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Saturday, May 30, 2009


It's official, Antonio Bastardo is going to start on Tuesday.

From the end of last thread: Bastardo is getting the call-up. The Phillies should now be able to take on a big contract because the merch sales of the "Bastardo" t-shirts should be le-gen-wait-for-it-dary.

Right now I'm leaning towards the Ol' Dirty Bastardos or the Lucky Bastardos, Antonio really provides the first opportunity for a funny fan group in a while.

B-Mac, yes and a good tie in for the August release of Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

Nice, should be fun to stay up Tues. night and watch Young Johan do his thing.

Legions of KK true believers worldwide crushed again.

curt: The way KK has pitched, he's gotta be no better than 4th best option at the moment behind Bastardo, Carpenter and Carrasco... and perhaps even Worley.

i love it, let's go you BASTARD! Honestly, I would rather try this than make a trade.

can anyone remember a rotationm with 4 lefthanders?

I'm starting to wonder if Rube is going to move KK just to give him a shot somewhere else, because it's pretty obvious he's not going to get much here. You know, like what was done for Jason Jaramillo.

Hydrant: I'm wondering the same thing. I don't see any point in keeping Kendrick in AAA purgatory w/out any apparent hope of reprieve. Like him or not, the guy has more MLB experience than any other pitcher in the Phils' farm system. If the current state of the big club's pitching rotation isn't enough to warrant another chance for Kendrick, I can't possibly imagine what else would. In short, the time has come to fish or cut bait w/ regard to KK.

G-Town, KK has more MLB experience than any other pitcher in the Phils' farm system?

And why is it time to fish of cut bait with a 24 yr old AAA pitcher? Last I checked, 24 is not old by MLB standards, nor is it even old by AAA standards. Do you believe KK is not capable of growing as a pitcher at this point?

If Bastardo ever winds up in the bullpen and we play the Mets, we can actually have a Bastardo pitching against a Putz.

Since I've never seen Bastardo pitch, I don't have a strong opinion on his major league future. But his numbers are not just better than any other Phillie pitcher in the high minors; they are better by leaps and bounds. I don't know if he'll succeed, but he is deserving of a shot.

Frankly, I'm completely puzzled as to why so many Beerleaguers who have never seen this guy pitch have nonetheless made up their mind that he can't possibly be any good. Aside from a few too many walks (in past seasons), all the evidence in his minor league track record says that he CAN pitch. Seems like Beerleaguer consensus is that, if a guy isn't listed in Baseball America's Top 100, he can't be any good. But scouts are wrong all the time and, when a guy is posting numbers like this at AA, and he's only 23, it raises a distinct possibility that this could be one of those times when the scouts are indeed wrong.

BAP calling Beeleaguer commenters out for negativity?..whoa......

Bastardo may well bomb, but on the other hand he certainly has a better chance of being surprisingly good than Kendrick. KK would have been the safe choice here - another reminder that the Phillies are operating on a much lower level of conservatism these days than had been their wont for a long time.

I was at the game tonight was just imagining Larry Bowa if he managed this woebegone squad

...the Nationals that is...

The Nationals need pitching. KK could crack their rotation. Would they be willing to part with Josh Willingham or Austin Kerns for him?

How many of the Nationals are actually going to finish the season with that team? Dunn, Johnson, Kearns, Belliard, Guzman, any number of their bullpen guys...they'll all be gone by the next time the Phillies play them again.

A team like that could use a 24-year-old pitcher with 21 major league wins ... for the low low price of one righthanded 4th outfielder.

You want to trade Kyle Kendrick for Austin Kerns? I think the Phillies might balk at taking on $8million, for a 4th outfielder. If your going to take on a ridiculous salary, you might as well take on Jason Marquis or Jarod Washburn to replace Moyer. A 5th starter is more important than a 4th OF.

The reason I am somewhat luke warm in my enthusiasm for Antonio Bastardo is its very hard to come up with a comparable pitcher that was succesful in MLB. A 5'10 Left Hander that throws 87-89 mph. He was'nt great in Spring training either.
Evidently he knows how to pitch. He puts up dominant numbers in AA and AAA. Maybe he does it in MLB. Going against a weak hitting lineup like the Padres can't hurt.

Maybe his stuff has great movement, mike? Or is he really just a control artist? I suppose we'll find out.

bap - Something in the water? (Flavoraid?) Or has last night's performance by Lidge softened your grumpiness?

Just wondering. I too await Antonio "Not That Rotten" Bastardo! Whatever stuff he has, he has worked it for some malicious peripherals.

BAP: "Since I've never seen Bastardo pitch, I don't have a strong opinion on his major league future."

You then proceed to tell us how tremendous he is.

Guess we'll find out, huh?

The sight of Geezer listed as SP makes a Sunday afternoon with the inlaws seem promising.

mikes: "Going against a weak hitting lineup like the Padres can't hurt."

Excellent point. The Pads are the worst offensive team in baseball. But 5 days later he gets the Dodgers.

Went to the game last night and was amazed at how balls died on the infield last night. Grass must be pretty high and have been pretty watered down. It really benefited the Phils last night on a couple of hits and I wonder if it plays that way today or not.

I see the agent provocateur is up early today.

Tony Bastard! Welcome to the show! Hope he sticks. Ive been rooting for this kid for a few years now.

Let's go old school and call his fan group the Fargin' Bastages

"5 days later "

Well. Presumably.

Another thought:
If I were trying to showcase a prospect in a deal, I would want to show him off specifically to that team's own offense. If the Phils are, actually, in on Peavy, and they want to hold onto Carrasco, wouldn't they pitch Tony B. vs. the Pads?
(Incidentally, I think Peavy is dead. But if it's not, they'd be doing exactly what they're doing.)

Jim -
"I'm gonna crush your boils in a meat grinder."

OT, I know...but what else does Mike Taylor have left to prove at AA? His numbers are approaching staggering levels.

and new thread...yo!

Andy: "bap - Something in the water? (Flavoraid?)"

stool softener?....actually, BAP does bring a lot of cogent analysis and insight

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