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Sunday, June 21, 2009


In a previous post there was griping about Ruiz's pitch calling and putting the blame on him for Roberts home run. I finally saw the highlight and he called for a pitch down and away. Madson threw it belt high and on the inner half of the plate.

Really hard to blame Chooch for that.

I see Wakefield may win his 10th today. We don't have a pitcher on pace to win 10 games this entire year.

Truth - Just take a look at:

Roberts has always been a low-ball hitter and he hits fastballs down in the zone well too. The decision by Ruiz to call for the cutter (Madson's 3rd best pitch) against a guy who hits pitches away well from the left-hand side was foolish.

Went against everything that a scouting report would have told him to do. Ruiz either should have called for a 4-seemer high in the zone or the changeup down and on his hands.

curt - More interesting fact from Stark was this: Only two teams have ever made the playoffs with a sub .500 home record and the Phils would need to go 28-20 just to finish with a 41-40 record at home.

Stark also dug up this cool fact with Elias's help- no MLB team has ever finished with a sub .500 record at home and above .700 on the road.

Phils are likely to settle somewhere in between but they also can't keep casually dismissing their poor home record. Eventually they are going to have to starting play better than .500 at home over an extended stretch to make the playoffs.

MG: Makes it even sillier that Roberts hit that pitch out then. The pitch was scheduled to be away and ended up in a spot where Roberts hits .176. If Madson hits the spot where Ruiz was set up there is a chance Roberts can't turn on the pitch and most likely doesn't hit it out.

Also he hits .375 on pitches down and in. Why on earth would you throw him anything in that era be it a change-up or not?

JW, somewhat off topic, and the demand may not behigh right away, but what about a beerleaguer app? Cheap to make, and it's going to be the future of communications, might as well get in on the ground floor? Happy fathers day to all the dads on BL.

MG: I don't feel like going back to look, but the pitch Roberts hit was 96mph, I don't think it was his cutter. Zaun hit a cutter though. I could be wrong too, bad memory.

Either way with 2 strikes on a hitter, after throwing primarily all fastballs, it needs to be a changeup low and away. Even if the changeup comes over the plate, theres a good chance the hitter swings early anyway.

So how many times do we see Rollins fly out to lead off the inning and then Vic work a walk lol. Vic is our leadoff hitter, and should be.

The flyball Utley hit to center field just now, McCarthy was louder on that than he was in last nights home run by Howard. Worst announcer ever

Right handed hitters are hitting .316 off Hamels this year! (L.A. said)

Here's the thing about lineup order. I don't ascribe as much importance to the stereotypical role of a slot. For example, 1st in the order is only guaranteed to lead off once in a game. Too much emphasis is put on the 1st inning at expense of all the others. Granted, the 1st slot in the lineup is the most likely to lead off and the 4th is the least, but all the other slots basically have the same chance. First thing from that - it shows that in the 4-hole, OBP is indeed less important than it is in other holes, meaning it is the perfect spot for Howard. Second thing - you want your best players getting the most at-bats. Any extra at bats that the 1st or 2nd slots get over the 3rd and 4th necessarily come at the end of games. This will also tend to increase the importance of these at bats. This is one of the biggest reasons why Rollins leading off hurts, because it really hampers the end-game. If Werth ever turns it back to is '08 form, he would actually be a pretty good candidate to lead off vs RHP.

On a different note, at least Howard's illness is giving Dobbs some solid ABs to get his groove back. HR right there.

MG, scary numbers. Guess the Phils are going to have to go 28-20 or better, in that case. Or be the first team to win with a losing home record. Just get their pitching (starting and relieving) in gear, how 'bout. In 4th gear. What was the stat about their runs scored vs. runs allowed at home? Something like 4+ scored and 7+ given up. Clearly and simply, that needs to change.

Dave X: Interesting how playing time has improved Dobbs game. Hope Flipper doesn't find out since he thinks there's no connection.

Silver lining to Ibanez injury - Cholly realizes that he should give Stairs/Dobbs a bit more playing time including staring Dobbs at least 1 start (2-3 now with Ibanez out)/week and giving Feliz the occasional day off vs. RHP even though he has managed to hit them well this season with reverse splits.

moyers dad looks like he could be his brother

nice, strike em out throw em out

Hamels seems to be throwing his curveball more often and more effectively recently. That's a good development.

Phils desperately need Hamels to give them another 3 scoreless inning at least. Offense again looks listless.

Coming up on 3 straight months with the worst OBP guy on the team getting the most ABs. Fortunately, it doesn't matter because we're putting up a ton of runs.

So who is the ace today? Hamels(the real ace) or Guthrie, the one the phillies are making look like an ace?

Hamels 10k's thru 6, 1 run allowed, and phillies give him 2 hits 1 run off a bum. Sad

time to manufacture a run for your starter. make it happen guys.

Vic is once again on the short list for team MVP.

This offense is pathetic.

Whitey: Who is this guy? Walter Johnson? Cy Young?

Hamels arm-slot is near perfect.

And as I say that he misses his spot.

There was some discussion about catchers being to blame in certain instances yesterday. Ruiz called a high fastball on the hit by Wiggington that Mora was thrown out at third. Cole would have hit the mitt, except that Wiggingtons bat got there first for a bloop hit.

Too bad for Hamels. He pitched really well today, and the offense couldn't do anything. They're just awful right now at the plate.

Your basic Phillie hitter with a chance to move that runner to 3B would have struck out, probably looking. Advantage Birds.

This is sad. Hamels pitched very well today and then at the worst time gives up a leadoff double to a scrub SS. Then he leaves a ball hanging in the zone for Roberts. The offense absolutely needs to pick up Hamels and reward him for the great start he had today. But, obviously, they won't. This is not 2008, folks.

Dang it, unless the listless offense comes to life, this looks like a sweep.

Kart Racer: I don't think Jeremy "Woody" Guthrie is a bum. He has excellent stuff and signed a MLB contract with the Indians out of college. He didn't pitch well early in his career, but in the post Bedard days, he has been about the closest thing to an ace on the Orioles staff. THey have some young arms coming up so I expect that he might fit in as a solid #3 pitcher.

IOP: Exactly right. Guthrie's career ERA+ is 110.

J-Roll was safe.

Cholly got his money's worth on that one.

Lol, Cholly tipping the hat to the ump.

Finally Charlie!

For anyone who doubts that most Beerleaguer posters are frontrunners, compare today's game thread with one when they were winning.


Boo umps! Clout -- it's also father's day... maybe some BL's actually have a life outside the internet? (Unless you have post numbers from last year's FD thread.)

For anyone who doubts that most Beerleaguer posters are frontrunners, compare today's game thread with one when they were winning.

Posted by: clout | Sunday, June 21, 2009 at 03:43 PM


I was just beginning to think the same thing, clout. But then I remembered that it IS Father's Day. So maybe some of the BL regulars are out enjoying the day with their family?

joe l, OML: I understand, but look at last night's thread as well.

Jinx joe l!

Us true fans are sitting right here surrounded by the kids, who are at least trying to feign interest.

joe l: Exactly right.

This lineup configuration is horrible. Guthrie is a serviceable guy, but come on. It's windy here in S. Philly today, but if Cole pitches like he did today we need to take the win unless someone like Webb is pitching against us.

My pop is on here blogging. His handle is Jack.

The Phils are merely rounding into mid-season form here: Cole puts up a decent outing, and the offense plays tiddleywinks.

@ least the mets are losin'

if the phils won just a few of these games - just think of the lead they'd have.

it would be dodger-like

right now - they are playin' like doo-day

That kid the keep showing was AWESOME when Charlie got ejected. He was screaming.

Really pretty poor today. Vic and Utley up, but who bats for Stairs? It probably should be Mayberry, but Charlie could just leave him in, or worse, go for the Gnome. I'm not as down on Utley versus lefties as some. He's generally been the teams 2nd or 3rd best hitter of them during his time here. Vic has also, generally, been better over his career versus lefties. Sherrill is tough no matter what, but I think we've got a chance here, especially if Mayberry hits.

Last 2 series Phils have been really hurt by the opposing leadoff hitter. Roberts has had some huge hits this series (5 RBIs) and Scutaro did likewise while playing some really solid defense too.

We better get a walk off here and give California Highway Patrol a "W." 1-8 on this home stand is embarrassing and I wouldn't want to be the players at Phillies Phestival tomorrow.

Why do I have a sinking feeling that Bruntlett will bat in this inning.

I do PH for Dobbs though in the bottom of the 9th with Mayberry. Sherill has just been destroying left-handed bats this year.

Next home stand, Charlie gets the guys on a bus and takes 'em out to the airport before each series, then off to a hotel. Anything to break the homestand routine.

In the course of 162 games, things tend to even out. As for the Phils' troubles - this too shall pass. Keep the faith.

Another poor AB from Werth. Just had too many of them this year especially against RHP.

That Werth at bat is the textbook example for what Charlie said the other night about guys being in hitters counts and thinking they are in the hole. Un-freaking-believable.

Yea never mind, the batters up next were messed up on Foxsports (took a break from the game). I think pinching for Dobbs is just as necessary as it hypothetically would have been for Stairs.

Man, thought that was gone.

What a terrible baseball team right now.

for shame.

Time to regroup and get the heck outta Philly. Godspeed, Phillies.

right now - they are an embarrassment!!!!!!!!!!!

a total embarrassment

we s/ stop showing up at cbp

sell out after sell out - sends no message at all....

Arguably the highlight of the day for the Phils was Cholly's ejection. Otherwise not a whole not to cheer about.

Phils went 7-3 on a really tough road trip and then gave it right back by a 1-8 homestand including getting swept by an Blue Jays that was missing Halladay and playing poorly and an O's team that was the 2nd worst road team.

Phils are probably are glad they are getting out of town.



Well, I didn't know Guthrie was any good, the Orioles are one of the few teams where I know nothing about them. Just looked at his season so far this year and didn't look too good.

Werth in a 3-1 count tried to hit a ball that almost hit his hands.

Sherrill has good numbers the last few years, I guess it's all location, because he just throws 87-91 straight fastballs over and over.


As of now, the NL East is by far the worst division in baseball....

On the plus side:

- Hamels had his "A" game today and has started to resemble the guy who was their ace last year. His numbers in June:

4 GS, 1-1, 2.57 ERA, 1.29 WHIP, 1.29 BB/9, 7.07 K/9, 0.32 HR/9

Phils' offense has just pulled their Houdini act with him and averaged a tepid 3.3 runs a game in his 4 starts.

yeah heycholly, smart idea, tell me how you will like it then when they sell off all of their starters at $.25 on the $1 then. Sheesh.

We complain about Howard's deficiencies against LHP but there is a gaping hole when he isn't batting cleanup. Compounded with Ibanez's injury and the middle of the lineup was almost completely toothless the last 2 games. Here hoping that Howard's flu isn't too serious before this offense with Howard and Ibanez just isn't going to score that many runs.

MPN - sheesh???

the point it's frustrating to see the same results time after time...

what you talkin about - willis????


As I said after the Blue Jays' series, this team is unwatchable. When they get solid pitching they hit like a lineup made entirely of utility infielders. When they hit, they pitch like the 1962 Mets.

What's with the 1988-style box score on the postgame show?

Remember the late October 2008 feeling that we all had when Lidge and Ruiz were embracing and the players were piling on??

I am now feeling the polar opposite of that

If the Sillies played in the AL East they'd be in last place.

Any chance we can get the A's to move back?

Seeing how the Yanks lost 2 of 3 to the Phils, 2 of 3 to the Nats and should have lost 2 of 3 to the Mets, I think the Yanks would be in last place if they were in the NL East for what it's worth.

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