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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


"Meanwhile, the Reds will be without Joey Votto, who suffering from an unexplained ailment that’s causing him chronic dizziness and an inability to focus."

JRoll is trying to come back from the same thing.

BTW, how long until Park is available for some 'pen work?

Missing Votto is a break but Cueto is still pretty tough. Hopefully the Phils actually remember to support Hamels tonight.

tonight will be a good test for Rollins. Cueto's been pitching very well.

"Meanwhile, the Reds will be without Joey Votto, who suffering from an unexplained ailment that’s causing him chronic dizziness and an inability to focus."

Just throwing it out there, but perhaps Joey Votto should wait til after the games to get stoned.

MG - i think Utley will have Hamels' back tonight. At least two hits, 1 HR.

Okay Happ, don't make us Beerleaguers look bad now!

"Meanwhile, the Reds will be without Joey Votto, who suffering from an unexplained ailment that’s causing him chronic dizziness and an inability to focus."

Maybe he hit his head & thinks he's a Met.

I don't know why we'd think the Phils can experiment with a 5th starter. We rarely or never seem to skip them, so they're just as important as the other 4.

Of course, come October it means something, but that's a long way from now.

'bout time. Chan Ho Park your ass in the bullpen.

timr- a good number of BLers aren't that optimistic about Happ (or Park, or Moyer, or Blanton). sounds like what the phillies are looking out of their 5th starter is consistent mediocrity, or something akin or a bit better than what Blanton has given them up until now. which makes sense; with this offense, the team can probably win more games if you consistently give up 4ER/6IP as opposed to giving up 2ER/6IP in half your games and 6ER/6IP in the rest.

I'm digging this lineup.

what is "window dressing"?

there's not really too much pressure on Happ. If he goes out and gives up 4ER/6IP (6.00 ERA), he'll be appreciated by fans by the sole fact that Park isn't in the rotation. The pressure is more on Blanton and Moyer. Those two really need to start picking it up.

seth: "The act or an instance of making something appear deceptively attractive or favorable" (Merriam-Webster)

Meaning if the rest of the rotation continues to suck, this move won't end up mattering much, anyway.

Can't put it on a salad and has nothing to do with windows?

timr - The bar has been set at 7. I don't think Happ will be outstanding but that he will be a bit more steady and tend to not as erratic as Park has been. If Happ can average close to 6 IP/start and give the Phils around a 4.50-4.75 ERA, he will be fine in the rotation and give them a bit of a lift.

Odds-makers just posted the over-under on how long it will take before at least 1 semi-regular member of Beerleaguer concludes that Happ sucks and needs to return to the bullpen: 1.5 games.

I'm glad for Happ. Cholly probably told Happ in ST that we'll humor Park for 6 or 7 turns then you're it!

Cueto is filth nasty, don't be surprised when the Phils can't support Hamels.

thephaithful: I was thinking the same thing. The Phils aren't even that great at supporting Hamels vs. poor pitching, let along good pitching.

I had Park going past June 1st. Another prognostication bites the dust!

bap: 1.5 games?????? I figured the over/under would be in innings, not games.

As far as I can tell, the Phils still have more bases loaded walks (12) than team errors (11).

How is this team on pace for 90 wins with the worst ERA in baseball?

Easy, we still play great defense which means we're not giving any runs away. And we are killing the ball in clutch situations. This team is still batting .295 with RISP (.930 OPS!). The National League is batting .259 w/RISP (.766 OPS).

Here's how the team is hitting with a runner on third (NL OPS in parentheses):

Just 3rd: BA .344, OPS 1.169 (.890)
1st and 3rd: .424, 1.197 (.874)
2nd and 3rd: .478, 1.352 (.808)
Bases full: .425, 1.327 (.823)

CJ: Pitches.

"semi-regular member of Beerleaguer"

We need a scorecard to determine who is regular or semi-regular. Then there's the ever-elusive definition of "beerleaguer elite."

I'll take the UNDER because someone will mention it the first time Happ gives up runs. I'll just be glad to watch someone other than Chan Ho. I also enjoy watching young players try to latch on with the big club. Rube, can you call up Mayberry for the weekend for me?

I think there's a large number of fans who'd prefer to see a kid out of the farm system stink cheaply instead of an aging import from somewhere else doing the same, so Happ has that advantage.

Then again, there are some who'd like the import to pitch and stink so they can condemn the GM and the owners over and over and over...

I don't really care what Happ does. Park belongs in the bulpen, period.

Cueto looking good so far.

Howard RULES!!!!!! :-D


and the big man takes cueto deep. nice.

The Big Man!

With the way Hamels historically pitches against these guys, that may be all we need.

I'm late, but from the last thread: klaus is right. Brian Saben is 5x worst than Omar Minaya as a GM. Minaya actually makes very good small moves. He has just hamstrung his payroll with Castillo, Schneider and Oliver Perez. Sabean failed to put a decent lineup around the greatest hitter of all time (Bonds). Signed Zito to 100mil when it was obvious he was going backwards. Edgar Renteria for 2 years at 9m per?
Sabean is not even close to Minaya.

The hitters seem to be seeing the ball a lot better this inning.

41 pitches for Cueto through two is a good sign. Phils need to stay patient and get to the Cincy bullpen ASAP.

JR: The "Beerleaguer Elite" actually has an official roster which is on file with the National Archives and Records Administration. But you have to fill out a FOIA request to get it.

Technically, Zito signed a seven year deal worth 126 million, with a club option for an additional year for and additional $18 million, which becomes Zito's option if he pitches 200 innings in 2013.

At the time of the signing, it was the largest contract ever signed by a pitcher in MLB.

Just random factoid of the day.

On to other news, how about letting Feliz wear the Green & Gold for a few seasons?

Good so far...

Willis so far tonight, 4 innings 1 hit 4 K. I always liked him, hope he does well and turns it around for good.

FOIA requests can be a bear to process (trust me, I'm a gov't bureaucrat and have to deal with them)..file away!

the picture of Philips in gameday is probably the goofiest thing I have ever seen


illuminati: So long as he's not pitching against the Phillies, I absolutely agree! :-)

Is it me, or is the CF camera blurry? (At least it is on

well, that sucks.



I am surprised Hamels pitch count is so high right now, I guess people have been fouling off a lot of pitches.

Hamels is usually good for 110-120 pitches when he's he's easily good for 7 innings here.

Ok phillies time to score runs for the best pitcher on your staff....seriously now.

mr. bionic back doin no wrong

Feliz is on fire, eh?

When do we start the discussion about moving Feliz up in the order? hah

What's with Feliz and RHP this year? He is actually hitting them better.. He is not Feliz, he is someone else in a Feliz suit, only explanation.

Happy Pete must have gotten new contacts this offseason. His play at the plate is probably the biggest surprise so far!

Wow, what a throw by Bruce.

Sooooo...what? Pinch hit Gnome for J-Roll? (Just kidding. Mostly.

nice bloop hamels

Healthy back and an unbelievable BABIP of .337 (career BABIP of .270).

Hamels realizes he has to help out the offense if he wants any W's this year.


Good job, Jimmy!!! That's the way to do it!!! :-D


Helping Hamels out, I like to see that.

I'm happy to say it but Jimmy is back. Good Deal!

I don't miss Pat one bit...Its great to have a guy who makes the fundamental hit when you need it instead of going for the walk.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Pat when he was here (he was my favorite player) but Raul is a great fit for this lineup with his contact skills.

This is a very punchless Cincy lineup. We shouldn't need 5 runs tonight. hopefully Hamels can pound the strike zone and try and get through 7-8.

Votto is a huge loss for them right now. I guess flu symptoms can last for weeks? Maybe dehydration? Other than that, you just hope it is not a heart problem.

Funny, I read Votto's condition as "hung-over". Not officially, but that's what it sounded like to me.

2 of those pitches on gameday looked like strikes that were called balls on cuento.

NEPP: That would be funny, but I don't think you go through multiple examinations and go to the hospital on the road if you are "hung-over."

That is why Hamels is our ace. He walks the pitcher and comes back and strikes out the next batter.

Chan Ho doesn't get a call and things explode into 7 runs. Guess that is why Park has to adjust to a new and "more difficult" role.

We'll be luck to see Cole thru 7 with how careful UC is with him at his current PC

That's why Park sucks...most of it anyway.

Concerning calling up Mayberry as a RH bat. He's been on fire lately so it might happen:

Last 10 games

.343 AVG(12 of 35), 7 R, 2 2B, 1 3B, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 BB, 10 K, .378 OBP .629 SLG, 1.007 OPS

Maybe he deserves a callup...

How much older is Park than Hamels?

How much more mature is Hamels than Park?

When Hamels gets tired he gives up HRs ... *sigh*

Hamels is really laboring through this one. It's nice though..when Hamels is laboring through a start, it's 2 or 3 runs, when our other starters struggle, its 7 runs.

darnit...c'mon Hamels...kick it up and get out of this inning!

Have to limit the damage here. Coming out of the inning with the lead would be nice.

Hairston is a "real" utility player. The guy can play every position except pitcher and he can swing a bat.

What had been a very strong start has devolved into a average one...damn.

The pitching woes continue. Our "Ace" barely turns in a QS against a AAAA lineup.

Cincinnati has had some good AB today. Lots of fouling the ball off.

ugh...can we please get a pitcher under 4.50 era?

It should not take Cole 117 pitches to get through a lousy 6 inning vs. the *bleeping* Reds, esp. w/ Votto out of the lineup. I'm disappointed. :-(

I actually like the Reds to win the Central. With Harang, Cueto, Volquez as interchangeable #1 pitchers, Arroyo as #4 and Micah Owings as #5, you could make a decent argument that they have the best rotation in the NL.

They also have a shut down closer with Cordero. The middle relief is hit or miss, but has potential if a few guys get hot and/or have career years.

Assuming Votto can return and Encarnacion gets healthy (25+ HR power), their offense is solid. I don't think they will really miss Dunn if Votto returns.

What is this now, Hamels third start since those freaky injuries happened? For Hamels, it is like it is still April. I'll take 3r and 6ip with this offense any day. (except when Santana is pitching)

Listen to the Phillies Talk podcast at

we're on iTunes as well!

Phillies rock, Beerleaguer rules..

god, life is good

Unlike CB Park, which has an undeserved reputation as a bandbox, the Great American BallPark really is a bandbox. Some of these balls today haven't even been hit all that hard, like Feliz's double or Jay Bruce's homerun. But it's like there's a wind tunnel in the park where every fly ball just keeps on carrying. If Hamels had a 6-innning, 3-run game in this park, I shudder to think how Moyer will do tomorrow.

In short, we need to pull this game out because tomorrow is an automatic loss.

Difference between our pitchers is they get tired in 6th while others may give up runs but not because of being tired and can continue into the later innings saving the BP. What is Dubee doing down there. He looks like a genius last year with all the career years, but when his method is needed to improve form and stamina he doesn't look so special...

Cincinnati battled Hamels all day with fouling a lot of good pitches off and working counts. Hamels did what a good pitcher does when he doesn't have his best stuff. Gets a quality start with 7 SO.

There you go again. A routine fly out in most ball parks. A near homerun in this one.

What's Wheels talking about...the Braves had three 40-homer guys in 1973 and Aaron was one of them.

How long before he gets his good stuff? Its almost June, enough with the excuses already!

Kind of an odd spot for Condrey.

Looking through the scoreboard for tonight, some nice starting pitching going on tonight.

Josh Outman, 6in 3 hits 6 K. ERA down to 3.31

everyday clay, holding down the 7th

Hamels is having a hard time getting it going this year. It sometimes happens to pitchers who are pitching a lot of innings in october. You remember when he was winning world series games for us late last year?

Guy pitched a QS tonight, give him a break.

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