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Friday, May 22, 2009


This is the most satisfying win of the year by far. Can't wait to see Happ tomorrow.

In a perfect world:

TRADE: Kendrick / Carrasco / Carpenter / Donald for Peavy.
PEN: Bastardo / Park / (Moyer)
ROTATION: Peavy / Hamels / Blanton / Happ / Moyer (Worley)
PH: Mayberry / (Ozuna)
DFA: Bruntlett

The Phillies have a long history of acquiring top-tier pitching via trade as opposed to free agency.

Considering the money coming off the books and the lack of quality SP available for 2010 in free agency, the Phillies would be well served to contact the Padres and offer to pick up the 2013 option in exchange for Peavy approving a trade.

Considering that San Diego was willing to make the deal without requiring Chicago to give up the farm, I think that some combination (3 or 4) of Kendrick, Carrasco, Carpenter, Happ, Donald and Marson would get the job done.

Hamels + Peavy to 2013 with the power in our lineup = dynasty?

It's good to see the Phillies do the right thing and bring up Mayberry for 2 games. I prayed and prayed that I would'nt have to watch the Phillies DH Ryan Howard and play Bruntlett at 1B, like they did last year.

I was at the game tonight. I'd say it was 20 percent Phillies fans, and I thought the Phillies fans were treated quite well. It was nothing like Shea was last year. I guess the fact that the Yankees fans don't care about the Phillies makes a difference.

I've seen "launching pad" as a dig on Yankee stadium tonight as opposed to band box and think its appropriate. The ball seems to explode off bats. A couple of times it seemed the bats were either corked or aluminum. They don't come off the bat like that at the Bank. "Launching Pad" it is....or maybe "Cape Kennedy"?

"Houston ...we definitely have a problem...."

How good is Santana? 17 runs allowed THIS SEASON. Only 7 of them earned. To bad (for him) the rest of his team sucks.

Sorry - only 10 of them earned.

Is it me or are Yankee fans just generally much more civilized and respectful than Met fans? Did we see one hostile Yankee fan here tonight? Do we ever see any hostile fans from any other fan base, for that matter?

It's good to see the Phillies do the right thing and bring up Mayberry for 2 games.

Who says he is only here for 2 games?

This team (and no other major league team) needs 13 pitchers.

Keep Mayberry here for a while. This teams needs a right-handed bat, off the bench (and someone that can spell Victorino to keep him fresh for late Summer). That could just be Mr. Mayberry Junior.

And, if he has trouble against Pettitte and Sabathia, then who cares? Most people have trouble against those guys. Get him up here, and get his feet wet. Slogging around at LV is not going to help him much anymore. That place, is a career killer.

Classic. If you can't beat 'em join 'em mantra from the NY media looking to poach JRoll...,0,334699.column

RSB: Might have to do with the fact that the Mets and Phillies are fierce division rivals, whereas the Yankees & Phillies have no rivalry, nor even any real history. I suspect if you logged onto a RedSox blog in the middle of a Yankees/RedSox series, you'd see some pretty obnoxious Yankees trolls.

I'm with you denny, I definitely don't necessarily see this being a cup of coffee, the Phils need Mayberry on the bench. As long as he shows some offensive ability I think he'll stick around for a while.

How about Jason Donald's night at LV?

5 plate appearances. He walked 3 times and got hit by pitch twice. He did score 2 runs.

Kendrick got the win. 6 IP and 3 ER. Now 3-3 on the year.

Romero was solid, with 1 IP of scoreless relief.

Miggy Cairo made his LV debut, going 1-4.

Mike Stutes had a better pitched game, then his line would show. Had only given up 1 ER through 6 innings, but tired in the 7th and the bullpen imploded (again).

Brad Harman with 4 more hits. Could he be in-line for a callup to LV soon? He is a bit old, for AA ball. He has been scorching hot now, for about a month.

Taylor just continues to produce. 2 more RBI's. Considering how he has been in-and-out of the lineup with little injuries, he has put up huge numbers. On a team that has very few offensive weapons too.

I don't know much about Mayberry, I've never seen him play. I do think that both Vic and Werth are injury risks and could use a day off here and there, and Ibanez is 37. So if Mayberry does well, maybe he could get spot starts and stick as the RHB off the bench.

Perhaps the reason you see hostile Mets fans here is due to the fact that you guys seemingly obsess over the Mets, and rip them routinely, something you guys don't do for ANY other team

Awesome game tonight, I speak from first hand, but one thing that gets lost in everything that's been happening is the baserunning. How many times did Jimmy Rollins get thrown out last year in total? It's less then he has this year.

God ... oh..Oh GOD. I hate the Mets.

denny b: I did'nt mean to insinuate that I would send Mayberry back to LV on Monday. I just believe that the Phils won't keep him up. The Phillies have'nt used the 5th bench player for 2 years and for some reason they love Bruntlett.
The Philliess don't pinch hit for their Left Handed hitters, and the oppossing Managers don't burn their Left Handers on the pitcherss spot. They barely give at bats to Dobbs against RH pitching, let alone a RH against LH pitching. I've only witnessed about 3 situations where he would have been used this year. Those were when the Phillies burned Dobbs and Bruntlett wss brought in.
With the way Jaime Moyer kills the Bullpen every 5th day they might value the extra pitcher. Also, they don't mind letting Cairo rot on the bench. They don't want Mayberry to rot. He won't come up for good until Victorino or Werth gets hurt.

'You guys obsess over the Mets' says the Mets fan who obsessively visits BL...

Sylar -
"Perhaps the reason you see hostile Mets fans here is due to the fact that you guys seemingly obsess over the Mets, and rip them routinely, something you guys don't do for ANY other team"

So what you're saying is that Mets fans are a bunch of ultra-sensitives who aren't responsible and blame others for their behavior. Sounds about right.

By the way, because you are so sensitive, you only perceive us as obsessing over you at the exclusion of others. At least you guys put people in the stands (up until this year at least), unlike two other NL East teams. Our criticism largely seems to hold no bounds; and if you read regularly, you should realize that the people who are ripped the most on BL are own beloved Phillies. It's called Philly love. So take a chill pill Sylar and go enjoy beating up on the Red Sox this weekend. Perhaps we should join arms on destroying AL teams in the interleague this year. Those tables need to turn sometime.

--Is it me or are Yankee fans just generally much more civilized and respectful than Met fans? --

I've been to both of the old NY parks many times. This is undoubtedly true.

Mets fans are funny.

Sometimes they act as arrogant as any Yankee fan (even though their team is usually an also-ran).

Other times they get upset if another team
s fans treat them like a team that's worth worrying about every year ("Why obsess over us losers?")

Do you think Yankees or Red Sox fans go to each other's blogs and ask them why they obsess about the other?

Escalona is better than Trashner. Should of sent him down =)

Don't worry jsanz, Taschner is outta here in 10 days. Romero will be back just in time for the Dodger series.

Mac Tonight: So Worley and Bastardo are ready to play at a championship team level?


In the prior thread benson says Madson/Lidge is better than Trancoso/Broxton.


johnnysanz: "Escalona is better than Trashner."

Escalona has pitched 2 and 1/3 innings in the big leagues.


I think Rube is having a great year, far better than any season the beloved and worshipped (by Beerleaguers) Pat Gillick had in terms of quality player moves. The Mayberry move, regardless of what he does this weekend, is the smart one.

Interesting indeed (particularly the Escalona v Taschner comparison).

Clout: You make a good point.


And it's not only beerleaguers loving pat Gillick Clout. Go check out phillies forums.

Plenty of Gillick man love there.

After the game was over last night, PHL17 showed some gloating Philly fans showing off their WFC t-shirts to departing Yankee fans. The camera caught one New York lass shaking her middle finger in the Philly fans' faces.

Nobody looked very classy in that vignette.

johnnysanz: Gillick certainly deserves some love, but if you look at every personnel move he made, about half of them were bad. The good ones, combined with the young core of stars developed under Ed Wade (who is reviled and gets zero credit), were good enough to give the a core the supporting cast they needed to win a WFC.

But looking at each move individually, Amaro has a huge lead on Gillick to this point.

So clout it's ok to compare Amaro against gillick but not escalona against. Taschner (beause of sample size as you seem to imply?)


Spitz, player comparisons and GM comparisons = apples and yeah, I'd say it's ok to compare at this point ("at this point" being the important phrase)

I just watched the Ibanez home run replay about 5 times. That guy can destroy pitches.

Who thought that a quarter of the way through the season, he would be a triple crown threat?!?!?!

He probably can't keep this up, but it sure is fun to watch while it lasts!!

tjc, that's a crazy. GM comparisons are A FUNCTION OF player comparisons. Would your rating of rube be the same if raul wasn't hitting so well? Of course not. So if it's too early to judge the roster then it's too early I judge rube.

stop with the Ed Wade BS. he didn't develop jack squat. those players were all drafted by Wolever and Arbuckle. I don't care if he "oversaw" that. HE DID NOT DRAFT THEM. enough. he doesn't deserve any freakin credit

A little proud of Myers also for throwing behind Jeter's back. No need to hit people.

Mayberry is, IMO, a good move. But we need to be realistic. He'll get maybe 8 PAs, maybe 4 against one of the premier pitchers in the majors. That'll mean at least 3 Ks. If he gets 1 hit, he'll do well. Two hits would be exceptional. His main job is to look like he could hit it out of the NY bandbox so they don't pitch around the people ahead of him, like they would if Bruntlett were DHing.

And he adds a few feet of defensive range.

Give us two hits, John, Jr., and you'll have earned this next cup-a-joe.

Mac Tonight - All those roster moves and no trade of Jimmy Rollins? Are you feeling alright?

Yo, new thread

With all due respect, many Beerleaguers -- myself included -- seem to save their harshest criticism for other Beerleaguers.

spitz: Dumbest post of the day.

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