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Sunday, June 21, 2009


So this is what it's like to be a Natinals fan.

I had prayed for a rainout today. No such luck.

The team really did need a hard dose of reality, and the phans sure gave it to 'em today. 'Bout time too...

I don't think any other comments are necessary after the first one. This is exactly what it feels like to be a Nats fan. How do I know? Because I started rooting for the Phillies in 1964.

Only one difference. Being a Nats fan, or a fan of the Phillies most years they were in the wilderness, when your team goes into an ugly swoon like this, when you look at the standings the next day, your team isn't in first by 2 games.

What a country.

I like it when you get pissed and do write ups like this Weitzel. Of course, I much prefer winning.

I'm driving 8 hours to Toronto next weekend. I will be more pissed than Weitzel if this continues all week. If it does, I might turn into Randy Quaid's character from Major League II.

Ruiz: down to earth (.260). Feliz down to earth. (.290). And Rollins. What a wimp this season. Thought his reaction to the call at first summed up his season.

at this point, i have to start assuming rollins is playing hurt. there's just no other reasonable explanation. he's still too young to be declining, but then again so is jose reyes.

I hate that they wasted some pretty good starting pitching performances

Reyes is 4 years younger than Rollins... big difference

You guys shouldn't worry though; my Mets did nothing to take advantage of your craptacular homestand, and with a 9 game road trip coming up, your lead should be back to 4 or 5 games in no time.....

yeah, being hurt explains everything.

the ground at CBP must be hurting their feet.

it was about time the crowd gave it to this team. charlie was saying pretty much that months ago. this isn't last year and this team needs to earn the respect they think those rings on their fingers give them.

Its just a slump. They will be alright

"wake me up when september..." begins, since we all know they wont be any more than 3 games up or 3 games back for any playoff spot.

okay, so i was listening to wip this afternoon and this caller who was at the game came on saying that not only isn't jimmy hitting (which we all knew), but that he isn't doing the small stuff defensively. He said "Utley does all the small stuff, Jimmy does none of them." He referred to Jimmy not covering second on a play. Can others back this up? Is this true? If so, is this how he played last year? Or is all this talk about him not taking his hitting into the field BS? Someone needs to get on this guy - and I mean hit him 6, 7, or 8 for at least a month to 6 weeks no matter how much he thinks he's a leadoff hitter.

dukes: mora hit a double into the LF corner and jimmy was the cutoff man. Jimmy was set up to cut him for second, but saw he was easily safe, so moved his cut over to third, but Stairs threw to second instead, which missed Rollins and surprised Chase at 2B. The "mistake" was that Stairs threw to second while he was clearly already there, so rollins wasnt at fault there, but everything else he did today was.

As crappy as watching your team lose 8 of 9 most definitely was, take solace in the fact that you will win the division by default, no doubt about it. As a dejected Met fan I can sheepishly say that the Mets are not going anywhere this season, injuries or not.

We can take solace also in that many teams have streaks where they lose 8 of 9 or so and still have good seasons overall.

i was pretty annoyed with jimmys reaction to the call too.
he just gave the standard jroll too-cool for school look and struted off. while cholly went thru the motions of arguing for him. get up and get mad jimmy. show us something for pete sake.

No need to rehash the obvious but one thing did catch my one today - even after an offensive homestand where they largely didn't hit that much the Phils still lead the league in R/G at 5.38 (1st in the NL by a long way) but their woes with hitting with RISP has brought them down to .253 as a team (right at the NL team average and lower than their team average of .261).

It was the same thing last year that really hurt them last summer when their offense wilted in late June through the early part of August - not enough baserunners because of a lower AVG/OBP but a real drought with hitting with RISP.

Phils just don't have the bedrock bullpen and the general more steady starting pitching though this year to rely upon though if they go through another prolonged hitting with RISP slump this summer. Even if Lidge/Eyre do come back healthy & productive, it is hard to see this team being able to stay in 1st place in the NL East unless the offense can cover up the pitching deficiencies as they have for most of the season.

I long for those thrilling days of yesteryear when J-Roll would rip one into the corner to start a rally. Now, he's reduced to trying to evade the tag. He might still think he's a leadoff hitter, but I hope his manager thinks otherwise. And soon.

I long for those thrilling days of yesteryear when J-Roll would rip one into the corner to start a rally. Now, he's reduced to trying to evade the tag. He might still think he's a leadoff hitter, but I hope his manager thinks otherwise. And soon.

Well, you get my point. Sorry.

For any of you who ever saw Larry Bowa play here...What do you think his reaction would have been if he was the batter instead of Rollins on that blown call? The fact that Jimmy made no protest is terrible. Charlie shouldn't have been the only guy to go out there and protest. It starts with the "all star" shortstop, which is another joke and further evidence that the fans shouldn't be ones to pick the all star teams.

One of the beauties about baseball is that the daily grind is filled with ups and downs just like life and now we are in a down period. They'll pull out of this, but I do think they need some new blood to give a boost. This goes back to the fact that I would trade the farm system for a high quality starter (not a Brad Penny type). Either way, the team better get their act together by the time they return home for a huge July 4th series against the Mets.

i feel sorry for paying fans who dropped a couple of benjamins on tickets and treats. they ought to call the cops for breach of contract after this home stand.

the phillie announcers were such homers i had to stwitch to the orioles broadcast

btw: manuel must exsisto semotus.

Someone mentioned that to Cholly Manuel the other day - that they've won only two series at home this year, and both were against the Nationals. Charlie looked at the guy and paused and then said, "Well, at least we've won two." Chooly realizes his luck has run out and he'll soon be run out,and none too soon for my taste.

This team is atrocious!!!!!

cholly doesnt deserve the scorn.

hamels looked great today. the offensive was putrid against a below average starter.

aren't we s'posed to kill righties?

and jimmy needs to move down in the order. he's hurting the team up there.

Given the anemic production by the offense, should this be the time to focus a little more on small ball? Throw the percentages out there about giving up outs, but these guys aren't hitting with RISP, moving runners, or even taking pitches. Although this team isn't built to win low scoring games, it's pretty tough to win games when the offense is completely shut out. This all starts with Rollins and it's time he mans up and asks Charlie to move him down in the lineup.

Somehow, Milt Thompson continues to get a free pass in all of this. We scored in a total of 3 innings out of 27 against the Orioles. The team with the worst road record in the AL, at least until this weekend. Some of our hitters have continually regressed under the "guidance" of our former baserunning coach turned hitting coach. We constantly underperform with RISP, our K's are sometimes ridiculous, and our LOB numbers are usually hideous, but they've gotten better now that we no longer hit the ball. Milt must have a lot of pictures of people...

To put it quite simply, "THEY SUK".


Don't know what it is, but I always find that name funny.

Like Todd.

Scott- I couldn't agree more about Milt Thompson. As a group, the Phils are very unselective about the pitches they swing at and there are a few wild swingers. Maybe they play so poorly at home because they try to hit a HR every time. Rollins, Vic, Howard and Werth are very prone to big, wild swings. I don't need to rehash the obvious, but I can't think of another player who is more prone to get sucker pitched than Howard. I am not playing the blame game, but there has to be some accountability. Good hitting teams like the Red Sox and LA, even the Orioles are selective in what the swing at. Because the lack of plate discipline is a pervasive problem, the finger points at Milt Thompson.

Things I learned on Beerleaguer today.

1. The Phillies lead the league in runs per game, but should fire their hitting coach.

2. Jeremy Guthrie is a below average starter. His career ERA+ is 115.

3. That Jimmy Rollins is not in a slump but on a career downturn and thus won't bounce back in the second half. Just like Pat Burrell in June 2007 and Ryan Howard in June 2008.

4. Lotsa frontrunners and whiners on this sites comment board

The Phillies have often had power surges, hence, the run totals tend to look good. They scored 20 one game last year against the Cards, then put their heads in the sand. It bastardizes the numbers. The sheer volume of talent they have means they will still score their share, but far too often, the bats disappear. Anyone paying attention the past few years should have noticed that.

There, you just learned something else.

Amen, Scott!

Don't worry guys. We're throwing Moyer vs. David Price in the next game.

That will put an end to all of this.

Over 162 games, every team will have patches where they seem unbeatable (it was only a few weeks ago that a "this offense is too good for us not to win the division" cockiness was in full bloom on the TV, radio, and in print), and every team will have its rough spots (e.g. now). Last year the sky was falling when the team limped through June with a losing record (12-14), but the year turned out pretty well in the end.

My wonderful wife has been religously watching the phils with me for the past three seasons. She does ask to change the channel, usually I give her the okay when I have had enough.
God bless her. Sure she lucked out against all odds as somebody born in Cleveland and moved to Philly she got to actually see a world f champ parade. But on too many nice spring and summer nights she has watched crappy bullpen streaks, Geoff J making a throw to a cutoff look like a shotput toss and of course my fav, J Roll, when he hits a few homers early in the season realizes he too is a slugger and then he hits the skids going for the game or inning ending popup on ball four or even better, why wait that long? Swing at ball one!
Anyway, besides shane v acting all spazzy and swinging the bat like a whip, ryan questioning the strike he just swung a foot too short for, I have to say Jimmy thinking not walking, not making contact and not bunting when you are under pressure to get on base is the way to leadoff. I love the defense, he can steal, he should more but that usually requires getting on first.He now only shows the flashes of passion he burned with before. If this team will hit the wall and need new players in a few years to keep the aging stars worth keeping then go for it, move him now. This kind of play does not turn around. I hate to make analogies but he reminds me of latter day Iverson.

I know we just won the championship so I don't expect one again any time soon. I know we are in first but if we lose to the O's and bosoxs in interleague BS play in June when it is not pressure time, then forget the end of september and definitely october. Our division stinks and the gold is tarnishing.sorry to pile one but I am angry because I love this team, this is like our family and our bro needs an intervention.

I'm glad that the Open was on all day. I can't bear to watch this team sometimes. A road trip is just what the doctor ordered.

If Charlie ever grows a pair & sits &/or drops J-Roll in the order, I hope Jimmy takes it as passively as he took Vanover's blown call. The guy is supposed to be such a "team leader", but so far this year his play & attitude have been every bit as heart-free & gutless as that of recent Mets teams. There are no words for how utterly depressing that is.

I think that guy is being generous to J-Roll by only naming him the 2nd worst Lead-off hitter in MLB.

Rollins is the #1 reason this team does not score runs. Almost 75% of the time he's an automatic out. Heck, 4 of our Pitchers have a better OBP than he does.

Now I'm hearing that he is "phoning it in" on the field too. I've realized he does not belong batting lead-off for years now, no thought necessary there. What I am wondering about him now is: Should he even be on the team?

Seems to me that you could find a SS that A) has adequate defense B) is a better lead-off hitter and C) cost a heck of a lot less.

I say put him on the block and see what we can get.

hate inter-league play....

hate the malaise this team has been playing with lately...

WFC or not - injury or not - you just can't mail it in...


It's so nice to sit back and be able to bitch again :) The sweetness left after the world series was giving me a cavity. This is much more like it.

Why is this team only capable of producing when the Chips are absolutely down and their backs are against the wall? They'll prolly go on a tear now because they'll realize the mets are going to close in and are on the road. It's like the can only succeed in hostile environments.

Beats me.

Yeah the Phils laid a complete egg this homestand and gave right back what they did on the 7-3 roadtrip earlier this month and the some.

Still, they are almost done with Interleague play and hopefully get Lidge & Eyre back by the end of this month and Ibanez for the Mets series over the July 4th holiday. Basically have to figure out a way to eek out 2-3 wins this week on the road in TB and Toronto.

I think they do it and wind up splitting there. Not great but keeps them afloat and likely in or very near 1st place.

Yea, the character of this whole team from top to bottom is designed to win the division and kick butt in September. Take the summer off beleaguers and enjoy sunny hot weather.

It's amazing how much better the AL East is than the NL East. Embarrassing, even.

The amazingly better AL East vs NL East records:

BAL: 9-3

BOS: 7-5

NYY: 5-7 (thanks, Luis Castillo, or otherwise 4-8)

TB: 8-4

TOR: 4-8

The 4 top teams are .500 vs the NL East. The O's are the "every dog has its day" difference this year.

Trade Rollins

To who tho?

Craig Monroe DFA'ed on Fri? Is he worth a shot as a backup OF and righthanded bat? Certainly more useful than Bako.

Check the run differentials of the teams in the AL East.

Look, I'm not enjoying this year's version of J-Roll and am starting to wonder if this is the harbinger of an overall long term decline rather than just a horrendous slump. I'm concerned about the team's performance over the past two series. Like (seemingly) many, I'm fighting the urge to panic.

But I remember the tom toms about J-Roll over the last two years on BL. I seem to recall that about this time last year there were a few voices that advocated releasing him outright. And there were voices later on that spoke of how Shane Victorino was "actively hurting the team" and how
Ryan Howard should be platooned with some guy who was a career minor leaguer.

This isn't a great argument, I know, but I think back to the beginning of the season. If someone had told me that Lidge would go into an awful tailspin from Day One and then head to the DL, that Myers would be knocked out for the year, that Moyer would fulfill all our worst fears about his age and his contract, that Hamels would have only thrown really two dominant "ace" caliber games thus far...But in spite of all this, not too far from the break we would be clinging to a tenuous lead in the NL East, I think I would hope to have a bit of perspective.

We were hoping for a matured team that knew the virtues of consistency, and that would jump out to a lead and stay there; but in our heart of hearts we all knew this team would have stretches of bad play that would bend our minds.

Still hanging in and not bitching yet. But the time could be coming.

Hope everyone who is a father had a nice Father's Day yesterday. But as usual I need to ruffle some feathers about some things that happened yesterday.

Things Learned on Bler on Father's Day

1. If for some reason you miss one game on here because you have a life outside the internet, you are now a frontrunner according to Clout. As This was his statement yesterday.

"For anyone who doubts that most Beerleaguer posters are frontrunners, compare today's game thread with one when they were winning."

2. Clout and Jack are father-son. (Actually, if true exaplains alot)

3. When Howard AND Ibanez's combined 40+ HR and 100+ RBI's are out of the lineup it is tough to score.

4. Last year we were 4-11 in interleague play. This year we are 3-9 so far. No need to panic, just the same old Phillies. Two things are gaurenteed in a season. Phillies will have a slow start AND have a miserable interleague play record.

5. Can we please cut Taschner as soon as Eyre and Lidge return, Thank You.

In other news, did anyone watch the Pen last night? The new one was on at 9. Pretty funny to watch them glorify Ryan Madson. Also pretty funny that Chan Ho Park thought Ben Franklin was a pitcher. Brad Lidge seems like he'd a cool guy to hang out with...

I don't know if I'm board with crucifying Rollins for not arguing after being wrongly called out. It's never been his style to argue, and particularly as that contrasts with certain opposing team's fans' impression of him as a "punk", I appreciate that element of refinement in Jimmy's demeanor. To equate the lack of argument to a lack of 'fire' is a rather lazy inaccuracy. Rollins plays the game with a discernible passion. When Utley got called out on strikes even as the umpire was yelling 'ball' the other night, he didn't put up much of an argument, either - as he rarely says anything to umps, himself. Again - does that trait correlate to not caring, not playing with passion? Yeah, not exactly. I think it can be interpreted as more of a strong leadership quality to *not* whine and shoot your mouth off at umpires; doing so usually just displaces accountability, attempts to shift the fans' ire away from the player or team and onto the evil umpire. While on a surface level, it may be gratifying to see a player vent the same kind of frustration you as a fan might have, that kind of behavior ultimately doesn't set a very good example.

(Mind you, I am *not* defending Rollins' .216 average here.)

Yo, new thread

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