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Friday, May 29, 2009


let's go Ruben, make it happen!

I would sign over the entire Reading roster to get Roy Halladay. We'd instantly have the best pitcher in the NL and the best #2 as well (Hamels). Look at the numbers he's put up in the AL East...imagine if he were regularly feasting on the bottom 3rd of most NL lineups.

Great post, Jason, as always.

I couldn't agree more. I would consider Dom Brown and Bastardo the only untouchables at this point. A combination of Carrasco, Savery, Marson, and Donald should get one of the premiere arms mentioned above.

I hope the brass is reading Beerleaguer.

NEPP - If we got Halladay, your spouse would have to wash drool out of your shirt every five days.

Drabek should also be untouchable...he's the top upside pitcher we anyone other than him and Dom Brown. Bastardo is intriguing but only a few months ago his upside was LOOGY/maybe a JC Romero type reliever. I'm not sure a hot couple of months suddenly transforms him to anything more than that. He's probably worth more as trade bait than as a player that will eventually help us.

Ashame we gave up Outman last year...he'd fit in great right now in the rotation. Ashame we couldn't give up a less ready prospect instead of him in the Blanton deal.

****NEPP - If we got Halladay, your spouse would have to wash drool out of your shirt every five days.****

This is true...I have a huge man-crush on Roy Halladay. He's my favorite non-Phillie now that Schilling has retired.

Bridoc I disagree. The only way any of those guys brings home Halladay is if no other team makes a substantial offer, the Blue Jays fall out of contention, and they have little chance of re-signing him.

Take it for what its worth but it would take a top 100 prospect minimum to snag Halladay or Webb.

Btw, i believe the wrap on Bedard is he is jerk in the clubhouse, refuses to push his limits, and wimps out at 100 pitches.

Here is the Phuture Phillies discussion of who could be available from our minors in a trade for pitching.

Bridoc - Given the dearth of Phils minor league position talent, ya gotta add some linebacker OFs to your untouchable list.

The problem with emptying the farm to get a pitcher is that they need two pitchers, to replace both Moyer and Myers. I'd rather not throw the future away to get a pitcher when the odds of a WS this year are not great-it's not just the rotation, it's Lidge, it's Raul coming down to Earth or getting hurt (big possibilities at his age), etc.


A f'ing MEN!

Andy: "that way we can institute the first completely LH starting rotation in MLB history."

The A's used an all-lefty rotation for about a month late last season: Dallas Braden, Gio Gonzalez, Greg Smith, Dan Meyer and Dana Eveland.

The closest thing to full season might've been the 1954 Senators: Mickey McDermott, Chuck Stobbs, Johnny Schmitz, Dean Stone and lone righty Bob Porterfield.

John Salmon: You say the odds of a WS this year are not great. Where would you set the odds for the 2015 Phillies led by Donald, Marson, Carrasco and Savery?


I hear you on the lack of position talent, but pitching is ALWAYS at a premium for all 30 clubs. Two or three of the names I mentioned should get a Webb or Bedard; maybe not Halladay, though he would be my first choice, too.

I'm guessing we get to see a prospect (and Moyer) for a few weeks while Rube works out a deal for an impact pitcher.

P.S. The idea that Bastardo should be "untouchable" is laughable. But it'd take a mighty good deal for me to part with Drabek, Brown, Taylor, Carrasco or d'Arnaud.

Clout: I know, right? Bastardo is hot for a few weeks and he's suddenly our top pitching prospect? He seems like a nice talent, but it doesn't say a lot for how much we think of our top prospects.

****P.S. The idea that Bastardo should be "untouchable" is laughable. But it'd take a mighty good deal for me to part with Drabek, Brown, Taylor, Carrasco or d'Arnaud.****

See clout...we agree on some things. I think Carrasco is expendable though...especially for a legit #2.

For Jason Marquis...Hell No
For a Peavy/Oswalt/Webb/Halladay...I wouldn't even blink at "losing" Carrasco.

Though, maybe they just promote him instead. He's got great peripherals and he's the biggest upside guy in AAA right now. Yeah, his ERA sucks but everything has been good...and he has responded well to challenges before. Gotta think outside the box.

Jason-I'd say the odds for 2015 are at least respectable.

I think we'd all like to believe that the Phils can win this year, and of course it's still possible, but with Myers out things look mighty dim. I don't see the team taking on significant payroll, anyway. And look at how well the Mets continue to play with Reyes, Beltran, and Delgado out.

JW: "Where would you set the odds for the 2015 Phillies led by Donald, Marson, Carrasco and Savery?"

About the same as the odds for that Phillies team led by "can't-miss" elite prospects Rick Schu, John Russell, Jeff Stone and Charlie Hudson.

****Clout: I know, right? Bastardo is hot for a few weeks and he's suddenly our top pitching prospect? He seems like a nice talent, but it doesn't say a lot for how much we think of our top prospects.****

Ridiculous...completely ridiculous. We should trade him while he's such a "hot" prospect....maybe there's some "Ed Wade" out there that will take him in exchange for premium MLB talent.

Bridoc - For what it's worth, I would not deem any of the four you mentioned (Carrasco, Savery, Marson, and Donald) as untradeable. I wonder if we really could get Webb with any three of them, however.

The only reasons I'd hesitate on Bastardo are 1) the insane 9/50 he's put up this year but (more importantly) 2) the regard he's getting from other organization's scouts. I would tread carefully, asking whether they are seeing something that we BLers are not.

Oh, I forgot 3) What a great name!

P.S. It would take a serious bout of insanity for me to part with Drabek, Brown, Taylor or D'Arnaud. Carrasco would require decent compensation and a year's worth of therapy from the angst that trading him would cause.

John Salmon: If I'm reading you correctly, you're suggesting the Phillies should be in sell mode?

Gee, clout, you wouldn't rate Donald higher than Schu? It was always obvious, I thought, that Schu wouldn't hit enough to be a corner infielder. You sure can't say that about Donald.

In any case, would the Phillies really take on a boat load of payroll to fill one of the two glaring holes in the rotation-assuming, of course, that Happ will pitch well enough that there aren't three? And yes, Madson can replace Lidge, but who replaces Madson?

Rollins - club option for 2011
Victorino - team control until 2011
Utley - signed until 2013
Howard - signed until 2011
Ibanez - signed until 2011
Werth - signed until 2011
Feliz - club option for 2010
Ruiz - team control until 2013

Hamels - team control until 2012
Blanton - team control until 2010
Moyer - signed until 2010

Lidge - signed until 2011
Madson - signed until 2011
Romero - club option for 2011

You have to go for the gold in 09,10, and 11. There is just no excuse not to. Phils went out of their way to lock up pretty much every single important player for 3 years. I'd love to watch a farm system flourish for years down the road, but that is not where the Phils put themselves.

The Phillies need to talk to the Angels. They have a surplus of talented starting pitching, and a woeful offense. Matt Palmer is the first candidate that comes to mind who could do the Phillies some good.

What about members of the current roster? I would absolutely hate to see him go, but would trading Victorino - plus a top-tier prospect or two - make sense?

thephaithful: Exactly.

"the Myers era likely over"

Ah, Jason, you brought a tear to my eye this morning.

Webb is the guy I'd go after. The Jays are likely to recover and stay competitive for awhile, and their price tag for Halliday is bound to be the costliest of all options. Peavy seeme too remote a possibility. Marquis is a sinkerballer, though, which is probably why Chicago and Colorado wanted him, as well. And Webb is perhaps the premier sinkerballer in the game when he's on. I think the Phils would be in good shape with Marquis and even better shape with Webb (provided, of course, that he was healthy). Is Arizona really itching to deal him, though? They've still got an awfully young nucleus and it's hard to believe that things have gotten hopeless there.

thephaithful is 100% dead-on with this: "You have to go for the gold in 09,10, and 11."

Whatever it costs, whatever it takes.

*Werth until 2010, not 2011.

Who plays CF if you trade Vic? If you say Werth...who then plays RF?

It would significantly hurt our OF defense to trade Vic.

I'm not sure I'd qualify the Bastardo stuff as "a couple of weeks." There have been periods of brilliance all along. We remember that, apart from the 3.9 BB/9 rate, his career numbers are pretty impressive: 1.18 WHIP, 10.1 K/9, .7 HR/9. The worst batting average split, against RHBs of course, was the .236 he posted in 2008. He is hard to hit.

Someone needs to make the call on whether his BB/9 from the middle of last year until now is a fluke or a development; if it is a fluke I'd put him on the top of the trade list. If it's actual development, I'd put him in the top ten of the "reluctant to trade" list. But I am not qualified to make that call. Anyone else here seen him close up and frequently enough to do it?

Rick: the Angels have had nothing but injuries to their starting rotation this year. I can't see why you think they have a surplus.

I'm not digging all the Schu bashing, by the way. You people have to respect the fact that the man still holds the team record for most doubles in one inning.


RHP Carlos Carrasco (0-6, 5.81)

What am I missing?

your at a point now where you can afford to trade away some prospects. you have a 3 year window to where the guys you trade you can replace if you continue to draft well. i think there are some guys that i wouldn't trade but if your getting top of the rotation guys who will then be here a few years or you have a good shot at resigning for a few years then make the trade.

This is probably the dumbest thought i've ever had but signing a Pedro Martinez who was spurned by the Mets to a pro rated deal may be worth a shot. He's injury prone, but the Phillies could use him up in the dog days and hope Myers is back come September.

"...the man still holds the team record for most doubles in one inning..."

Are you sure? I thought Jamie Moyer gave up...oh; you meant batting.

In re: Bastardo
And I'm not that avidly defending him either. He IS after all a little guy, who will probably blow out his arm. But if other organizations are calling him the next Santana ya gotta pause a second or two before sending him to COL for Jason "Really, 2006 Never Happened" Marquis.

Off the table?
Drabek, Brown, Taylor, D'Arnaud.

Then a bunch of guys like Carrasco, Worley and Knapp that'd cause heartburn but could be lived with.

Hey, clout, would you trade Galvis? What about Tuffy?

The "Untouchables" in order of importance:
Brown, Drabek, Taylor, D'Arnaud, Carrasco

The shine is a little off Carrasco because of his performance so far this year, but he's still only 22 pitching at AAA. In 6 starts last year at AAA, he posted a 1.72 ERA. His stuff is still filthy. I can't believe we're tossing him out there in any random deal because of two bad months at AAA!

Drabek is our highest ceiling starter, IMO. 'Nuff said.

Brown and Taylor are legit corner OF prospects who could anchor the middle of our lineup for years.

D'Arnaud is a rare commodity... a top catching prospect, with much more upside than Marson, IMO.

That leaves lots of possibilities for trades, especially "major league ready talent" in Donald, Marson, Carpenter, Kendrick (?), etc. And if Bastardo is that hot as a prospect suddenly... sell high!

We have three years with this core. I want another ring.

I'd trade Galvis in a heartbeat. I'm rooting for him big time but I doubt he has a real future as an everyday SS.

"Carrasco? RHP Carlos Carrasco (0-6, 5.81)

What am I missing?"

You have to take into consideration him pitching at Death Valley (Lehigh Valley).

CC is still an elite prospect (was #24 in the Baseball America Ratings last year), who has gone through a rough patch this year. He started out the year very strong and his last few starts have been encouraging. His run support and defense have been terrible.

He still needs time to mature and refine things. But he still has a chance to become a top of the rotations starter down the line. His upside is much higher then Bastardo (who now seems to be being over-touted after the Stark article).

You get the feeling either Marson or D'Arnaud will definitely be involved in any trade the Phils make.

That Donald for Penny thing sounds a lot more interesting, post Myers. Especially if it's followed by a real deal for one of those supposedly available studs.

FWIW: Whenever I think of Penny I remember that game in April last year when he cold-cocked the ump with a fastball to the noggin. I will always wonder if it was deliberate.

I don't think Pedro Martinez is the craziest idea ever floated.

Just sayin'...

Bastardo is by no means untradeable, but he has certainly had more than a hot couple of weeks. His overall minor league numbers are the best by any Phillies minor league pitcher since Hamels. And I would agree with Andy: if other teams' scouts are that hot on him, that alone should be enough reason to give the Phillies pause about whether they have underrated him. It's not like the Phillies have an unassailable track record in judging talent.

I do not know why we are wasting our time discussing trades because Amaro will not do anything for at least a month. Which, by the way isn't a bad thing IF Carpenter does well.

One month from now at least our rotation will be Hamels, Blanton, Moyer, Happ, Carpenter/Kendrick.

"Bastardo has a low 90s fastball and a nice changeup and has pitched very well in 47 IP so far this season. However, he gave up 13 HR in 67 IP at Reading last year and his career BB/9 is 4.0. The prevailing assumption on Beerleaguer that he can just slide right into the rotation and do what Myers has done strikes me as dubious."

Isn't giving up HR balls pretty much what Brett (and the rest of the staff, for that matter) has done all season long?

Few points:

- Frankly I wonder if the value of Marson, Donald, and Carrasco all haven't diminished just a bit with their poor starts this year.

- You to wonder if getting a true frontline starter isn't going to require at least one of the following players: Werth/Vic/Madson. Vic and Madson likely have more value but giving up any one of these 3 would significantly dent the chances of the Phils making the playoffs again this season.

- Last year I was bummed when the Phils got Blanton because I didn't think he would be enough of a difference maker. Thought it was another year where the Phils went the middling route and waste another prime year of their core players.

Instead he turned out to be just good enough and this team kicked ass/took names the last 6 weeks including the playoffs. Lightning in a bottle.

Right or wrong, Amaro anted up this offseason with the same crew to make another run and be the first NL team to repeat in over 30 years.

Hopefully Amaro can come up with an answer because I don't know if the Phils are going to be able to score the likely 880-900 runs they will need again to make the playoffs again.

Look on the "Bright Side" at least in June we have 17 away games and only home for 9.

Considering he's hitting .189 (.189!) at low Single A (low Single A!), I'm a bit puzzled why Travis D'Arnaud is seen as so untouchable. He had a nice 2008 season, but most of that was in the rookie league & we're talking about a small sample size of around 225 ABs. His overall minor league numbers certainly don't scream "untradeable." If anything, they scream, "I suck."

Bastardo is definitely tradeable. I'm surprised Clout and others are as high on D'Arnaud as they are. I like him and think he still has great potential, but he's been awful this year and hasn't even been the best catcher on the Lakewood team--Valle has been better, and is younger. Catching is a position of depth for this org., so trading D'Arnaud would certainly not be off my table.

I would trade Werth before I would trade Victorino, if only because we have corner OFs coming (and we could find replacement-level power to plug in there short-term pretty easily), but no one who could realistically be an impact CF. But neither of them should be on the table. We have enough in our system to make a deal without including major-league contributors.

"You to wonder if getting a true frontline starter isn't going to require at least one of the following players: Werth/Vic/Madson."

I wonder that, too. Fortunately, teams like San Diego and Arizona, for example, can't afford them.

For all doom and gloom, the Phils could easily be 28-20 after the weekend. Not bad for a team allegedly in shambles.

Indeed, those who say they have to go for it now are right. This is the window. Unfortunatley, it means once that window closes, this team is going to stink for about 5 years, but oh well.

How much better of a conversation would we be having right now if we committed another 20 million long term to lowe, instead of re-upping moyer?

Essentially, there is no one who is untouchable. But we should be smart about what are prospects are worth. Plenty of people have underpaid for good players in the past, and hopefully we can too. It seems the Diamondbacks have an affinity for toolsy players, and you know the phils have a ton of them, i'd be targeting webb really hard.

Red Sox need a catcher and SS. Swapping Donald and Marson for Bucholz and Penny might be something they would consider since they have lots of options as starters anyway with Masterson doing well and Smoltz on the verge of returning. Add in another player or two on each side and a deal could be made.

dp: I seriously doubt they would give up Bucholz for Donald, Marson, or a combo of the two. They refused to part with him for Johan Santana. And he's pitching fantastically right now in Triple-A. He's staying there.

Also, I can't imagine a team contending for a WS would be ok with Jason Donald as their starting SS.

JW - Likely right but Madson's contract becomes a lot more reasonable if he is suddenly a closer for the next 2+ years for somebody vs. a setup man.

mvp - Yeah but June brings 2 weeks of Interleague play.


If Boston were to make that trade, the entire Red Sox front office should be fired and Amaro should be given the key to the city.

Never gonna happen.

Bastardo - too many lefties 4. I still think Vance Worley gets the call from Reading. Remember no buddy mentioned Kendrick when they brought him up from AA. Both Gillick and Reuben have seen him pitch at Reading.

And if Victorino is traded, Mayberry, stairs and Dobbs rotate in the outfield. What we need to do is get Derossa - he is like a super-Bruntlett that has clubhouse presence and had a lot of big hits for the Cubs last year.

CJ raises an excellent point that is often overlooked: Age. When it comes to prospects that is very key. Bastardo is 24. Carrasco is 22. Carrasco has better stuff and a higher upside.

Andy: One stat you didn't mention: 13 HRs allowed in 67 IP at Reading last year. Fluke? Or warning?

I'd love to hold onto Galvis just to see if he'll ever hit even a little bit, but I couldn't call him an untouchable.

They were at least considering trading Bucholz for one of the Rangers C prospects, so its not out of the question. We would have to sweeten the deal a little to get it done (and still might be very unlikely), but he should still come cheaper (maybe) than a Peavy/Webb/Halladay.

I think the chances of Bucholz being traded are way more likely than Halladay.

Either way, we could probably get Brad Penny for cheap from them - not the greatest option in the world, but at least is a somewhat proven MLB pitcher, even if he does usually decline in the second half.

and he did get Alyssa Milano, so you gotta respect the hell outta that.

Clout: I don't say this often but excellent points. And I agree with you on holding onto Glavis.

dp: "Swapping Donald and Marson for Bucholz and Penny might be something they would consider."

If Epstein was high on crack cocaine and you held a gun to his head and kidnapped his family, he might pause a few minutes before rejecting that offer.

****and he did get Alyssa Milano, so you gotta respect the hell outta that. ****

So has half the Dodgers roster...still impressive though.

clout said: If Epstein was high on crack cocaine and you held a gun to his head and kidnapped his family, he might pause a few minutes before rejecting that offer.

Best Post Ever...

On a different note:

Usually I enjoy Conlin's articles even if he is a grumpy (yet pretty knowledgeable) old man. This article largely strikes me as "in my day, men were men, and pitchers threw until their arms fell off."

Completely disregard the fact that for every Nolan Ryan there were likely at least ten guys whose careers were prematurely cut short due to misuse/overuse/etc.

Conlin has a point about biomechanics and having a better understanding in refining a pitcher's delivery to reduce stress on his shoulder/elbow/etc and possibly altering their off-game routine but this notion of not tracking pitching counts is ridiculous.

If anything, it is the largely clueless high school coaches/Legion coaches/college coaches who destroy young pitcher's arms by putting ridiculous usage on them with limited rest and introducing them to offspeed pitches at too young of an age.

Conlin also completely overlooks the fact that the game has radically changed the past 25-30 years in that players are also taking more pitchers and are more willing to strike out in order to generate greater power. All of this results in pitchers not being able to get as deep into games today.

Jack - if you want an impact pitcher that can go min 6, but more like 7-8 out there, you need to step it up and get a Peavy or Holiday and you will need to move key guy, Victorino is a gamer. I hate to see him go. He loves the big stage. But Hamels and 4 guys that when they have a good night go 6 and when they go bad they burn up the bullpen. We need a horse, someone who throws lots of innings...

Ok guys feel free to butcher me, but 3 guys who would be much much less costly to obtain. Who aren't having bad years and maybe overlooked. Cliff Lee, Dan Haren and Zack Duke.

I have said I don't like Bedard, and Peavy is too much I think. What about those 3?

Jack: You're right about d'Arnaud's terrible start, but he is a superb defensive catcher with the potential to be a good hitter. There are not a lot of those around. he also got off to an awful start in the GCL, but then turned it around. he is only 20 years old. Valle has shown a nice bat in his first 2 seasons, but his defense is rudimentary at best. He is not listed among the top 30 Phils prospects by BA and you should hang your head in shame for suggesting he is a better prospect than d'Arnaud.

I think we'll deal Donald straight up for Greinke.

I don't see Haren or Duke as being on the market. Both are guys that those teams want to build around.

The Indians are said to be leery of trading Lee without a replacement in their system and we don't have an Ace to give them.

What about Pedro Martinez? He might be good for 6 innings or 100 pitches per start, or whatever comes first.

I can see the trade value that Carrasco and Marson have given their abilities and the position they play. I guess I don't see Donald's value all that much. He is below average defensively at SS and he his only position as a starter at the MLB level is at 2B. Still, he has to hit with around a .750 OPS though to be considered an everyday starter at 2B and I don't know if he will have enough power to hit that figure.

To CJ...if we're giving up Donald...can they give up Cruz, Soria, and Lochever too?

NEPP: I didn't want to seem greedy...

The more I think about it, I almost wonder if Rube is sitting there thinking about dealing Werth. With the big names being bandied about, his reversion to an inability to hit RHP, the ST "not ready" b.s., and the FO's apparent man-cruch on Mayberry, I wonder if their tossing his name around as these big name pitcher discussions are occurring.

Truth be told, I'd hate to lose him, but I'd prefer Werth go before Victorino. Offensively, Vic supplements the frequent JRoll slump and gives some options. And, as stated above, the pipeline contains copious amounts of corner OF help, not so much help for CF.

NEPP: Ok, fair enough. I am just trying to think out of the box. I really don't get good vibes from Bedard. And I don't want to get a guy just to get him ( i.e. Penny, Marquis).

For the best "Bang for the buck" the guy to me is Oswalt.

The more I think about it, the less I hate the idea of signing Pedro. He would - at the very least - be highly motivated to pitch against the Mets!

Willard: Nah, not while he is in this slump they aren't.

Werth was just named the must underrated player in baseball in a poll of execs.

He's in a slump... it happens. It's not like we wanted to deal Chase Utley when he went hitless in 19 ABs.

And if we deal Werth, we're dealing our most potent RHB. In a lefty heavy lineup, that's dangerous.

Finally, against RHP, we'd have an OF of Ibanez-Vic-Stairs. I just don't think Victorino will survive running that much.

I cringe at the thought of 2 batting practice pitchers in the rotation in the form of Moyer and Pedro Martinez. It's bad enough surrendering a win every 5th day, as is, and Pedro hasn't pitched in months and when he has is more brittle than a porcelain tea pot. Why throw money at him only to have him toss up a few L's, get injured, and be right back where we started? Ruben would be absolutely skewered in hindsight when the inevitable plays out. Just like you're not getting the old Marquis or the old Moyer, I don't know how the hell you'd think you're getting the old Pedro.

Okay... the Pedro Martinez mentions have reached 4.

Anyone else want on board this bandwagon? I'm waiting for someone (clout? bap? Jack?) to completely blow it out of the water.

I don't care for Bedard either...just throwing things out there on those 3. I'd definitely kick the tires on all of them if I were Rube.

MVP: Of those 3, Lee is probably the only one who could plausibly be available and, yes, he'd be a terrific pickup.

Haren is under contract for 4 years at a very reasonable price. It's virtually inconceivable that the D-Backs would trade him.

I was high on Zach Duke even when he was terrible, so I'm definitely high on him now. But, as incompetent as the Pirates may be, it's hard for me to believe they would stick with a guy through 3 terrible years & then trade him in the year that he finally starts to fulfill his potential.

I'd at least give Pedro a tryout to see where his arm is at. He was pretty good in the WBC IIRC.

Maybe his price has dropped...

Singing Pedro would smack of desperation and frankly I doubt he in MLB conditioning or would frankly be much better than Moyer at this point. I would rather see the Phils roll the dice on even KK or Carpenter before resigning a retread like Pedro.

NEPP: Yea, I am sure my man Rube and Gillick are hard at work. Afterall I am in the "SAG", I have to stick up for him according to certain Blers.

Santana was a rule 5 guy and David Ortiz was traded for chump change. Scouting reports are sometimes wrong, way wrong.

I don't know much about Bastardo except what little I have seen of him out of Phils bullpen. Honestly, I don't recall what his stuff was like. I only remember him pitching a scoreless inning.

In any event, I guess it is possible that he could either come back to haunt the Phils like a Santana or Ortiz in the long run, or he could end up another Johnny "I wish I had wheels like Chips" Estrada.

"For all doom and gloom, the Phils could easily be 28-20 after the weekend. Not bad for a team allegedly in shambles."

Yeah but we will have played the Nationals and Marlins something like 14 or 15 of those games. The schedule has been very favorable. What I find most disturbing is that the Mets are making hay with a wicked spate of injuries. Yeah, I know it was only the Nats for the last 3 games but damn, the Letsgos look like a AAA team at this point. And as many have pointed out, the schedule is about to get pretty tough.

Y'all keep saying "13 HRs in 67 IP in Reading last year."

How about 8 HRs in 197.2 IP the rest of his career?

I'm leaning towards "fluke" myself. But I'm not close enough to the subject to give a definitive answer. How about you?

On Oswalt...his velocity is actual up this year...he's throwing harder than he's thrown since 2004 so far.

His peripherals have taken a slight dip but he seems healthy.

Clout: I didn't mean to say Valle was a better prospect than D'Arnaud; I know where their respective rankings are by the experts. I merely was commenting that one of them was younger and a better hitter at the same level, so that to say the other is untouchable struck me as curious.

As I said, I like D'Arnaud as much as the next guy, and think he's a good prospect, possibly even a very good one, if he turns the bat around this summer. But a struggling 20-year old catcher still 4 levels away at a position of depth for this organization is by no means near the top of my list for untouchables.

WP: Werth has not reverted to an inability to hit right-handers. His problem this year is that he hasn't mashed against lefties the way he normally does. If you look at his splits against right-handers, they're pretty much in line with last year's.

I, too, would consider trading Werth, since Taylor is not that far away. Problem is, no one except a rebuilding team is going to trade away a starting pitcher. And Werth has little value to a rebuilding team, since he's only under contract for one more year. Vic would be a much more valuable trading chip but his defense, and the lack of any adequate replacement, makes him too valuable to trade. In short, I seriously doubt we will be trading anyone currently on the major league roster.

While we're at it, maybe we should sign Mike Piazza as a bench bat and see if Julio Franco can still catch up to a fastball?

BAP...I almost guarantee the Red Sox would LOVE to have Jayson Werth...considering their issues with Ortiz and RF.

I'm not saying trade him but there might be an opening there.

Preacher - I ran into John Franco at the Costco yesterday. Don't we need a righty arm for the bullpen?

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Pedro has always been one of my favorite pitchers. And it isn't like he is incredibly old..He turns 38 this October.

His fastball isn't as fast as it used to be but it's still high 80s and if he has the control that he used to he should be a decent pitcher still. Hell, Moyer is pitching at 46 with an 82mph FB.

Who knows what's up with pedro though. I haven't heard anything since the beginning of the year.

That's pretty stupid...its called give a couple of volunteers "admin" powers to delete BS posts...its not hard.

MG: "Singing Pedro would smack of desperation"

Isn't that the place were coming from? How is having to replace our no 2. starter 2 months in not desperate. If myers had been healthy, i assure you, Jason Maquis would have been the pitcher they added. Now we have to try and do a little better.

I love that Metsblog can ban you from commenting if they decide you're "boring" or "obnoxious."

If we had that here... well, I'm not going to name any names...

Interesting. Who decides whether the posts are boring or obnoxious? Seems sort of subjective to me. I mean, honestly, if 2 ppl post the exact same thing at the same time, the 2nd person could be considered to be making a "boring" comment.

Don't you hate it when things you love go all "Hollywood"?

mm - There are other options than Pedro internally and externally I would want to see first.

Pedro is still my all-time favorite pitchers and is one of the few guys that I have ever really made an effort to grabs tickets when he was pitching at Fenway on the weekends during his prime in a Sox uniform from 99-01.

Still, Pedro looked almost completely washed up last year and on top of it he wasn't able to stay healthy with nagging injuries through out the season. Hell, if the Phils are going to go done that route why not kick the tires on Odalis Perez too.

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