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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


If someone would have told you that in the middle of June the only home series we would have won to date was against the Nats, how many games would you have predicted we were out of first place? Three? Five? Ten?

It's a miracle this team is in first place, the Muts misfortunes not withstanding.

It's amazing how we just can't seem to win at home. Toronto had more runs then we had outs in maybe a good 20 minutes. The weather sure didn't help and the ice cold offense was really disappointing. We need a pitcher soon! Good thing the Met's can't beat the O's.

Most of the Phillies hitters are not being hitters. Who is stroking the ball to the opposite field these days? Actually, not many have done it all year. Victorino has. Ruiz has. Feliz has somewhat. Ibanez did but not lately. Everyone else seems to want to pull it deep. Somebody step up to the plate and use all fields. Let's put together some singles and doubles!

I think this is just how this team is. They didn't cruise very much last year, they're certainly not doing it this year. They rely more on their offense than their pitching, and when the offense goes cold, it's not pretty. Really, we had Adam Eaton, Kyle Kendrick and an awful Brett Myers starting at the beginning of last year.

The biggest difference between last year and this is the bullpen. How many saves have been blown? How many tied/tight games have been busted open by the other team? The only relief pitcher I have any confidence in right now is Ryan Madson. Who is Madson's 8th inning guy? Romero? Durbin? The pitching situation HAS to be addressed soon.

You're gonna lose 1/3rd of your games in a baseball season. Every loss does not need to be over thought.

As I said, tonight, just looking at the matchup, I knew it was going to be a tough one. Even if you don't look at Moyer's career numbers against the current Jays, look at his last few performances:

(Apologize for the formatting, but there's not a good way to cut and paste a table here. The last two numbers are pitch count and game score respectively).

Last 5 v.TOR 2-1 27.1 41 24 24 8 18 6 7.90 36
2008-05-16 TOR W 6.2 7 3 3 2 5 0 103 51
2007-05-19 TOR L 3.1 8 7 7 2 2 2 71 16
2006-07-26 TOR W 5.0 8 4 4 1 3 0 103 37
2006-07-15 @TOR ND 6.1 12 6 6 1 4 3 111 28
2005-09-19 @TOR ND 6.0 6 4 4 2 4 1 104 46

2-1 record, but as you can see, none of these are standout performances.

From Jayson Stark (via Twitter): How 'bout this? Phillies have gone to their bullpen 30 times since last Wednesday -- in 7 games.

Blanton needs to belly up and binge on some innings tomorrow. Even though they weren't worked too hard tonight, I get a sense the entire pen is cooked.

The way the Phils have been playing ol' Joe's gonna hafta pitch a complete game shutout, & hit a home run to boot.

JW: Yeah, I'm worried about tomorrow. Weather forecast is not looking good, and with the way things have been going with quite a few postponements already and considering this is an interleague game (and the getaway game of the season to boot), I'm thinking this game could be delayed ad infinitum in attempts to get the game in tomorrow.

Hoping Blanton doesn't warm up and sit and then we can't use him and we're stuck using the 'pen from the beginning.

Just got back from the game.

Scott Richmond=Cy Young.

Brutal brutal game to watch. The whole team seems cooked right now. Time for our June swoon I guess.

Hydrant - Any game Geezer drags his 6.35 ERA & 81 mph fastball to the mound is a "tough matchup."

Still, I'm predicting he reaches 251 career wins.

Just checked the schedule.

Unfortunately it looks like we have home games scheduled in July, August, September AND October.


curt: As we all know, some matchups are good for him, some aren't. Jamie can still get outs, and honestly, up until the 7th, his line wasn't awful. A different night in a different set of circumstances, he probably doesn't start the 7th and leaves allowing 4 runs and not having suffered the HR to Hill.

This season has followed almost the exact same pattern as last season so far.

Jack: Except the Mets aren't as bad and we didn't start with a 7 game lead on them before IL play.

I wouldn't mind having the same result as last season, however.

If I were Amaro, I REALLY would be calling be picking up the phone to call to Epstein to see what it would take to get Penny with Smoltz coming back.

Putting Penny in the rotation, moving Bastardo back to the bullpen (although I think he would be sent down instead to start at AAA), and getting Lidge back would potentially go a long way to helping this pitching staff a bit.

I'm usually an optimist, but we are facing another guy making his ML debut tomorrow, which the Phils usually mistake for Cy Young.

goody: They had better not. I saw the guy's numbers, and even in the numbers he wasn't mowing them down. Plus there's this nugget from Spring Training where the Phils faced him back in March:

"Over 5 1/3 innings, Mills yielded seven runs (four earned) on 10 hits, including a two-run home run to Raul Ibanez in the fifth. He finished with one strikeout -- a three-pitch confrontation against Phillies slugger Ryan Howard in the third inning -- and just one walk. Mills' pitch count soared to 102 by the time he was pulled from the game, and only 57 of his pitches registered for strikes."

I meant "even in the minors," not numbers.
Work has my eyes all bugged out, sorry.

On the bright side, goody, Cy Young lost 316 games by the time he hung them up.

Kentucky Joe better shut 'em down tomorrow. I just drank the last of hte bourbon.

I just watched Virgina lose to Arkansas, 4-3, in 12 innings at the CWS. Virginia had their lead off man on in each of the last 4 innings, needing only a single run to win the game in innings 9, 10 & 11, & simply could not get it done. It was kinda like watching the Phils, only Virginia actually managed to get something the broadcasters were referring to as "men on base". Does anyone here know who or what those are, as I can't recall the Phillies having had any recently.

Jack: I was thinking the exact same thing and was all set to post it before I saw yours. I guess the one difference is the pitching hasn't been as good as last year, which means that although at certain times they've appeared even stronger, this team isn't as well-balanced as in '08.

They don't get any flatter than the one tonight. I would be pretty surprised if I don't read some sh*t-kickin' quotes from Manuel in the papers tomorrow. The lineup has gone stale and is badly in need of at least an attempt at a shake-up. Let's see Werth in LF tomorrow, Stairs or Dobbs in RF and why not even some Paul Bako (1 PA & counting) while we're at it.

MG - I agree. I was not sold at all on Penny a week ago, but with Halladay/Bedard/Peavy going down, Marquis and the Rockies winning and Oswalt unlikely to be had for anything short of a monster think they'll still take Donald?

MG: Oenny is intriguing, but you have to think Epstein knows he has the strength right now, especially with the health issues that are popping up with the other potential trade candidates. There is no incentive for him to deal in the next few weeks, unless someone blows him away, and to be honest, do you want to have to overpay for Brad Penny for a 3 month rental and likely no draft pick compensation?

I'm sure someone somewhere on here already mentioned this, but Bedard to the DL. Doesn't sound like the situation is dire, and his 15-day DL assignment is backdated 10 days, so his time on the DL will be brief. But, this can't be good for his trade value.

The more that teams behind in the standings keep winning and teams ahead in the standings keep losing, the less likelihood any deals will be made in the short term.

Agreed, a line up shakeup is needed tomorrow. Big time.

Surprised I've never seen this mentioned here but, while we're talking about ace pitchers, why not Ben Sheets? Not sure about his health status, but I have heard that he plans a second half comeback. Obviously, he's risky but he may well be the only guy available with ace potential and he wouldn't even cost us any prospects.

Phillies management has always been a highly risk-averse bunch, but there’s also a risk in doing nothing, or in adding yet another back-end starter. Some playoff contender is going to take a risk on Sheets, so why not us?

The pitching situation is finally catching up to this team. They've been hitting unbelievably to make up for all the injuries and poor performances from pitchers, but that can't always be the case, and even the guys who aren't named Jimmy Rollins looked really tired at the plate tonight.

I don't feel too bad about them only being up three on the Mets though, as the Phils' injury situation is not much worse than the Mets'. Sure, they're really missing Reyes, Delgado, and Putz, but we're missing or have missed Lidge, Myers, Hamels, had no Romero for 50 games, etc.

Countering a few common points:

- Phils starting staff has actually been pretty decent this month so far (not including Moyer's start tonight):

14 GS, 83 IP, 5-1, 3.58 ERA, 1.34 WHIP, 5.9 IP/GS

- HRs though continue to be a bit of an issue at 1.63 HR/9. That's poor but actually an improvement as the Phils' starters this year have generally done a pretty good job of resembling the staff on Home Run Derby.

- Real reason why this bullpen is tired is that Happ and Bastardo are averaging a meager 5 IP/GS over 6 starts. Combined that with 5 inning extra games over the past 2 weeks and the injuries to Eyre/Lidge and you have a overworked and somewhat ineffective bullpen.

- The offense has taken a notable dip this month. After producing at 5.72 and 5.70 RC/27 in April and May respectively this team is down to 5.12 RC/27 in June.

- Lots of discussion about Howard and Ibanez today but Chooch has gone cold this month with a .206 AVG/.602 OPS so far in June. Have a bad feeling that Chooch is going to enter one of those stretches for 4-6 weeks like he has the last 2 years and basically do squat offensively - hit with a .200 AVG with no pop and a weak OBP.

With Chooch struggling, opposing starters are really having an easy inning when it is Ruiz, P, and JRoll.

Penny is pitching out of his mind, there is no way Epstein gives him up right now. Would you?
Pedro? Glavin? I know we don't need any more soft tossers but who else is out there now? Go to the well and bring up some young arms (CC)? That has worked well to stop the bleeding, around the same time as last year.(Happ) At least until Penny comes back to earth or Smoltz and Clay B. make him available.

This lineup needs a shakeup as others have suggested at tomorrow but the issue is that the kid is a LHP which means you almost have to start Feliz and Werth again.

I would still bench JRoll tomorrow and go with this lineup instead:

CF Vic
2B Utley
RF Werth
1B Howard
LF Ibanez
3B Feliz
C Ruiz
SS Bruntlett

As for Bako - I still don't understand why the f@ck he is on this team. He has played in 1 game since being called up and isn't a defensive upgrade nor is he somebody you use offensively with Dobbs/Stairs on the bench.

This team desperately could use an extra pitcher right now in the bullpen with Happ and Bastardo starting this weekend against a team with some punch (O's). Instead they will have Bako there just in case Coste needs to PH against a LH reliever. Ugh.

timr - The Mets are missing Reyes, Delgado, Putz... and Maine, Perez, Wagner, Beltran for significant time, Church for significant time, Schneider for significant time, Angel Pagan, Alex Cora and Ramon Martinez (Reyes' two back-ups)... and now Johan's got blisters and a sore back, and Sheffield's pretty much playing on one leg.

Phillies? They've had injuries.

Mets? They've been decimated.

Welcome to BS history brought to you by acewpk:

- "Wagner" is completely bogus because the Mets knew he was injured and went out to get KRod.
- Pagan is a 5th OF at best who likely wouldn't have even made the roster out of spring training.
- Martinez is a washed-up stiff would likely would have gotten a cup of coffee even with an injury to Reyes.
- Maine has missed 1 start in the rotation so far and is expected back relatively soon.
- Perez was sent down to the minors for complete ineffectiveness and not an injury.
- Beltran has missed a whopping total of 4 games.

In reality, the Mets have missed Reyes, Delgado, Schneider, and Church for significant portions but that is it really so far. Putz and Maine only both recently went on the DL.

Reality is that the Mets have had some tough injuries but they haven't been as snake bit as their fans make them out to be or complain about.

Mets just haven't played that well for any stretch except for a brief period last month and in reality don't have played well in some tight games.

You won't hear Mets fans talk about how Livan Hernadnez has given them a real unexpected boost or that their bullpen guys who were expected to struggle a bit (Parnell, Stokes, Feliciano) have generally been very solid so far this year. Or the fact that the Mets didn't miss Schneider one bit or the unexpected offensive production Sheffield has give them.

I could go on but all you hear from the Mets' fans is how their team has been utterly decimated by injuries (just not true especially with the pitching staff) and that the Mets generally have caught any breaks this year. Please.

BTY - Church missed a whopping 13 games. Utterly decimated my a$$.

i felt insulted by the effort so much that i did something i never do--left after the 7th inning. it was cold, wet, and i was rewarded watching rod barajas and scott rolen hit HRs while the phillies offense was a sad merry-go-round from the dugout to the box and back. when my girlfriend turned to me and said "they're not coming back in this one," i had to agree and i went home and put on some dry clothes. i was really hoping i'd rue the decision, but alas...

well ibanez is probably not going to play because he's hurt so there's your lineup shakeup

The only good part of the night was that our seats were under the overhang by all of 1 row. The row in front of us was completely soaked while we stayed completely dry. That and my "Watch Barajas crush this one" call on his HR.

Off-topic, but does anyone in MLB take worse, off-balance cuts then Jayson Werth, only to come back with a solid stroke in the same at-bat? I've never seen someone look so clueless, and then blast one. That's all I've got.

Werth is one of a kind.

I did not see anything about Ibanez getting hurt. What happened?

Blanton has been the best pitcher on the staff this month. They really need him to continue that tonight. 7 innings, 2 runs, or better, I hope. (of course ,it will be a 9-8 game).

I'm all for shaking up the lineup a bit but, starting Bruntlett? Please, no. Move Rollins down in the lineup and let him see some pitches from teh bench and hit behind some folks, but don't submarine the defense and the offense just to try and 'shake things up.'

That was a frustrating game to watch with a nobody on the mound but, honestly, that guy's curve was wicked last night. It didn't hurt him that no body would lay off it but, still, the guy smelled blood and kept going at them.

line-up shakeup? how about rollins hitting 7th and feliz hitting 5th or 6th for a game or two?

Fill in the blank with an appropriate adjective.
The Phillies performance at CBP this season has been ___________________________.

I read this morning that Brett Myers still leads the majors in home runs allowed. Ha! There's no way to look at it out starting pitching has flat out sucked.

I'm done with Moyer. Enough is enough.

im not thrilled moyer got behind so early, but as earlier mentioned, he went through 6IP with 4ER, thats doable when our offense doesnt have their thumbs up their asses.

Aside from the moment after rod barajas went deep, my frustration was always on the offensive side of the plate.

It's hard to feel sorry for the Mets having Sheffield deal with injuries. They got him for nothing, he leads the team in HRs, and he still plays most days.

I'm sure they didn't feel sorry for us having Rollins deal with his ankle injury last year, or Feliz and his back, or Utley and his hip.

Is he hurt?

I am way behind the 8 ball - didn't see the games the last two night. But - I did see the highlights on ESPN this morning and notice Ibanez not running hard at all on a double play ball he hit in to. That doesn't seem like him. Is he hurt?

*looks at the calendar*
*sees it is mid-June*

*looks at the schedule*
*sees Phils are playing AL teams*

Yup, this is about right.

My line-up for today:

1. Utley (.438 OBP)
2. Feliz
3. Ibanez
4. Howard
5. Werth
6. Ruiz
7. Victorino
8. Rollins
9. Blanton

What a suprise.

Half page of comments and only one critical comment of Jaime Moyer. Talk about sacred. "What a great guy".

I guess only minority players get criticized by the the beerleaguer elite.

Chan Ho Park got criticized because there was a solution to the problem (Park to the bullpen; Happ to the rotation).

Jamie Moyer is not going anywhere, so it's useless to talk about it. He either gets better, or he doesn't.

Chan Ho: I am D-O-N-E with Moyer. He is getting slapped around. The only reason he pitches good games is because some umpires make up a "Moyer strike zone". If he doesn't get the 6 inches to the left and right of the plate then he is going to get hammered. Like last year against Milwaukee when he got torched because he didn't get the strike zone.

I think we give him 1 more start, similiar to the Chan Ho Park situation and if he gets bombed again then he needs to be out.

Also, now we aren't going to make a trade for a while because Colorado is on a hot streak so no Marquis. Penny is pitching great so Boston won't trade him (Didn't want him anyway). Houston owners don't want to part with Oswalt. Peavy is hurt. Halladay is hurt. Pedro = NO and Glavine = NO ( Haven't we learned from this Moyer situation).So where do we go?

A note on how the game of baseball is odd. Last night, Clout pointed out Richmond's ridiculous splits and faulted Charlie for even having only 3 righties in the lineup. Of course, of the 5 hits we got against Richmond, 3 were by righties, including a home run. Weird.

MG - Call it BS if you want, or you call it "looking through Phillie-colored glasses". To address your points:

- "Wagner" is completely bogus because the Mets knew he was injured and went out to get KRod. (If Wagner is completely bogus, than so is Romero being out, and we'll call it a wash. Don't complain about a guy caught using PED's. Whether or not he did it intentionally, the guy should have been smarter about what he put in his body.)
- Pagan is a 5th OF at best who likely wouldn't have even made the roster out of spring training. (Right, but he came up when the other injuries hit, played well, and then got injured himself. It's just adding to the lack of depth on the Mets roster.)
- Martinez is a washed-up stiff would likely would have gotten a cup of coffee even with an injury to Reyes. (Yes, he is. Fact is he got hurt after Reyes and Cora and they had to play Tatis at short... until they traded for all-star slugger Wilson Valdez. Now Cora is back, but he's playing with torn ligaments and wearing a splint.)
- Maine has missed 1 start in the rotation so far and is expected back relatively soon. (He'll miss at least two, and before that his injury was compounding his effectiveness. Just because you don't want to count it doesn't mean it's not an injury.)
- Perez was sent down to the minors for complete ineffectiveness and not an injury. (See: Brad Lidge. And if you're going to tell me Lidge ended up having a legit injury and didn't just suck... hey, turns out the same was true with Ollie)
- Beltran has missed a whopping total of 4 games. (But with the rest of the injuries, it sure felt like a whole lot more.)
- Church missed a whopping 13 games. Utterly decimated my a$$. (Oh, two weeks on the DL doesn't count? Okay. You tell me what injury lengths count.)

Hey, the Phils are in first, and who cares how they got there, right? But no matter what you want to believe, the Mets have been playing at three-quarters strength at best since the beginning of May, and nobody's run away with the division yet. The Phils may still yet, and seem the safe bet to do so at some point, but don't employ revisionist history regarding the Mets roster woes to make yourself feel better.

I think everyone is over reacting.

I like the thought of taking a look at Ben Sheets but that's post all-star break talk. Realalistically though they will trade for a Blanton type guy who will eat innings. If somebody gets hot we will have a nice 1-2 with Cole and challenge for a repeat, if not, we won't. Pretty simple.

I think Charlie needs to take the diapers off Happ and Bastardo and put them on Moyer. I don't care how tired the pen is, sending Jamie out there for the 7th was waving the white flag.

The two roster moves I'd make is optioning Tascher for a hot AAA arm - I don't care who it is. I'd also stop fooling around with no righty on the bench. (It's like all that time w/o a lefty in the pen - it's an incomplete baseball team.)

Moyer has been slammed in plenty of threads around here.

But JW is right, Moyer isn't going anywhere (barring possibly a phantom DL trip at some point) so there really isn't much to discuss. It is what it is.

Very interesting:

Eaton 2008 ERA (June 14) 4.57
Eaton 2008 ERA (July 27, last start) 5.80

Moyer 2009 ERA ( June 18) 6.35

Thats staggering. Look at those numbers. Moyer is almost 2 runs higher in ERA from Eaton at this point last year. Even Eaton's last start he ended with a ERA .5 runs less than Moyer. Also, Moyer's ERA this year has NEVER been as low as Eaton's highest point.

Wow, and we killed Eaton. But no one is touching Moyer. Please can he just take his money and go home?

MVPt says, "So where do we go?"

Just as the original post from JW says, "Moyer isn't going anywhere, so they'll need to deal with this." They will send him out there every 5th day to lose, because they are afraid of upsetting the fans and (more importantly to them) Jaime Moyers' position of leadership on the team.
Jaime Moyer is the pitcher in the rotation who should be replaced, but his stature has made him untouchable. The team is his hostage until he retires.

EastFallowField - Fair points. We can take Sheffield and Johan off the list, because I firmly believe that if the guy is on the field, he's not injured. (And blisters and a sore back really are nothing in this game; every guy plays with bumps and bruises.)

And while Sheffield was a complete steal, the truth really is that the only reason he's not resting his legs and instead keeps going out there is because there's nobody else to play OF. (Unless you count Jeremy Reed, which nobody does.)

And nobody's asking you to "feel sorry" for the Mets or anyone else. It's baseball; injuries happen. It just seems over the past four weeks for the Mets that they've all happened at once.

Maybe Beltran only missed four games, maybe, and Church "only" missed two weeks (which is still a legit DL stint)... but that felt like a whole lot more, when you had them fielding a line-up without Beltran, Church, Reyes, or Delgado.

Careful, tommy, it's a 162 game season. We know that Moyer cannot possibly be finished. After all, what's his era in the last three games in which he didn't get shelled? And he's had bad spells before.

I think it's time to trade the lot of them. After all, we're only a couple games up in the standings.

Which is all my way of saying, I'm being patient. The hitters will work it out. MOyer will get back to being mediocre. They'll win some games in Philly. Relax. Breathe. Okay.

{And to Rube: Slayden, Worley, D'Arby Myers, Quintin Berry, Kendrick and Carpenter for Oswalt. Guaranteed that Wade'll make that deal.}

Any insights on a rain out today?

Lousy weather in So Jersey & I have tickets.

Blue Jays not in town again makes me think they will want to play no matter.

"And to Rube: Slayden, Worley, D'Arby Myers, Quintin Berry, Kendrick and Carpenter for Oswalt. Guaranteed that Wade'll make that deal.}"

I know that was a joke, but I don't think there is any way Houston makes a trade with the Phillies this year. Ed Wade gave the Phillies the World series by giving away Brad Lidge. He does'nt want to be the reason the Phillies win two in a row.
Oswalt = never going to happen

Andy: Moyer's ERA has never been like this in his career for this long. My only hope is that he realizes he is hurting the team and makes the decision for the team to hang it up and stay on as a pitching instructor of some sort. Never say never, last year we were saying the Phillies "would enver eat Eaton's money" and they did.

If the ball was in my court, I would not trade all those guys for Oswalt. Instead I would trade for Jon Garland and Cliff Lee.

Give Clevland what it takes to get him. Obviously, we would have to bend a little, to the Elite's bashing I am sure, but it needs to be done. Then I would trade for Jon Garland, which would most likely take less to get done.

Also, Ryan Howard was just on WIP and was asked why they can't seem to win at home and if them not being able to play well in interleague play is something to worry about?

Howards answers were that obviously he didn't know why they don't play well at home. And then he said they aren't worried because they are still in first and it is June.

Therefore, I think they are a little relaxed now. I think during interleague play this team just tries to save as much energy as possible. Obviously they try to win, but if they don't I don't think they are too concerned with it.

Is Brad Penny looking better to anyone else? Call me crazy but he doesn't look that bad right now.

I think the problem at home has been the lack of hittin' season weather.. We need some heat to heat up the bats!


John Garland stinks. He is just a name.

ERA: 5.45 IP: 76.0 H: 88 BB: 33 K's: 30

ERA: 5.17 IP: 71.1 H: 78 BB: 23 K's: 65

ERA: 6.35 IP: 72.1 H: 93 BB: 18 K's: 42

He is slightly better than Moyer, but Moyers peripherals are better. Not as good as Joe Blanton. Again Garland stinks.

Ibanez to the DL, says the tweets.

High Cheese:

"John Mayberry, recalled from AAA, is starting in RF today and batting 7th. Werth in left."

Well that ought to shut up the Met fan who thinks the Mets have had momentous injury problems and the Phillies haven't.

Oh sh!t

MVP: You're being crazy again. No comparison between Moyer and Eaton. Not even going to tell you why becasue it should be blatantly obvious. Rest assured though- Moyer has earned himself some rope to straighten out.

ZO confirms Mayberry has been called up. Our line-up should be nice and balanced for the next two weeks even thought he loss of Ibanez is big.

Also, the injury discussion is kind of silly. Every team battles injuries. The Mets have been beaten up and the Phillies were beaten up 2 years ago. It's just the way the sport goes.

Two weeks of Mayberry. Will be interesting to see how he does.

When was the last time Ibanez was on the DL? Damnit.

"Our line-up should be nice and balanced for the next two weeks"

Dumbest line of the day. I dare anyone to compete.

Mayberry has not exactly been lighting up AAA since being sent back down.

Mikes77: This injury should help our home record get back to .500

Now what do I win?

You losing Ibanez after his one hot streak of the year doesn't exactly compare to losing Reyes and Delgado, but whatever BAP.

How big a sample on Mayberry since being sent back to AAA?

I'm with G-town Dave, the CWS has been really weird. On Tuesday, Texas falls behind in their game 6-0, yet end up winning 10-6. Last night, Virginia is leading the whole game, giving up a 2 run homer to tie it up with two down in the ninth. After that Virginia has far swimming ducks on the pond every inning, yet score nothing, losing in the 13th, having ample opportunity to put it away every inning. Arkansas' reward? They get to play and get pasted on Frirday by the LSU juggernaut.

Yo, new thread

BAP - Yes. Because I can see into the future, and I knew Ibanez was going to go onto the DL. Either way, injuries happen, and statement of fact: the Mets injury woes this year have been far worse than the Phillies, until this Ibanez news (which puts them on a more even keel.) My initial post was simply a reaction to someone claiming that the Phils had had as many injury problems as the Mets this year, which was simply untrue... until about an hour ago.

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