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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


From last thread:

clout: Do you see a scenario in which the Phils replace Moyer in the rotation? I just think the chances of that seem slim since he's not injured, won't go to the minors, isn't a bullpen option and isn't going to retire.

How could you see it playing out?

Victorino should lead the way tonight.

The D-Backs offense is not the Phils' offense; however, the Phillies past experience against Miller isn't very promising.

Here's hoping Blanton really turns it around in this game.

CJ: If the rumors about Marquis are true and the Phillies are intersted in him, who else would he replace in the rotation? Moyer has pitched the worst of the 5 so far, now that Park is out. If it were me and I got Marquis, I'd put Moyer in the pen until he got himself straightened out. There's always going to be injuries so adding an extra SP is a smart move even if it looks like no spots are open.

wow what a slide/tag at first for rollins

Always good to see Howard not get over-anxious in a big spot.

"mixes it up"? Standard set, circa May 15, no?

Re: clout - bucking conventional wisdom on Moyer. I would like ot see them move him to a long relief role - god knows they're likely to need someone to come in in the 2d or 3d inning eventually. But, that's kinda like going to a 24 man roster, in all likelihood.

Since I have no Extra Innings, or even a favorable wind for picking up 1210's broadcast, please feel free to ignore. I'll be watching playoff hockey.

Man, I'd have been busting Werth's chops all night had Feliz not knocked one in.

Vote for Pedro.

Since this is such a slow thread, I hope an off-topic question is okay. After last night's game, I am 0-6 on the season. Can I continue to go to games?

Thoughts about bottom of the first...

1) We have tied it up again: 13 BBs with bases loaded and 13 errors committed.

2) Maybe Werth should get a day off...

3) Pedro Feliz has unequivocally earned the full-time 3rd base job with no talk of a platoon. I love the way he's swinging the bat with RISP and the increased patience he's shown at the plate.

Werth needs a day off. He looks tired and he's swinging like crap. Play the rook instead.

clout: I absolutely agree that Moyer is the only pitcher in the rotation to replace at this point. I was just curious what you'd do with Moyer.

I wonder how he'd do out of the bullpen... and with Romero back soon, what pitcher other than Traschner goes down?

sweet. great strikeout pitch on the outside edge blanton!

Come on Blanton...

Gameday had other ideas about how that inning ended.

Walked 'em full .... ugh


"Yea a couple of other former prospects David Wright and Jose Reyes haven't really panned out in the Majors.

But that Phillies sytem! Oh baby, watch out!"

I normally don't feed the trolls but, since I readily respond to asinine comments from Phillies fans, I would be remiss if I didn't do the same to a Mets fan. Jose Reyes came into the majors in 2003 (the same year as Chase Utley) & David Wright in 2004 (the same year as Ryan Madson). In the 5 years since then, the Mets' system has produced exactly 1 halfway decent major league player: Pelfrey (2 if you count Kazmir, but I wouldn't want raise the ire of Mets fans by bringing up a sore subject). In that same 5-year time period, the Phillies' system has produced a couple of guys named Howard and Hamels, not to mention the team's starting catcher & another one of its starting pitchers.

our system also gave us Lidge, Blanton, and Bruntlett via trades. Can't beat that...

slower lower G - that's called the anti-Moyer move: unintentionally intentionally walk the 8th batter to load the bases to get to the pitcher.

Mets phenom/uber-prospect Fernando Martinez sees three pitches in his first at bat and then promptly has a seat on the bench.

Assuming Romero replaces Taschner, who would Moyer replace in the pen? There really isn't a viable option.

bap: That's what I was thinking... unless you carry an extra pitcher and send Mayberry back down. Or perhaps Lidge will be on the DL by then! ;-)

TNA: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh .... A new strategy for 2009.... gothca ...

42 pitches through 2 IP...wear him down, wear him down.

Um 4 pitches CJ, but you're right, it's fair to say he's garbage, I mean he's ALREADY 20 years old...

they should outright release that bum then...maybe we'll find a spot for him in Clearwater...

They should cut Wright too...or trade him to us for Clay Condrey.

Zach: Sure, you can go to another game as long as you keep 3 things in your pocket: a clove of garlic, a wheat back penny & a Kim Batiste rookie card.

I have a signed Kim Batiste bat...I got it from him at a Reading game.

NEPP: I have Shakespeare's original handwritten script of Hamlet, personally signed by Shakespeare himself. I'll trade it to you straight-up for the Kim Batiste bat.

Why does Blanton always looked like he either smoked a dubee before the game or eat a big plate of pasta? He looks like is half-asleep out there at times.

Blanton looks sharp but, then again, he always looks sharp for about the first 4 innings.

Another great pitch on the edge from country Joe to strike out a good contact hitter in Cantu

No deal BAP...that bat can only go up in value.

Why can't they save the Scott Proefrock monologues for rain delay filler? I hate it when they barely acknowledge there's an actual game going on.

Didn't see game. How bad was Hanley's error?

CJ: F Mart up with bases juiced.

His career is on the line!!

It was bad, but nothing a Met infielder couldn't top.

This is the first home game feed I've gotten on Extra Innings in a while; honestly, I'd rather listen to the road feed. T-Mac is so bad, and this talk about options and the minors is painfully boring.

So how does an RBI FC play out over a career?

Tough to get a read. He did a bad thing that produced a good thing.

myno: but at least Large Sarge is here to make things better.

King Myno:

Watch what you wish for. I get Rich Waltz and Tommy Hutton every single night on FSN Florida and it is so maddening. You should have heard them after Helms' homer last night.


Is it just me or does Blanton gave up way too many hits/runners/runs with 2 outs? Without any data in front of me, I just seem to recall most of his trouble coming this year when he already had 2 outs.

Looks like eoj notnlab is having a good night.

Tommy Hutton singlehandedly makes me hate the Marlins so much more than I otherwise would.

Blanton at that 60 pitch hump of his...damn he's got no stamina.

Someone get Joe a redbull, STAT!

Phils Suck: Helms will make us pay if we boo him?

Didn't work when we booed him when he was here in Philly...LOL.

Marlins' announcers are atrocious. I don't think much of that Yanks' team, either.

Bap: re: Blanton looking sharp thourgh 4 innnings -1st pitch results -

Ball = 7
Strike = 11

47 pitches through 3 innings, 24 pitches in the 4th. I'm closing my ears (no tv game here) for the fifth inning.

Like clockwork, Blanton gets to 60 pitches and immediately starts laboring. He was fortunate to be facing the pitcher, which allowed him to get out of the jam. But let's see how he looks next inning.

Yeah, if that worked, Helms would have been a Triple Crown winner here in Philly.

Ruiz you sly dog -- telling everybody that you weren't going to pull the ball anymore...and as soon as the 3B play a little more off the line, you rip it right past them down the left field line...

and....what was that Joe?!?

I bet he would have hit it fair if it was a cheese steak.

Miller better pay more attention to Vic more because Vic's about to take him yard....

For a left-hander, Andrew Miller has just about the worst move to first base I've ever seen from a major league pitcher.


bap: Do you remember Billy Wagner's move ?

Wagner had a move?

Makes absolutely no sense to have Bonafacio leading off. First batter of the inning, down three runs, and he swings and misses at three straight balls. Horrible.

Closers are a different animal. Many of them don't even try to hold runners on base. I should have said Miller had the worst move by a "starting" pitcher.

Nice inning from Blanton. That's an encouraging sign.

One of the best quotes ever came from Billy Wagner on why Jayson Werth was able to steal at will on him in that 11-10 win at CBP in 2007:
"Because my pickoff move is crap and I can't throw to first?"

Werth's swing looks awful right now.

I hate Wes Helms.

And Helms steals a hit from Werth ....

G-Town Dave: Shhhh, your hatred of him makes him more potent.

doubleh: So why didn't that work when he was a Phillie? I think the guy exists for the sole purpose of torturing us.

Werth is actively hurting the team.

Great attempt by JRoll.

GTD: I was being facetious, since the Marlins announcers apparently said last night that our boos just made him better.

doubleh: I'm not so sure they're wrong ... ;-)

Ha! L.A. just called Washington "The Lastinals". :-)

Blanton is dealing. Who'd have thunk it ?

GTD: And if only that worked for Adam Eaton...

YEAH!! Kentucky Joe's smokin 'em.

Dealing. Strike, strike, strike ...

heavy b

.."..while Joe Blanton tries to make progress.."

Uh, check.

How many calories are in an inning anyway?

Whoa! 9 k's for Joe.

He's gonna implode in the next inning(Reverse BL Jinx)

Has anyone noticed or mentioned that Blanton is resembling tonight what Phillies' Phans had hoped that Brett Myers could have been in his prime?

Just a thought.

I'd say Joe has turned a corner.

Joe showing how to fish with dynamite.

Motherf*cker ...

No jacket for Blanton ?

Seriously, f*ck Wes Helms. I hope he chokes on a pretzel.

Good for him, long as the fish don't score, he can be the greatest defensive third baseman ever!

Joe Blanton just broke up a DP with his love handles.

Rollins had a nice stretch for awhile, but he's back to stinking it up again in a big way.

VIC!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Vic making up for last night

run jroll run!

I loved watching the replay of Blanton "sliding" into second. It was like a sideways semi sliding over the blacktop. NO wonder Uggla threw wild.

Andy: No kidding! I'm surprised Uggla didn't soil himself & run away.

You know, a lot of times when a pitcher says he's seen something in his mechanics and fixed it, I kinda put a lot of salt on that. But in this case, I think Kentucky Joe really has made a fix.


Andy: Post of the night. Without having seen the slide, the mental image I'm getting is probably spot on. Classic.


11 Ks for Kentucky Joe is his career high.

114 pitches...pfft fatty needs to go out another inning, he got enough fuel in there to throw 200 innings.

Big Country: 7IP, 5 H, 2 IBB, 11K

Been watching on mute. Anyone know Blanton's pitch count?

Blanton. Wow. Just ... wow. :-D

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