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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


With no pitching over the first 6 weeks we're still in 1st place.

I'll take that as a glass is half full view.

"He said right now the Mets are the class of the division, while the Braves have the most upside."

May be true - but the Phils have Bako. They are now a juggernaut

Projected Lineup for tonight:

SS Jimmy Rollins
CF Eric Bruntlett
C Paul Bako
RF Matt Stairs
2B Chris Coste (played 5 games at 2B in minors)
1B Greg Dobbs
3B Carlos Ruiz
LF Raul Ibanez

NEPP - But when will they get pitching?

Nepp- Nice touch- batting Raul 8th. Can we get Tomas Perez back to pitch??

Did any of youse guys hear how long Delgado will be out?

Well, I didn't want Raul to mess up things in the middle of the order...especially with already having Bako/Stairs as L/L. Gotta play the percentages and have the righty Coste bat in the 5 hole. Its what smart managers do to win ballgames.

I'm a met fan and I can tell you there is no way that the mets are the class of the division.

Tony D - I hear he's having hip surgery (a la A-Rod) and will be out at least a couple of months.

Still waiting for a Frank Thomas signing for some right-handed pop.

First of all, I've been a Phillie fan since I learned to walk, but I'm also a fan of baseball in general. I enjoyed watching the '86 Mets, and really wanted them to beat the Yankees in the 2000 World Series.

HOWEVER, when I read things like the following, it really makes me dislike certain players (Beltran) and the team (Mets) on which he plays:

“I called for the ball like six times,” Beltran said. “But Pagan stood in the middle and I couldn’t put my glove on the ball. On a ball like that, I have priority. If Pagan would have called for that ball, my job is to get out of the way. He’s been in center field before, so he knows that when the center fielder calls for the ball, everyone has to get out of the way.”

Man up, Beltran. You got charged with an error. Publicly blaming a team mate won't change the outcome, and only makes you look like a baby and causes discord within your team.

Put me down as someone who says there's no way the Phillies will carry 3 catchers. To do that would make Eric Bruntlett both the 4th outfielder (Stairs is really a DH) and the backup infielder at SS and 2B.

Ain't gonna happen.

How about Jerry Manuel's quote about Ryan Church missing third base while attempting to score:

“Uhh, a guy missed third base. That’s unbelievable. I can’t explain why or how or anything. But, he actually missed the base… To me, it’s just hard to miss third base. I’ve known some guys to miss first, because they’re looking for the ball and misstep, but I have rarely, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a guy miss third base in a situation like that. I don’t know, I don’t have any explanation.”

Way to support your player, ass.

Did Rosenthal say the Mets were the class of the east before or after the news of Delgado's injury?

Either way, each team has issues and I don't think you can annoit any team the favorite at this point.

Dickie Thon on the last thread asked this about Golson:
"how is it that even though he seemed to be doing well in ST, you guys insisted that he couldn't hit. certainly his 7 MLB at bats are not evidence for much of anything, but yet this consensus seems to be somewhat universal. Where are the conclusions drawn from?"

Check out his minor league stats, especially his K/BB ratio and you will answer your own question.

kutztown -
wow. talk about throwing someone under the bus. and it's in sharp contrast to how the phillies players handle things; last year, eaton made sarcastic remarks about how the offense wouldn't score enough for him, or something to that effect, and he was gone.
this year, the offense could have EASILY complained about the pitching in public, but all you hear are quotes of encouragement reflective of a united team that's in it together. i guess that has to do with the leadership of JRoll and eternal optimists like Vic. if there were a defining description of this team, it'd be cool. there are exceptions like hotheads Myers and Park. but in general, when you've got players like Hamels, Howard, Utley, JRoll, Lidge and now Ibanez leading the way, you're going to be large (mentally speaking) and in charge.

It just really reminds you of what a quality team this is.

The Mets defense is horrendous and if Delgado or Reyes is out for any length of time that will have to be addressed. Having Murphy and Sheff in the OF corners, Reed at 1B and Tatis at SS is a joke.

Classic Mets loss last night. Got to love it.

re: Church

In looking at the replay, he looked as if he were trying to step on the inside edge of the bag, which is what you're supposed to do when you're rounding a base. He was probably going fast and thought he made enough 'contact' with the general area of the bag's edge. It's obviously a terrible error, but i think it's definitely explainable.

You want to blame somebody? Fine do it...don't do it in public and don't throw your player under the bus there Skip. That's pathetic and it shows how jacked up their clubhouse continues to be. Scott Graham and Buck Martinez were vehemently ripping the entire Mets organization all morning on XM 175. Buck Martinez was particularly harsh about how its the players and their continued inability to make the simple plays. Reyes was a target of note for all his boneheaded plays over the past few years but Pagan and Church were ripped among others.

Why do people continue to think that Omar "I only sign Latino players" Minaya is a good GM?

I'm tempted to agree with denny b about giving Mayberry a shot to play against the Yankees, given his power and the DH rule(although the smart play would be to use Ibanez at DH and Mayberry in the field.) The idea would be to bring him up just for the interleague games so he can get action rather than sitting on the bench.

But here's what stops me: His K rate of 1 per 3.3 ABs. Still, it is tempting.

He's improved his BB rate (a major concern previously). I'd bring him up for all of interleague for an audition. He's 26. We shouldn't be worried about an option year at this point in his development. He'd get regular ABs if he were up for Interleague and it'd be nice to be able to actually rest our OFs. We could also DH Ibanez once or twice to rest his 37 year old legs and keep him fresh for the 2nd half.

Mayberry still has 3 options. The Phils can use one this weekend and one when they travel to Tampa Bay.

clout: I understand your concerns regarding his K rate, but the alternative is Eric Bruntlett.

For how piss poor the Phillies have played all season, the "class of the division" Mets can only thus far manage a tie for first.

There is no "class" of the NL East. The entire division has underperformed to this point.

On a side note, I'm not seeing why anyone truly thinks that the Braves are a serious threat to anyone.

Options work by years, not how many times he goes up and down. Calling him up for the Yankees, sending him down and then calling him back up only burns one option year.

On the Beltran/Pagan play: Pagan clearly gestured with his arm that he had it and on the tighter angle replay could be seen yelling "I GOT IT" or maybe even "YO LA TENGO" (for fans of the old Richie Ashburn anecdote).

If the Mets are the class of the division, then the division is pretty winnable, seeing how they've had a lineup pretty much filled with .300 and .400 hitters most of the season, have "The Best Pitcher In the League" as their ace, Beltran off to an MVP start, etc etc and are actually behind our pitching challenged heroes.

Oh, and besides that, the ball was kind of the left fielder's ball, despite the old 'Center fielder gets precedence' bit.

Rosenthal has a pretty myopic view of things to be calling the Mets the 'class of the division'. At best, they're in the upper tier. To claim that they stand at any distance apart from other teams as the 'class' is an abject joke, and even (honest) Met fans know it.

Mac: I think the Braves are improved over last year (even without Tex), but I think everyone sees them as a 3rd-4th place team.

So, yea, I agree with you in that they aren't a serious threat.

My sleeper projection is that the Phillies call up Pablo Ozuna this weekend. The guy has been .388/.412/.531 this month. The Phillies have always been known to call up the hot hand, and Ozuna has been swinging a really good bat lately.

I like it better when the pundits think teams other than the Phils are the favorites. It puts the pressure elsewhere (i.e. on the backs of the snake-bitten Mets).

Headline should be Mets' sphincters tighten up after that loss.

From previous thread:
Another conspiracy theory is maybe Chew is a good game manager as a catcher to help develop the young arms.

It was highly reported that the F.O. brass was at Reading recently and maybe they noticed a need for a more polished catcher to get these guys more show-ready.

Or perhaps he has some pictures of Jr on his I-phone from Vegas.

Clout: Yeah, he strikes out. No question. But Andy Petitte isn't much of a strikeout pitcher anymore, and Mayberry has some power. Give him a shot on Saturday.

You'd rather see Bruntlett pop up than Mayberry strike out? No one is saying make him a regular player. But to give him a few at-bats in the 7th spot against a couple lefties over the weekend? Are we really going to lose any offense compared to Coste or Bruntlett?

Also, if they'd be willing to DH Ibanez and play Mayberry in left, you'd be getting a defensive upgrade as well.

The "experts" have been lauding the Mets as "the class of the division" for 3 years now. "They'll run away with it" is one of my favorites.

They were completely wrong the past 2 years and they will be wrong again this year. The Mets, will not be a factor in 2009. The Braves and Marlins will be, in August and September, when it matters.

The Phils are in pretty good shape, considering how much has gone wrong to start the year.

Jack: Coste will DH if they don't bring up Mayberry, not Bruntlett. But I do agree with playing Mayberry in LF, which gives the move a little extra appeal.

The Mets have a heap of talent, and since their pitching is statistically superior to the Phillies they have to be considered the front-runner for the division.

HOWEVER, the Mets have no clue how to win and are under tremendous scrutiny after their collapses, in addition to the usual pressure of the NY market. Hence the manager throwing his guys under the bus and teammates pointing fingers.

I think the mets are bunch of losers and choke artists, the Braves are at best a 83 win team, and Marlins can't field. therefore if the Phillies pitching staff can get back to being remotely effective, they should be fine.

I'm faithful that the Phillies have the biggest stones in the division (maybe the league) and that is worth a ton come october. Again assuming they can pitch at all.

How does the Delgado injury shift the balace of power?

I don't think Mayberry will get the call till June 23rd. When they'll play 6 straight away vs AL (Rays & Jays) It's to early to tell who the pitchers will be but the Rays have Kazmir and the Jays have 3 LH starters.

"I'm faithful that the Phillies have the biggest stones in the division..."

Too bad they can't trade a stone or 2 for a SP with a plus fastball.

baxter: I'm not sure it shifts the balance of power, but having Delgado in the lineup everyday certainly makes the Mets better than a pu pu platter of Fernando Tatis, Jeremy Reed, and Gary Sheffield.

As a Mets fan, I have to say that the Mets are in shambles today. With comments like that coming from Jerry re: Church, and Beltran re: Pagan, coupled with the loss of Delgado and possibly Reyes, it will be interesting to see how the team responds - especially tonight against Billingsley.

A solid, well played win tonight may not be probable, but if it happens, will go a long way to substantiating any claims of the team as the class of the NL East. This morning, however, I'm just not seeing it.

No team seems to want the division at these early stages. The Phils reliance on outslugging opponents will only get them so far, and the Mets inability to congeal is already proving problematic.

--Did any of youse guys hear how long Delgado will be out?--

Two months

--"class of the division"--

no team in the NL East qualifies for this distinction.

Anybody see that the Mets beat Redding last night?

pb - We're seeing lefties in two of the games against the Yanks.

I'd bring up Mayberry, too. Really. Chollie's not gonna DH his back-up catcher, so we'd be seeing the Gnome. Or Pablo Ozuna if they bring HIM up. (And forget how he's hit at AAA the last month - what are his big league career OPS+ numbers like?) In fact, even if they bring up Ozuna we'd be seeing Bruntlett as the DH.

So do Mayberry; play him in left and DH Rauuul. He'll whiff, but he may also crunch one. Certainly they've gotta pitch him more carefully than the Double-Mint Gnome. And while your at it, as you bring up John, Jr.? Make our joy complete and DFA the Trasch.

Mets fan here.... I think last night proved we are absolutely not the class of the division, although no team in this division has shown itself to be.

Denny B- Mets won't be a factor? Um, no offense, but that's really wishful and very misguided thinking on your part.

Andy: Coste DH'ed in the World Series. Why wouldn't Charlie DH his backup catcher in an interleague game in May?

Jack - Forgot he actually made that jump. He's never DH'd the back-up catcher in a regular season game.

So I suppose I let my cynicism get to me. One can only hope.

And, actually, I suppose he wouldn't want to use his back-up everything player as the DH either.

Looking at the roles that Coste and the Gnome normally play? I'm guessing Chollie wants another RH hitter up before the Yanks series, because it'll cause him severe cognitive dissonance when he has to make out a line-up card (or force Mackanin to)against two lefty pitchers.

I still prefer Mayberry to Ozuna.

The class of the division? Would that be the same division that the Phillies have won 2 years in a row, and the same one in which the 2 teams are presently in a dead tie for first? What a nitwit.

I hope clout is right about Charlie preferring Coste over Bruntlett as DH, but I think Charlie has an unhealthy love for the gnome. He's batted Bruntlett 2nd, whereas Coste will never see his way out of the 8 spot. Maybe he'd use one on saturday and the other on Sunday.

Either way, I'm voting for Mayberry to get the call up.

NEPP: Thanks for the clarification regarding options. Now it makes even more sense to bring him up. At 25, he doesn't need 3 option years.

On the bright side, Dobbs is 4 for 6 against Burnett.

They were carrying Marson at that point though, not sure how that affects the decision to DH Coste.

Here's my sleeper prediction for the right-handed bat who will be called up: Brad Harman.

Harman sucks but, in the Phillies' back-ward-ass way of thinking, that's actually a plus, since they can call him up and won't have to waste an option on someone with actual potential (after all, we all know that improving the team is not nearly as important as getting through the season without wasting options on a decent prospect).

Harman is on the 40-man roster, has hit well lately, and he has that versatility which the Phillies find so critically important. Amaro seems to almost go out of his way to buck conventional wisdom (i.e., Cairo over Jenkins, Carpenter over KK, Escalona over Majewski) -- often out-thinking himself in the process. All common sense says to call up Mayberry. That's why I think the Phillies will pick Harman.

philsgal- they were not carrying Marson on the active roster for the World Series. he was only along for the ride, presumably seasoning him for the future. had Coste gotten hurt as the DH, i believe it would have been Werth to back up...

i also vote for Mayberry. give the kid a chance!

Ah, I see. My bad. Thanks for the clarification, MATB.

I'd like to see Mayberry brought up. He's under 30, fer crying out loud. We need young legs.

And as for the "class of the division" stuff... isn't it still kind of early for that kind of talk? Look at the other divisions in baseball. Other than the Dodgers, does anyone REALLY think the current leaders will be there in September or October? The Blue Jays? Maybe. Tigers or Royals? Weak division, but I still have my doubts. The Rangers? Can't see it. Brewers? No way the Cards or the Cubs will allow it.

"Its what smart managers do to win ballgames."

Props to NEPP on the classic quote. Got a chuckle just thinking about that episode. Its a shame what happened to the Simpsons... kinda like watching Ken Griffey Jr. today, you still sort of pull for the guy, but he's a shadow of his former self and probably should have just hung up the spikes a while ago.

Beltran was absolutely right to say what he did. Pagan lost the game for the Mets on that play. When one of the best defensive CF in baseball calls you off, get the f out of the way, especially when you are a 2bit bench scrub.

It was hilarious to watch. No, they are certainly not the class of the division when half their team is playing out of position.

If Jerry Manual keeps this up I think we will beat the Muts EASILY.

Wow... can you imagine what BL would be like today if the Phils had lost in the same fashion the Mets did last night. 5 erros and a player who missed third while scoring in extra innings? Brutal. I almost feel sorry for Metsblog today. Almost.

Re: Manuel and Beltran comments

I don't think that would happen in a Phillies clubhouse. First, Charlie protects his own. He'll send a message, but he'll do it the right way. Remember when he benched Rollins and he wouldn't really talk about it? And the leaders in this clubhouse don't allow players to show up other players. It's just not how you foster a winning atmosphere.

Simply put this is no team that is the "class of the division in the NL East." If the first 6 weeks of the season have shown anything, it is that every team in the NL East has some holes that were expected and even a couple more that have sprung up.

Still don't think there is a team that is going to win 90 games in this division and with the Delgado injury that hampers the Mets' chances even more to match that figure.

One reason that even with the horrendous starting pitching that I haven't been that worried about the Phils' per-se because it looks like 87-88 wins will take this division and the Phils look exactly like a team that will finish with between 85-90 wins right now.

Not to rekindle the debate about using your reliever in non-save situations, but an unmentioned story line from last night's Mets game is that they paid $37M to get the best closer in baseball and, in an 11-inning game, he never set foot on the field. After all, you wouldn't want to pay a reliever more than $12M per year and then let him pitch in a critical game situation where he can't pad his statistics with a save.

Re: Beltran

Even if what he said was technically correct (I haven't seen the play) it was in poor form to say it in public. I can't see a single member of the current Phils team calling a guy out like that. It's just not productive and makes you look like a whiny ass.


You're absolutely right about Harman being the logical choice to follow Escalona and Carpenter. But Mayberry has 3 option years left and he's 25. Hopefully Rube bucks his recent trend of choosing ability-to-be-sent-down-to-Allentown over talent.

By the way: If I were KK, I'd be pissed. If I were a borderline major league relief pitcher, I wouldn't sign with this organization. If I were a Phils fan, I would be complaining in the comments on Beerleaguer.

"mets" and "class" in the same sentence? did someone leave out the "dont have any"


also whats up with all the hip injuries lately?

BAP: All common sense says to call up Mayberry. That's why I think the Phillies will pick Harman

I think you nailed it there. And even better, he's already been called up before when they did it last year. Afterall, what do we logically need? Another no-hit infielder!!!

On KK: I made this comment a couple days ago on PhuturePhillies: "I think the KK miff was quite intentional on the part of Dubee and UC. IMHO, it clearly was a message for him to focus on improving his secondary pitches/command and not worry about a short-term callup. They want him to come back and be an effective 5th starter, not spot start the 2nd half of a double-header and then head right back down."

The whole "not knowing how to win" is largely crap but it does amaze me that even though Minaya had made some considerable efforts to get rid of some of the bad influences the past few years (Milledge, Lo Duca, etc) and remold the team each off season they still seem to have a lacking sense of team cohesion.

Don't know if it is because their core players (Beltran, Reyes, Delgado) are just not leaders or if the managers have been largely inept which did seem to be a problem for Willie.

Yo, new thread!

Gillick generally had mixed moves in the offseason ever year but the one thing we was generally very good at was making moves/tinkering with the roster during the season.

Its really easy so far as Amaro (as just about every GM) is really starting to take stock of what there team is like. Still, Amaro did a pretty poor job this offseason on rounding out the roster including building a weak bench and making some questionable pitching decisions.

One thing that I am going to be very interested to see play out over the next 2-3 months is what minor moves/trades that Amaro does make with the roster to try to tweak it for improvement.

When do we get to sign Barry Bonds! This is supposed to be the start of a Phillies dynasty, now it's time to get the ESPN spotlight and sign Bonds to be the right handed bat off the bench. This team is old veterans anyway, Bonds isn't going to ruin anything. LET THE DYNASTY BEGIN!

I thought Sheffield was done but he still looks like he has enough bat speed/plate disclipine to be a legit MLB hitter.

Sheffield might struggle to hit .250 as a regular and be a horrendous corner OF but he would have filled a big-time need on this club as their right-handed bat of the bench.

Sheffield want to get several starts a month though to get his share of ABs and that was just something the Phils couldn't guarantee him. Its too bad because having Sheffield as the right-handed option and Stairs as the left-handed option would have made Cholly chuckle and smile in late inning matchup situations.

My Met team may be the "class" of the NL East, but they play ball with their heads up their butts. I can't imagine the Phils not winning the East again, but Lidge needs to turn it around.

Ozark - I appreciate your honesty, but you have to understand the daily things the Mets have been growing through to understand why Beltran would make that comment. There's a lot of frustration bottling up. Everyone knows Beltran's a great defensive CF. Typically, Carlos is a quiet guy, but he has to say something about that. Being a CF, on a rather easy play, it's the LF's job to get out of the way. A similar play occurred a couple weeks ago when Ryan Church got in his way. Carlos didn't say that to be disrespectful and I don't think Angel took it the wrong way. Personally, I blame Jerry Manuel for putting a different LF and RF out there every night. That's why there's such a lack of communication amongst the OF's.

Stevethemetsfan - At no point this year were we the class of the division. At no point were we ever more than 2 1/2 above the Phillies, yet there was no point where they were ahead more than us. Don't get ahead of yourself. The Phillies may have just accomplished a 4 game sweep, but it was the Nationals. The Mets just took 3 of 4 against the Giants, were close to winning the 4th game and beat Lincecum, even with a poor Livan outing in opposition. If the Mets were playing the Nats this weekend, they would swept too. The problem with the Mets is hard to narrow down to one thing, but more than anything else, it seems to be defense and consistently driving in runners in scoring position. The offense is producing and has improved in that regard lately, although not so much the last two days, but the defense hasn't. It's actually gotten worse. However, the Mets have one of the best bullpens in baseball, actually currently ranked third I believe, while the Phillies have a big problem with Lidge (the contract is looking as crappy as Ollie's now) and the middle relieving core on the Phillies hasn't been as good as the Mets.
The Phillies offense and defense has been incredible (although Rollins sucks), but the starting pitching is awful. It's so awful, that it's hard to imagine they're even tied with the Mets for first right now. The Mets defense and lack of communication is so horrible right now, it's hard to imagine how they could still be tied for first. Phillies and Mets fans may not want to hear this, but the chances of either of these teams going deep into the postseason, if they're lucky enough to win the division, is nil. Pitching is everything. It's how the Phillies won it last year. It sure wasn't on timely hits. It wouldn't suprise me if the Braves look a lot more close in this division, throughout the season. The Marlins don't have enough pitching, but if it only takes 85-86 wins, the Braves got a shot.

MG - If Sheffield could give the Mets 15-20 home runs, even if he hits around .250, that's more productive than they may have originally expected. The reason why he's getting more starts is because Delgado's out and they want a guy with power in there. He shouldn't be hitting clean up, but there options are limited. They could bat him 5th, but Wright's doing well there. They'll eventually need to trade for Nick Johnson, Aubrey Huff or someone to fill in a void in their line-up and defense. It'll probably be Johnson, because it'll cost nothing to little, since the Nats probably just want to dump his contract. Plus, he's good defensively.

LAjeff - No dynasty is beginning with the way this pitching rotation looks. I hope you were being sarcastic. I'm sure Cardinals fans in '06 were asking for a dynasty too. This is what you get when you sign a 46 year old ''3 pitcher'' to a multi year deal.

First place Phils and after a one week hiatus, the Phillies jackets were back today! (Now now not *every* one in Philly is a fair weather fan, but....)

I still wore my Mets jacket, even during a losing skid :)

Mets have not won in LA in a long time now, I think they got swept last year during their terrible start to the season. Boston and NYY opponents this weekend don't favor either NL East team.

The post of the month was by the guy who said the Mets are now irrelevant don't talk about them or their fans again, right before the Mets reeled off 7 in a row. It will be a seesaw season, I don't see the Mets running away without Delgado and I don't see the Phils running away without better starting pitching.

Mets Fan in Delco

Awh - Yes, he didn't do a very good job complementing the bench. He should be more aggressive, looking around. The only good move he did was sign Raul Ibanez, but you never know how that'll turn out long run. He gave up on going after Lowe and gave a year more than he needed to for Moyer.

Nepp - The whole ''leadership'' thing is overplayed, in my opinion. If you really think about the Phillies, do they have one Jeter type leader? Not really. It could be Utley, Howard or who ever. I'd say Victorino's their toughest player, but they do play well as a team. The Phillies advantage over the Mets is that their line-up has stayed healthy and you pretty much see the same guy's going out there every day. But, the Mets advantage over the Phillies is Johan to Cole, and the rest of the rotation. Plus, K-Rod vs Lidge.

Well, there's always going to be fair weather fans, but Jimmy didn't mind voicing his opinion on that. When the Phillies are awful, their fans tend to go away, as you can tell in their dramatic attendance totals. It really doesn't have much to do with a recession either, because back in the mid-to-late 90's, with the whole expansion of the internet and everything, no one wanted to be there. I couldn't have blamed them, but you don't feel as if you've earned the World Series as much, if you weren't there when you lost. I don't want to discredit the Phillies fans who were there though. There are some. The Mets should have won the game last time. LA's a beatable team, especially without Manny. If Church touches third base (very embarrassing, I know), K-Rod shuts the door. I would have felt better if Frankie blew the save, because it would have been a loss with dignity. I am getting very angry with the moves Manuel's making though. He nearly blew the game in the ninth, by putting in Sean Green again, who I'm sure Phillies fans remember, even though we had Brian Stokes (1 ER in 16 IP going into the appearance) available. It doesn't feel like Mets fans are on the same page as Jerry and it wouldn't surprise me if he eventually gets fired. Either way, it's going to be a long season. The Mets can win without Delgado. They won most of their recent games without him. If they could replace some of his production with Johnson or Huff, it's do a lot of good. What has to improve the defense and basic functioning. Honestly, it sounds like it's a smaller obstacle to overcome than rarely getting quality starts out of three of the guy's in the Phillies rotation, but it won't be easy.
If it continues as this pace, both teams will still barely be above .500 come the All-Star break. Who'd ever think the NL West would be as competitive as the NL East?

MG - I questioned why K-Rod wasn't used either, but it's because he's had an expanded workload lately. Last week, he threw like 5 days in a row. One of those appearances were two innings It's why Putz got the save Saturday. Jerry probably anticipated using him in a save type situation, which he would have had, if Church touched third base, but to put Sean Green in that game in the ninth inning was reckless. He had no business being there and it showed. Feliciano luckily bailed him out.

Looks like the Mets have a few problems

Yeah, the Phillies apparently do too, like nearly every starting pitching and Brad Lidge. Last week, when the Mets were red hot, these problems weren't as noticed, while your's were. Don't let the what the most current few day swing fool you though. The Mets aren't going no where and the Phillies probably aren't either.

wow, you guys sure talk about the mets a lot!

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