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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Lopez wasn't pittching too well early in the year, but he has actually pitched 3 good games in a row at AAA. He's also nearing the 2-year point since his TJ surgery -- which is usually right about the time it takes to make a full recovery.

Although he's obviously experienced, Lopez has had such a wildly up and down career that he's about as much of a wild card as Carrasco & Carpenter. At his best, he was an above average pitcher; at his worst, he was every bit as bad as you'd expect a rookie pitcher to be. If he could land somewhere in between, he'd be a serviceable back-end starter who would probably out-perform Carrasco or Carpenter in the near term. He could also potentially help the Phillies in the bullpen, where he has generally been much more effective than as a starter.

In his photo above, Lopez reminds me of a '60s era family comedy star. Pitcher Knows Best?

In re: Mazone

Doggone it! I was hoping we could hang on to Future Considerations a while longer, to see if he would pan out.

Maybe Saturday would be a good time for Carrasco's debut against a decimated Mets roster. Pitch around Wright, then destroy the likes of Argenis Reyes and Alex Cora.

damn you projected AA rotations, Kendrick looks to be out. He would have surely got the call up and dominated if Friday was his turn to pitch.

I am pretty set on seeing Carrasco get the callup, I think it time for him to get his shot, he's been ranked as our best minor league starter for over two years(more?) now. And as MFiP states, NYM isn't exactly an offensive juggernaut right now.

Was Rodrigo Lopez not set to come to Philly from Baltimore in the proposed Pat Burrell trade?

Nah, trade for Nick Swisher and have him pitch. Surely the Yanks will take Eric Bruntlett straight up for Swish.

ESPN has Carrasco as the scheduled starter for Friday

Im excited for his first start so I will be disappointed if he doesn't get the ball.

Yahoo still has Carrasco scheduled for Thursday so I wouldn't out much stock in what anyone is reporting until the Phils actually decide.

Bentz: That's my recollection too.

I'm actually having second thoughts on whether the call up of Carrasco is such a great idea. His history is that he has almost always struggled badly when promoted to a new level. He strikes me as the kind of guy who really needs to go through a full season at each step of the minors before you can throw him into major league service. Calling up Rodrigo Lopez would have absolutely no sex appeal whatsoever, but it might just be the best move.

Re: Bentz and bay_area_phan

Yes the infamous Pat Burrell trade was to be for Rodrigo Lopez. Thankfully, that never panned out. And here, a few years later, we got him for next to nothing!

Didn't Carrasco do really well when he went to AAA last season?

You guys are correct re: Lopez and Burrell.

8/1/06 - "Just within recent days, Phils slugger Pat Burrell reportedly vetoed a trade to the Orioles for pitcher Rodrigo Lopez. No specific reason given, just "no."

I heard that Some Dudes will be the future considerations in the Mazone deal.

BB: Actually, I guess that's right. But he didn't pitch many innings at AAA last year. And this year, he struggled mightily at the start of the season.

Is this a symbolic shot at the current Mets lineup that we're gonna let our fill in go against them and not the Braves? I think the Braves lineup is just as crappy.

This sets up Happ to pitch the last game before the break instead of the new guy.

And saves them a plane ticket to Atlanta.

Yo, newer thread

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