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Saturday, June 27, 2009


Cholly says he's going to keep playing Bruntlett until he breaks out of his slump.

I'm going out for the day...I expect to be pleasantly surprised by a Phillies victory when I get back.


hee hee. so is it safe to say now that injuries actually do effect a team.. For three weeks all we heard is the mets injuries are part of the game and there injuries have no bearing on the season they just suck thats all.. hmm the mets have more than double the guys on the DL yet there still right there must be a typo. Maybe when guys like rollins and J.C. play clean they play like crap. Arod has shown the game is much tougher without PED's. dollars to donuts j roll is on the list of 104.

P.S. i guess lidges "injury" still hasnt healed.. maybe they should check his head being that's where the problem is!! thnak god for mad dog...oh thats right hes not smart enough to use the same arm angle when the 9th inning comes around what a pathetic joke.. wonder if hes related to mackey sasser!! oh so good

Phillies Not Content With Knowing Umps Blew Replay vs. Rays

By: David Murphy
Philadelphia Daily News

TORONTO - At some point in the near future, Charlie Manuel wouldn't mind having a chat with Bob Watson, a Major League Baseball vice president who has a large role in the execution of the sport's instant replay system. Back when replay was instituted last season, Manuel said he was in favor of anything that resulted in the correct judgment being made. But after two replay controversies in the past 2 weeks, the Phillies manager isn't sure quite what to think about the system.

"The first time I see Bob Watson, I'm going to have him sit down and explain that to me," Manuel said. "I've got some questions I want to ask."

In the seventh inning of the Phillies' 10-4 loss to the Rays on Wednesday night at Tropicana Field, an umpiring crew led by chief Gary Cederstrom used instant replay to determine whether a fan had interfered with a ground-rule double by Pat Burrell. Had replay determined that a fan interfered with the ball, baserunner Carl Crawford would have been awarded home instead of having to stop at third.

While the review ultimately worked in the Phillies' favor, keeping Crawford at third base after no fan interference was found, the mere fact that replay was used on a seemingly innocuous play in a game they trailed by six runs angered the Phillies.

Turns out, their anger was justified.

Yesterday, Major League Baseball informed Cederstrom that his crew had erred in using replay. By rule, replay is supposed to be used only on potential home-runs involving boundary calls (whether the ball is fair or foul; whether the ball cleared the wall; whether a fan interfered with the ball).

"I'm sorry about the confusion that was raised," Cederstrom told the Associated Press yesterday, reading from a prepared statement. "As you know, instant replay is to be used only in boundary or fair-foul calls involving home runs or potential home runs. I regret the error that we had."

That isn't enough to satisfy the Phillies, who are still angry that a potential game-winning home run by Greg Dobbs against the Red Sox on June 12 was not reviewed. Dobbs' shot came with two on in the bottom of the 11th of a game the Phillies wound up losing, 5-2, in the 13th. It sailed either over or just to the right of the foul pole in rightfield. First-base umpire Tim Joyce ruled it was foul, and denied Manuel's request to have the play reviewed, saying he was 100 percent certain of his call.

Dobbs, who played first base against the Rays on Thursday night, immediately thought of his blast against the Red Sox when Cederstrom elected to review the ground-rule double.

"I think [it was going through] all of our minds," said Dobbs, who remains convinced that his hit left the field of play in fair territory. "Why would they consider reviewing that play when the game is where it's at, when 2 weeks earlier we couldn't even get a truly game-changing play [reviewed] that was a lot closer and, in my eyes, a lot more questionable, and a lot more impactful on the outcome of the game. Why couldn't we get that?"


G-Town Sez: Amen, brothers. MLB needs to begin holding umpires accountable for this bullsh*t. That the umpires know the rules, apply them correctly & conduct themselves w/ at least a little bit of professionalism -- & are reprimanded, fined &/or suspended when they fail to do so -- is every bit as much of an "integrity of the game" issue as performance enhancers.

While the review ultimately worked in the Phillies' favor, keeping Crawford at third base after no fan interference was found,

what are you crying about? team was down 6 and nothing came of it.. what a fucking whiner you are... review worked in your favor yet you still cry

It really should not be difficult to use grpahic analytics to figure out whether Dobb's shot ws fair or fould. All that had to be done was extend a line up from the foul pole and then use a known coordinate in the stadium tie it to the ball and run it graphically to see whether it was fair or foul at the point it theoretically traversed the foul pole. I would think MLB would have such simple software.

at least you got mills today..his numbers look like he should be in the phills pen maybe he can get a part in that sitcom MLB network is showing..the pen what a joke

I'd actually consider the hypothetical of bringing Abreu over to be the leadoff hitter. If Werth isn't in the deal, which he shouldn't need to be, maybe even platoon the two - Werth leading off as well.

BobbyD: The fun irony in that hypothetical scenario is that Abreu basically refused to bat leadoff when he was a Phillie, & now J-Hole refuses to bat anywhere BUT leadoff. Damned if you do ...

hey g town do realize that review HELPED the pfoolies right? the review you keep crying about. If the ump HAD NOT reviewed the play and believed there WAS fan interference he would have sent Crawford home you know nothing. the review kept the score at 6 to bagel as opposed to 7-nill great job being a crybaby is the g in g town stand for girl?

Now that I see the gruntlett at SS and Coste at DH one actually has to ask the followign question: Just how difficult would it have been tobring up Mike Taylor from Reading to DH and Donald from purgatory in Death Valley to play SS. If cholly made these two move would anyone in Philly object even if it turned out that Donald made a game losing error and Taylor whiffed 4 times?
And we know that neither of these two scenarios is liekly but the Gruntell if he gets on base it will be because of an error or a walk and Coste, while very likable, is not the future for PHilly.

YES!!! Damn, Werth *killed* that one!!! :-D

Man, that was a bomb.

See, I want to feel good about this 4-0 lead ... but it's giving me flashbacks to the last 4-0 lead the Phils had. :-S

RK: Well, considering that Donald is on the DL, it would have been pretty difficult to bring him up.

Nice grab by the kid!!! :-)

Why let realty affect everyone's fantasies about how to retool the team, BAP?

I tuned in to the pregame show, and Amaro, who usually answers questions, was a late scratch. Got to think that he's trying to do something.

Ah, now that's more like the Phillies I've come to know.

OK OK do we have anyone at Reading? Lakewood? Clearwater? Its just ridiculous to see the Gruntlett at bat.
Clout: Is that really what Cholly said or are you just kidding?
Besides it is sort of dumb to keep a guy out who is hitting badly but hitting over 200 and replacing him with a guy for whom 200 is no longer a likely event.

AFish: I think he's in hiding.

Franzke just mentioned the Mets have only sold out 2 games at their brand new park so far this season, which leads one to the obvious conclusion that New Yorkers are drawn, not by baseball, but by the smell of piss & failure. As such, Wilpon should seriously consider reopening Shea.

If you compare the ticket prices at Citifield to the prices at Citizen's Bank Park, you'll see why there are no sellouts. The Mets and Yankees thought they'd get hedge funds and investment banks to buy overpriced seats. Total failure.

G-Town: That' silly I live here and people are unhappy by teh pricing system (prices are dynamic depending on game and t eam) and the team's poor performance not to mention many of the stars are out is not helping much. Yankees are even worse they have had to give the $1,000 dollar a game seats away and lowered other seat prices to get the stadium to look occupied.

The beat writers are reporting that a player got into an altercation with a Rays fan on Thursday and the police were involved. I didn't know that the Rays had fans.

Could someone tell TMac that "pop ups" are not caught by outfielders?

AFish: I'm sure the pricing/economy has something to do w/ it, but it's a lot more fun to blast New Yorkers for being bad fans. Which they are regardless of attendance, but still ... :-)

So apparently the Phillies aren't limiting their displacement of frustration to umpires - there are reports of an 'altercation' between an unnamed Phille and a Rays fan earlier in the week.

My guess is Bruntlett, who maybe wanted to know what it felt like to hit something.

Apparently, Mike Arbuckle was scouting Phils pharmhands last night. Gil Meche?

G-Town Dave: There's an article in the NY Times today about how fans of both the Mets and Yanks who have season tickets are dissatisfied with the scalper's market this year so they may drop their tickets since they can't sell their tickets for a profit, or at all, this year.

Shea is gone but old Yankee stadium is still standing.

I remember Franzke mentioning something on the radio about a developing altercation at the end of the last Rays game. I believe a member of the bullpen must have been involved, as it occurred while the relievers were walking back to the dugout to get to the clubhouse.

EF: The unhappiness of New Yorkers, esp. when it's self-inflicted, brings a smile to my lips & joy to my heart. :-)

RSB: Yeah, it was Bruntlett and MLB was very unhappy about it. Initially, the League suspended him for 20 games, but then the Mets, Braves & Marlins got together and appealed the suspension, and it was reduced to 10 games.

G-town: i'm sure thats not the only thing you "bring to you'r lips"

Rumor has it that it was JC who was upset with some fan who kept shoving something in his face?

Dear Mets,

Thanks for losing to two awful teams down the stretch two years in a row. Because of you, the world knows who we are. You did something for us that we could have never done for ourselves: got into the playoffs.

Without you, we would still be agonizing over Joe Carter and Mitch Williams. Your kindness doesn't go unnoticed.

Also, thank you for being hurt so we can take out our frustrations of our team coming back to Earth on you. It really makes sense.

Your friend,

Phillies fan

By the way, New York fans are bad fans??

It takes a World Series for Phillies fans to come out on the road. Mets and Yankees fans are always up in the mix at road games.

I really think Jimmy Rollins said it best, so I'll let him take away.

One thing we agree on, Jimmy!

Maybe the purpose of benching Rollins in favor of Brunt-of-jokes-lett is just to boost Jimmy's confidence. "See? You're friggin' Rod Carew next to that." Or maybe it's to completely humiliate him. "See? You're not even good enough to start over that." Either way, it's a useless move.

PS - You do realize that the content of JW's "note" was originally posted here early this morning by the Met's fan who goes (shockingly enough) by the handle "Mets fan", don't you?

Oh, PS, there were plenty of Phils fans at the games at Shea when we swept you in September in 07, and there were plenty at the game I went to in 08 when your bullpen was so bad that So Taguchi actually got a clutch extra base hit to win the game.

RSB: It's not a useless move at all. My blood pressure has gone down considerably since I no longer have to watch J-Roll committing baseball on a daily basis.

Yes, I do. I still don't like the undertone that the Phillies are letting the Mets hang around.

The ReplaceMets are letting the Phillies hang around.

I'm not talking about in New York, where many Phillies fans live, as well as many fans of many other teams.

I'm talking random places, West Coast, etc.

By the way, I bet there weren't a whole lot of Phillies fans in Shea during '06? That's my point.

PS - That's cool. I just wanted to make sure that you knew you were, in essence, responding to yourself. :-)

It really is a damn shame there aren't any blogs specifically intended for you awesome NY fans to hang out at ...

Any chance we break this one open now? Please?

This in Murphy's blog: Phillies reliever J.C. Romero is the player who has been fingered in a complaint by Rays fan Robert Eaton, who alleges that the lefthander "grabbed him by the neck" and "pushed him" after he made a comment about steroids soon after the Phillies lost to the Rays 10-4 Thursday night, the St. Petersburg Times is reporting.

I doubt any of us is surprised to learn it was JC, already fiery and still steaming about his suspension. A shame it happened, however.

Just to be clear, those last 2 sentences are mine, not Murphy's.

PS-Didn't know you took attendance at every Phils road game. Do you really stay up counting Phils fans in SD when they're on the coast, or are you just typing out of your butt?

Is eight going to be enough?

BedBeard: Meche has a Full No Trade Clause.

Fun to hear the pressbox voice pronounce "Strikeouts" with the Canadian accent.

Hey, a sacrifice fly! It ain't much, but it's better than anything Rollins has done this year with RISP.

Yea, but there are Mets blogs. Many more than Phillies blogs, actually.

But its much more fun to hang out here and watch you react like children to the ups and downs of a baseball season.

I also like to get in there and let you guys know that most of what you say and think is BS. That excludes doubleh, by the way, who seems to be this site's only poster with sense (including his Holiness himself, JW).

Looks like Charlie had a hell of a talk with the team.

Well it wasn't pretty, but I guess F-7, bloop single, sac fly, IF single counts as breaking it open...

Joe, if you're referring to the BP, that may be an apt question, even if it is tongue-in-cheek.

GBrettfan: Wouldn't surprise me a bit if it were Romero. I feel for JC on the PED thing, but it sure doesn't help his case any if he flew off of the handle & turned a verbal confrontation into a physical one. His hot wife aside, I've never cared much for Romero, anyway. JC's high WHIP style induces heart attacks, & his mound histrionics are -- to my way of thinking, anyway -- both unprofessional & annoying.

GBrett: no surprise at all that it's Romero. Easily the most volatile player on the team. I don't think MLB can issue a suspension for that, at least.

I also like to get in there and let you guys know that most of what you say and think is BS.

PS - And that's why you're very rightly considered to be a troll. Enjoy the rest of the season! :-)

clout: FNTCs can be waived. I've been speculating about Meche for about the last 10 days -- ever since I read that Gillick was in town. Meche is one of the few guys left from Gillick's Mariner teams who hasn't already played for the Phillies.

G-Town: Can you even tell me what troll means?

ToddZolecki's Twitter:

Fan told Romero: "How about you get me some juice?" before he allegedly grabbed him by the neck and pushed him.

Yea, Mets fans never overreact to each up and down during the season. Daniel Murphy's the Don Mattingly of the 21st Century!! Daniel Murphy should be cut immediately!

David Wright deserves to be booed even if he's leading the league in hitting if he doesn't drive in every runner on base when he comes up!

If Romero doesn't get thicker skin, he's going to have big problems.

Happ: 60 pitches through 5, cruising with a big lead, hope he can make it 8 innings or better and give the 'pen a breather.

BAP: They can indeed be waived. Have you seen anything that suggests Meche is willing to waive it?

Don't worry guys, I will continue to feed you news on your own team even though you guys are awfully mean.

G-Town: You ask around? You find out what troll means yet?

Good God. Werth needs to get it in his head that he's always playing the Jays.

Lost amidst this 10-run offensive outburst: our "No. 5 starter" has turned into the staff ace.

AFish: No kidding! Next thing you know he'll start attacking people w/ a machete & attempt to pour gasoline on them, only to wind up spending 14 years in the clink ... wait.

Now why does that story sound familiar to me? :-S

Any word on whether or not JC will have to buy the guy a new blue wig?

Was the last contestant on the Home Run Payoff really named George Bluth?

I haven't seen anything that says he wouldn't waive it, either.

I think Cholly's goal is to keep Bruntlett in the lineup until his average dips below .100.

I've been so out of touch I didn't realize it was a 1:00 game today. Nice to see the offense finally come alive and Happ step up.

Between trolls and pinheads, the comments around here have been nearly unreadable the last month or so.

The Blue Jays look like they caught whatever the Phillies had.

BedBeard: And your conclusion is?

Gnome down to .131. Hits pop up and TMac and Wheels ignore it.

Wow, Romero seems like a real classy guy. Perfect Philly. Next up: Cursing in front of a million people, many of them kids.

In JCs defense, he could have thought the Eaton in question was Adam

They should let Happ go the distance.

BTW, it's nice to see Rolen is still able to take Sundays off. I'd truly hate to think of him missing out on potential beauty sleep to have to go out there & *earn* his paycheck ... honestly, how bourgeois would that be?!

G-Town Dave continues to make stupid, asinine statements about things he knows nothing about, refusing to realize that players on his own team do the same thing.

Happ has been great today at working all 4 corners of the zone, both with his fastball and his breaking stuff.

Forget about the 10 runs. This is a huge outing by Happ to save the pen.

I'm in the midst of reading "Opening Day" about Jackie Robinson's first season. I recommend it to JC Romero.

Happ at 88 pitches; should be able to get at least 8 out of him. The bullpen really needed this from him.

ozark: Or Hank Aaron's book, "I Had A Hammer".

On the other hand, JC could probably make a decent argument that prolonged cowbell exposure, esp. in the enclosed space of a domed stadium, drove him temporarily insane ...


Do you think the things Romero and Uts did are nearly as bad as spraying people with a Super-Soaker loaded with bleach?

The idea that Mets fans could question the behavior of other teams is hysterical, just considering the pack of animals that wa the '86 Mets.

Don't know what Mayberry was looking at the ump about. Those pitches were all strikes.

Hats off the Happ and the offense.

err, should be, "Hats off to Happ and the offense."

Best start of the year for a Phillie. Great job by Happ today!!! :-D

Nothing to complain about, other than another 0-fer by the Gnome.

What a great showing there by Happ. Needed one like that.

Happ's ERA (after today): exactly 3.00. I'm starting to think he's better than people think he is.

Great game, especially against the righty-heavy Jays offense.

Imagine if Happ had been starting all along... I don't think he will keep up this dominance, but he would probably have picked up a win or two over Park.

Bruntlett now at .129.

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