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Thursday, June 25, 2009



Hey clout,

Honest question about why you think LaPorta has more power potential than Taylor. At the age of 23 in AA, Taylor is currently posting a .978 OPS, .579 SLG, and HR% of .048 (only 273 PA admittedly). Last year, LaPorta at 23 and AA put up a .924 OPS, .539 SLG, and HR% of .051 (433 PA). LaPorta is putting up very comparable numbers now at AAA, but these guys are remarkably similar in their AA, age 23 performances. What have you read, or seen, that makes you think LaPorta has greater power potential?

Like the rest of us, Charlie is hoping that the problem lies in Jimmy's head.

I have other fears.

Either way, I don't know what benching him for Bruntlett accomplishes. Charlie might want to exercise a bit of common sense and keep Jimmy in the game in the 6 or 7 hole in the lineup for the rest of the season (and the rest of his Phillies career, as long as Victorino is healthy), but it seems he's already decided that Jimmy is, come hell or high water, a leadoff man.

I'm calling it now...

Bruntlett is going yard tonight. He is back in the Tampa/Clearwater area, where he dominated Spring Training this year.

Babe Bruntlett returns tonight.

And, why are so many people trying to run Happ out of here? Last time I checked, his ERA was a hell of a lot lower then any of our other ace starters. If it wasn't for 2 collossal 9th inning collapses, he'd be 6-0 for the year.

His last few starts have been shaky. But he battles and usually finds a way to make a big pitch or get a key out, when he needs it.

You can (and would) do a lot worse for a bottom of the staff starter, then Jay A.

Its the top 2 or 3 spots in the staff, that need to get their stuff together in the next 3 months.

This division is so weak right now.

The Mets are fielding a Kansas City Royals type of lineup, with castoffs in their rotation. They are going nowhere and likely weren't even healthy.

The Braves still look the most dangerous to me, but just seem to not be able to put it together over any period of time. Their starting pitching will likely keep them in it, though.

The Marlins are hot and cold. Lineup doesn't have much pop and bullpen is shaky. Will be dangerous, but not likely to be consistant enough over 162 games.

All the Phils have to do, is just put a good 2 weeks together starting right now, and they will build a comfortable lead. Of course that will also mean getting their head out of their anus at home and getting Lidge/Ibanez/Rollins back at some sort of decent level of competence.

But they need to quit farting around and put the hammer down now and let the rest of the 3 mediocre division teams, worry about the Wild Card.

I hope this rest does the trick for Jimmy this time. He must be even more frustrated than we are watching him. We need him to be a good leadoff hitter again. Even decent. OR to be a reasonably productive lower order hitter. And to be our Gold Glover at SS.

" ... it seems he's already decided that Jimmy is, come hell or high water, a leadoff man."

And that is my single biggest problem w/ J-Roll: he's letting his ego get in the way of what's best for the team. Everybody loved to rip Myers, but he got jerked from starter, to closer, to starter, to the minors & back to starter again -- which is a helluva lot more difficult of a series of adjustments than moving from hitting first to hitting sixth -- & he managed to do it w/out coming off like a whiny little b*tch. It's a damn shame Rollins isn't man enough to say "I'm just glad to be in the lineup", & free up Charlie to utilize his deteriorating, but still valuable (at least as compared to Gnome) defense w/out killing the top of the order. I expressed this opinion earlier in the year, & I'll reiterate it now - team leader, my a**.

Its about freaking time. He shouldn't lead off when he's back either. Sad that Bruntlett is an improvement offensively over anyone.

Don't know if this was mentioned already (don't have time to go through the last 3 threads) but Taylor and Donald available for a starter. That's a high price potentially.

its' a bigger slight to J-Roll to be put lower in the line-up than to be benched. when he's benched he can be one of the guys on the bench watching the game without the stigma of being demoted.

Charlies is helping J-Roll get his head back in the game without hurting his ego too much.


The Phils are pillars of "conistancy"

I agree denny b. that they need to kick it into a higher gear. I really think, as JW pointed to this AM, that pitching is key - the entire staff. We've seen better pitching from our starters, but our BP has faltered. Hopefully, Lidge really is back to form and leads the rest of the BP to a high level of effectiveness again.

Completely OT, but goodness there are a lot of people dying lately. Michael Jackson died today, only 50 years old.

Jacko < Farrah < Ed < Kane/Bill

I care substantially less w/ each passing celebrity ...

Victorino doing his best J Roll impression

G-Town: Before he became a total wacko, Jackson was a musical genius. It's a shame that fame affected him so much (but most likely has more to do with his strange childhood/upbringing).

Let's not lower Sonnanstine's ERA tonight, please, fellas.

It's nice to see Dobbs looking solid at the plate again.

Ryan Howard doing his best Ryan Howard impression

doubleh: I think Quincy Jones is more of a musical genius than Jacko, but that's neither here nor there. And speaking of let 'er RIP ...

Big Man!!! :-D

Woo, hoo! Howard remembers this guy from the postseason.

G-Town: Well, he was enough of a genius to buy the Beatles songs. :-)

Can't complain about you guys facing Sonnanstine because we just beat him up, too, but good Lord that guys is awful.

Surprised they weren't able to throw Stairs out at home; gutsy move by Perlozzo there, IMO. Geez, Feliz broke his slump, wonder if even Jimmy could have hit Sonnanstine tonight. (No, I'm not second-guessing Manuel's decision, however.) Oops, maybe not. Bruntlett just SO.

Sonnanstine has an ERA of nearly 7 and had allowed hits to 5 of the last 6 batters . . . and Eric Bruntlett steps and proceeds to strike out on 4 pitches.

Bastardo should feel pretty comfortable going into this.

Nobody let Sonnanstine know about the book on new-look Feliz. That's more offspeed pitches than he's seen in weeks.

You would think...leadoff walk though.


He was out. Amazingly.

Oh, Dobbs, watch those throws. Good job by Bruntlett. And I think the umps call is actually accurate - close play

Man, L.A. has been on a tear lately. I love the guy, but sometimes I think he'd be more comfortable sitting on a rocking chair on his front porch, shaking an angry fist & demanding that some damn kids get off of his damn lawn.

Upton needs to suck it up & sit back down. He would've been safe if he didn't try to pull that pop-up slide nonsense.

Joe Maddon is one of the most irritating people in baseball.

G-Town: It sounds like he'd actually fit in really well posting at Beerleaguer.

Good to see our young prospect SS having a great game so far.

Wait! Joe Maddon is a guru! The Phil Jackson of the AL! Remember 9=8?!?!

If Werth played that like he should have, there's no guarantee that Burrell would have scored.

Give that lead right back...

So how is it that Bastardo lost 3-4 mph off his fastball in a month?

G-Town, love that description of LA. Spot on.

tg082: Touché

And it greatly annoys me that Bastardo is not throwing strikes. Grrrrrrrrr ...

LA is right --AB is not ready for the BIGS..

So perhaps Bastardo is more suited to the bullpen? The experiment has been interesting though.

So much for being able to pitch better with a lead....

So this is the guy whom the Phillies regard as untouchable?

Throw something outside of a fastball.

AB is not ready to be a starter...I think he'd be a fine LHP out of the pen.

Bastardo is not a good fit for the Rays hitters. He throws mostly fastballs and they are a FB hitting team. Bad matchup.

This has slugfest written all over it.

To BAP: I know, right? How the hell are Carrasco and Bastardo untouchable but Michael Taylor (who is crushing the ball) is tradebait for a starter?

LA's summary of Bastardo sounded like it agreed with the BL consensus to me: Good arm but not ready for the bigs because of inability to spot the secondary pitches.

re rollins: i still think there's gotta be something crazy goin' on with him that we don't know about. for example, alleged steroid use could explain 30 hrs. but lack of steroids doesn't explain .211 and a refusal to walk and a refusal to bunt.

Its time to bring your best pitching prospect up and get him away from Death Valley.

Its time for Carrasco, despite what his stats say, to come up and start his major league career.

Bastardo is a one-trick pony. Send him back to the minors where he belongs right now, so he can learn a decent 2nd pitch.

Give Carrasco a shot for a few weeks. At least, until Ruben finds a starter to trade for.

Wait, most Beerleaguers said this was the next Santana, he "can't miss," he's one of the top 5 prospects. How can this be happening?

I'm getting a little sick of Werth's defense... for every 5 really good plays he makes he make another 5 bad plays, one of which comes from a really bonehead mistake. For someone who was heralded as the "starting centerfielder" at one point, I'd just as soon see Mayberry out there... and his bat

ok maybe 5:3

Bastardo has exactly one pitch in his repertoire, and he can't even throw that one pitch for strikes. Next time I hear the scouts say that a pitcher with great minor league stats is only a so-so prospect, I think I'll listen.

If Jayson Stark's list is true, it is flat-out mind-boggling that the Phillies regard Happ & Taylor as tradeable & Bastardo as untouchable.

Pretty liberal strike zone tonight.

"Wait, most Beerleaguers said this was the next Santana, he "can't miss," he's one of the top 5 prospects. How can this be happening?"

Not this BL, Clout.

I didn't think Bastardo was ready and still don't. He gave them a couple of good starts and 2 wins. That's enough.

Carrasco is a WAY better prospect and anyone who thinks otherwise, don't know baseball.

At this point, he is the best option for that 5th starter spot. He at least, can throw more then 2 pitches (and throws 95 MPH gas too). Go with the talent and see if it works.

The "Johan Santana" comparsions were laughable and someone like Stark should have known better.


If that wasn't the cheapest homerun I've ever seen.

I refuse to believe Stark's list is true. I've always thought Happ was more valuable than Bastardo. The dirt on AB was that his other pitches weren't fully developed yet and so he was probably better suited to be a RP.

Anyone here think Savery or Drabek could be called up before the end of the year? Dude who was on DNL tonight (can't remember his name, but he follows the Pharm) seemed to think so.

I think Bastardo is playing himself out of a major league job before our very eyes. But he's still an untouchable prospect. Have I made that point enough times, or should I keep hammering on it?

HOW WAS HE SAFE?????????

Well if he follows Santana's career path, he will suck for a couple of years than become unstoppable. Or he is not the next Santana and will just disappear from our memories

Only three more Interleague games after this one ...

Only three more Interleague games after this one ...

Only three more Interleague games after this one ...

I'm predicting a Crawford triple here to complete the cycle for the inning.

We'd have to give up on him first and have him be Rule 5'd to another team...that would be fitting.

And then that team would have to send him to the minors in his 3rd year in the majors for 2 months to only work on his changeup, and then come back a stud with the newly improved pitch.

Well looks like a bullpen game.

Nice knowin' ya Bastardo.

He is untouchable in the South-Asian sense.

Paging Cholly . . . I think it's safe to assume Bastardo is not going to get anyone else out for as long as he's in the game.

Smoltz not pitching too well against Natinals. Definitely looks like they won't be moving Penny any time soon...

The Phillies' trading leverage is dropping by the inning here.

The psychological impact of this nonsense can't be overstated. What is the offense supposed to do?

I don't know RSB, plenty of teams probably need batting practice pitchers...

Drabek is dominating again tonight at Reading through four innings. Any chance the Phillies make a bold move there?

Start Drabek's clock? Why not? I'm sure that he could easily jump from AA to MLB with no growing pains. Afterall, he's got tons of experience in the minors...almost a whole 100 innings now.

Brian G: I asked that question earlier in the thread. Some guy on DNL tonight who follows the Pharm closely, seemed to think Drabek or Savery might be up by the end of the season.

I would love to know what the BL consensus think, especially those who've seen either/both of them pitch. I have not. I saw one Iron Pigs game last year and Walrond pitched a 2 hitter. Haha.

I feel as though Bastardo is replacing "bad" Myers. Whereas it appeared Myers himself was shaping up to be "good" Myers before getting hurt.

The strike zone is even more of a joke than usual tonight.

I can't fully watch these games. Have to watch on the computer or watch with the sound off. The f-ing cowbells are a disgrace and they are deafening in that near empty stadium.

Calling up Drabek is a desperation move, and I seriously doubt it would work.

The cowbells are a gimmick that's a disgrace to baseball. People can't enjoy a baseball game without ringing some stupid SNL skit prop? This whole franchise is pathetic.


"Drabek is dominating again tonight at Reading through four innings. Any chance the Phillies make a bold move there?"

No. He needs to stay in Reading for the rest of the year and get innings in.

In 2010, he will be in the hunt for a big league job here.

Just call up Carrasco and be done with it. His stats don't completely tell the story this year.

Mitch just said on the MLB telecast, that whoever the Phils get, better be a sinkerballer who can get some swing-and-misses. Carrasco is just that guy.

That would be the bold move to make. Doesn't mean it would work, but who else at this point is a better option?

Kendrick? We have seen that play out.

Carpenter? Maybe, but he is not in the same league talent-wise/stuff-wise as CC.

Bastardo? 5 starts is enough to know he isn't the answer in 09'.

Worley? Has cooled off after a great start. Is in his first full year of professional baseball.

Rodrigo Lopez? A marginal big leaguer, even when healthy and under the age of 30. No better then Kendrick, at this point.

Park? No thanks, 1000 times over.

Personally, I'd build to 2010...its nearly impossible to repeat anyway. We have another 2 years after this of a window...we should focus on coming back strong next year and the year after. We shouldn't trade the entire farm for a short-term fix that may or may not help us get back to the WS.

No, I'm not giving up, I just don't want us to vastly overpay for a Jason Marquis type so we can battle for 1st place all year. If we can get a reasonably priced guy and only give up something like Bastardo and Donald, then go for it...don't trade Drabek, Brown, Taylor etc for a shortterm gain.

Everyone's favorite inning coming up with Feliz/Bruntlett/Ruiz.

Eric is doing his darnest to make us not miss Jimmy...good work Gnome.

we will f - up every prospect i we bring them up b4 they're ready--

FLOYD AND outman are 2 examples - they lost their footing - they became expendable and were traded & now are doing pretty good as major league pitchers.

KK will no soubt go down that path as well. better be careful with bastardo -

denny: I'm thinking Lopez might be the best option at this point. They'd be sure to get similar results with Carrasco.

Thru 5ip Drabel has given up 0ER, 2H, 0BB and 7ks....ya know sometimes kids overplay their timetables and its time to make a move...not saying this is it, but it culd be.


we will f - up every prospect we bring them up b4 they're ready--
FLOYD AND outman are 2 examples - they lost their footing - they became expendable and were traded & now are doing pretty good as major league pitchers.
KK will no doubt go down that path as well. Better be careful with bastardo -

This is Francisco Rosario all over again...

HeyCHolly: Have you looked at FLoyd's numbers this year?

and we never brought OUtman up so I dont see how we F'd him up

Sarge rambling about wearing an onion on his belt and complaining about the Kaiser again...

Rays fans say the cowbells are great for drowning out the fans of the visiting teams.

Hey, buy the tickets yourselves and leave the farm equipment at home.

Drabek got jacked for 4 hits and 3 runs in the sixth

What a freakin' debacle ... *sigh*


Tickets to Rays games are so ridiculously cheap I don't understand what their issue is...except that baseball just doesn't seem to sell well in Florida. My family lives there and everyone down there complains about having to drive more than 15 minutes in any direction. I tell them they wouldn't last a week in PA. We drive an hour plus for a good cheesesteak for Heaven's sake.

that dude -

floyd was 17 -8 IN 2008 & 5-5 so far this year era 4.45

outman - they couldn't decide if he should be a reliever - starter- and then reliever again.

after he was traded to the A's - he said it was a 'relief' no pun - to have an established role - this year 3.48 4-1 53 1.16 53K'S

i just read he went on dl sprained left elbow,

Chooly can burn through pitchers better than anyone in the history of baseball. This is the price paid for lackadaisical spring trainings, poor in season wok ethics and no curfews on the road.

Top of the lineup to start off again. Here's hoping for another 4 run inning.

Oh great, another injury. Although in this case, it could be for the best. As my son says, "I feel sorry for the bullpen."

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