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Thursday, June 18, 2009


season = over

Raúl!!!! ¿¡¿¡Poooor quéééé?!?! :-(

Repost from last thread--per David Murphy:

"Amaro said the groin, which is a different issue than the sore achilles he battled recently, has bothere Ibanez since April, but that it had reached a point where the team feared that he would do serious damage to it if he cintinued to play."

Kart racer = Mets troll

It's a groin pull, he'll definitely be back after the All Star break at the latest. Does give a good reason why he's been slumping lately: he wasn't 100%. I'm not too worried, because we've still got everyone else.

This team needs another starting pitcher, badly. We're not going to win the division with this current crop. But who can the Phils get without destroying the farm system? That's my question. We already forfeited a draft pick to sign Ibanez. Who can we get for a rental or a year and a half?

opens the door for vic to be an allstar

Dave Murphy reports that the Phils are seriously looking at Penny. I saw that Charlie wants a true upgrade. Do you all think Penny would be a significant help to us? How much are you willing to give up to acquire him? We need quality starts badly so as to keep the BP from expiring!

I'd give up Donald for Penny. He has been pitching well lately..not lasting many innings though, but still, he pitched great up until last year with the injuries and all.

It would be an upgrade over Bastardo, and maybe they still can get a stud later on..but I don't know about that with all the circumstances so far.

TheGodfather: Nah... season = over is a long running joke on Beerleaguer. I believe it was created by "bruceg" who famously came on the blog to tell us game=over prior to some remarkable comebacks.

I'm expecting the Penny deal to come within a week.

If Penny's healthy and he's not over the hill, I would like to get him. Those are two huge ifs. I havent seen him this year. I know he started out slowly but it seems like he's been pitching better of late. When he's healthy he's a pretty good pitcher.

Nothing like a 10 pitch first at bat to keep the pitch count low.

With Mayberry's speed and arm added to Vic and Werth, we've got one great defensive OF today. Kind of wish we were playing in Petco!

A groin pull is real bad news. Speaking as someone who has had one, they heal very slowly and you have to watch your every move or you can repull it. I'm young but when you reach the age Raul is, you don't heal as quickly.

i'm torn on the Penny deal... we need quality starts and we need them NOW, but i highly doubt Brad Penny will be the best starter available on the trade market this season. i know it looks bleak now, but i'm convinced the economy will force some teams to move payroll closer to the deadline. those teams are just trying to maximize ticket sales right now by holding onto their stars and publicly claiming they think they can make a run. call me crazy, and i know you will, but i think the Astros, Indians, Reds will all make salary relief deals close to the deadline. i'd hate to give up any trade ammo for a guy like Penny when i think they'll be better options available later. but can we afford another 4 trips through this rotation?

Myers - I don't think you're crazy. But, don't forget the D-Backs and Pads.

The Jays really fouled off a lot of pitches. This pitcher is making his first start. I hope we make him work, too.

Myers: I agree totally. There are some teams waiting things out right now to see how attendance is through the All Star Break. The number of pitchers available at that point will probably increase.

For some reason too, I think Brandon Webb will be available in a month as well. He is really unhappy in Arizona with his contract and basically has said, "I'll be back to pitch when I'm less injured." He is basically just sitting out for a while and trying to play hardball.

Would be nice to get the running game going sometime this season.

Well, that was a f*ckin' great inning.

Damn it, Scott Rolen. I remember when he did stuff like that for us.

Did he even make the tag?

...and Cerrano still looks foolish swinging at a breaking balls

yup, 88 belt high usually goes yard

nice pitch.

Dear Phillies Pitchers:

For the love of God, please stop throwing home run balls to the opposing team.


50 pitches for Blanton after two innings.

Franzke's call on that homerun was horrible. The crowd is ahead of him on every homer. Phillies or the opponents. Very odd weakness in his otherwise strong game.

We didn't call up any minor league arms for today's 'contest'?

Not only a HR, but also 55+ pitches after only 2 innings.

50 pitches through 2 innings, 2-run 2-out bomb to the 8-hole hitter. Thanks Joe.

Wake me up when the annual interleague June swoon is over.

Oh, excuse me, 50 pitches like Matt said. Shame on me giving him a few extra when he's thrown plenty as is!

Urge to kill...rising...

Iceman, are you "giving up" on June?

Thank you, Jayson! I feel somewhat better.

Well Jayson Werth has found his power stroke....

Franzke's not going to get all excited when the opposing team's 8 hole hitter hits a home run. He ain't Jim Jackson.

Good for Mayberry! I just noted that the rookie pitcher has thrown 1/2 the number of pitches as Blanton. I suppose the Jays are more familiar with him than the Phils could possibly be with new guy, but couldn't we foul off some pitches, too, 'til we get a good one?

Is Merriwether's zone as goofy on video as it looks on Gameday? In Feliz's AB, the 2nd pitch, just above the belt, is called a *ball*?

June is disgraceful.

Spitz: [June's] season = over

Since Ibanez will be out for a while, it sure is good Ruben has those extra OFs on the bench - you know

I'm sure someone is there. We wouldn't still be going with 3 catchers, right?

Penny would be a dumb trade because despite what he's doing now, he's not a good pitcher and we'd end up overpaying for him massively.

I hate the new strike zone.

Andy: But Bako is VITAL! After all, he frees up Coste for all of those PH opportunities he's been getting!

The Phils have struck out 68 times in the past 6 games. That's really bad.

Oooooo...heads up play, guys!

this team is asking for boos at home. this is unacceptable.

Now that was a damn DISGRACE. This team has its head so far up its own f*cking a** ... unbelievable. Awful. Sickening.

I don't believe it. That's not like Chase. I agree with Larry Anderson, I wouldn't be surprised if Charlie "blew a gasket." (He just added, "Looks like the Nationals slipped into their uniforms."

We used to do that in Little League.

All the time.


It never worked after that.

Time for one of those team meeting thingees.

This team is in 1st great. But for how much longer considering how shitty they've played against Boston and Toronto?

... & now it cost them a run. I don't expect much from these lame day crowds, but the fans really need to let the team hear it tomorrow night.

Here's what I mean about the strike zone. Ball three to Scutaro was strike three, actually. That second pop-up should be the third out with no runs scored.

It's time for the pitchers to get used to not having the black any more.

Anyone care to share what happened for those at work with no TV?

70 pitches after three innings. Our bullpen will be pitching another 4 or 5 innings today.

Yeah, I second what EFF said. I have no idea what EFF could be talking about.

eff, scutaro walked and noone was covering 2nd so he ran over there.

I see the strike zone is selective.

Vic has to refrain from stealing here, so we can keep the DP possible.

Yeah, the zone today is pretty weak. Nothing high, nothing inside, nothing low, but pitches wide have a 25% chance of getting called. Ruiz isn't calling the best game ever, given that zone, though: Blanton hasn't gotten the the squeakers, but Ruiz keeps asking for them.

What are the chances Howard strikes out? 60%?

I wish chase would try hitting some of these pitches right down the heart of the plate instead of fouling them all off.

But i'm following on gameday so could be completley wrong.

They better drive in at least 1 here.

my guess: werth walks in a run and feliz gidp.

Good, I was hoping for a sac fly, failing a hit.

ball four, sac fly. oh well, ill take it.

Has anyone else's gameday audio crapped out on them, or is it just my bad connection at work?

Mills's pitch count will reach 70+ by 3rd inning. Then, who has better pen?

Is it wrong of me to expect the phillies to score more than 1 run with the bases loaded and only one out and the pitcher not hitting or should i just be happy with a sac fly and a ground out?

They cannot and will not swing at strikes. I am so sick of this team swinging out of the strike zone.

81 through 4 now for Kentucky Fried Joe. Maybe we can get 2 more out of him?

I know some people think that, so long as it's still possible to pitch 6 innings and allow 3 runs, you're not allowed to say a pitcher is pitching badly. But Blanton is pitching badly. Key stat: 17 batters faced; 12 first-pitch balls.

Just looked at Penny's stats. He hasn't pitched over 6 innings in his last 5 starts, since May 20. And has not pitched 7 innings in his past 10 starts at least. He has pitched at least 6 innings in 6 of those 9 starts, and no fewer than 5 innings. He has given up no more than 3 ERs, except for twice, in his last 9 starts. His last two starts he held opponents scoreless through 5 or 6IP.

To simplify, he usually pitches a quality start. But he's not going to go deep. So count on 3+ innings of BP work on his starts.

Hello, J-Roll.


It is hard to say if Mills if a MLB-caliber pitcher or not but you need to have stellar control on your fastball and offspeed stuff to have a shot at succeeding. He doesn't appear to have that the Phils haven't managed to real do any damage against him so far.

Now THAT'S more like it!!! :-D

GBrettfan: Penny gives the club a chance to win. Exactly what Moyer was doing last year, and therefore led the club in wins. Exactly what Moyer is not doing this year.

Nice work J-Roll

MM, I was happy with the sac fly b/c of the way things have been going vs. the Jays. They hadn't been hitting at all, and a sac fly seemed a better choice than an out - - All right, Jimmy! A lead!


Prediction: Jimmy and Werth's offense over the next 2-3 weeks will make up for the loss of Ibanez.

Gotta love a 2 out walk to the pitcher. Was it intentional?

That would be great, Jack. Dude, why would the Rockies give up Marquis when they're in the race? The Sox have a glut of pitchers which makes Penny more likely.

I think the Sox need to see Smoltz in the bigs at least once before they start dumping starters.

MG - mayeb you wrote that before the JRoll HR, but I would say 4 runs in 4 innings is doing real damage against a pitcher.

Just doesnt seem like it when our SP has given up 3.

Brad Penny is fat and seemingly erratic. Would be a fitting replacement for Myers.

Okay, I officially *hate* Scutaro.

Someone should point out to the Phillies pitchers that throwing the first two pitches out of the zone to Scutaro is not a good plan.

When we had Grade A Myers, he would pitch 7, even 8 innings. Same with Cole (although we've yet to see it from him much this year). And "innings-eater" Blanton, on a good day, can live up to the moniker with 7 IP. Happ has yet to go 7, correct me if I'm wrong, and Moyer doesn't usually go more than 6, sometimes 5. I think it's important to our BP's success for most of our starters to go 6 innings. I think we need 3/5 of the rotation to be reliable for over 6IP/start (with a lot of 7IP starts). The other 2/5 can go around 6. I may be wrong, but that's what I've been thinking.

Scutaro's good. I'm thinking of voting for him on the All-Star ballot based on this series.

Jesus how do the Blue Jays win games?

2 - 0 to Rolen isn't a good plan either.

That Dude: Nobody NEEDS Jason Marquis.

I think Blanton should be able to give us 6IP. He's at 94 pitches or so.

98 pitches for Blanton. He's got one more inning in him, I think.

But giving Rolen a meatball to hit right at Feliz kinda works for me.

It would be really cool if he could give us 7.

AAA RHP. Most teams would eat him up. Probably looks like Cy Young to the Phils.

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