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Friday, May 22, 2009


Over-under on Phillies P/PA for the game? 3.3

Over-under on Brett Myers HR's surrendered?

(That's my inner cynic speaking.)

Fancy graphic, Jefe.

I am so excited for this series!

This will be a great test for the mettle of the Phillies. Beating up on the Reds and Nats doesn't exactly compare to taking on the Yankees.

I think the Phils have a good shot at doing some major damage against the Yankees bullpen.

Anyone interested in signing a petition to get Brett Myers to DH against CC Sabathia?
If nothing else, it would totally screw with Sabathia's head!

I'm diggin' the graphic! :-)

And when's the last time the Phils played a game where their starter had a lower ERA than that of the opposing starter (Natinals excluded, of course)?

So the signs sure do suggest that Mayberry is gonna get the call-up before tomorrow's game. There's nothing Beerleaguers love more than a new call-up but mark my words: Cholly will dampen everyone's enthusiasm by putting Eric Bruntlett in tomorrow's starting lineup and keeping Mayberry on the bench. If I'm wrong about this prediction, I'll be shocked.

Andy: I'll take the under. Myers will give up 3 HR tonight. I just hope they're solo shots ... :-S

Who'd have thought that Burnett would have a higher ERA than Bretty.

They should DH Ibanez and put Mayberry in LF tomorrow. Great defense and give our best hitter a rest...its gotta be tiring running around the bases so much.

Been watching YES for the last few hours and I am really tired of hearing about the Yankees 9 game winning streak. There may not be a more annoying thing then the attention the Yanks get when they are playing well.

Those who bet the over on Myers' homeruns allowed will probably be able to collect on their bets before the first inning is even finished.

Phillies suck in inter-league play. They suck against good pitchers. They have no right-handed DH. And the Yankees have won 9 in a row. You really have to be a blind optimist to think the Phillies are going to do anything but get killed in this series. If the Phillies win 1 game, they will have exceeded my expectations.



CRD, YES is the Yankees own TV station, what did you expect.

Big Jim coming through for you guys.

Good positive thinking there BAP.

I'll take credit for that.


bap- don't have to be blind to see our left handers have some potential in this park after the first pitch

Holy Crap! I'll even forgive him for swinging on the first pitch! :-o

That's 1 HR. First I think of at least 4 this game.

Now *THAT* is bush league. :-[

Welcome Back Jimmy.

Jay- I am talking in general. I have lived in Central NJ my entire life but somehow ended up a Phillies fan. And believe me, its not just YES that over glorifies them. However, 9 games is impressive.

So was the Utley beaning deliberate?

Based on the start to this game, I can only conclude that I should go on a pessimistic tirade before every game. Oh wait . . . I already do that.

Rollins homer is great considering hte whining on her earlier about first pitch swinging.

And Burnett is a doosh for throwing at Chase's head the next pitch.

CRD: Nine games is nice, but only 2 of those wins were vs. teams w/ a .500+ record.

Ugh, that is a nasty pitch.

Burnett's always been a bitch...this is nothing new with him. He fits right in on the Yankees.

Tell that to David Cone and crew before the pregame show (much I must say is actually really boring). Maybe I wouldn't have wanted to throw my remote through the TV if they didn't keep mentioning it.

Nice play by Tex.

You gotta think that we just let one get away there...Burnett's likely to settle down and mow us down for 6 straight innings now.

Wish Giambi was still there at first, stupid Yankees.

Man Tex is great.

That's disappointing.. letting him get away with the probably intentional hit batter.

Yeah you show em Brett!

Castillo just embarrassed himself on an Ellsbury the Mets defense blows.

Rollins is certainly not playing Gold Glove caliber defense in 2009.

Doesn't mean anything to throw behind a guy if you let him get a hit right after.

Good to see Bretty trying to establish his fastball...figure he gives up at least 1-2 HRs before he stops that.

Myers fastball control looks terrible. He's gotta be able to beam Jeter's ass there.

Just got on - What was the deal with Burnett throwing at Chase? What was his beef about Jimmy's HR? Just mad that he hit it???....And then, I presume, Myer's pitch behind was a returning "serenade?"

Man, it would have been nice to get two there, good recovery though.

J-Roll redeemed himself there. Yikes. :-S

Nice play by Brett. That could have been ugly.

Nice recovery, Brett Myers! Good play there...glad they got the lead runner

Wow, that is a pleasant surprise.

Yeah, that throw by Myers definitely looked like it was headed into CF. He probably should have taken the sure out.

Love the SO of Tex!

The ghost of Pat Burrell throws out Damon!

Jimmy flexing the guns on that one, what a throw.

That was a fantastic first inning by Bretty, no HRs...WOOHOO!!!!

HA! :-D

Rod Barajas would have backed off from that play at the plate.

So far, this series is living up to the ridiculous hype!

Burrell would have thrown him out from the warning track by himself.

That was textbook.

Man, that was great! Why I love J-Roll...Glad to get out of the 1st inning with a lead!

Lemme tell you if I haven't already;....I luhhhhhhhhve Carlo as the catcher. For that type of thing in particular.

Carlos Ruiz=most underrated member of the WFC

Stairs walks out an infield fit. This just might be our day!

That ball had eyes! I think that's probably the first time Stairs has ever legged one out.

ha stairs infield single

Really need to work the count and get to their terrible pen...bad move by feliz


NO way!

oh wow did not see that coming...hiyooooo


bigmyc: There's another reason I love Ruiz as our catcher.


Al Leiter and the Yankees announcing crew are pathetic.

They just have to announce how much "better" the Yankees are than anyone else.


1.) Dufus 1: "Howard has more HR than A-Rod through his first [however many] games."
Leiter: "Well, Howard hit most of those HR's in that small ballpark, and the old Kingdome wasn't exactly that great for hitters."
Truth: Howard has hit more HR's away and Steroids make Kingdome play a little tighter.

2.) Leiter: "I was talking to Rich Dubee, and he said that the Phillies don't have a 'swing and miss' guy in their starting rotation like Burnett."

Truth: Cole Hamels' changeup is consistently the most swung at and missed pitch in baseball. He was in the top 5 in K's last season. I also doubt that Dubee said that, unless he and Leiter were smoking some of Dubee's namesake.

I would like to see Mayberry get a chance, but starting a guy out at Yankee Stadium on a nationally televised game is asking too much. The pressure would be overwhelming.


No sooner said than done with Mr. Ruiz. That's a World Champ right there, yessir.

No short right porch for Chooch, either.

Burnett = worse signing than Adam Eaton

So if Burnett hits Utley after giving up a HR to Rollins, who's he gonna hit after giving up a HR to Chooch?

Goody, Mayberry or Bruntlett?

Seriously those are your options...pick one.

IOP: Lifetime split for Howard is 92 HR at CBP, 95 HR on the road. Dumba** f*ckin' media too lazy to do any research ... :-[

Teams that passed on Derek Lowe are starting to look pretty stupid.

Mets picked Ollie Perez over him
Yanks picked Burnett over him
We picked Moyer over him
etc etc

Just sayin.

Phils have hit 2 HRs so far. I thought they might have 4 tonight. We'll see but here's hopoing.

Leiter and the Yankees' game crew sound like what the Philliestines historians must have sounded like when writing the pre-fight program for the Goliath v.s. David fight.

IOP: Actually, the most swung at & missed pitch in baseball last year was Ryan Madson's changeup. There wasn't even a close second.

CBP is a bandbox...

Park Factor of 102-105 "Slight Hitters Park" over its 5 year history now...but hey those funny statistics are just made up.

But hey, its a bandbox.

Perhaps a lot of HRs are hit there because we happen to have some really good hitters in our lineup for the past 5 seasons?

NEPP- I dunno if that's fair for the Phillies, Moyer is making anually half of what Lowe is making in a contract and his deal is two years shorter. Phils spent a ton of money this off season so you can't really fault them for not spending the extra 8 million.

I refuse to believe that we, as phans, have the good fortune to have the best announcers in baseball year after year, yet that stuff by Leiter is just another confirmation of that in yet another what else is new?

I must say Brett's curve looks pretty damn good tonight...reminds me of the game late last year vs the Mets where he dominated

Sorry B-Mac, I couldn't help slipping that in. I know we were never gonna get Lowe. You have to question the Mets and Yankees though...what the hell were they thinking?


Man, Myers is pitching well, defense is good, Stairs is getting infield singles, our hitters with the lowest BA are hitting home runs, can't ask for a better start then that.

Definitely Agree KIllbillrain, when that curve is good, it is one pretty looking pitch.

I missed that play by Rollins/Howard!

Frankly I don't understand why the Braves signed Lowe. They weren't going to be a championship caliber team and they didn't have a great shot to make the playoffs because they never got that additional bat they needed.

Sure Lowe helps to get to at least .500 this year but he isn't someone fans come to the park to see and the Braves are on the hook for another 3 years at big dollars for him.

Dom Brown's batting .368 over his past 10 games with 12 RBI. OBP of .442 in that timespan. What's he have to do to be promoted to Reading?

Although, I must say that, living in Georgia, those Braves guys arent' so bad. They are certainly better than anyone else in the N.L. with the exception of Mr. Uecker.

Damn! Looks like J-Roll is up for this game ... :-)

NEPP: I wonder if Leiter, et. al. feel A-Roid's juicer history balances out the fact that Howard benefits from hitting "most" of his home runs in such a "small ballpark"?

Ok, I saw the replay, and it was a good one! Myers definitely brought his game, so far at least. I love seeing all the Phils' fans there, too.

NEPP: Sure, maybe CBP is a bandbox, but for the purposes of Leiter's point it is irrelevant. The fact is, Howard has hit more HR's away from CBP than at CBP.

He was trying to make excuses for the fact that A-Rod has about 75 less HR's than Howard through their first [However many] games. The problem: His point is not even factually accurate.

Al Leiter also conveniently forgot about that little steroids admission by A-Rod.

Sheffield and Varitek with solo HRs @ Fenway, Mets, Sawx tied at 1.

Mitch Williams needs to set Al Leiter straight.

NEPP: How about Coste?

I love how they ignore that AROD hit 156 of his HRs while he admits to juicing (sure it was only those 3 years, Alex, sure it was) and playing in one of the most offensive friendly parks in baseball in Arlington. Arlington had a park factor from 106-111 during those 3 seasons. Then they go and bash CBP to negate Howard's HRs. Riigghhhttt.

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