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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is the night Jamie turns it around. Bring on #250.

Geez, the Steven Register discussion was so riveting, I'm almost sorry that this game has to start and bring the conversation to an end.

I don't think I've ever been less interested in a signing...I thought the Bako signing was boring...then Register came to town. Ironically, he's not even gonna be a top reliever at Lehigh.

Can someone start a running tally of how often Sarge says "It really has been"?

Could be a good night, Harang has posted an Eatonesque 6.15 ERA against the Phillies in 7 starts for his career. 8 HRs allowed in 41 IP.

Phils sign Steve Register. G-Town promptly falls asleep for an hour & a half. Coincidence? I think not. Let's get an actual game going already ...

Dubee: "Lidge is fine, i think his stuff is better than it was last year"

That explains why our pitchers suck, because according to Dubee - we're better than 08! What a douche. All he had to say is that Lidge is getting back into a groove or something like that, not some nonsense statement like that.

In other news, Dubee suffered a massive debilitating stroke in the off-season.

Interesting factoid: Ibanez has 3 HRs in 5 GS (19 AB) in the 3 hole...

Funny thing, I said to myself, watch Taveras try to bunt himself on here to shake up Moyer who's been off all year.

Ibañez is 0 for his last 8. The Phils should try to get Burrell back before Raúl falls apart completely.

Bad sign: Moyer has fallen behind each of the first 2 batters.

Sigh. Here we go again.

when was the last time werth made a good throw?

The leadoff batter got on base. As a Phillies fan, this is a foreign concept to me.

Could we send our whole rotation down to the Minors? This is painful.

Well, that sucks. Even I'm about out of patience w/ this crap. Give Moyer one more chance @ #250 vs. Florida (a team he owns, even this season), & then 'pen him. I'd rather give Kendrick another shot at this point.

On gameday, it looks like he simply isn't getting any borderline calls that he would have gotten last that accurate?

21 pitches after the first inning. He takes up two roster spots because he forces you to keep an extra reliever. Pull the plug on this old timer.

From the last thread:

".242/.288/.350 with one homer and 40 strikeouts in 165 plate appearances."

Jeez. Did we miss the opportunity to sell high on Donald?

No...he's still a legit prospect...he's just off to a rough start.

NEPP: Maybe on a couple of pitches, but Jamie didn't look very sharp there to me, anyway. The problem is he's got nowhere to go -- outside for Balls (called fairly or no), or over the plate for Hits.

good news: moyer gives up just one run.
bad news: the lineup is going to see him for the second time tonight at least by the 3rd inning; his OPS-against numbers for 2nd and 3rd plate appearances against him are 1.019 and 1.165 respectively. The 1.019 is a bit high given BAbip, but 1.165 is not.

Time to start putting a lot of runs on the board and getting the bullpen ready.

NEPP: No, he's missing by a lot on his pitches.

Thanks guys...that's not a good sign.

Meanwhile they're making this tool Harang look like Cy Young himself.

Harang isn't a tool. If he weren't such a FB pitcher, I wouldn't mind seeing him on the Phillies.

Nice to see the manager kept Pedro in the lineup despite his historical Epic Fail status vs. Harang. Leave it to Charlie to abandon the match-up bullsh*t the one night it might have made sense to.

The Reds are certainly among the finalists for the ugliest team in baseball.

Jesus. He should've been struck out the pitch before.

Moyer 0-2 on a guy with no HRs and then gives up one. Thats just sad.

This is not a good sign for Jamie to improve any. Let him start against the Fish next time out but what do you do? We don't have any other MLB ready starters sitting around to toss in the rotation.

Steve Jeltz??? What is Wheeler talking about?

I didn't think it could be possible, but the broadcasters have become even more painful to listen to lately.

Whatever else happens, it should be established for the record that Hanigan in fact struck out.

Jamie's enough of a veteran to know that he needs to man up and admit to Charlie that he can't get it done.

NEPP: I think it's fair to say that, while the prospects may not yet be "ready", they would also have a difficult time doing any worse. At any rate, it may not hurt to try.

Interesting note from Metsblog ("Comments Strictly Forbidden!!!") -- Daniel "Ironglove" Murphy will be starting at 1st Base tonight in L.A.

Coste hits so much better with a good deal of rest.

This is the new reality on Jamie Moyer. He throws 7, 8, maybe 10 good pitches in a row. Then he serves up a meatball.

The Phillies will say it's a meachanical problem, which is undoubtedly true in some sense, since pitching is always about mechanics. But here's the point they miss. 45-year old Jamie Moyer had the fine motor skills to repeat the exact same mechanics maybe 95 times in 100. With, 46-year old Jamie Moyer, it's more like 80 or 85 times in 100. When the pitcher's underlying stuff consists of 82 MPH fastballs, that difference is the difference between an effective pitcher and one who gets completely lit up.

Nice work with the bunt, Jamie.

What a horrible at bat by Rollins.

That SO really hurts.

matt and klaus - that ball before the HR was close, but inside. it's just fortunate that he retained his composure against one of the worst hitters in all of baseball in Harang and then getting Taveras to pop up.

That was pathetic.

jimmy came up real short there

Looks like it's gonna be a long night for all the Phillies except one...who will be gone by the fifth.

But at least we've resolved which starter is gonna be replaced by Happ.

Yeah, Park was replaced by Happ...we don't have another guy sitting aroudn to replace Jamie.

Is the BP up yet?

I think Moyer may be cooked, but I'm not sure what should be done about it.

Does Phillips have his ballcap in the "locked" position in that thumbnail?

Well, one hopes the Geezer leaves the stage gracefully.

Yanks went back to back to back tonight. Hope the Phils roll into the Bronx ready to pitch this weekend.


minimum of a run per inning...this can't continue.

I just got home, and looking up the box score, and can say that I am pleasantly surprised.

Down 3-0 in the third with Moyer on the mound.

Not so bad. Still a winnable game!

(my expectations are so low at this point when it comes to Moyer it is sad)

But it can and it will. Why do we have to watch this is there really no alternative?

NEPP: Not that I've seen/heard. But if Jamie can hold yo it, wouldn't a total of 1 run per inning count as an improvement? :-p

Anyone see that Schoenweis's wife was found dead in their home.

*yo = to


No, that would actually increase his ERA...though just by a little bit.

Yeah, I saw that on Schoenweis..clicked on the article but it doesnt appear that he was involved.

I'm guessing suicide personally...that's just what it sounded like from the article...or some sort of weird "apparently healthy person dies" type disorder.

Ibanez destroyed that ball.

Raul Ibanez is really good.

After fluffing Baker for consecutive nights, Wheels feigns certainty that Baker didn't order the bunt.

RAAAAAAAAÚÚÚÚÚÚÚÚLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D It's about time he got off the schneid ...

Try swinging might like it.

Damnit Pedro.

Feliz hits into a rally-killing DP. Order is restored in the universe again.

I hope the Feliz we know isn't back...

Harang has owned Feliz in his career. No reason for Dobbs not to get the start today.

Again, why is Feliz in this game? He's now something like 2-23 lifetime vs. Harang. I mean I love Pete & all, but c'mon, Charlie -- WTF?!

Wow, not getting the calls inside.

Do you blame a dog for taking a massive dump in your lawn when you feed him a bunch of red meat? Then how can you blame Feliz for sucking against a pitcher who historically has his number?

Feliz stinks vs. Harrang and we all know it...the problem is Cholly's stubborn refusal to bench him for Dobbs against RHP.

Seems like Jamie is 3-2 on everyone tonight...

Nice route, Jayson.

A 1/2/3 inning would be huge right here.

hate to bring this up again, but going back to last year, Charlie has said that he likes using Feliz when his lefty pitchers are on the mound.

TNA: Charlie says a lot of stuff that makes no sense. The fact that he refuses to adapt in the face of failure is what's so frustrating.

Jamie's breaking out his curveball alot more this inning.

Wow. Four innings, three runs ... that's like a Moyer Perfect Game! :-o

Jeepers. No runs. So all we need to get is a team with a whole bunch of hitters under the Mendoza line. Janie can usually get those guys out.

Jamie adapted a bit that inning and threw first pitch curveballs to the first 3 batters...interesting. Broke out his cutter a bit too.

One of this innings is not like the others...

TNA: I know what Cholly's logic is behind using Feliz when Moyer is on the mound, whoever he may be facing while he's at the plate. It's nonsensical. You are conceding a spot in the order a lot of the time, especially tonight.

Cholly goes with the hot hand, and Feliz has been hot, and Dobbs has been artic cold.

Some are talking like Dobbs is a viable option right now, the "the natural" has looked baaaaddd.

this will be the key inning for Moyer. if he can get out of this inning without giving up 3 runs, i''ll be happy.

Other possibilities.

"Jamie adapted a bit that inning and..."

a) ...pitched to three out of four guys hitting an average of about .150.
b) ...shook off the "meatball" sign from Coste.
c) ...decided to get really lucky and not give up runs.

Here we go. Top of the order third time.

Moyer school's the baserunner's

well, that's one way to get outs -- letting them on base and getting them thrown out.

Moyer isn't pitching well, but I swear every nubber off the end of the bat is falling in against him.

Okay, Hairston's turn....

Good thing the ump messed the call up. Woulda been corners with one out.

Franzke & L.A. speaking ominously of the Phils feeling they may benefit from having an extra arm vs. the Yankees, rather than addressing their lack of a RH hitter.

the champagne's on ice. one more out and i'm popping the cork.

Harang would easily be the best pitcher on the Phillies staff.

Fly ball concerns? He plays in the smallest bandbox this side of Yankee Stadium. How could he be any worse with the fly balls in Philly? I think Great American is either #1 or #2 in HR this season. CBP is not in the top 5 (incredibly considering the # of HR's Phils pitching has given up).


Yeah. We don't believe in that DH thing anyway. Just let the pitchers bat.

(Second) best pitcher on the phillies staff. Oops.

Hamels obviously is the man.

Please let Brett Myers DH against CC Sabathia this Sunday.

Wow...what? That wasn't even close.

Hit's as good as an out.


Hairston Jr. was "Beltraning" it.

Great AB...way to keep with it Jamie!

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