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Friday, May 22, 2009


For who?

I can't imagine the Peavy "rumor" is anything more than idle speculation from someone with no connection to the Phillies.

And Mayberry out of the lineup tonight? Hmmm... I'll draw a conclusion from that. He's getting the call!!!!

They better not deal Taylor or Brown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would elevate it above speculation if someone has seen a San Diego scout at Reading or Lehigh.

I also think this is speculation. Even if the Padres and Phillies and come to an agreement on prospects and the Phillies are ok with taking on Peavy's salary, he still has to want to come here and so far there is no evidence he does.

I can see the headline now: "Phillies Trade For Peavy; Mets Enter Rebuilding Phase"

Todd Zolecki was discussing the same thing in his blog on

He brings up a lot of very good points, both pro and con, about Peavy coming to the Phillies. Ultimately the cards all belong to the ace and Peavy can shoot down any deal as we all know. I'm all for winning as many rings as this nucleus can, but we also don't know what the prospects, especially our young pitchers, can bring this team. Peavy is a very good pitcher (the thought of a rotation that features Hamels and Peavy makes me giddy) but he's also been prone to his share of injuries with that herky-jerky arm motion.

Still, I'd love to see it happen, considering the ChiSox didn't seem to be giving up their best prospects.

Two things:
A) Everybody needs to look at Peavy's peripherals. They are stellar at Petco and 3 guy good away. Also as someone mentioned he is a flyball pitcher...we already have enough of those and know what happens at CBP. If he came here I see him as a low/ mid 4 ERA type guy with high 2s low 3s on the road and mid 5s at CBP. I don't like this deal so that's that!

B)How does Rauuulllll look this weekend against the Yanks starters, seeing as he has faced them much more than any other Phil?

"Phillies Trade for Peavy; Mets Peaved"

"Phillies Trade for Peavy; Mets Move Murphy to SP"

"Phillies Trade for Peavy; Omar Fires Manuel"

...That is all...

The fact that Peavy is a fly ball pitcher is a non-issue. CB Park is not the bandbox it's made out to be, and a strikeout/fly ball pitcher can succeed there -- just as Hamels has.

The home-away splits are more concerning and, I admit, not something I had thought about. In his best years, Peavy has been just as good on the road as at home. But in most years, he has been much better at home. Still, his career ERA+ is 120, and ERA+ adjusts for park factors. I think it's fair to say that Peavy is easily one of the 10 best starting pitchers in baseball, if not one of the 5 best. I don't know how any rational person could be against trading for him, even if it meant including Michael Taylor in the deal.

Chances of the Phillies actually getting him: .0001%.

Just can't see this happening.

Everyone on the SDP ought to have ridiculous home/away splits. It's dry, low, and cavernous (the only thing it's not is cold). It's not even the opposite of COL; it's like the opposite of a stadium you'd build in Machu Pichu.

I don't see it happening, but who knows. I wouldn't go by what a New Yorker says anyway though unless he presents his sources. I think it's motivation to be sent towards the Mets, who are aired on 660 AM to make their own moves.

I think it actually could happen.

Think about it, yes Peavy vetoed a trade to the AL but this was mainly because the White Sox had a worse record or equal record to the Padres at the time of the deal. Yes the White Sox stadium is a bandbox like ours but I think that plays less of a factor.

Peavy would lose a lot of credibility and rap around the league if the World Champion Phillies went out agreed on a trade for him and he says "oh i'd still rather stay in San Diego" (and continue losing) Any future Hall of Fame Pitcher needs to relish an opportunity to win multiple world series not shy away from it. I think Peavy would agree to a trade to Philadelphia not necessarily because he would love to come here but the repercussions and backlash of him vetoing it would be too much for him to handle and I would hope that his natural desire to Win would beat out his doubts about coming here. If he doesn't have this drive and fire to win a World Series regardless of the team or location then we should not want him anyway.

bap: I can't believe you're that optimistic about getting Peavy. You have lost the title of BL wet blanket!

I'll chop off one of my arms if we actually succeed in trading for Peavy.

Can I throw this out here?

Can you imgaine if Rauuuuuuul were patrolling LF for the Mets? Remember, they were an interested party, but were unwilling to pay what the Phils did. Perhaps in a year or so that contract will be a mistake. But, for right now, if it was the difference between us getting this production and the Mets getting this production... kudos to Ruben!

Peavy's away splits still give him an ERA of 3.82 and OPS of .735. At their best, that'd slide him nicely in right behind Hamels. Other than money and losing a valuable kid, there seems to be more upside than downside.

That's why I'm with Carson and Kevin - I don't see it happening.

The Phillies would have $17.475 million coming off the books with Myers and Blanton, presumably, leaving in 2010. So financially I could see it possibly being feasible even with other salary hikes, but our rotation in 2010 would be very much a hostage to 3 question marks: how effective will Moyer be as the #3, who is the #4, and who is the #5 in the rotation? Carrasco or Happ or both would be needed to pull the trigger on a Peavy deal, so that would put a lot of pressure on someone. If Happ wasn't traded in that deal that might lessen some of the pressure, esp. if Moyer were good to go. But that is still a lot of ifs. Almost Kippling-esque.

CJ - Keep in mind that b-a-p is only talking about Peavy while he's still on the Pads. I'm sure if the Phils acquire him, bap'll figure out some kinda downside.

In fact, I'd be disillusioned if he didn't. {He's, like, my idol that way.)

Francesca rips on the mets all the time so he probably just made it up to rile up the met fans, But if somehow this was true and peavy agreed to be traded to the phillies I would give anyone besides brown and drabek

NEPP - If we get Peavy, I'll be watching your posts to see if your new handle is "NPP" or "E".

Guess I'm not the only one speculating that trading for Peavy might be a possibility. Honestly, seeing what the Padres were willing to accept for him made me start to entertain the possibility. Carrasco and Happ for Peavy is not bad. Would he want to come here? Maybe not, but they won't know until they try!

p. Red: The more I'm reading, the more wiggle room there is in Peavy's declaration of desired location.

It certainly can't hurt to ask... if we think a deal would be right.

Andy: In the interest of economy, I've already written about 20 posts declaring what a POS Peavy is. In the off chance that we get him, all I'll have to do is cut and paste those posts onto a Comment template and hit "Post." And if we don't get him, I can always just delete Peavy's name and replace it with the name of whichever pitcher we DO get.

b-a-p: See, that's why you are my idol (and the master Soggy Old Blanket in the SOBHOF)! On my most deluged day, I could not match your sogginess. I can only aspire, I guess, to the "Slightly Damp Dishrag" Hall of Fame.

Let me try:
When he sees that short RF porch, Howard's gonna try to...gonna press...gonna get the yips an...

Nope. Can't do it.

b_a_p: Come on man, live the dream! What are they putting in the sourdough these days? Or does too much sourdough make one sour? Or have you found some dourdough bread? :)

The Phils actually have about 30 mil coming off the books next year. Besides Myers and Blanton, there are also Feliz, Thome, Eaton, and Jenkins.

MPN: Make no mistake. I would love to get Jake Peavy, even though we all know this has no chance of happening.

Blanton is a FA after next year, not this year. So his money will be increasing next year, not coming off the books.

Now that trading season seems to be getting started, I expect to read a millon rumors over the next 6 weeks in which the Phillies are linked to Jake Peavy, Cliff Lee, Erik Bedard, Roy Oswalt, Paul Maholm, Aaron Cook, and Brandon Webb. Then I expect them to go out and trade for Kyle Davies and insert him into the rotation in place of Happ.

Valo: Yeah, but Ryan, Chase, Cole, and Werth alone make $15 million in raises for next year.

Jack: Assuming we tender him a contract -- which isn't too likely if he doesn't start pitching substantially better.

Jack: Yes, good catch. He's arbitration eligible.

Good catch MPN.

Cot's has the out-year contract picture on an Excel sheet here -->

My guess is we end up with a Doug Davis type starter...Though the Bedard and Peavy rumors will be fun to talk about.

I wouldn't be stunned if they renew Feliz's contract if he continues to be healthy.

Forget trading for Peavy, the O's released Adam Eaton today!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't think Peavy is at all interested in coming here. Don't think he's got the stones to handle the passion (boos) of the Philly fans should he hit a rough stretch (and I think he knows it).
I just don't think he's about winning championships. He just wants to be happy doing what he's doing where he wants to do it.

See Scott Rolen.

NEPP: Yeah, me neither. Esp. considering that Jason Donald has been Foreigner-level cold as ice thus far.

We can even get Eaton for the major league minimum, since some team is already paying his salary for this year.


Can we resign him only to burn him in effigy (except, technically it wouldn't be in effigy since we'd actually be burning him) Eaton sucks so bad that even if he's pitching for free he still gets cut.

I can't wait to hear his excuses about why he was cut...

Didn't Peavy mention he didn't want to come to Philly in the off-season?

pb -
Someone notify Sabean, pronto!

Francesa stated along the lines of "I'm hearing the Phills are discussing Peavy"
Francesa's usually has John Heyman from on his show. Maybe it's coming from him. Francesa loves getting the Mets fans fired up so maybe he's just throwing it out there. With Adam"I won a World Series" Eaton + Myers off the books next year-I would get it done.

NEPP - We need to sign Eaton, and have him sit behind homeplate in NY every time the Yanks are batting. He sucks so bad they won't be able to hit it out of the infield.

Press report - "Eaton made eight starts for the Orioles, going 2-5 with an 8.56 ERA (41.0IP, 39ER), allowing nine home runs, 19 walks and recording 28 strikeouts."

Wow - 39 earned runs in 41 innings!!! I knew he was bad, but wow.

Yeah, he thought the NL was rough...

Being a starting pitcher & getting cut by the Orioles is like being a journalist and getting fired by the National Inquirer. Next stop for Eaton: the independent leagues.

Courtesy of Scott Lauber's Twitter, "Source: John Mayberry isn't even in clubhouse at Lehigh Valley. Could he be on way to NY?"

It would seem the people's choice to DH/LF this weekend against the lefties is coming to the big club.

I'm sure that there is a perfectly logical excuse or 6 for Eaton's performance with the O's. I'm also sure that they'll be uttered with a smug look on his face and be met with a smattering of 4 or 5 people who actually give a rat's ass.

So, after a rare split-second of optimism - giving a .001% chance of the Phils signing Peavy, he reverts to his BL career norms and goes to the chances being "none."

I knew it couldn't last.

I eagerly await the exit interview expressing bewilderment at the decision to release him. He pitched really well, you know, apart from the walks, hits and home runs. And I'm not really even sure how those happened - that's just how well he was throwing the ball.

That Kendrick practical joke in ST 2008? They chose the wrong pitcher to trade to Japan. And it should have been for real.

What will the Beerleaguer Elite (of which I believe I am a proud member!) say if the Phils actually bring up Mayberry, the seemingly smart thing to do at this time?!?!?

oh mighty cj, what do you think about Mayberry coming up?

The Marlins became a three-catcher team today with their recall of 25-year-old Brett Hayes from AAA -- a guy who has no major league experience. Why? Well, to those who whined when Paulino was traded with the Phillies keeping Coste as their catching backup at the begiinning of the season, try these stats on for size: Paulino: 1 for 21 this month -- now a .212 BA for the season -- while throwing out only 6 of 30 baserunners. And then Ronny has that famous 'tude. The guy is about to get designated for assignment.

Sam: I'll go both ways so whatever happens, I can later come back and claim I was right.

(For the record, I'm on board Mayberry getting the call. Let's get him some at bats. Let's use him to improve the OF defense and give Raul some rest so he only has to DH (running around the bases after all the HRs is enough of a work out for him). This is a good move.)

Tonight's Line-Up
SS Jimmy Rollins (.234/2/15)
2B Chase Utley (.295/11/30)
LF Raul Ibanez (.349/15/40)
1B Ryan Howard (.266/10/30)
RF Jayson Werth (.272/7/24)
CF Shane Victorino (.257/4/23)
DH Matt Stairs (.304/2/7)
3B Pedro Feliz (.310/2/23)
C Carlos Ruiz (.236/0/5)

So what happens when Mayberry goes 0-8 with 5 K?

I love how this thread discusses both Eaton and Peavy. In the beginning, when they both were in the rotation together in 2003, Eaton actually had better numbers than Peavy. How things have changed. He walked fewer batter, struck out just as many, gave up 33% less HRs, and had a respectable 4.08 ERA.

And guess who the 4th pitcher in that rotation was?

None other than Ollie Perez, as wild back then as he is wild these days.

Wow, I just noticed that Jimmy and Shane are fast approaching one another in terms of BA. It seems like just two weeks ago, Shane was hitting over 100 points higher.

And to NEPP and the others who thought that Lou Marson was "the next great Phillies thing behind the plate" -- with these people scoffing at the fact that Lou had but one game at the AAA level -- and less than 100 games above Class A ball -- to his credit -- Lou is batting .191 for the Iron Pigs going into tonight's game -- with 1 RBI in 47 at bats and no home runs. Marson may yet prove to be a good major league prospect -- but right now, he is not even that.

6 weeks at AAA are enough to erase the rest of his development.

NEPP: What happens when he goes 5-8, with 3RBIs and 1SB? That will be when the comments section is hopping!

That's what I hope happens, MPN. I hope he forces them to make a tough decision in regards to the bench.

davthom73: The difference between you and us is that we don't have so little going on in our lives to cherry pick the stats of a dude at AAA in order to makes us feel better about a quasi-borderline Talented Mr. Ripley-like crush on Chris Coste. We get it, you are like a savage den mother willing to take out anyone and anything that gets in the way of your precious, but we don't care. We just want our catcher or back-up catcher to produce. This isn't zero sum for us. It is for you. Your loyalty starts and ends with #27, we care about the name on the front of the jersey. Le fin.

MPN -- You were one of the "we-should-have-kept-Paulino-and-lets-keep-Marson-in-the-big-leagues-now-and-cut-Coste-now guys", while you crapped on Coste -- who is hitting .389 for May. Highlighting the current stats for Marson and Paulino isn't "cherrypicking", you numbskull -- they're the facts -- and you were wrong about both Marson and Paulino. Admit it.

That kinda sucks RE: Eaton. I was looking forward to his possible return to Philly in late June. With any luck Wile E. "Certified Genius" Minaya will pick him up. That would be totally awesome ...

Aside from long-term money, I can't see any reason why the Phillies shouldn't make a run at Peavy. I'm concerned that his talent has been overblown by playing in the vast expanses of Yellowstone ... er, Petco Park. His numbers in the postseason also suck royally. However, the Phils need starting pitching so badly that it would be ignorant not to try, esp. w/ the Padres so desperate to unload the guy.

Finally, I'm gonna predict that the Phillies go 5-13 in interleague play this year. Yes, that's terrible. Then again, I hate -- *HATE* -- interleague play, so it's difficult for me to come up w/ anything positive to even think, let alone say, about it. Might as well get Bud's Farce rolling & out of the way, & look forward to real baseball started again in July.

G-Town, you should have known better than to rely on Adam Eaton for anything.

And the Milwaukee Brewers recalled R.J. Swindle from AAA Nashville today. Despite the largely unfair ridicule and disparagement which Swindle received from JW and some posters on this board after he pitched in a pressured situation at CBP earlier this year -- Swindle was more a victim of bad luck -- than bad pitches in that outing -- and I hope that in his current recall, Swindle ends up making liars out of his critics here.

whine some more, davthom. chris coste has tissues...

Bad luck and a complete inability to pitch to RH hitters.

"those who whined when Paulino was traded "

Um...Dave? Reality check here. I don't think very many, if any, whined when Ronnie "Just About Zero for ST" Paulino was sent packing.

I'm glad that Coste is back to showing at least the one tool of being a moderately effective hitter. I'm also Glad that Chooch is hitting closer to what he's supposed to so Coste's weaknesses only get exposed once or twice a week.

Incidently, how do you feel about Mayberry's possible call up? About a Peavy trade? About Ibanez' performance thus far? About any Phillies related matter that doesn't involve Chris Coste?

In re: Swindle
It's gotta be a quandary for a GM to have a guy who eats up the hitters in the Pacific Coast league, but who also has a major league WHIP of about 2 point gazillion.

Everyone once wondered skeptically yet hopefully if his very slow stuff would work at a big league level. To this point there has been a clear answer. It would be nice if a guy with a pitch that moves at a speed I could match could make it? But it's not likely to happen. The vast majority of (especially RH) major league batters can feast on it.

Nice to hear you speak well of someone else. I do admit it's kind of a shame that Cervenak broke his wrist. I am reasonably assured that he's your kinda guy; and the debate between whether he or Mayberry should get the call might have been pretty interesting.

danger lad - When I first read that, I saw "issues."

Which might, actually be true.

Yo, new East Fallowfield.

Was Cervenak an Independent League guy too?

As with most hypothetical trades, I'd give up anyone who hasn't proven himself (minor leaguers) for someone who has (Peavy).

As for this weekend.. all I ask is one win. It's the end of a long road trip, the Phils suck against the AL.. just win one.

Yo, new thread. (Translated from the original Andy).

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