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Friday, May 22, 2009


Last I checked, the Phillies were 4-1 in the only interleague series that mattered last year.

I can't wait for the Phillies to enter the "House that A-Rod's Cousing Built"

Shouldn't the lead on the last paragraph read: "This Chacin?" Or am I reaching too far for a stupid pun?

Chacin and Worley will make an awesome goggle duo.

The Yanks against Myers should be challenged to quality rather than quantity. Who cares if they hit 7 HRs? If they don't go 450 feet they shouldn't count.

Maybe it turns into a tight series but I see a couple of runfests this series (say 7-5 or 8-6 games) that have games with plenty of pitching changes by both teams starting with tonight's game.

Phils will need to take whatever they can get from there starters this series (including Hamels) but they need to work pitch count this weekend and get into the crappy Yanks middle relief. Only one lefty (Coke) who isn't that tough on lefties and a bunch of generally soft-tossing RHP = Phils' scoring some runs in 7-8 innings if they can get the starters out of there early enough.

I was wondering what was going on with Chacin. He is my favorite sleeper candidate to eventually replace an ineffective Jamie Moyer/Joe Blanton/J.A. Happ. Chacin has more upside than Rodrigo Lopez, though, admittedly, the odds are fairly slim that he can ever get back to that upside.

From CJ: "I have been correct on my opinion of EVERY Phillies personnel decision."

Well, it's still early . . . but Pedro Feliz is trying his best to make you eat those words.

I'm usually against the interleague schedule as much as anyone, but I'm very excited by this series. I'm perfectly willing to take a weekend off from analyzing and worrying over the minor injustices of the mlb schedule and just sit back and watch a few fun games.

Guess our IL schedule is a little more comparable to the Mets one this year, except we get the Rays once and they get the Yanks twice?

Mike Francesa on 660am The Fan in NYC claims the Phillies are discussing a potential Peavy deal. He didn't site a source. I highly doubt they would add Peavey's 13 million salary on top of their current payroll.

This time last year Cole Hamels predicted a Phillies-Red Sox World Series. I'm hoping we get a new prediction this weekend.

I'll be at the Cole-CC game on Sunday. I grew up in the 90's dreaming of wearing Phillies World Series Champions gear in Yankee Stadium. This is going to be awesome.


At first I thought about a Peavey deal, and I said "no way that happens"....

then I was thinking, depending on what the Phils do with Myers, they have like 27m off the books after this year (Jenkins, Eaton). Our starting pitching sucks. Peavey said he would go to the Braves...why not the Phils then? It's their best chance to repeat. I still doubt it will happen.

kells: That's The Fan just trying to rile up the Mets' fans. I'm sure every team right now in need of starting pitching is "discussing" a potential Peavy deal. Doesn't mean anything will come of it.

I just don't see Peavy coming here. I never like to say never, but in this case I'm saying it never happens. I will happily eat crow if it does.

doubleh I agree. If he leaves West Coast he seems more like a midwest guy.
From todd Zoleskeys blog:

"Peavy might ask the Phillies to pick up that $22 million option in 2013 to make the trade happen. The Phillies don't like giving pitchers more than three-year contracts. That would turn Peavy's deal into three-plus seasons into four-plus seasons. That is a lot of risk for the Phillies. And consider they already have at least $95.5 million committed in payroll next season, and at least $80.5 million committed in payroll in 2011. Tack on Peavy's deal and that's a TON of money committed to just a few players over the next couple seasons. That would mean the Phillies would need to rely on some of that top young talent to start producing at the big-league level because the Phillies aren't going to spend money continuously like the Yankees. But -- woops -- some of them have been traded to acquire Peavy. Now what? That's Strike three.
Am I crazy for even bringing it up? (Don't answer that.) But it's at least fun to think about."

LA Jeff: see if you can get a "Twoo-oooo-Thousand" cheer going to the tune of the old "1918" cheer for the Sox.

I wouldn't *automatically* say that the Phillies either wouldn't consider or have a shot at Peavy. It's far more unlikely than likely, but the way this team is making money hand over foot right now - and seeing the very serious shortcomings in the rotation - maybe they do make a run. One thing we as fans have yet to see - at least not since the days of Paul Owens - is the Phils making a big mid-season trade to bolster their pennant chances. We've seen plenty of mid-range fixes, but rarely has the farm system had any kind of depth to acquire a true difference-maker. It may very well come up short again, but since (as BAP said) Peavy essentially has the Pads over a barrel, they will accept less than he is worth in return.

It is comforting to know, meanwhile, that the Mets have even less organizational depth an cannot markedly improve themselves over what they already are. It also remains to be seen if the Cubs or Cardinals could wrangle someone of Peavy's caliber. The Dodgers probably could, if they were inclined - but then again, it's doubtful SD would deal within their division.

As far as the question of whether Peavy would actually come to Philadelphia - I have no idea. Perhaps not. He'd have to approve pitching in a small ballpark on the east coast, and the Phillies would have to approve his contract. A dubious combination of factors. But I wouldn't rule it out entirely.

I should say, *maybe* the Padres will accept less in return than Peavy is worth. Like all the rest of this, it's a speculative possibility.

bap: Dammit!!!! I was going over all of them in my head and thought, "You know, I can sort of justify everything I've said about the Phillies move." I clearly forgot Feliz. You got me on that one!

bap: And, of course, my tongue was planted firmly in my cheek for that post!


Peavey listed the Braves as one of his teams. If that's the case, than he's willing to pitch on the east coast. Not saying it will happen, I doubt it.

>I highly doubt they would add Peavey's 13
>million salary on top of their current payroll.

I think that the Phil's realize that they are going to sell out about every single game, and are comfortable with expanding the budget.

I'm betting that it will be for Jamie's spot, with him retiring to the bullpen/6th starter/Tim Wakefield option.

Call me next time Raul Ibanez scores a threesome with two ex-Eagles cheerleaders while buying shots at Lucy's in Old City. Then we can debate the merits of these two. Please.

I was just given a ticket to tonights game! Section 111 row 1. I will most likely have to sit next to a bunch of yankee fans but I will have my colors on. The only question is do I wear my Away Jersey with no name or the Schmidt Away Throwback Jesey? I just don't know.

Control: Peavy is from Alabama, so Atlanta is the closest team to home for him. Philly is not quite the South.

The Braves are certainly a team with the ability to throw a nice package of prospects at the Padres. If their management would actually take his contract on, that would make them a huge threat.

"It matters not." So poetic Taco, are you like a writer or something? Heard there's big bucks in that.

He will drop a deuce on 73 (voice).


I see that pre-school just let out.

Seriously brah? Peavy's going to waive his no-trade for the Nationals?

I doubt Atlanta would do it, but if they really wanted a shot a winning now, they would. I know it's a different world down there with Turner out of the picture, but who knows.

What the hell is going on here?

Mysteryposter: Dunno. Willing to bet it has something to do with Metsblog not taking comments.

Nope, I think these are all Phils fans just trying to get out some raw emotion about the WFC. Nothing wrong with that.

They love Raul, but don't realize Burrell is a legend in this town who can never truly be replaced.

I need some beerleaguer guidance-- anyone know of good Phils game specials in the city? I seem to recall McFaddens on 3rd offering dollar dogs and cheap draughts during games, but I fear the JerseyDudeBro population could be disgustingly high on a Friday night.

Reverend - Go with the throwback Schmidt. And if you can get your hair permed and your mustache styled, so much the better.

I'm guessing were getting a Mac Tonight style troll attack. Too bad.

Yo, if you knew anything about spelling you would know that cess pool is spelled with a "c."


Yo, new thread! And it's realllly needed!

Stick me (voice)

Andy: Feel free to check the ip's. I regularly post from 3 different computers, all in Northeast PA. No "troll attack" coming from me.

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