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Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yeah, if anything this move just adds some depth to the farm system it seems. I am not counting on Register to be a factor in the bullpen with the Pillies, that's for sure.

Stop the presses.

Definitely worthy of a "Breaking News". After being excited to read the above post, I've realized I need to follow this up with a "MLIA".

From Fangraphs


FB - 55.5% 90.5 mph
SL - 29.1% 82.8 mph
CH - 15.4% 82.6 mph
XX - 2.7% (unclassified pitches)
7.2 K/9
5.4 BB/9 (ouch)

STEVE REGISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So he's not Vic Darensbourg; is that MY fault?

It doesn't help his case that the first photo I ever see of him (above) has him in a Mets hat.

"He should be considered a longshot to help the Phillies in any way."

Unless he can bring a couple cases of those humidified baseballs for Myers' next start.

I think those "unclassified pitches" were the ones so far outside the strike zone that pFx couldn't pick them up.


Andy: "You can say all those observational things you want about Abreu. His statistical record, especially during his years with the Phillies, was much above average offensively. There have seldom been players with as good power-speed numbers. And except for his two partial first years he has had an OPS+ over 100 (and usually over 140) his whole career. He's scored 100 runs 8 times and knocked in 100 runs seven times. He was a 30-30 guy twice.

People may have wanted more out of him, might have even fairly expected more out of him, but in fifty years people will look at his record and say he was a pretty good ballplayer. People may even look at the number of assists he got in '98 and 2000, and at his (kinda spurious really) Gold Glove and think that he was pretty good defensively.

The point is this: he's probably not as good as his defenders may claim; but he was not as bad as his detractors make him out to be either."

Hard to disagree. But for control13, stats aren't nearly as important as getting dirt on your uni.

If Steven Register appears in a single game for the Phillies this year, season=over.

I always liked Abreu but frankly he missed his calling by refusing the leadoff position. If the Phils or Yanks could have gotten him to be a leadoff batter they would have had more wins and he would be a today a bonafide candidate.

With all the Phillies' other needs, this move just doesn't register.

Really? Abreu? Again? Please stop!

Steven Register is no Paul Bako.

I believe Stephen Register throwing a pitch to Paul Bako while both are in Phillies uniforms IS a sign of End Times...

You all see that the Mets are currently in a 60 inning home run drought. Can you imagine?

To whom do we register a complaint?

On the radio today, Mets manager Jerry Manuel suggested his team will be doing more defensive drills and more base-running drills.

Did they skip Spring Training?

Spring what?

I am registering a righty slugga call-up soon.

The real question is whether Register can register 2 thread headings like Bako.

BL: The only place in the world you'll get 2 Paul Bako threads AND a Stephen Register thread within 48 hours.

This registers a 0 on the interest scale.


AHW is going to box my ears, but the only way a person can conclude that Abreu is an undesirable baseball player is via raci....oops, I mean, certain cultural assumptions.

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