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Friday, May 29, 2009


I'm not a big Conlin fan but this mornings Dirty News article about persnickety pitch count obsessiveness turned out to be timely and rang out in the 6th tonight after watching Durbins weak nibbling
after Happs strong outing.

Durbin is pitching his way toward his second non-tender in three seasons.

MLBTR Twitter:

"mlbtraderumorsPhillies To Pursue One Impact Pitcher"

MLBTR article:

"Instead they'll aim high, with names like Erik Bedard and Roy Oswalt speculated by Rosenthal. So, not a Brad Penny type. SI's Jon Heyman wrote about Bedard's appeal earlier today."

I'm more embarrassed that we've actually lost to this team twice this year...

****Durbin is pitching his way toward his second non-tender in three seasons.****


to phils: taylor buchholz & brad penny or rocco baldeli (for our RH OF bat of the bench)

to sox: carlos corrasco, lou marson, jason donald and other lesser prospect

meant clay not taylor, my bad

as harry or whitey would say "his friends call him taylor"

Mets just traded C Ramon Castro for RHP Lance "Gayest name on earth" Broadway.


Durbin is still going to continue to get his fair share of appearances though in the 6th/7th innings because otherwise it is Park and Condrey. You have to appreciate what Condrey has done so far but he would get overexposed if he get used in a bunch of close games and sees his share of left-handed bats.

Not suprised by the move at all, seeing how well Santos has played (both RBI's tonight) and with Schneider coming back this weekend.

Would have liked to see them trade Schneider or at least get something better in return than Broadway (who would make for great backpage headline fodder in NY). Castro proved that while he has pop and can rake he has little desire to play more than twice a week.

The Mets probably wanted to have the option of L and R Catchers.

Hate to pile on to the Nats announcers, but having recently moved to Maryland this is the first time I got to hear them call a game. Unequivocally the worst I've ever heard in baseball, and maybe in sports altogether. Dibble is a disgrace, outright begging for calls from the ump and/or for hits to fall in and spent the entire game complaining about how Happ was getting calls like a vet, while Detweiler was getting 'squeezed.' Sure, that's why he gave up five runs in four innings, pal.

Then the play-by-play man (not sure his name off the top of my head) basically blames the loss on the HP ump at the end, saying "It's tough enough to play on the road, especially when it seems like you're playing more than the 9 men in uniform." What?? Aren't hometown announcers at least supposed to feign impartiality most times? Not to mention the fact that these guys were blaming the umps in a game where the Nats D fell all over themselves and Nats pitching gave up 16 hits! Mute button for the rest of the weekend.

By no means am I complaining about the win tonight, but Chad Durbin has to be better. This is the second straight appearance where he has come in during a dominant situation and has put more runners aboard and allowed them to score.

Happ could have/should have went deeper into this game but I like the way he is acclimating himself into the starting rotation. We are going to continue needing solid starts from him.

For those of you who don't know - it's official: Brett Myers is done for the year. He is electing to have surgery. Between the actual recovery time and the time it will take to get him ready for major league action, we are looking at about 15 weeks or 4 full months. That doesn't put him back in game shape until the end of September.

hey, don't go too hard on the Nats announcers. try to put yourself in their shoes. the team they announce sucks and they have to watch them 162 times a year. if it were me i'd be a bit goofy too. there is one thing about dibble and his compadre and that is when their team screws up they admit it, while phillie announcers act like sun shines out of every phillie players' butt. during the first week of the season with the nats losing in bunches dibble stated on the air that several nats players did not deserve to be in the majors. imagine a phillie announcer being so honest about his team. only the mets announcers are as "homer" as the guys who call games for the phillies.

btw the plate ump called an atrocious game and the nats announcers commented on it throughout the game.

NEPP wrote: Lance "Gayest name on earth" Broadway.


Are you eight years old?

Have to feel bad for Carrasco losing YET ANOTHER win tonight, because the bullpen can't hold a lead. Not the first time that has happened to CC in 09'.

How about making 10 starts on the year and putting up 6 starts like the following, and not winning ANY of them...

1st start- 6 IP, 0 ER, 4 K's
2nd start- 6 IP, 2 ER, 6 K's
3rd start- 7 IP, 3 ER, 10 K's
8th start- 6 IP, 3 ER, 7 K's
9th start- 6 2/3 IP, 2 ER, 8 K's
10th start- 7 IP, 2 ER, 6 K's

Again, the won-loss record (0-6) and ERA (mid 5's) make it look like he has been terrible this year. 6 of the 10 starts, have been so-called "quality starts". A 7th start, saw him only give up 2 ER in less then 5 IP. 3 others, were bad starts.

Not saying he has earned the right to move up to Philly to take Myers spot. He hasn't and a few others (Carpenter, Worley and Bastardo) have been more consistant so far. But he isn't as far away as some here might think, if you just looked strictly at a few of the stats. His control/command is where he has seemingly made a big jump (used to be a big issue with him). The K to BB ratio for him is top notch this year.

If I were wagering, I would say that Carpenter will get the nod on Tuesday as Ruben continues to look for a trade. I think Worley is the 2nd choice; but they go with Carpenter because he is on the 40 man, would be on regular rest and he has already gotten his feet wet in the majors this year.

I could see Worley being promoted to LV to take Carpenter's spot and Drabek being promoted to Reading to take Worley's. I just hope the Lehigh Valley losing atmosphere doesn't stunt Worley's progress; as it seemingly has a few other young Phil prospects recently.

Bastardo, Worley, Carpenter, Kendrick, Carrasco is the order in which I'd consider these guys.

You know what Kendrick can do against major league hitters - get f'ing dominated by lefties. The other guys are unproven. Let's see what they can do before you go back to a garbage sinkerballer.

I'm having a hard time with Durbin lately. He has great outings and awful outings and it seems like we're getting too much of one lately. J.C. Romero Day can't come fast enough I tell you!

Great outing from Happ though. Durbin made his line look worse than it was. I though the young man did a hell of a job.

Lidge certainly had his most encouraging outing in awhile. Still, to have sustained success, he needs to start throwing first-pitch strikes and quit going to 3 balls on every hitter. In his 3 batters faced tonight, he didn't throw first pitch strikes to any of them & he went to a full count on 2 of the 3.

Tonight was something to build on, but certainly not nearly enough to convince me that his problems are behind him.

Durbin's performance definitely left a lot to be desired tonight. Happ deserved better. At the same time, much as I like Happ, his achilles heel was on full display tonight: he is wild. His wildness doesn't necessarily prevent him from being effective because, when opposing hitters are batting .184 off of you, you can afford to put a few men on base with walks. But where his wildness really takes its toll is in his pitch count. If he had thrown more strikes tonight, Cholly wouldn't have had to remove him in the 6th inning and Chad Durbin would never have been around to screw up Happ's numbers.

According to the AP, the Phils won their 2nd straight game tonite. I guess I must have slept thru thursday's game :)

A bit hypocritical for some to have a problem with Rob Dibble complaining that a National's pitcher getting squeezed caused him to give up some runs. Same guys on this blog had to hear the Phillies' announcers doing the same thing on that Jaime Moyer pitch to Wes Helms the other night. I heard Franzke and Anderson that night and they made it seem like the umpire threw the HR ball on the next pitch. Larry Anderson never calls an even game and is one of the worst commentators the Phillies have ever had.

Durbin shouldn't be worried about getting non-tendered, he should be worried about getting DFA'd. I'm not sure how many more poor performances cholly is going to put up with. He's starting to look like there is no gas left in the tank.

Why the hate for Everyday? The guy has earned a better spot in the pen from his performance the last 3 seasons.

Heck, Clay would anchor a half dozen BP's in the league.

bay_aera_phan Your comments on Lidge are right on the mark.
Koplove up Durbin down.

It should be noted that Adam Eaton and his 8.86 ERA are looking for a job.

I am not going to say I was happy with the pitching performances last night, they could have been better, but I will cut the pitchers some slack.

As kuvasz posted in the wee hours of the morning, the HP umpire was atrocious. I watched at a friend's house and we couldn't believe how bad he was. Yes, pitchers were getting squeezed a little, but the worst part was the inconsistency.

Happ was clearly frustrated a couple of times when a pitch in one spot was a strike the first time and a ball the second - DURING THE SAME AT BAT!

My friend and I kept turning to each other exclaiming "What?" because there was no way any of the pitchers knew what to throw.

In Durbin's defense he was a victim of the same thing. He got squezzed badly a couple of times. Hitting spots for an MLB pitcher is hard enough as it is, but when they can't count on a "strike being a strike" they're almost forced to throw over the plate.

The only consistency I saw from the HP ump all night was that he was caling the strike on the high/outside pitch - the same one on which Lidge K'd Johnson. While it was a borferline strike to begin with, it was the only pitch he was calling consistently all night.

BTW, ESPN reports Escalona has been recalled.

In re: Lidge
ditto b-a-p. He threw some nasty sliders and located his FB better. That last FB was not only a complete surprise (I think everyone except Brad and Chooch was looking low slider) it was located exquisitely. So it's encouraging. But three 1-0 counts was not.

In re: Mayberry
He had an excellent AB despite the results. That last pitch from Beimel was an absolutely malevolent major league sinker. Welcome to the show, kid. But Junior laid off a lot of hard to take stuff along the way and fouled off some hard to hit strikes.

In re: Chooch

In re: Vic

In re: the Natinals
The team is built for hitting. No attention has been spent on pitching or defense. So when four hits fly over the heads of the OFs it is no surprise. It is also no surprise when they lose a lot.

In re: Adam Dunn
The guy is a monster. He has arms like legs. Now if he could, like, field a position somewhere he could be a baseball player.

In re: starters from the minors
I wouldn't begin with Bastardo because he is, yet, another lefty
I wouldn't begin with Worley, because he hasn't gotten enough experience yet
I wouldn't begin with Carpenter, because of his big league start, UNLESS I was convinced his command would be sharper
I wouldn't begin with Kendrick, until he shows some ability to really hit the corners AND actually, be a GB pitcher
I might begin with Carrasco, because he has always excelled when brought up a level and because his numbers at LV are completely out of wack and because they're gonna bring him up some day anyway and because if he has some decent fielding behind him who knows?
It's time. Ignore his Pig-record. Carlos C first. Then, when Jamie calls it quits and there's room for a lefty try out Antonio "Dirty Rotten" Bastardo.
I'm rambling and wrong. All that pitching nonsense is emotion and not well thought out.

Andy: "I might begin with Carrasco, because he has always excelled when brought up a level and because his numbers at LV are completely out of wack and because they're gonna bring him up some day anyway and because if he has some decent fielding behind him who knows?"

That's my choice. And you can add to your list the fact that he has better stuff than any of the others mentioned.

clout: And he is a right hander. Some folks on here don't see an issue with having 4 or (gasp!) 5 southpaws in the rotation, but you have a better chance of keeping the other team off balance if you are throwing different looks at them.

I also support bring up Carrasco and giving him a few starts. I think we already know what we have in Carpenter and Kendrick. I don't think they have what it takes to consistent get outs at the MLB level. The only other option I would think is Bastardo, but like I said before, he needs that third offering.

On the topic of Lidge, I know he's a power closer and closers are aiming for Ks, but I think it would be disgusting if Lidge could work a change-up into his repetoire, especially to LH. Having a way to get guys to roll over pitches in late innings would be nice, seeing as nobody hits into double plays against him, and it seems he needs at least 5 pitches to anyone to get them out.

Hey, they could always purchase Shawn Chacon's contract from the Newark Bears and send him to Houston in a trade for Oswalt?

Hydrant, Lidge got a DP last season in the Division clincher.....oh wait....that was Jimmy.

Funny how we've been (rightfully) lauding the build-up of the Phillies' farm system over the past couple of years, but when the rubber meets the road and it comes time to tap into it for MLB pitching, it doesn't quite look as good.

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