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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I don't think using Mayberry as a DH against Pettitte and Sabathia is a good idea. So far this season, he has 0 HRs against LHP, and his SLG is almost a full .130 lower against righties.

My suggestion would be either to call up Marson and use Coste as DH (he needs ABs and hits LHP pretty well) or use Bruntlett at either DH or 2B (could use some rest for Chase).

I'd much rather see him up for a week or two than Pablo Ozuna or the return of Miguel Cairo.

Why call up Marson to sit him on the bench? Especially when he's scuffling at AAA already?

Since the starters seem to be getting a little better, it's time to go back to a 5 man bench. Cairo isn't the answer. Another catcher isn't the answer.

Get Mayberry up here and let's see what he can do!

Letting Mayberry float between levels this year is probably a fine idea. I'd feel much better about him (as opposed to Cairo, Ozuna, or Gnome) as the ph for Dobbs with two guys on in the seventh against a Yankee reliever.

In re: Lopez
Lopez, Majewski, Koplove, and maybe a couple other guys (including Ozuna) are single-use replacements. You can not assume that any will clear waivers once they've been brought up. So if Lopez is the sub for, say, a continuingly ineffective Moyer, he cannot be both good and re-demoted because someone else will say, "Yippee! A fifth starter!!"

{"continuingly"? "re-demoted"? Welcome to Andy Abuses English.}

Lopez could be one of those lightning in a bottle type guys every other team seems to find once in awhile. Those guys never seem to land on the Phils roster though.

Mayberry is interesting & all, but the *real* question is: "Have the Phillies managed to sign another veteran catcher?".

It's been almost 48 hours now since the FO last acquired one, & I'm starting to become concerned ...

Several people have brought up the idea of calling up a catcher (whether Marson or Bako) so that Coste can DH and pinch hit. This doesn't make a lot of sense. We already have Eric Bruntlett on the roster. Do we really need to waste yet another roster spot on a guy who can't hit at all (at least in Bako's case) -- and all for the purpose of being able to use our crappy backup catcher as a DH?

I prefer to keep the crappy backup catcher as a backup catcher, and call up someone who might actually be able to hit better than him as the DH/right-handed bench player. Mayberry may or may not fit the bill, but I agree with the sentiment that it's time to start finding out. If Chris Coste is the best you can do as your DH, you clearly have a problem with your bench.

I have a hunch the Phillies will call up Mayberry for this weekend. Having the DH you would think they might want to carry an extra bat, but I think Stairs will be the DH this weekend, almost eliminating the need for a powerful bat on the bench.

They may not do anything.

Jeltz: The Phillies have never caught lightning in a bottle? What do you call Kyle Kendrick's 2007 season or Jamie Moyer's 2008 one?

Rodrigo Lopez's history says he isn't likely to qualify as "lightning in a bottle." But it's not outside the realm of possibility that he could be passably mediocre. Compared to what we're getting from Moyer and Blanton right now, a passably mediocre starter would look like Bob Feller.

Kevin: We face two left-handed starters in Pettitte and Sabathia. There is 0 percent chance that Stairs will be the DH in those games.

"I think Stairs will be the DH this weekend"

Not against Petitte and Sabathia with three lefties already in the line-up.

Lopez might not be lightning in a bottle; but if he becomes a SP for the Phils, I'll be looking to get me some white lightning in a jar.

And b-a-p? If I keep posting the same things you do, does that mean I might qualify as a "Soggy Old Blanket" too?

BAP: I guess I meant more in that journeyman-type pitcher. Moyer was old but established when he came to the Phils and, KK was a young guy who pitched over his head.

We never seem to get the reclamation project-type guys to pan out (ala a Kris Benson-type) if that makes sense.

Hmmm, against Pettitte and Sabathia:


It might work. Or, switch them around any way you like.

Cholly doesn't like young guys enough to put him in the 5 hole. I don't think Mayberry would hit any higher than 7th.

But that's not a bad looking lineup all around.

From Twitter:
Phillies claim RHP Steven Register off waivers from Colorado. Register 0-2, 4.50 ERA this season. Sent to Lehigh Valley

Let the wailing begin.

How about the irresistible force of a Register-Bako battery team? All we need is a power bat for our march to immortality...where's Mientkewicz playing these days?

Andy, the Register-Bako Battery sounds like it should be competing with the Energizer Bunny.

Reality is that the AA and AAA teams have been stocked by way too many minor league journeyman and major league retreads the past few seasons. Every team does it but I am willing to bet the Phils have been among the league leaders in signing guys to fill out their AA/AA rosters the past 4-5 seasons.

AA and AAA? Register-Bako Battery?

Sounds like and electronics store?

From Twitter:
Phils sign Mike Piazza to minor league deal. Will serve as 5th string C.

Ok, I made that up. But would you really be shocked at this point?

If Mayberry gets the call for this weekend he won't be the DH. He will be the LF Saturday and Sunday. Raul Ibanez would be the DH. Stairs would'nt be able to assume DH for Mayberry if the Yankees brought in RH relievers.
Also, there is no way Cholly bats Mayberry 5th. He bats 8th or 9th if he gets the call.

Willard -

I'm still waiting for them to call Frank Thomas for a right-handed PH with a little pop.

Heck, The Big , old Hurt may actually get a championship out of it.

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