

I think we are going to have to boycott the home games to break the home curse. Let's just try to import other team's fans by selling our tickets for cheap on ebay.

Tommy: As I noted last week, your gushing over Mayberry is not particularly irrational in and of itself. Despite the so-so numbers, we all agree that there is much to like about Mayberry. He is at worst a solid 4th outfielder and I agree with Denny's assessment from the last thread that, if he can improve as a hitter, he could one day turn into a good all-around player in the mold of Jayson Werth, but with more power and a lower OBP.

What makes your Mayberry gushing irrational is that it is accompanied by a pulled-out-of-thin-air belief that Michael Taylor is a bust waiting to happen. You are fond of saying that you trust your eyes more than statistics. Well, I have asked you several times: have you ever even seen Michael Taylor play? I have also asked you several times to articulate a reason why you believe he'll be a bust. So far, no answer.

This is not to say that Michael Taylor can't be a bust. Of course, he can. But when a guy is only 23 and posting triple crown numbers at AA, after posting similar numbers at 2 levels last year, I'd say the onus is on his critics to explain what it is about his game that leads them to believe he's going to be a bust. So far, all you've ever said is, "It's just the way I feel, and I'm entitled to my opinion."
"I'm entitled to my opinion" is invariably what someone says when he doesn't have a single rational thing to say in support of his opinion. If that's the best you can do to support your case, then you can't claim surprise when other posters ridicule you.

I still don't get why people are still responding to this Mayberry/Taylor insanity.

I dream of a successful outfield lead by Mayberry, Brown and Taylor with an infield of Donald, Howard, Utley, Marson and some other infielder. I am not ashamed to say that makes me want to cream my pants just a little bit.

Tropicana Field is the only park in the majors where a home run has been hit in every game this season.

JW- liked your "held the Rays at bay" play on words. You crafty bastard.

Pedro Feliz and Jimmy Rollins have gone hitless over the last 4 games, a combined 0-30.

Joe Blanton vs. Matt Garza tonight. If you're looking for a drinking game, I suggest chugging a beer for 5 seconds every time Garza spits...dude is a chronic spitter.

And yes, Wheels did say "Rock around the c*ck", videos all over the Internet, including my blog this morning.

1) My inner cynic is not that impressed that the Phils only scored in innings in which TB had major errors.

2) Moyer was painting last night, but it did seem to be a large strike zone. In Rollins last AB strike one was at his ankles (low AND inside) and strike three was at his chin. He walked away appropriately rolling his eyes.

3) Mayberry is a very good role playing bench player. The RH bat off the bench and speed on the basepaths and defense in the field that we needed. But those who think he's an all-star need to remember Spring training, where he killed the ball for three weeks and then became human.

4) Taylor is a Monster. A line-up with Howard, Utley and Taylor will be scarier than one with Howard, Utley and Rauuul.

Oh. The Phils have no signed all the guys before their 30 pick who were born before 1990. I expect they have stuff worked out with some of the HS guys but won't announce until July. We pray that Corbin and Singleton are among the chosen.

I turned the game on about 8 minutes late and saw mayberry circling the bases with a 6 spot on the board.

I just shook my head and turned it off because I was so mad that they literally just suck at home for no reason and rub it in our faces as soon as they hit the road, and of course because i missed it!

Now thats its the next morning, i'm much for appreciative, but that might have been the most pist i've ever been to see the Phils up 6-0.

Carson - great: a matchup of the chronic spitter and the chronic forehead-wiper. If that won't pack 'em in at the Trop, I don't know what will. It should be one excreting game.

The Phillies only scored runs in innings where TB made major errors?

Phils might've only score 7 or 8 runs without those errors and only won by 6 or so.

An outfielder overrunning a ball for an extra base and an infielder throwing a ball away are 'major' errors?

I can't take it anymore. Jimmy Rollins needs to be moved down in the order. I don't care about his ego, as this is a team game. Charlie should move him down there and leave him there until the All Star break, jesus.

so what do we all think this morning of Joel Sherman's rumor in the NYPost...
a few weeks ago, before the Rockies went on their torrid winning streak, Amaro had a deal in place to send JA Happ and prospects for Marquis and Spillborghs.


personally, i don't hate the deal depending on who those "prospects" were. Rube was willing to use our major advantage in this market- the ability to take on salary- as leverage and i think that was smart. i'd like to see the Phils pick up a better arm than Marquis, but we'd have to wait another few weeks to make that happen and i'm not sure the bullpen can wait that long.

Andy - your point number four is basically saying that Taylor will be a better player than ibanez. interesting.

Interesting tidbit on MLBTR about the Phils and Rockies almost doing something a few weeks ago. Anyone else see that?

EFF - That's my inner cynic. It wonders how many innings the Phils have scored in over the last week in which the other team hasn't made goofs. Personally, the rest of me is just glad for the win.

Dukes - I did not say "better player;" I said "scarier line-up." I see a difference but perhaps you do not. One difference, for instance, is the whole LH/RH splits thing. Currently the middle of our line-up is less than intimidating against pedestrian LOOGies. I also do think that it is within the greater end of possible outcomes that Taylor will be better in many aspects of the game, however. His speed on the paths and in the field should make of what he does better than our 37 year old LF.

And please note that Ibanez' great start notwithstanding, Rauuul in the first months of 2009 is a much scarier player than Raul Ibanez.

Which is all just a way of saying: lets have this discussion in 2011 and see where we stand. I have already refined my recipes for members of the Corvus family based on my earlier assessments of Moyer's aging body; so I will not mind getting out the grill in a couple years. If needed, however, I will send you the grilled, baked, fried and tartare versions of crow.

Yo, new thread

Amoro probably wanted to deal Happ for Marquis before the injury to Myers. Now that they are without Myers, I hope he knows they have to keep Happ and add a pitcher. It will take more prospects, of course, but Happ is very valuable to a team who can consistently turn 6IP/3ER performances into wins.

For mvptommyd

I'm not all homered up for Mayberry, but his second homerun was hit off a curve ball from a righty. Guess he got inside a foot of a breaking pitch as least once.....

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